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/o .So j£ „ 



Division t-**^ ^ — ^ 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Princeton Theological Seminary Library 


/ ■ 

H Y M N S 








Obganist and Director of the Choir at King's College, London. 
•Ycung men and maidens, old men and children, praise the Name of the LtcL'* 

POTT, YOTJ^G> &o CO., 




Morning .... 




Evening .... 


PrsnAT .... 


Monday, etc. 


Advent .... 




St. Stephen's Day 


St. Joint's Day 

51, 52 

Innocents' Day 

53, 54 




5S— 66 

The Week befop.e S 


gesima. . . . 






On the Passion- 




Kogation Days 

119, 120 



WniTSUN Even 




ixiiNiTY Sunday 

132-135 Use 


Holy Communion 



20S— 210 



Holt Matrimony .... 212,213 

Ember Days .... 2!4 — 216 

Missions .... .... 217—220 

Burial of the Dead. . .. 221 

Foe those at Sea 222 

Harvest .... .... 223—227 

School Festivals .... 228-290 

Almsgiving 231 

Friendly Societies 232 

Times of Trouble .... 233—296 

Thanksgiving 237.233 

New Year's Day 289,240 

Laying the Foundation Stons 

of a Church .... 241 
Feast of the Dedication 

of a Church 242—244 

Conversion of St. Paul 245, 246 
Pceification of B. V. Maey 247 
Annunciation, etc., of B. V. 

Mary .... .... 24S, 249 

Nativity of St. John the 

Baptist .... 250. 251 
St. Michael and All Angels 252—254 

All Saints' Day .... 2*5.256 

Apostles 257—259 

Evangelists 260—261 

Martyrs, etc. 262— -7^ 

JTor Pre/ace and Index of Tunes, see larger Edition. 


The turns marked (*) were composed for this work, or are now printed for the first time. 

First Line. 


Name of Tune. 


A hymn f >r martyrs sweetly sing 


*St. Bede 


Abide; with me ; fast falls the even- J 
tide .... ]" 

10,10,10,10 .... 

J * Eventide . . . . ( 
| Troyte (No. 1) [ 


Above the starry spheres 


St. Michael 


Again the Lord s own day is here 


St. Ambrose 


A living stream as crystal clear 


^Stockton .... 


Alleluia, song of sweetness .... 

8 7, 8 T, 8 T 



All glory, laud, and honour .... 

7 6, 7 6, 7 G, 7 6 

St. Theodulph 


All hail, adored Trinity 

L M 



All people that on earth do dwell 


Old Hundredth 


All ye who seek for sure relief 


Old Martyrs 


An exile for the faith 




Angels lament, behold your God 




As now the sun's declining rays 


St. Peter 


As with gladness men of old 

7s (6 lines) 



At the Cross her station keeping 

8 S 7 (Trochaic) 

Stabat Mater, 1 & 2 


At the Lamb's high feast we sing .... 

7s (8 lines) 



Awake my soul, and with the sun .... 


Redhead, No. 4 .... 


Before the ending of the day 


Te lucis .... 


Behold the Lamb of God 

6 6 6 4, 8 8 4 .... 

St. John .... 


Behold the messengers of Christ 


St. Peter 


Blessed city, heavenly Salem 

87,87,87 .... 

J Oriel ) 

1 Urbs Beata ....j" 
Franconia .... .... 


Blest are the pure in heart .... 



Blest Creator of the light 


Vienna .... 


Blest Trinity, from mortal sight 


Eisenach .... 


Brea 1 of heaven on Thee we feed 

7i(0 lines) 



Brief life is here our portion 

7G, 7 6 

St. Alphege 


By precepts taught of ages past 




Captains of the saintly band 


Redhead, No. 48 


Cnrist in highest heaven enthroned 

8 7, 8 7, 7 7 



Christ is gone up, yet ere He passed 


Dundee .... .... 


Christ is made the sure foundation 

8 7, 8 7, 8 7 

Urbs Beata .... 


Christ the Lord is risen again 




Christ the Lord is risen to-day 

7s (8 lines) .... 

St. George 


Cr.rist, Whose glory fills the sky 

7s (G lines) .... 



Christ will gather in His own .... 




C hristians awake .... 

10, 10,10,10,10, 10 



Cmie gracious Spirit, heavenly ) 

Dove j 

Come Holy Ghost, Creator blest 

L.M .... 






Come Holy Ghost our souls inspire 


Veni Creator 

( Ferial » 


Come Holy Ghost Who ever one 


-{ Trinity .... 1 

( Festal J 



Come let us praise the name of God 



Come pure hearts .... .... 

8 8 7, 8 8 7 




Com<\ see the place where Jesufl lay - 8 0, S S 6 
Come, Tnou Holy Spirit, come .... 777.777 

. > thankful people, come fa (8 lines) 

U nqueriug king; titles take 7.s .... 

r of tne starry height .... l.m 

Ureator of the world, to Tnee ... l.m 

Day of wrath, O day of mourning 
Disposer Supreme .... 

Earth has many a noble city 
Eternal Father strong to save 

... - S (Trochaic) 
. . . 5 5, 5 5, G 5, 5 

...'S7, 8 7 

Far from my heavenly home 

Father of heaven, Whose love pro- | 

found f 

Father of mercies, God of love . . 
Firs: or' martyrs, thou whose name 
For man the Saviour shed 
For thee, O dear, dear countrv 

(pari •>) '. 

For thy dear s tint, O Lord 
For Thy mercy and Thy grace 

Forth in Thy Name. () L >rd. I go l.m. 

Forty days and forty nights 7s 

Fountain of good, to own Thy love cm. 
From Greenland's icy mountains. . . 7 o, 
From highest heaven the Eternal 
Son .... 

, CM. 



7 6,: 


, 6 (D.) 

3SS, 8 



'Gainst what foeman art thou rush- 

,8T, 4 7 

Glory be to Jesus 6 5. 6 5 

Glory to Thee, my God, this night . . l.m 

Glory to Thee, O Lord s.m 

Giorv to Thee Who safe hast kept ( T 

(pirtS) f L ' M 

Go to dark Gethsemane 7s (6 lines) 

God eternal, mighty King 7s 

God from on high hath heard 5Ji 

God movesin a mvsterious way 

God of grace, Let Thy light .... 7 7, 7 5 

God of mercy, God of grace . Is {6 lines) 

God of our life, to Thee we call l.m 

God the Father from Thy throne. . . . Jrresrular 
God Who madest earth and heaven 3 4. S 4, 8 8 S, 4 
Great God, what do I see and hear .3 7. 3 7. B 8 7 
Great God, Who hid from mortal ) ' „ 

sight \ L - M 

Great mover of all hearts 33 6. 536 

' 6, 7 6, (D.) 

5 7,37 

Hail the day that sees Ilim rise 
Hail to the Lord's Annointed 
Hark, a thrilling voice is sounding 
Hark, the glad sound .... 

Hark, the herald angels sing 

Have mercy, Lord, on me s.m 

Hav • mercy on us, God most high cm 

He Who ouce iu righteous vengeance 8 7, S 7, 7 7 

Mag lalcn College . . . 
. Vein S incte Spiritus 
, 'St. Georgj. ... 

, innocents 

lOonditor alme 

St. Gregory 

•Dies Irae 

j Hermann .... 
, ( Hanover 





St. James 




St. Helens 


Angels .... 
II r 1-in .... 

St Am 


Old 113th 

Martini .... 

Caswall .... 


St. Helena. . . . 

Redhead, No. 4 

Innocents .... 

St George 

London New 
Notker .... 
Rogation Litany 
*Nutfield ... 
Luther .... 

Eisenach.. . . 

Chapel Royal 

Cruger .... 


Bristol .... 
> Mendelssohn 
I Bachelor 

St. Bride 

Redhead, No. 29 
Coblentz .... 



























First Line. 


Name of Tune. 


Hosanna to the living Lord 

8 8,88,7 



Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty 

11,12,12,11 .... 

*Nica?a .... 


How bleot the matron who endued 


St. Gall 


How blest were tiiey who walked ) 

in love .... . . . . f 


St. Blasius 


How bright those glorious spirits i 
suioe .... .... . . . . f 




How sweet the Name of Jesns sounds 


St. Peter 


How welcome was the call 


St. George 


1.1 grief and fear to Thee, Lord 


St. Mary 


Iu the Lord's atoning grief 


Redhead, No. 47 

( j0 

Jerusalem, my happy home .... 




Jerusalem the golden (part 3) 

7 6, 7 6 (D.) .... 



Jesu, grant me this, I pray 




Jesu, Lover of my soul 

7s (D.) 



Jesu, meek and gentle .... .... 


St. Constantino 


Jesu, meek and lowly 


St. Martin. ... ... 


Jesu, my Lord, my God, my all 

8 8, 8 8, 8 8 

*St. Matthias 


Jesu, our Hope, our heart's desire 


Redhead (Metzler's) (>* 
( Jesu dulcis me- ) 


Jesu, the very thought is sweet 


< moria I 

( *St. Bernard . . . . ) 
1 Redhead (Metz- / 

< ler s.) No. 60 v 


Jesu, the very thought of Thee 



( Winchester Old j 

Jesu, the world's redeeming Lord 




Jesu, Thy mercies are untold 


St. Fulbert .... 
i Jesus dulcis* me- ) 


Jesu, the virgin's Crown, do Thou 


< moria y 

( *St. Bernard .... ) 
(Easter Hymn j 


Jesus Christ is risen to-day .... 


-(Monk)— Easter V 
(Hymn (Worgan) ) 


Jesus lives ! no longer now 

7 8, 7 8 

St. Albinus 


Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 


St. Aidan 


Let every heart exulting beat 


Jam lucis 


Let saints on earth In concert sing 




Light's glittering morn bedecks J 
the sky J 


J Aurora lucis , ... \ 
1 *Tristes erant j 


Lo, from the desert homes 

066 0, 4444.... 

Croft's 148th 


Lo, He comes in clouds descending 

8 7,87,87 .... 

St. Thomas .... 


Lo, now is our accepted day 




Lord, as to Thy dear cross we flee 




Lord, in this Thy mercy's day 


*St. Philip 


Lord, in Thy Name Thy servants ) 

plead j" 

Lord Jesus, God and Man .... 





St. Helena 


Lord of the harvest, once again 

8 8, 8 8, 8 8 .... 



Lord, pour Thy Spirit from on high 




Lord, Thy word abideth 

6 6, 6 6 



Lord, when we bend before Thy i 
throne ) 




Morn of morns, and day of days .... 




My God, and is Thy table spread 




My God, how wonderful Thou art 


Westminster .... 


My God, I love Thee ; not because 


Cheshire .... .... 


My God, my Father, while I stray 

8 8 8, 4 

Troyte, No. 1 




Name of Tune. 


Nearer, ray God. to Thee 

New rvery morning is the love 

New wonders of Thy mighty hand 

Not by the martyr s death alone 

Now, my soul, Thy voice upraising 

Now my tongue the mystery telling 

Now tha ik we all our God 

Now that the daylight fills the sky 

blessed day when first was poured 
Christ, the heavens' eternal Kins 
O Christ, Who art the Light and ) 

Day f 

Christ, Who dost prepare a place 

O Christ, Redeemer of our race 

O come, all ye faithful .... 

O come and mourn with me awhile 

O come, O come, Emmanuel 

O Father, Thou Who hast created I 

all J 

G 4, 6 4, 6 C 4 


8 7, ST,S7 

3 T. 9 7. 3 7 
7. 7, 6 6, 6 6 




r L.M. 

. L.M. 

. G 6, 10, 5 6, 7 7, 


. S 8, S S, S S 





■■ j Pang.' lingua 

, "j *St. Denys 

P&nge li igO» 

Nundanket alle Gott 
Jam lucis 

Jesu Redemptor 
Redhead, No. 4 

St. Gregory 

St. Blasius 
Jesu Re-lemptor 
Adeste fideles 
*St. Cross. ... 
Veni Emmanuel 





God of all the strength and power l.m. 

O God of hosts, the mighty Lord cm. 

O God of lire. Whose power benign 9 5 5 
O God of love, O King of peace l.m. 

O God of truth, O Lord of might . , 

O God, Thy soldiers' great reward 
O God, our help ia ages past 
O God unseen, yet ever near 
O Guardian of the Church divine. 

O heavenly Jerusalem 

O heavenly Word, eternal Light . 

O help us, Lord, each hour of need 

O holy Lord, content to dwell 

O holy Spirit, Lord of grace 

O Jesu, King most wonderful 

(part 2) , 

O Jesu, Thou the Beauty ar 

(part 3) 

O Jesu, Lord of light and grace . 

O let him whose sorrow 

O Lord, how happy should we be. 
O Lord, in perfect bliss above 
O Lord of hosts, Whose glory fills. 
O Lord most high, eternal King . 
O Lord, turn not Thy face 
O Lord, how joyful 1 tis to see 
O love divine, how sweet thou art. 
O love how deep, how broad, how 


love. Who formedst me to wear 

O merciful Creator, hear 

O praise our God to-day 

O s\cred HVai. surrounded 
O Saviour of the world forlorn 
O Saviour, Who for man hast trod 
O Siou, open wide Thy gates 

10, 6, 10, 6, S S, 4 Winkworth 


St. Stephen 


3 5. 6 5 











3 8, 8 8, 8 f 


a m. 

7 (3. "i 


L M. 



I Ferial I 

< Trinity . . v 
( ) 

( Ferial j 

< Trinity I 

( Festal ( 


er's) | 

St. Ann 
Redhead, N 

St. Alphege 


Bedford .... 
*St. Cecilia. . .. 
TalhV Ordinal 

Redhead (Metzler's) 

No. 66 
Winchester Old 


Clewer .... 



St. Ambrose 
St. Mary .... 


*Purl c igh 

Leipsic .... 


Audi benigne Conditor 

St. Michael 

Passion Chorale .... 

B -CClcrS .... 

Bishop .... 


























First Line. 


Name of Tune. 


sinner, lift the eye of faith .... 

8 7, S 7, 8 8 T .... 

Attolle paulum 


() sons and daughters, let us sing 


O tilii et tihm 


Thou from Whom all goodness ( 
flows J 


\\ mdsor 


Thou, Whose all redeeming / 
might J 




Thou, Who dost to man accord 

S 8 G, 8 S G 



i > Trinity, most blessed Light 


lux beata 


wondrous type, vision fair 




Word of God above 

S M 

j St. Helena | 

I Dedication f 


worship the King .... .... 

5 5,5 5, G 5, 6 5.... 

Old lU4th 


Oh, what if we are Christ's 

8 M 

St. Michael 


Overwhelmed in depths of woe .... 


St. Bride 


Of the Father's love begotten 

8 7, 8 7, 8 7 7 .... 

Corde natus 


Oft in danger, oft in woe 


Redhead, No. 48 .... 


On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry 


Winchester New .... 


) this day, the first of days 


Lubeck .... .... 


Once more the solemn season calls 


* Hereford 


Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathed 


*St. Cuthbert 


Praise, my soul, the King of heaven 

S 7, 8 7, 8 7 



Praise, praise our God and King 


*Monkland .... 


Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore 

S 7, 8 7 (D) 

Alia Trinita beata 


Praise to God "Who reigns above 




Praise we the Lord this day 

St. George 


Rejoice to-day -with one accord 

S7. S 7, GG 6 6, 7 

Ein' feste Burg .... 


Resting from his work to-day .... 

7s (6 Hues) 

Redhead, No. 76 .... 


Ride on, ride on, in majesty .... 

L M 

Winchester New .... 


Rock of ages, cleft for me 

7; (j> lines) 

Redhead, No. 76 


Ruler of the hosts of light 




Saviour, when in dust to Thee 

7s (S lines) 

* Miserere .... 


See the destined day arise .... 


Redhead, No. 47 


Si nfs daughter weep no more 

7s (6 lines) 

Cassell .... 


Six days of labour now are past 




Soldiers of Christ arise 


*St. Ethelwald 


Son of the Highest, deign to cast . . . 


St. Mary Magdalene 


Songs of praise the angels sang 




Spirit of mercy, truth, and love .. . 




Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear 


Hursley .... 


Sweet Saviour, bless us ere we go 

8s (6 lines) .... 

\ *Christchurch { 

( *St. Matthias J 



Sweet the moments, rich in blessing 



Take up thy cross, the Saviour said 




That day of wrath, that dreadful day 




Th3 apostles' hearts (part 2) 

L.M .... 

j Aurora lucis ) 

1 *Tristes erant f 


That Eastertide with joy (part 3) 

L M 

The ancient law departs 


St. Michael .... 


The advent of our King .... .... 




The earth. Lord, is one wide field 


Old Martyrs 


The eternal gifts of Christ the King 


zEterni Christi munera 


Th • fish in wave and bird on wing 


Redhead, No. 29 .... 


The God Whom earth and sea and ) 

,*ky f 

The great forerunner of the morn .... 


St. Ambrose .. . 



Beecles .... .... 


The heavenly Child in stature grows - 


Tallis' Ordinal 


The Lamb's high banquet called to 1 
share j 


Ad cceaam Agni 



Name of Tune. 

The life which God's Incarnate t 

Word J" 

The people that in darkness sat 

The roseate hues of earl j dawn 

Tiie royal banners forward go 

The strain upraise of joy and praise 
The strife is o'er, the battle won .... 

The san is sinking fast 

The Shepherd now was smitten 

The Bon of God goes forth to war .... 
Tl e Word witii God the Father One 
The year is gone beyond recall .... 
The voice thai breathed o'er Eden 
Thee we adore, O hidden Saviour Thee 

There is a blessed Home 

There it a book v.- ho runs may read 
They come, God's messengers of i 

love i 

Thou art gone up on high '. 

Thou spak'st the word, and into one 

Thou art the Way. by Thee alone 

Thou Whose Almighty Word 

Through all the changing scenes of / 

life f 

Through the day Thy love has I 

spared us | 

Three in One and One in Three 

'Tis done ! that new and heavenly ) 

birth f 

To Christ, the Prince of Peace 

To-day, O Lord, a holier work 

To the* Name of our Salvation 

Wake, and lift up thyself (part 2) 

We love the place. O God 

We sing the praise of Him Who / 

died f 

What our Father does is well 

What star is this with beams so t 

bright v 

When God of old came down from ) 

heaven .... .... .... J 

When I survey the wondrous Cross 
When in the hour of utmost need .... 

When our heads are bowed with woe 
When shades of night around us close 
Where high the heavenly temple i 

stands . ... \ 

While Shepherds watched their / 

flocks by night | 

Who are these like stars appearing 
Why doth that impious Herod fear 
With Christ we share a mystic grave 
Word SuDreme before creation 

Ye choirs of new Jerusalem 

Ye servants of our glorious King .... 
Yo servants of the Lord 




CM .... 

Du dee 


D.C.M .... 

Old 44th .... \.][ 


L.M .... 

V. xilla Regis 


Irregular .... 

N o. 2 


3, 8,8 

Victory ... 


6 4. 6 6 

•St Columba 


7 0.76 

Vnlpiua .... 



Old 81st 



Angela .... 



Tallis' Ordinal 

7 6, 7 6 . . 

St. Alphege 


10 10 10 10 

Adoro Te devote 

6s (3 lines) 

Annuo Christe 



Redhead, No. 29 .... 



*Woolmer's .... 


D 8.M 

Old 25l3i 





< M 

St. James 


6 6 4. 6 6 6, 4 

St Austin 





S 7, 8 7, 7 7 



7 7 7 5 

Capetown ... 



Winchester New 



St. George ... 



Windsor .... .... 






Redhead. No. 4 .... 



*Quam dilecta 



Breslau .... .... 


7s (6 lines) 

Cassel .... 



Redhead, No. 4 .... 



Winchester Old 



Rockingham .... 



Bamberg .... 


7s .... .... 

Redhead. No. 47 .... 



St Gail 



Commandments .... 



Winchester Old 


9 7. 3 7. 7 7 .... 

All Saints 



Cologne .... ... 



Martyrdom .... 


3 7. 3 7, S 7 




St. Fulbert 



Winchester New 



Narenza , . , 




Hymn 1. 








*s n 

4 g \% «k 




r ^- 

~^ _ 

— -, 


J G s j 

-S' -S>- «■ 

<•— : 
















i ° 


— f* 


f 5 * 


— 1&- 





-g> i-i 

1 I myself -will awake right early.' ' 

VTVAKE, my soul, and with the sun 
Thy daily stage cf duty run ; 
Shake off dull sloth, and early rise 
To pay thy morning sacrifice. 

"Redeem thy mis-spent time that's past, 
And live this day as if thy las: ; 
Improve thy talent with due care. 
For the g~eat day thyself prepare. 

Let all thy converse be sincere. 
Thy conscience as the noon-day cl a ar; 
Tin .k how all-<=peing G-or» thy ways 
And all thy secret thoughts surveys. 

By iiflienc? of the Light divine 

;•• own luht in go^d works shine; 
Reflect all heavcYa propitious rays 
In ardent love and cheerful praise. 

Past II. 

TTTAKE and lift up thyself, my heart, 

\ \ And with the angels bear thy part, 
"Who all night long unwearied sing 
Glory to the Eternal King. 

I wake. I wake, ye heavenlv choir, 
May your devotion me inspire. 
That I like you my ago may spend, 
Like you may on my God attend. 

May I like you in God delight. 

II ive all day long my Gon in sisrht, 
Perform like you my Maker's will, 
O may I never more do ill 

Had I vour wings to heaven I'd fly, 
But God shall that defect supply, 
And my soul, winged with warm desire, 
Shall all day long to heaven aspiie, 

Paf.t IIL 

n LORY to Thee Who safe hast kept 

vT And hast refreshed me while I slept ; 

Grant, Loud, when I from death shall wake, 

I may of endless light partake. 

I would not wake, nor rise again. 

E en heaven itstlf I wouli disdain, 

Wert Thou not Vhe>e to be enjoyed, 

And I in hymns to be employed. 

Heaven is, dear Losn, where'er Thou art, 

O never, then, from me depart ; 

Tor to my soul 'tis hell to te 

But for one moment without Thee. 

Loan, I my vows to Thee renew. 

Scatter my sins as morning dew ; 

Guard my first springs of thought and will, 

And with Thyself my spirit fill. 

Direct, control, suggest this day 

All I design, or do, or say : 

That all my powers with* all their might 1 

In Thy sole glory may uuite. 

Doseoiogyto be sunn at the end of each Pirt. 
Praise God. from Whom all blessings flew; 
Praise Him. all creatures here below ; 
Praise Him above, angelic host ; 
Praise Fatheb, Bom, aud Holt Ghost. 



" His compassions fail not ; th 
VEW every morning is the love 
i\ Our wakening and uprising prove ; 
Through sleep and darkness safely brought, 
Restored to life, and power, and thought. 
New mercies, each returning day, 
Hover around us while we pray ; 
New perils past, now sins forgiven, 
New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven. 
If on our daily course our mind 
Be set to hallow all we find, 

ey are new every morning. 
Now treasures still, of countless price, 
God will provide for sacrifice. 
The trivial round, the common task, 
Will furnish all we need to ask, 
Room to deny ourselves, a road 
To brim: us daily nearer God. 
Only, O Losd, in thy dear love 
Fit us for perfect rest above; 
And help us, this and every day, 
To live more nearly as we pray. Amen. 

Hymn 3. 

M ne that followeth Me shall not walk in 

OJESTT, Lord of light and grace, 
Thou brightness of the Father's Face, 
Thou fountain of eternal light, 
Whose beams disperse the shades of night ; 
Como. noly Sun of heavenly love, 
Come in Thy radiance from above, 
And to our inward hoarts convey 
The Holy >pi~it's cloudless ray. 
So we the Father's help will claim, 
And ring the Father's glorious Name, 
And His Almighty grace implore 
That we may stand, to fall no more. 
Mav He our actions deign to bless, 
And loose the bonds of wickedness ; 

darkness, but shall have the light of life." 

From sudden falls our feet defend, 
And guide us safely to the end. 
May faith, doep rooted in the soul, 
Subdue our flesh, our minds control: 
May guile depart, find discord cease, 
And all withi 1 h n joy and peace, 
O hallowed thus be every day ; 
Let meekness be our morning ray, 
Our faith like noontide splendour glow, 
Our souls the twilight nev. r know. 
All praise to God the Fatiife be ; 
All praise. Eternal Sow, to Thee ; 
Whom with the Spirit we adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen, 

Hymn 4. 



pa dsb 

3 . ' 1 U 

—&-- — * — j£ . E-| — 

S - '■ Li , 

, [ U <5 

1 1 1 — , — 

_£: . . & p - — : 

i ■ t- | j^— x 

U H 



2. ! 

—J W— 7TZ ^ 

1 A - men. 

1 1 1 1 

1 1 « u ^~ D 

'• Early in the morning will I direct my 
VO^ ^at the daylight fills the sky 
Jl We lift our hearts to God on high, 
That He, in all we do or Ray, 
"Would keep us free from harm to-d^y. 
M iy Tie restrain our tongues from strife, 
And shitl 1 from anger's din our life ; 
And guard wrh watchful care our eyes 
From earth's absorbing vanitit-s. 
O may our inmost hearts be pure, 
From thoughts of folly kept secure, ' 

prayer unto Thee, and will lonk up.' f 
And pride of sinful flesh subdued 
Through sparing use of daily food. 
So we, when this day's work is o'er, 
And shades of nigbt return o:.ce more, 
Our path of trial safely trod, 
BbaH give the glory to onr God. 
All praise to God the Fathhe be ; 
All } raise. Eternal Son. to Thee; 
Whom with the Spisit we adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 5. 

•• Unto yon that fear My Xame shall 
pHRTST. Whose glory fills the ski s, 
V CHRIST, the true, the only Light, 
Sun of Righteousness arise. 

Triumph o*er the shades of night ; 
Dayspring from on hieh be near, 
Diy=tar in my bean appear. 
D rik . -crless is the mora 

Unaccompanied by Thee ; 
Joyless is the day's return 

the Sun of Righteousness arise.** 
TiH Thy mercy's beam* I see. 

Till they inward light impart. 

Gl id my eye-, and warm my heart. 

Visit then this soul cf mire ; 

Pierce the gloom of si i and grief ; 

Fill me. Radiancy Divide; 
Scatter all my unbelief; 

More and more Thyself display, 

Shining to the perfect day. Amen. 

Hymn 6. 


" I have set God always before me ; for He 

FORTH in Thy Name, O Lord, I go, 
My daily labour to pursue ; 
Thee, only Thee, resolved to know 
In all I think, or speak, or do. 
The task Thy wisdom hath assigned 
O let me cheerfully fulfil ; 
In all my worki Thy presence find, 
And prove Thy good and perfect will. 
Thee may I set at my right hand, 
"Whose eyes my inmost substance see; 
And labour on at Thy command, 
And offer all my works to Thee. 

Hymn 7, 8, 9— (First Tune.) 

is on my right hand, therefore I shall notfalL" 
Give me to bear Thy easy yoke, 
And every moment watch and pray; 
And stiil to things eternal look, 
And hasten to Thy glorious day. 
Fain would I still for Thee employ 
Whate'er Thy bounteous grace hath given, 
And run my course with even joy, 
And closely walk with Thee to Heaven. 
To Fatiiee, Sox, and Holy Ghost, 
The God Whom heaven and earth adore, 
From men and from the angel-host 
Be praise and glory evermore. 



1 1 1 - x <g — i — &> — " 

fpFrpWPPlWPf 1 

I I I I I 

H i 1 1 L r-^ 1 U- L, , 1 1 L, , 1 U 1 _ 

6tlje (Tl)irb §o\\x. 

" It is but the third hour of the day." 

pOME, Holy Ghost, Who ever One 
\J Art with the Father and the Son ; 
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls possess 
With Thy full flood of holiness. 
In word and deed, by heart and tongue, 
With all our powers, Thy praise be sung; 
May love enwrap our mortal frame, 
And others catch the living flame. 
Alm'ghty Fathfe, hear our cry [High, 
Through Jesus (Jheist our Loed most 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee, 
Doth live and reign eternally. Amen. 

£TI)e Sixtl) £)cntr. 

M At noonday will I pray." 

OGOD of truth. O Loeo of might. 
Who orderest time and change aright, 
B-isrhtening the morn with golden gleams, 
Kindling the noon-day's fiery beams; 
Quench Thou in us the flames of strife, 
From passion's heat preserve our life, 
Our bodies keep from perils free, 
And give our souls true peace in Thee. 
Almighty Father, hear our cry [High, 
Through Jf.sus Chest onr Lomn most 
Who. with the Holy Ghost and Thee, 
Doth live and reign eternally. Amen. 

(Second Tune.) 

u^^t ssm^^mm 

(Third Tune.; 






= =3=f 

i — u 

|-j H 

- | 

1 — h ~ 

— HI 



— <&— 

1 1 

J. J 



1 1 

£7 P 




^ ■ 



U — 



_^ £*_ 




r— ■ 

A - men. 

Sfje Xintl) four. 

" The hour of prayer being the ninth hour.' 1 

OGOD, of all the Strength and Power, 
Who dost unmoved each passing hour 
Through all its changes guide the day, 
From early morn to evening's ray; 

Brighten life's eventide with light 
That ne'er shall set in gloom of night; 
Till we a holy death attain 
And everlasting glory gain. 

Almighty Father, hear our cry 
Through Jesus Chbibt our Loan most High, 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee, 
Doth live and reign eternally. Amen. 


Hymn 10. 



p r r i « ' 

I u J. J 


I I 




A -men. 

" He shall defend thee 
p LORY to Thee, my God, this right 
VT For all the blessings of the light; 
Keep me. O keep me, King of kings, 
Under Thine own Almighty wings. 
Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear Son, 
The ills that I this day have done, 
That with the world, myself, and Thee, 
I, ere I skep, at peace may be. 
Teach me to live, that I may dread 
The grave as little as my bed ; 
Teach me to die. that so I may 
Rise glorious at the awiul Day. 

under His -wings.'* 

O may my soul on Thee reposo, 
And may sweet sleep mine eyelids close ; 
Sleep that shall me more vigorous make, 
To serve my God when I awake. 
When in the night I sleepless lie, 
My soul with heavenly thoughts supply ; 
Let no ill dreams disturb my rest, 
Ko powers of darkness me molest. 
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, 
Praise Him all creatures here btlow ; 
Praise Him abov*e, angelic host ; 
Praise Fathee, Son, and Holy Gnc6T. 

Hymn 11. 

SUN of my soul, Thou Saviotjk dear, 
It is not night if Thou b?, near ; 
O may no earth-born cloud arise 
To hide Thee from Thy servant's eyes. 
When the soft dews of kindly sleep 
My wearied eveiids gently steep, 
Be my last thought how sweet to rest 
For ever on my Saviour s breast. 
Abide with mo from morn till eve, 
For without Thee I cannot live ; 
Abide with me when night is nigh, 
For without Thee I dare not die 

Abide with us." 1 

If some poor wandering child of Thine 

Have spurned to-day the voice divine, 
Now, Loud, the gracious work begin; 
Let him no more lie down in sin. 
Watch by the sick enrich the poor 
With blessings from Thy boundless store ; 
Be every mourner's sleep to-night, 
Like infant's slumbers, pure and light 
Come near and bless us when we wake, 
Ere through the world onr way we take ; 
Till in the ocean of Thy love 
We lose ourselves in Heaven above. Amen, 

Hymn 12. 


A s 

Hymn 13. 



44 O look Thou upon me and be merciful unto me." 
S now the sun's declining rays 
At eventide descend ; 
So life s brief day is sinking down 
To its appointed end. 

Lcmn, on the Cross Thine Arms were stretched 

To draw Thy people nigh ; 
O grant us then that Cross to love, 

And iu Those Arms to die. 
All glory to the Father be, 

All glory to the SON, 
All glory. "Holy Ghost, to Thee, 

"While endless ages run. Amen. 

-J 1- 


^» .^-glJ Zfa 

t r r 

-d- J=L ^L 

A A. J., -m .J 

r r,T 

j- j. j. j j. 



Sj=3 — t 4-j-J-^ ^&=i 

r w -I s " ■ 

r p r r H" 


f S-Tsr 

r ' — r— r 

44 Thou shalt not be afraid for any terror by night" 

BEFORE the ending of the day, 
Creator of the world, we pray 
That Thou with wonted love would'st keep 
Thy watch around us while we sleep. 

O let no evil dreams be near, 

>*or phantoms of the night appear ; 

Our ghostly enemy restrain, 

Lest aught of sin our bodies stain. 

Almighty Father, hear our cry. 

Through Jesus Christ our Loin) most High, 

Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee, 

Doth live and reign eternally. Amen. 



Hymn 14. 









-P— P : 






~-B— { 




1 — r 













Or this Chant. 

"Abide with us ; for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent." 

ABIDE with me; fast .falls, the even-tide ; 
The darkness deepens ; Li)mx, with me abide; 
When other helpers faLL, and comforts flee, 
Help of the helpless, O abide with me. 

Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day ; 
Earth's joys grow dim ; its glories pass away ; 
Change and decay in^Jl around I see ; 

Thou Who changest n^ot, abide with me. 

1 need Thy presence every passing hour ; 

What but Thy grace c&n IdM the tempter's power ? 
Who like Thyself mv gnj4_e and stay can be ? 
Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me. 

I fear no foe with TJhee at hand to bless ; 
Ills have no weigh tTarfti tears no bitterness ; 
Where is death's sting, where, jjgSLS'e, thy victory? 
I triumph still, if 'Jh.o.u abide with me. 

Hold Thou Thy Cross before my closing eyes ; 
Shine through the gloom, and g2iut me to the skies ; 
Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vaiu shadows flee; 
In life, in death, Lord, abide with me. Amen. 

Hymn 15. 





9- a '&• -&• +~z _ 





-i — h — r— 

i i i 

? 3 ' 

— , 1 =F 







1 Let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice.' 1 


THE sun is sinking fast, 
The daylight dies ; 
Let" love awake, and pay 

Her evening sacrifice. 
As CimisT upon the Cross 

His Head i iclined, 
And to His Fathie s hands 

His parting Soul resigned ; 
So now herself my soul 

Would wholly give 

Into His sacred charge, 

In Whom all spirits live; 
So now beneath His Eye 

Would calmly rest, 
Without a wish or thought 

Abiding in the breast ; 
Save that His Will be done, 

Whate'er betide ; 
Dead to herself, and dead 

In Him to all beside. 

Thus would I live; vet now 

Not I, but He 
In all His power and love 

Henceforth alive in me. 

One Sacred Trinity] 
One Loon Divine! 

May I be ever His, 
Aud He lor ever mine. 


Hymn 16. 


I will lay me down in peace, and take my rest."' 

THROUGH the dayThy love has spared us. 
Now we lay us down to rest ; 
Through ihe silent watcher guard us, 
Let no foe our peace molest ; 

Jesu, Thou our Guardian be ; 
Sweet it is to trust in Thee, 

Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers, 

Dwelling in the midst of foes, 

Us and ours preserve from dangers, 

lu Thine Arms may we repose, 

And, when life's sad day is past, 
Kest with Thee in heaven at last 


Hymn 17.— (Fikst Tone.) 


p 1 i j Li 'J i , n ! i U ' 







' I 

3— r 



7=? 1 
I ■J I I I 


r^z=: qz 


-(2 — 


— u 

H ^5 L'^p ^^ 

— I 

— <s>- 











=H^ — . 

.,l... i 

"The Loed is my Light." 

SWEET Saviour, bless us ere we go ; 
Thy word into our minds instill , 
And make our lukewarm hearts to glow 

With lowly love and fervent will 
Thro 1 life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesus, be our Light. 

The day is gone, its hours have run, 
And Thou hast taken count of all, 

The scanty triumphs grace hath won, 
The broken vow, the frequent fall. 

Thro* life's long day and death's dark night, 

O gentle Jesus, be our Light. 

Grant us, dear Lord, from evil ways 

True absolution and release; 
And bless us, more than in past days, 

With purity and inward peace. 
Thro' life's long day and death's dark night, 
O geutle Jesus, be our Light. 

Do more than pardon, give us joy, 

Sweet fear, and sober liberty, 
And simple hearts without alloy 

That only long to be like Thee. 
Thro' life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesus, be our Light. 

Labour is sweet, for Thou hast toiled ; 

And care is light, for Thou hast cared ; 
Ah ! never let our works be soiled 

With strife, or by deceit ensnared. 
Thro' life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesus, be our Light. 

For all we love, the poor, the sad, 
The sinful, unto Thee we call ; 

O let Thy mercy make us glad : 
Thou nvt our Jr.sus, and our All. 

Thro' life's long day and death's dark night, 

O gentle Jesus, be our Light Amen. 


Hymn 17.— (Swxhid TmnL) 

JEgaEg= j J= ,g— gHfggj 

I J 



r' ' 1 1 r-4- 

- C^ 

1 I 1 =3 — : 

j. | i j. j. 




paj sJ ^!_ SJ J 

■^ j.j j j . 

*"N 1^1 


EJTn 1 — ^ 



« i p 1 

Kl | I I i 

' I 

1 r 

fii«.: jl..i* 

1 I I 

J J J 


^5=^— ^- — ?— j 

g g<^ rf , a 

' The Lobd is my Light/ 

SWEET Saviour, bless us ere we go ; 
Thy word into our minds instill ; 
And make our lukewarm hearts to glow 
With lowly 1 >ve and fervent will 

Do more than pardon, give ns joy, 

Sweet fear, and sober liberty, 
And simple hearts without alloy 
That only long to be like Thee. 
Thro' HtVs long day and death's dark night. Thro' life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesus, be our Light. O gentle Jesus, be our Light. 

The day is gone, its hours have run, 
Aid Thou hast taken count of all, 

The scanty triumphs grace hath woo, 
The broken vow. the frequent fall. 

Labour is sweet, for Thou hast toiled ; 

And care is light, for Thou hast cared ; 
Ah ! never let our works be soiled 

With strife, or bv deceit ensnared. 

Thro' life's long day and death's dark night. Thro" life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesus, be our Light. gentle Jesus, be our Light. 

Grant us, d nir Losd, from evil ways For all we love, the poor, the sad, 

True absolution and rele The sinful, unto Thee we call ; 

And bless us. m >re than in past days, O let Thy mercy make ns glad: 

Wirh purity and inward peace. Thou art our Jesus, and our All. 

Thro' life'* long day and death's dark night, Thro" life's long day and death's dark night, 

O gentle Jesus, be our Light. | gentle Jesus, be our Light. Amen. 


Hymn 18. 


r, r, ii ii n i j i 



:^z: -^ 






r" — -± — i -J-t-J 

—i — i n 1 

f n n 

— r^ p^ r^ — s 


1 I ' f* 

: "~' " ~<3 '» 

" He shall give His angels charge over thee." 

f^ OD, "Who madest earth and heaven, 

I J Darkness and light ; 

Who the day for toil hast given, 

For rest the night ; 
May thine angel-guards defend us, 
Slumber swe>.'t Thy mercy send us, 
Holy dreams and hopes attend us, 

This livelong night 

Hymn 19. f 


Guard us waking, guard us sleeping, 

And, when we die, 
May we in Thy mighty keeping 

All peaceful lie : 
When the last dread call shall wake 
Do not Thou our God forsake us, 
But to reign in glory take us 

With Thee on high. Amen. 


Now unto the King Eternal, Immortil, 
glorv, for ever 
TRINITY, most Blessed Light, 
O Unity of Princely Might, 
As now the fiery sun departs 
Bhed Thou Thy beams within our hearts. 

Invisible, the only Wise God, be honour and 

and ever" Amen. 

To Thee our morning song of praise, 
T<> Thee our evening prayer we raise; 
Thee may our heart and voice adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 20. 

J u 

J.- J, i a ^■J,n*, f J:V ,j 

— r 

Eakly Morning. 

MOUX of morns, and day of days ! 
Beauteous were thy new-born rays: 
Brighter yet from death's dark prison' 
Christ, the Light of lights, is risen. 
He commanded, and His word 
Death and the dread cha^s heard 
O shall we, more deaf than they, 
In the chains of darkness stay? 
Nature yet in shadow lies, 
Let the sons of light arise 
And prevent the morning rays 
With sweet canticles of praise. 
"While the dead world sleeps around, 
Let the sacred temples sound 

' In Thv Light shall we see li^ht." 

Law, and prophet, and blest psalm 

Lit with holy light so calm. 

Unto hearts in slumber weak 

Let the heavenly trumpet speak; 

And a newer walk express 

Their new life to righteousness. 

Hear us. Lord, and with us be, 

O Thou Fount of charity, 

Thou Who dost the Spirit give, 

Bidding the dead letter live. 

Glory to the Father. Son, 

And to Thee, O Holy One. 

By Whose quickening Breath divine 

Our dull spirits buru and shine. Amen. 

Hymn 21. 





i — r 


-r| — 

— ,_ 

1 1 






1 1 

— <S> L 

D 5 

— <S- 

1 . 


— s>— 



— I — 



-i — 




r --"-f^- 



" And God said, Let there be light : and there was light. And the evening and the 

ON this day, the first of days, 
God the Father's Name we praise ; 
Who, creation s Fount and Spring, 
Did the world from darkness bring. 
On this day th" Eternal Son 
Over death His triumph won ; 
Oi this day the Spirit came 
With His gifts of living flame. 
Oh ! that fervent love to-day 
May in every heart have sway, 
Teaching us to praise aright 
God the Source of life and light. 
Father. Who didst fashion mo 
Image of Thyself to be, 

Fill me with Thy love divine, 
Let my every thought be Thine. 
Holy Jesus, may I be 
Dead and buried here with Thee; 
And, by love inflamed, arise 
Unto Thee a sacrifice. 
Thou Who dost all gifts impart. 
Shine, Sweet Spirit, in mv heart; 
Best of gifts Thyself bestow; 
Make me burn Thy love bo know. 
God, the Blessed Three in One, 
Dwell within my heart alone ; 
Thou dost give Thyself to me, 
May I give myself to Thee. Amen. 

Hymn 22. 


" This is the day which 

AGAIN the Lord's own day is here, 
The day to Christian people dear, 
As week by week, it bids them tell 
How Jesus rose from death and hell. 
For by His flock their Lord declared 
His resurrection should be shared ; 
And they who trust in Him to save 
In Him are risen from the grave. 
We, one and all. of Him possest 
Are with exceeding treasures blest; 

the Lord hath made. ,, 

For all He did, and all He bare, 
He gives us is our own to share. 
Eternal glory, rest on high, 
A blessed immortality, 
True peace and gladness, and a throng 
Are all His gifts, and all our own. 
And therefore unto Thee we sing, 
O Lord of Peace, Eternal King; 
Thy love we praise, Thy Name adore 
Both ou this day and evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 23. 

'o i 

"There shall be 
Eyzktko. , 

/ \ REAT God. Who, hid from mortal sight 
VT Dost dwell in unapproached light, 
Before Whose presence angels bow 
With laces veiled, in homage low; 
Awhile in darkness we remain 
And round us yet are sin and pain ; 
But soon the everlasting day 
Shall chase our shades of night away. 
For thou has promised, gracious Loud, 
A day of gladness and reward ; 
A day but faintly imaged here 
By bright; st sun at nooutide clear. 

no night there," 

Too long, alas ! it still delays ; 
It lingers yet, that day of days i 
Our mortal strife and toil must ceasa 
Before we win its heavenly peace. 
Then, from its fleshly bonds set free, 
The soul shall flv, O" God. to The ; 
To see Thee, love Thee, and adore, 
Her blissful task for evermore. 
Great Trinity, our hearts prepare, 
The fulness of thy joy to share ; 
Life's transient light may we improve, 
And gain eternal light above. Ainui. 

Hymn 24. 


" The day is Thine, the 

BLEST Creator of the light, 
Making day with radiance bright, 
Thou didst o'er the forming earth 
Give the golden light its birth. 
f eve with morning ray 
Took from Thee the name of day ; 
Now again the shades are nigh, 
Listen to our humble ciy. 
May we ne'er by guilt depressed 
Lose the way to endless rest ; 

night also is Thine." 

Xor with idle thoughts and vain 

Bind our souls to earth again. 

Rather may we heavenward rise 

Where eternal treasure lies; 

Puriried by grace within, 

Hating every deed of sin. 

Holy Father, hear our cry 

Through Thy Sox, our Losn most High ; 

Whom our thankful hearts adore 

With the SPLarr evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 25, 
j i 


■ I ij «i *A 1 ] ^ rj « H 


f p* -^>- p p ,s -a^- h> 11,11 


"p ^ j -^ F* ^ ^ j 5-^ ^ fS 

k i S ■ , u i L i — i 1 L -^- iJ 

,_ - 

'•And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firma- 
ment from the waters which were above the firmament And the evening and the 
morning were the second da v." 

COME, let us praise the Name of God, 
Who on the second day 
Spread out the firmament above, 

His glory to display. 
Slow floating on the blue expanse 

The watery clouds we view, 
Whence fruitful showers at His command 

The thirsty soil bedew. 
How fair an image of the Grace 

His mercy doth impart, 
Like morning dew or gentle rain, 

To gladden every heart. 

And when the faithful soul drinks in 

Those showers with blessings rife, 
A well of water springeth up 

To everlasting life. 
happy saints, on whom are poured 

S icb treasures from above ; 
Lord, may they ne'er forgetful be, 

But render love for love. 
To God. who freely loved us first, 

All might, all glory be ; 
To Father, SoxT and Holy Ghost 

Through all eternity. Amen 
c 26 

Hymn 26. 


i r 

'And God said, Let the waters be gathered together into one place, and let the dryland 
ppear : and it was so. . . . And the evening and the morning were the third day." 

^THOU spak'st the word, and into one 
X The floods together flowed ; 
The dry land, freed from watery veil, 

Its verdant pastures showed. 
O Fatiieb, Who this earth assigned 

Our place of toil to be, 
Bind all within its one wide bound 

In one true charity. 
A brotherhood of exiles here 

We seek a Home above, 
Where Thou wilt gather in Thine Own 

Who live in holy love. 
Unloving souls, with deeds of ill 

And words of angry strife, 

Shall never, Lord, Thy glory see, 

Nor win the heavenly life. 
Lo, earth itself from day to day 

Their burthen scarce sustains, 
And yearns, in travail, to be free 

From dark corruption's chains. 
Yea, we too groan within ourselves, 

And that adoption wait 
For which the Holy Spirit's seal 

Did us predestinate. 
Eternal glory be ascribed 

To God, the One in Three, 
By Whom is pour'd into our hearts 

The grace of charity. Amen. 

Hymn 27. 


"And God said, Let there be lights 
And the evening and the 
VEW wonders of Thy mighty Hand, 
li Lord, we to-day admire, 
Writ oil the firmament above 

In glittering orbs of fire. 
The sun is ruler of the day, 

The silver moon of night, 
The starry hosts adorn the sky 

In ordered ranks of light. 
But e'en that glorious sun must set, 

And knows his going down ; 
That silver moon must wax and wane ; 

The stars their courses own. 

in the firmament of heaven : and it was so. 
morning were the fourth day." 

Still in an everchanging round 

The daylight comes and goes ; 
But Thou art evermore the same, 

No change Thy mercy knows. 
Whv waver then our troubled hearts? 

Thine is a Father's care ; 
And they, eternal life who seek, 

Eternal life shall share. 
All praise, all glory be ascribed 

To God the One in Three, 
Who bids us cast our care on Him, 

To Him for comfort flee. Amen. 

Hymn 28. 


-« -&■ -<^- -t^r- I , I I I I i i ^ 

i — r 

• Ai 1 God Mid, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that 

h;tth life, and fowl that may fly above the earth And the evening and 

the morning were the fifth d ty. M 

THE fish in wave and bird oi Wing 
God made the waters bear ; 
Both for our mortal body's food 

His mercy doth prepare. 
But other food, of richer cost, 

The immortal spirit needs; 
By faith it Uvea on every Word 

That frum His Mouth proceeds. 
Fai"h springing from the Blood of Cheist 

Has flowed o'er every land; 
And sinners through the vanquished world 

Bow down to its command. 
Its light the joy of heaven reveals 

To hearts made pure within ; 

And bids us seek by worthy deeds 
Eternal crow .s to win. 

By faith the saints of old were strong 

The lion's wrath to tame; 
By faith they spurned the tyrant's threats 

And scorned the raging I 
Lonn, grant that we the path may tread 

Whereon its light doth shine ; 
And gather as we onward go, 

The fruits of love divine. 
O praise the Father ; praise the Son 

From Whose most precious Blood 
Springs all our faith ; and praise to Him 

Who with them Both ii God. Amen. 

Hymn 29. 


" And God said, Let Us make man in Our 
morning were 

TO-DAY. O Lord, a holier work 
Thy secret counsels frame, 
A ruler for Thy new-made world, 

A herald of Thy Name. 
Thou formest man: Thy Spirit bneathes 

Life into dust of earth : 
Man. in Thine own true image made 

B ■ :v Br hd Thee his birth. 
And hencef >rth he dominion has 

O'er all in earth an ; 
Yet mindful whence his being came 

Must humbly walk with Thee. 

And the evening and the 

the sixth day. 11 

Alas I his wilful heart rebels 
Air tinst Thy gentle Sway ! 
Frond dnst of earth would fain be like 

The God Whom all obey. 
O r r~\ -:"s. O sorrows numberless. 

Which hence the world o'erspread ; 
Jest ! Thy mercy succoured us, 
Or every hope had fled. 

"he Father, and the Sox 
Who saved us by 
And Bolt Giiost Who quickens us 
With His life-giving breath. Amen. 

Hymn 30. 


M And on the seventh day God ended 

SIX days of labour now are past ; 
The i rests. Holy Goo ; 
And with approving Eye hast seen 
That all is very good. 

the seventh morn of light, 
Hallowed lor r -st divine ; 
Yet. Loan, a new creation needs 

That miglry power of Thine. 
Ten thousand voices praise Thy Name 

In earth and sea and sky ; 
But fallen man by sin has marred 
The blissful harmony. 

his work which He had made. 11 
Come, Lork create his heart anew; 

His heart of stone remove: 
Then hymns of praise again shall rise, 

The fruits of holy love. 
Oh ! for the songs that Thou wilt bless 

Where heart and voice agree : 
Oh ! for the prayers that plead aright 

With Thy dread Majesty. 
All praise to Gon, the Thhee in Oxe, 

Who high in glory reigns ; 
Who by His Word has all things made, 

And by His Word susiains. Amen. 

Hymn 31. 


r ' i ' — r 

1,1 -^ 
1 i 


1 i ' , 





g ^ 

1 i ^ ^ 
' . ' 1 . 


1 Amen. 

Jg — 22" 

zS =5 -_ 

p" 1 <g 

1 — L^, 

=i = 5-]5-si: 

li Which cometh forth as a B: 

C1REATOR of the starry height 
Thy people's everlasting Light, 
Jesc. Redeemer of us all. 
Hear Thou Thy servants when they call. 
Thou, sorrowing at the helnless cry 
Of all creation doomed to die. 
Didst save oar lost and guilty race 
By healing gifts of heavenly grace. 
When earth was near is evening hour, 

• r. come 
Forth from a Virgin-mother's womb. 

ndegroom out of His chamber.' 1 

At Thy great Name, exalted now, 
All knees in lowly homage bow ; 
All things in heaven and earth adore, 
And own Thee King for evermore. 
To Thee. O Holt On*, we pray 
O ir Judge in that tremend< 
Ward off; while yet we dwell below, 
The weapons of our crafty : 
the V\T:i;:r. God tl 

i ; One, 
Praise, honour, might, and glory be, 
From age to age eternally. Amen. 

Hymn 32. 


■ i ■ j ' i i 

1 His Name is called the Wottd of God." 

HEAVENLY WORD, Eternal light, 
Begotten of the Father's Might, 
Who, in these hitter days, art born 
For succour to a world forlorn; 

Onr hearts enlighten from above. 
And kindle with Thine own true lore ; 
That we. who hear Thy call ro-day, 
May cast earth's vanities away. 

And when as Judge Thou drawest nigh, 
The secrets of all hearts to try : 

"When sinners meet their awful doom. 
- lints attain their heavenly home ; 

O let us not, for evil past, 
B j driven from T y Face at last ; 
But with the blessed evermore 
Beho.d and love Thee and adore. 

To God the Father, God the Sox, 
And Gon the Spirit, Thrkb in Oxz, 
Praise, honour, might, and glory he, 
From a_e to age eternally. Amen. 

Hymn 33. 

«J -&- -&- -&■ j 5 * y | y | \ | P 1 i i I \^ 

l J J ' j- J , J j'j J J j J- Jl^ ^ 

'Xow it is high time to awake out of sleep." 

HARK ! a thrillins: voice is sounding ; 
" Christ is nigh." it seems to say ; 
" Cast awav the dreams of darkness, * 
O ye children of the day!" 

Wakened hy the solemn warning, 

Lee the earth-hound son! arise ; 

Chuist, her Sun, all ill dispelling, 

Shines upon the morning skies. 

Lo ! the Lamb, so long expected, 
Comes with pardon down from heaven ; 

Let us haste, with tears of sorrow, 
One and all to be forgiven ; 

That when next Fie comes with glory 
And the world is wrapped i 

With His mercy He may shield us. 
And with words of love draw near. 

Hononr, glory, might, and blessing, 
T i the Fatiifh. and the Sox, 

With the Everlasting Spirit, 
While eternal ages run. Amen. 


Hymn 34. 
'ftJv , | i i | - 


I I 


1—1 r i 

" Tell ye the daughter of Sion, Behold thy King cometh unto thee." 

TIIE Advent of our King 
Our prayers must now employ, 
And we must hymns of welcome sing 

In strains of holy joy. 
The Everlasting Sox 

Incarnate deigns to be; 
Himself a servant's form puts on, 

To set His servants free. 
Di lighter of Sion, rise 

To meet thy lowly King ; 
Nor let thy faithless heart despise 

The peace He- comes to bring. 

As Judge, on clouds of light, 

He soon will come again, 
And His true members all unite 

With Him in heaven to reign. 
Before the dawning day 

Let sin's dark deeds be gone ; 
The old man all be put away, 

The new man all put on. 
All glory to the Son, 

Who comes to set us free, 
With Father, Spirit, ever One, 

Through all eternity. Amen. 

Hymn 35. 

1 The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make 
His paths straight.' 1 

ON Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry 
Announces that the Lord is nigh ; 
Awake, and hearken, for He brings 
Glad tidings of the King of kings. 
Then cleansed he every breast from sin; 
Make straight the way for Gon within; 
Prepare we in our hearts a home. 
Where such a mighty Guest may come. 
For Thou art our Salvation, Lord, 
Our Refuge, and our great Reward ; 

"Without Thy grace we waste away, 
Like flowers that wither and decay. 
To heal the sick stretch out Thine Hand, 
And bid the fallen sinner stand ; 
Shine forth, and let Thy light restore 
Earth's own true loveliness once more- 
All praise, Eternal Sox, to Thee 
Whose Advent doth Thy people free ; 
Whom with the Father we adore, 
And Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen. 


Hymn 36. 

1 The Redeemer shall come to Zion. M 

OCOME, O come, Emmanuel, 
And ransom captive Israel ; 
That mourns in lonely exile here, 
Until the Sox of God appear. 
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel 
Shall come to Thee, O Israel ! 

O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free 
Thine own from Satan's tyranny; 
From depths of hell Thy people save, 
And give them victory o'er the grave. 
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel 
Shall come to Thee, O Israel ! 

O come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer 

Our spirits by Thine Advent here ; 

Disperse the gloomy clouds of night, 

And death's dark shadows put to flight. 
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel 
Shall come to Thee, O Israel! 

O come. Thou Key of David, come 

And open wide our heavenly home ; 

Make safe the way that leads on high, 

And close the path to misery. 
Rejoice ! Rejoice ! Emmanuel 
Shall come to Thee, O Israel ! 

O come, O come. Thou Lord of Might ; 

"Who to Thy tribes on Sinai's height, 

In ancient times didst give the law, 

In cloud, and majesty, and awe. 
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel 
Shall come to Thee, O Israel ! Amen. 



Hymn 37. 

■A, A. A. ' J A. 





-i — i 
J. J. 





— I 

— i- 

-n H 

— i- 

— i 


i — p 





Op* p* 









P— P- 




4 The Losd Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the 
archangel and with the trump of God.' 1 

r\ REAT GOD. what do I see and hear ? 
\T The end of things created: 
The Judge of all men doth appear 
On clouds of glory seated : 

The trumpets sound, the graves restore 
The dead which they contained hefore ; 

Prepare, my soul, to meet Him. 

The dead in CnsiST are first to rise 

At that last trumpet's sounding ; 
Caught up to meet Him m the skies, 

With joy their Losn surrounding; 
No gloomy fears their souls dismay; 
His presence sheds eternal day 

On those prepared to meet Him. 

The ungodly, filled with guilty fears, 

Behold His wrath prevailing ; 
In woe they rise, but all their tears 

And sighs are unavailing. 
The dav of grace is past and gone ; 
Trembling they stand before His throne, 

All unprepared to meet Him. 

Great Judge, to Thee onr prayers we pour, 

In deep abasement bending; 
O shield us through that last dread hour, 

Thy wondrous love extending; 
May we in this our trial day, 
With faithful hearts Thy word obey, 

And thus prepare to meet Thee. Amen. 


Hymn 38. 

arm cm. 


>> <d 

' The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night.'" 

THAT day of wrath, that dreadful day, i When louder yet. and yet more dread, 
When heaven aid earth shall pass away, Swells the high trump that wakes the dead; 
What power shall be the sinner's stay 7 * 0h , on that dav< that wratnful clav< 
How snail he meet that dreadful day \ AVh .. n ^^ judgment wakes from clay, 

When shrivelling, like a parched scroll, Be Thou. O Ciiiust, the sinner's stay 

The flaming heavens together roll ; . Though heaven and earth shall pass away. 


Hymn 39. 




1 1 





n L 





- U 




— & — 



1 i 

1 1 

1 1 




1 1 

- — •- 

^ " 



-i — 




r— — 




*-n * 






— ' LI 

-I — 1- 




1 i ' I • . I 

d < ' 


"Behold He cometh with clouds ; and 

LO ! He comes in clouds descending, 
Once for favoured sinners slain ; 
- ind thousand saints attending 
Swell the triumph of His train: 

Christ appears on earth again, 
Every eye shall now behold Him 

Robed in dreadful majesty; 
They who set at nought and sold Him, 
Pierced a d ailed Him to the tree, 
Deeply wailing, 
Shall the true Messiah see. 

everv eye shall see Him. and they also which 
rc«jd Him.' 1 

Those dear tokens of His Passion 

Still His dazzling Body bears: 
Canse of endless exultation 

To His ransomed worshippers; 

With what rapture 
Gaze we on those glorious scars. 
Yea, Amen, let all adore Thee. 
High on Thin- eternal throne; 

UK, take the power and glory ; 
Claim the kingdoms for Thine own; 

O come quickly ! 
Alleluia ! Amen, 


Hymn 40. 


• i 


i—i 1 ^ — , 1 — . . . 



-j i f j y- 




1 W 





L 1 , . L-^-i. 

1 r 


" lie hath sent Me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives.' 

HARK the glad sound! the Saviour comes, 
The Saviour promised long; 
Let every heart prepare a throne, 
And every voice a song. 

He comes, the prisoners ro release 

In Satan's bondage held ; 
The gates of brass before Him burst 

The iron fetters yield. 

He comes, the broken hearts to bind, 
The bleeding souls to cure, 

And with the treasures of His grace 
To bless the humble poor. 

Our glad hosannaa, Prince of Peace, 
Thine Advent shall proclaim ; 

And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With Thy beloved Name. Amen. 

Hymn 41. 


r, i . I ' un I i . 


I I 

1 , ' i ' i ' i ' N i i ' 


WHEN shades of night around us close, 
A id weary limbs in sweet repose, 
The faithful soul awake may be, 
A id Longing s^rh, O Lobd, to Thee. 
Thou true Desire of nations hear; 
Thou Word of Gon, Thou Saviour dear; 
In pity heed our humble cries, 
Aud bid at length the fallen rise. 

1 1 sleep, but my heart waketh." 1 

O come. Redeemer, come and free 
Thine own from guilt and misery; 
The gates of heaven ag*in unfold, 
Which Adam's sin had closed of old. 

All praise. Eternal Sox, to Thee, 
Whose Advent doth Tny people free ; 
Whom with the FatZXB we adore 
Aud Holy Giiost lor evermore. Amen. 


Hymn 42. 


-J I- 


i i 


■p s '- 

4» g- 


?:=E^IES=— £ 



— i-H- 


' I 1 
— * — * :^ 

-J r 

— ^ 

i r i i 

1 I JrJ 1 


— l-r 3 ^ 

1 1 



* ? 4 

1 ' 


& - 


1 i L| n r 

— & 


— H ~: 



: J Ij — h 


ii i i i 

- — w jf-^—w—» : 

— « — •- 

i I 

— ' — -i — ' 


— »- 


J- ! 1 

-r * 

— m m — t^ — m — m — . t. 

lli! 1 , 

•» r-* y « p 

^ — 

— 1 u 

— « — -5 — 

r !- 1 l -. 

— i \-m- 


i ! 1 


i I 

f Si 

.*- ♦ ^. J: 

:g— jfcp 

1 ' -«- 



- ^ — 


J. . 

A- men. 

u — 



* P * c 

i — 

— — 

M* » - 

"Let us now go even unto Bethlehem.'" 

OCOME, all ye faithful. 
Joyful and triumphant; 
O come ye, O come ye, to Bethlehem , 
Come and behold Him 
Born, the King of Angels ; 
O come, let us adore Him, 
O come, let us adore Him, 
O come, let us adore Him, Cheist the Loed. 

God of God, 
Lioht of Light, 
Lo ! He abhors not the Virgin's womb ; 
Very God, 

Begotten, not created ; 
O come, let us adore Him, &c. 

Sing, choirs of angels, 
Sing in exultation, 
Sing, all ye citizens of heaven above. 
Glory to God 
In the highest ; 
O come, let us adore Him, &c. 

Yea, Lord, we greet Thee, 

Born this happy morning ; 
Jest:, to Thee be glory given ; 

Word of the Fathee, 

Now in flesh appearing; 

O come, let us adore Him, 

O come, let us adore Him, 
come, let us adore Him, Cheist the Lord. 


I. — (First Tune.)' 




—& ^- 


] h 

, 1 







— ^ 

^ — 
1 i 

— m- 
1 1 

1 ! 

1 1 


— ez_ 







r- J J J i 

I 1 , 

! ! ! 
J JJ^-> JM -z — 

4-- d: i 4 

* r o 7 

—& 1 r^- 

1 ' u 

^2 ^ i2 


^ Organ. Pedal. 



i 1 


* 7o5e s^/n^r in unison, except the Oth line. 
1 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.' 1 

HARK ! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King, 
Peace on earth and mercy mild, 
God and sinners reconciled. 
Joyful, all ye nations, rise, 
Join the triumph of the skies; 
With the angelic host proclaim 
Chsist is bora in Bethlehem. 
Hark! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King, 

Ciikist. by highest heaven adored, 
Celkist, the Ev riastmg Losd, 
Lite in time behold Him come, 
Offspring of a Virgin's womb. 
Veiled ia tesh the Godhead seel 

Hail, the Incarnate Deity ! 

Pleased as Man with man to dwell, 

Jesus, our Emmanuel. 

Hark ! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. 

Hail, the heaven-born Prince of Peace! 
Hail, the Sun of Righteousness! 
Light and Life to all He brings, 
Risen with healing in His wings. 
Mild He lays His glory by, 
Born that man no more may die, 
Born to raise the sons of earth, 
Born to give them second birth. 
Hark ! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. Amen. 


Hymn 43. (Secoxd Tome.) 


> I i I 

, ' 

1 -J 1 

I , ' H 

=== H — %—'' 

^ gj " 

^ ^ rJ dp 

^O »= 

J J iJ u 

1.1 ^ 

-fS- s^S? * 

i i i ! 

I . i i J- 

— <S*— ; « ^ S 

-g>- -S'- -<5- 

— _* — u. £ 
kr 1 — r • 


Li_ — , ^ H 





| f~ 








<^— ; 



S» — 

> 1 

1 1 

— <s= 






1 l 





! 1 






^ • 

— y 



~ ^zr 




— 1__ 


i i 

— ^— 

i i 



| — ^5 7— 




7 ^~ 



1 1 






H "* — " 


- — 




|^— ' 1 1 1 

^ . ^ ?2 ^ 

j J 

P=! h- 1 + 

t-J | | 

j ^ r ^g 1 ^ 

1 • U ' i 

-s>- -s>- -^»- -s>- 

— * Si ^_ 

_^ — g — ^_ 

— ; <s — & — 

753 1 



& — 


1 1 

" Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.*' 

HARK! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King, 
Peace on earth, and mercy mild, 
God and sinners reconciled. 
Joyful, all ye nations, rise. 
Join the triumph of the skies ; 
With the angelic host proclaim 
Christ is horn in Bethlehem. 

Hark ! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. 
Christ, by highest heaven adored, 
Christ, the Everlasting Lord, 
Late in time behold Him come, 
Offspring of a Virgin's womb. 
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see ! 

Hail, the Incarnate Deity! 

Pleased as Man with man to dwell, 

Jesus, our Emmanuel. 

Hark! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. 

Hail, the heaven-born Prince of Peace! 
Hail, the Snn of Righteousness! 
Light and Life to all He brings, 
Risen with healing in His wings, 

Mild He lays His glory by. 

Born that man no more mav die, 
Born to raise the sons of earth, 
Born to give them second birth. 
Hark ! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. Amen. 

Hymn 44. 


\ — i- 


Kill. I.I I . H 5 

i i i 

-\ — t — 


J — I- 

I I . I I I I . 




j X A U U Lj Z) 



i p— n— 1-_ cp — r _ 



' Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord." 

TyillLE shepherds watched their flocks by 
) ) All seated on the ground, [night, 

The angel of the Lord came down, 

And glory shone around. 
" Fear not," 1 said lie; for mighty dread 

Had seized their troubled mind; 
'* Glad tidings of great joy I bring 

To you and all mankind. 
" To you in David's town this day 

Is born of David's line 
A Saviour, Who is Christ the Lord; 

And this shall be the sign ; 

" The heavenly Babe you there shall find 

To human view displayed, 
All meanly wrapped in swathing bands 

And in a manger laid." 
Thus spake the seraph : and forthwith 

Appeared a shining throng 
Of angels praising God, who thus 

Addressed their joyful song: 
" All glory be to God on high, 

And in the earth be peace; 
Good-will henceforth from heaven to men 

Begin and never cease." Amen. 

Hymn 45. 









I I I 

I ' I 



L-L j_^ 

:(^=:£2— & 


-i — r 





:^zz^— \ 

Z T Z 





j. j j J. AA 


A - men. 

jgzbfS cT X^r 




_j pi-L 

1 — r 

r P 

The Word was made flesh." 

One precious truth is echoed on, 

u »rpj s ti 10U nasi; saved us, Thou alone." 

Thou from the Father's throne didst come 

To call His banished children home ; 

And heaven, and earth, and sea, and shore 

His love Who sent Thee here adore. 

And gladsome too are we to-day 

Whose guilt Thy Blood has washed away, 

Redeemed the new-made song we sing ; 

It is the birth-day of our King. 

O Lord, the Virgin-born, to Thee 

Eternal praise and glory be; 

Whom with the Father we adore 

And Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen* 

OCTCRIST, Redeemer of our race, 
Thou Brightness of the Father's Face, 
Of Him and with Him ever One 
Ere times and seasons had begun ; 
Thou that art very Light of light, 
Unfailing Hope in sin's dark night, 
Hear Thou the prayers Thy people pray, 
The wide world o'er, this blessed day. 
Remember, Lord of life and grace, 
How once, to save a ruined race, 
Thou didst our very flesh assume 
In Mary's undefiled womb. 
To-day, as year by year its light 
Sheds o'er the world a radiance bright, 

Hymn 46. 


ll J JTJ J 

£>— ^> — ^> -f-^- H~- 

-J is) — 1 J--J -j — -*JI 

1 \ Mj. J , ^ | 


^ • j — i I 




r^. n 


: ==F^= 



U Li 



^^^ A - - men. 

ff g ii " s— n 


• f : p 


— r-> y . ^ (U _ 

U. { ^ u 

OF the Fathers Love begotten 
Er - i^he worlds began to be, 
He is Alpha and Omega, 

II ■ th a nrce, the ending He, 
Of the things are, that have been, 
And that future years shall see, 
Evermore and evermore ! 
K At His word the worlds were framed ; 
He commanded ; it was done : 
Heaven and earth and depths of ocean 

In their threefold order one ; 
All that grows beneath the shining 
Of the moon and morning sun. 
Evermore and evermore! 
* He is found in human fashion, 
Death and sorrow here to know, 
That the race of Adam's children, 
Doomed by law to endless woe, 
May nor henceforth die and perish 
In that dreadful gulf below, 

Evermore and evermore 1 
O that Birth for ever blessed. 

W hen the Virgin, full of grace, 
By th* 3 Holy Ghost coneeivi g, 
B ue the S wious of our race ; 
And the Babe, thf world's Redeemee, 
First rev-aled His sacred Face, 
Ev ■ more and evermore ! 
This is He Whom seers in old time 

Chanted cf with one accord ; 
"Whom the voices of the Prophet* 
Promised in their faithful word ; 

• God was manifest in the flesh." 

Now He shines, the long-expected: 

Let creation r raise its Loed: 

Evermore and evermore ! 
O yeheigths of Htav-n adore Him! 

Angel-hosts His praises 'ing! 
All dominions bow before Ilim 

And extol our God and King : 
Let no tongue on earth be silent, 

Every voice in concert ring. 

Evermore and evermore ! 
Bighteous Judge of souls departed ! 

Righteous King of them that live! 
On the Father's throne exalted 

None in might with Thee may strive ; 
\Tho at last in vengeance coming 

Sinners from Thy Face shalt drive, 
Evermore and evermore ! 
Thee let old men. Thee let young men, 

Thee let boys in chorus sing ; 
Matrons, virgins, little maidens 

With glad voices answering; 
Let their guileless songs re-echo, 

And the heart its praises bring. 
Evermore and evermore ! 
Christ! to Thee, with God the Father 

An 1. O Holy Gho6t. to T. ee! 
Hymn, and chant, and high thanksgiving, 

And unwearied praises be, 
Honor, gl ->ry and dominion, 

And eternal victory, 

Evermore and evermore ! Amen. 
These versus may be omitted, if the hymn 
bt thought too long. 39 

Hymn 47. 


a^ ;i | i i ', i ll 

r — 1 ^-»-5- c g---*-- I: ^-s 3.*^ 

' ' I I ' I I I ' I r l ' I ' I 


1 I I 

J — I- 


i i i jljw. j i i 




I I ' i i i i i . r I ii 2 



i i 

i i i 



i ' i_v* ' i jj'inrp i 



'j u 

j j i 

I — -\ — I — P-I— 






" Behold 1 bring you good tidings of great joy." 

CHRISTIANS, awake, salute the happy morn, 
Whereon the Saviour of mankind was born; 
Rise to adore the mystery of love, 
Which hosts of angels chanted from above ; 
With them the joyful tidings first begun 
Of God Incarnate and the Virgin's Sox. 
Then to the watchful shepherds it was told, 
Who heard the angelic herald's voice, " Behold, 
I bring good tidings of a Saviour's birth 
To you and all the nations upon eartli ; 
This day hath God fulfilled His promised word, 
This day is born a Saviour, Christ the Lord." 
He spake; and straightway the celestial choir 
In hyms of joy, unknown before, conspire: 
The praises of redeeming love they sang, 
And heaven's whole orb with alleluias rang 
God's highest glory was their anthem still, 
Peace upon earth, and unto men good-will. 
To Bethlehem straight th' enlightened shepherds ran, 
To see the wonders God had wrought for man ; 
Then to their flocks, still praising God, return, 
And their glad hearts with holy rapture burn; 
To all the joyful tidings they proclaim, 
The first apostles of the Saviouk's Name. 
Oh ! may we keep and ponder in our mind 
God's wondrous love in saving lost mankind ; 
Trace we the Babe, Who hath retrieved our loss, 
From the poor manger to the bitter cross ; 
Tread in His steps, assisted by His grace, 
Till man's first heavenly state again takes place. 
Then may we hope, the angelic hosts among, 
To join, redeemed, a glad triumphant throng: 
He that was born upon this joyful day 
Around us all His glory shall display; 
Saved by His love, incessant we shall sing 
Eternal praise to heaven's Almighty King. Amen. 


Hymn 48. CbtiStmaS. 

J ^- <S- -,&- <2^ 3- 

1 1 |j Li 


GOD from on high 
- : 
Lo ! from the opening heaven descends 
urn the promised Peace. 

silent night 
11 ; 
v reclaim that 
Is burn on earth to dwelL" 

Speed on wi'h eag 
Come to the hallow :hem 

The holy Babe to g 

. -::t appears 
Within that lowly door : 
A manger, stall, and swaddling d 
r poor. 

Art Thou Qm 

ig] ! 

:. and the starry heig 
faith can pierce the cloud 
' : 


: DOW. 

Thou - 81 

; shun, 
To shun what flesh would ch. 
filing pride : 

Most bar? I nild I Ivi 

Hymn 49. 

=^^-g=^=^d <S> ^^lkJ44-^^-p Ip- m^i ll^HI 

W -J- 1 1 III 1 • Id S'J A- 

— kjp r ^ =^ . ^ - _ ,_ 

M The Lokd is our defence 
Brrarci a 

•UR of the world forlorn, 


: g \ ; _:.\ 

us by Thy mig 
i>. be Then in 

- at. our prayers 
ughont our darkness give. 
O let r. ioppreas, 

Nor secret foe the heart 

the Holy One of Israel is oni 

Our flesh keep chaste, that it maybe 

A - temple unto I 

To The-. 

r would hue 
from inward stein 
m our beds ria 

All praise 

Allpraie Boat, to Thee, 

Whom w 

For ever and for evermore. Amen, 

Hymn so. @>t Stephen's Dap. 

fflu T -H-4j=j=^-'jlr, \^LtX^ 

2 ^j g — L^ r-* a G>—^~ JZ ^- D — &> 1 ^ H^ 

[■ V y H 

■ rg-yl 





" Be thou faithful unto death, and I 
(777<? trortf " Stephen' 

FIRST of Martyrs, thou whose name 
Doth thy gulden crown proclaim, 
Not of flowers that fade away 
"Weave we this thy crown to-day. 
Bright the stones, which braise thee, gleam 
Sprinkled with thy life-blood's stream; 
Stars around thy sainted head 
Never could such radiance shed. 
Every wound upon thy hrow 
Sparkles with unearthly glow; 
Like an angel's is thy face 
Beaming with celestial grace. 

will give thee a crown of life." 

" means a crown.) 

Oh ! how blessed first to be 

Slain for Him "Who bled for thee ; 

First like Him in dying hour 

Witness to Almighty power ; 

First to follow where He trod 

Through the deep Hed Sea of blood; 

First ; bat in thy footsteps press 

Saints and martyrs numberless. 

Glory to the Father be ; 

Glory, Virgin-born, to Thee; 

Glory to the Holy Ghost, 

Praised by men and heavenly host Amen. 

%t 3!Qf)tt tfjc OBtmnpIist's Dap, 

Hymn 51. 

-4 1 

-J L 


□ — f2 — L^ m - r— '■ <S— L- ^^-U *_^_TJ 

' That which we have looked upon and our hands have handled of the Word of Life, 
declare we unto you." 

THE life, which God's Incarnate Word 
Lived here below with men, 
Three blest Evangelists record 

With heaven-inspired pen : 
John soars on high, beyond the three, 

To God the Father's throne ; 
An I shews in what deep mystery 

The Word with God is One. 
Upon the Saviour's loving breast 
Invited to recline, 

'Twas thence he drew, in moments blest, 

Rich stores of truth divine. 
There too with that angelic love 

Did he his bosom fill, 
Which, once enkindled from above, 

Breathes in his pages still. 
Jestj, the "Virgin's Holy Sox, 

We praise Thee and adore, 
Who art with God the Father One 

And Spirit evermore. Amen, 

%t 3!ofm the evangelist's Dap. 

Hymn 52. 

— 1 



— 1 1 1 

— ^- 



— \~ 


1 — U 

— 1- 


J .5 



-j — g,- 

— s>- 





~^^ — n 

-i — 


^:^=— p= 




U — 


"T5^ ■ 

J 1 L 

" The disciple whom Jesus loved." 

"1T7"0BD Supreme before creation 
W Born of God eternally, 
Who didst will for our salvation 

To be born on earth and die ; 
"Well Thy saints have kept their station, 

Watching till Thine hour drew nigh. 

Now 'tis come, and faith espies Thee; 

Like an eaglet in the morn. 
One in steadfast worship eyes Thee, 

Thy beloved. Thy latest born; 
In Thy glory he descries Thee 

Reigning from the tree of scorn. 

He upon thy bosom lying 

Thy loved tokens learned by heart; 
And Thy dearest pledge in dying, 

Loud. Thou didst to him impart ; 
Shew'dst him how, all grace supplying, 

Blood and water from Thee start. 

He first, hoping and beliering, 

Did beside the grave adore ; 
latest he, the warfare leaving, 

Landed on th' eternal shore; 
And his witness we receiving 

Own Thee Lord for evermore. 

Much he asked in loving wonder, 
On Thy bosom leaning, Lord ; 

In that secret place of thunder 
Answer kind, didst Thou accord, 

Wisdom for Thy Church to ponder 
Till the day of dread award. 

Lo ! heaven's doors lift up, revealing 
How Thy judgments earthward move, 

Scrolls unfolded, trumpets pealing, 
Wine cups from the wrath above ; 

Yet o'er all a soft voice stealing — 
" Little children, trust and love !" 

Thee, the almighty King eternal, 

Father of th' eternal Word, 
Thee, the Father' s Word supernal, 

Thee, of Both, the Breath adored, 
Heaven and earth, and realms infernal, 

Own, One glorious God and Lord. Amen. 


Hymn 53. 

€tc innocents' Dap. 

-h . '.i'j 




__ ^ ^ ] 




I 1 f*~ 


I I I 

I I I 

— , — h i 1 — n ^ 

I IT r V*^ 

Mi 1 , i 

„ I X X rHfl? (" f~^\r r *\ 


-e l _j I 

I l 




1 I 

I I 

U A 






1 These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth.*' 

A HYMN for Martyrs sweetly sing ; 
For Innocents your praises bring; 
Of whom in tears was earth bereaved, 
Whom heaven with songs of joy received : 
Whose angels see the Fathke's Face 
World without end, and hymn His grace. 
And, while they praise their glorious King, 
A hymn for Martyrs sweetly sing. 

A voice from Ram ah was there sent, 

A voice of weeping and lament. 

While Rachel mourned her children sore 

Whom for the tyrant's sword she bore. 

Triumphal is their glory now 

Whom earthly suffering could not bow; 

For whom by cruel torments rent, 

A voice from llamah was there sent. 


Fear not, O little flock and blest, 
The lion that your life oppressed: 
To heavenly pastures ever new 
The heavenly Shepherd leadeth yon, 
Who dwelling now on Sion's hill 
The Lamb's own footsteps follow still, 
By tyrant there no more distressed ; 
Fear not, O little flock and blest 

And every tear is wiped away 

By your dear Fathkb's hands for aye: 

Death hath no power to hurt you more; 

Your own is life's eternal shore. 

And all who. good seed bearing, weep, 

In ererlastingjoy shall reap: 

What time they shine in heavenly day, 

And every tear is wiped away. Anieii. 

Hymn 54. £f)C JntlOCCtltS' DclP. 

&-— 3 



' ! 



s * 


J J 

-'— --H 



™ - 

~^ ~\r^ ^ ^ 

— iS- ^ — 






i i 
1 1 

^_JL ^ ^. 



"They are without fault before the thr : 

p LORY to Thee. OL' 
I T Who, from this world of sin, 
By cruel Herod's ruthlen sword 

i rheir own blc 

the flood, 
And .the shore. 

Glory to Thee for all 
The ransomed infant band, 

i :e that hour Ttj MO 

. .hat our hearts with: . 
like • s, ■'_■". .: : 

Oh. that of sin 

.rank not from . sight 
Ejokd, " '.: u every hoar 

I . '.:: • . 
In dc -•_::-. Amen. 

Hymn do, 


3 M^ ^ ^ p ^ 

"And when right nayi vem ■ e romplished for the » : the Child, His 

THE ancient law departs. 
And;: a : 

For Jests mi: | .1 hearts 

venant of peace. 

The Li 

Tr . | | 

He bear* f->r us the ? 

His (nfanl Bodyi 

Begins oar pain : c 

Those ; 1 Ehal fl :~ 

For death thf 

I ine 


Th ; T vinal 

All 7 

- . 

In_. : ._ t above. Ar^eiL 


Hymn 56. 


J L 

" God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them 
that were under the lawr' 

BLESSED DAY, when first was poured 
The Blood of our redeeming Lord! 
O Blessed Day, when first began 
His sufferings borne for sinful man ! 
Scarce entered on this life of woe, 
His Infant Blood begins to flow; 
A foretaste of His death He feels, 
An earnest of His love reveals. 
From heaven descending to fulfil 
The bidding of His Father's will, 
A victim even now He lies 
Before the day of sacrifice. 
For love of us His woes begin ; 
The Sinless suffers for our sin; 

The Law's great Maker for our aid 

Obedient to the Law is made. 

The wound He through the Law endures 

Our freedom from that Law secures; 

Henceforth a holier law prevails, 

The law of love which never fails. 

Lord, circumcise our hearts, we pray, 

And take what is not Thine away; 

Write Thine own Name within our hearts, 

Thy law upon our inmost parts. 

O Lord, the Virgin-born, to Thee 

Eternal praise and glory be ; 

"Whom with the Father we adore 

And Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 57. 

*' Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." 

THE Word, with God the Fathfr One 
Before the heavens and earth were made, 
Is now the Virgin's new-born Son, 
Upon her lowly bosom laid. 
Already o'er His sinless Head 
The streams of wrath begin to flow ; 
Already on His infant bed 
The taste of grief He deigns to know. 
The lowliest poverty he bears 
That we may be with wealth supplied ; 

He weeps ; O precious grief and tears! 
Through Him the world is purified. 
An humble dress, a mean abode, 
A life obscure His glory hide ; 
Proud man, behold thy lowly God, 
And let the sight destroy thy pride. 
Jf.8U, Who earnest from on high 
To be the Lamb for sinners slain, 
Leave not Thy ransomed flock to die. 
Nor let Thy toil be spent in vain. Amen. 


See also the Hymns for New Years' 1 Day. 

Hymn 58. 


" We have seen His 

WHAT star is this, -with beams so bright,! 
More beauteous than the noon-dayi 
It shines to herald forth the King, [light ~ 
And Gentiles to His cradle bring. 
See new fulfilled what God decreed, 
4k From Jacob shall a star proceed ;" 
And eastern sages with amaze 
Upon the wondrous vision gaze. 
The guiding star above is bright, 
Within them shines a clearer light, 
Which leads them on with power benign 
To seek the Giver of the sign. 

star in the east/ 1 

True love can brook no dull delay ; 

Nor toil nor dangers stop their way ; 

Home, kindred, father-land, and all 

They leave at their Creator's call. 

O Jesu ! while the star of grace 

Allures us now to seek Thy Face, 

Let not our slothful hearts refuse 

The guidance of that light to use. 

All glory, Jesu, be to Thee ! 

For this Thy glad Epiphany, 

Whom with the Father we'adore 

And Holy Ghost for evermore, Amen. 

Hymn 59 

" And thou, Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the Princes of Juda J 
for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule My people Israel." 

See them give, in deep devotion, 
Gold, and frankincense, and myrrh. 

TjiARTH has many a noble city; 
A Bethlehem, thou dost all excel ; 
Out of thee the Loed from heaven 

Came to rule His Israel. 
Fairer than the sun at morning 

Wis the star that told His birth, 
To the world its God announcing 

Seen in fleshly form on earth. 
Eastern sages at His cradle 

Made oblations rich and rare ; 

Sacred gifts of mystic meaning ; 

Incense doth their God disclose, 
Gold the King of kings proclaimeth, 

Myrrh His sepulchre foreshows. 
Jesu, Whom the Gentiles worshipped 

At Thy glad Epiphany, 
Unto Thee, with God the Fathee 

And the Spibit, glory be. Amen. 

Hymn 60. 


' The Life was manifested, and we have seen it. 1 

WHY doth that impious Herod fear, 
When told that Cueist the Kingis near '. 
He takes not earthly realms away, 
Who gives the realms that ne'er decay. 
TKe Eastern sages saw from far 
And followed on His guiding star; 
By light their way to Light they trod, 
And by their gifts confessed their God. 
Within the Jordan's sacred flood 
The heavenly Lamb in meekness stood, 

That He, to Whom no sin was known, 

Might cleanse His people from their own. 

And oh ! what miracle divine, 

When water reddened into wine; 

He spake the word, and forth it flowed 

In streams that nature ne'er bestowed. 

All glory, Jesu, be to Thee 

For this Thy glad Epiphany 

Whom with the Fathee we adore 

And Holy Giiost for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 61. 

I 1 

1 *J- 

. i 

— zd~ 

— i — , 

B— 1 b-+ 

— I 

2 ', 

—& — 

=d - 

— &— 

— *=-= — i 

i i 

— S>- 


1 . 


-^ • 

^ ^ &- 

1 '■ 





g? ■ 


-1 ' 

11 The people which sat in 

THE people that in darkness sat 
A glorious Light have seen ; 
The Light has shined on them who long 

In shades of death have been. 
To hail Thee, Sun of Righteousness, 

The gathering nations come ; 
Their joy as when the reapers bear 

Their harvest treasures home. 
For Thou their burden dost remove, 

Ami break the tyrant's rod. 
As in the day when Bfidian fell 

Before the sword of God. 
For unto us a Child is born, 

To us a Son is given, 

darkness saw great light.'' 

And on His Shoulder ever rests 

All power in earth and heaven. 
His Name shall be the Prince of Peace, 

The Everlasting Loud. 
Th.-" Wonderful, the Counsellor, 

The God by all adored. 
nis righteous government and power, 

Shall over all extend ; 
On judgment and on justice based, 

His reign shall have no end. 
Lobd Ji BUS, reign in us, we pray, 

And make us Thine alone, 
Who with the Father ever art 

And Holy Sriiiix One. Amen. 

Hymn 62. 


11 And He went down with them, and came 

THE Heavenly Child in stature grows, 
And, growing, learns to die ; 
And still His early training shows 

His coming agony. 
The Son of God His glory hides 

With parents mean and poor; 
And He Who made the heavens abides 

In dwelling-place obscure. 
Those mighty Hands that rule the sky 

No earthly toil refuse ; 

to Nazareth, and was subject unto them/' 
The Maker of the stars on high 

An humble trade pursues. 
He Whom the choirs of angels praisa, 

Bearing each dread decree, 
His earthly parents now obeys, 

In deep humility. 
For this Thy lowliness revealed, 

Jesu, we Thee adore; 
And praise to God the Father yield 

And SriaiT evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 63. 

EiEEE EEEi 1 — Fi — i — ^— i 

*• God be merciful unto us and bless us; 
C\ OD of mercy, God of grace, 
\T Shew the brightness of Thy Face ; 
Shine upon us. Saviour shine, 
Fill Thy Church with light divine ; 
And Thy saving health extend 
Unto earth's remotest end. 
Let the people praise Thee, Lord ; 
Let Thy love on all be poured ; 
Let liie nations shout and sing 

and shew us the light of His countenance/' 

Glory to their Saviour King ; 
At Thv Feet their tribute pay, 
And Thy holy Will'obey. 
Let the people praise Thee, Lord; 
Earth shall then her fruits afford ; 
God to man His blessing give, 
Man to God devoted live ; 
All below, and all above, 
One in joy, and light, and love. Aman. 

Hymn 64. 





d. — as. 



J ,1 






*H r ^ 


I I 

r i 


, g 'ip. 



^H I I -4 I I | I 

:, 22 ^ — ^ — _, — ^ — 7=? rsc zz 

:tg— f^— f^z 

1 — r 

44 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. 1 

AS with gladness men of old 
Did the guiding star behold ; 
As with joy they hailed its light, 
Leading onward, beaming bright ; 
So, most gracious Lonn, may we 
Evermore be led to Thee. 

As with joyful steps they sped 
To that lowly manger-bed ; 
There to bend the knee before 
Him Whom heaven and earth adore 
So may we with willing feet 
Ever seek the mercy-seat 

As they offered gifts most rare 
At that manger rude and bare; 
So may we with holy joy, 
Pure and free from sin's" alloy, 
All onr costliest treasures bring, 
Cueist ! to Thee our heavenly King 

Holy Jesus, every day 
Keep us in the narrow way , 
And, when earthly things are past, 
Bring our ransomed souls at last 
Where they need no star to guide, 
Where no clouds Thy glory hide. 


In the heavenly country bright 
Need they no created light ; 
Thou its Light, its Joy, its Crown, 
Thou its Sun which goes not down ; 
There for ever may we sing 
Alleluias to our King. Amen. 

Hymn 65. — (Fnuw TV 

«o Cpipbanp. 




^ . 

--s; ^;- 

-^ sl 

— *-^J- 

^ ^ j 

-f ^=1 

3 , v 

-— o — 

^ ^^ 1 ~ 


— r 




js^f" "^ 

1 i-__ | f* 


^ " 

— — i=d 

JESU ! the very thought is sweet! 
In that dear Name all beart-j jb meet: 

But oh. than r far 

The glimpses of His Presence are. 

No -word is sung more sweet than this, 

>"--.".:- rd m : 

No thought brings sweeter t 

Than Ugh. 

Jest, the hope of souls forlorn, 

_• ' . :urn! 

To them that seek Thee, oh how k 
But what art Thou to them that find ! 

(Second Tune.) 

• Unl y:u which bdieve He is r r 

N igoe of mortal can express, 

oil write tfa 
He :.'.;■" '■■'.. wt 

>wa II - " ■ . Irous might ! 
■ us from the fight ! 
-.-rss that may no: be -.-:._ - SflBed, 
And altogetht: I » .: -" I 

with as, Lora, I ■- 1 y. 
Fulfil us with Thy gimee, we pray : 

itfa Thine own true n 
ir eo nlfl from sin and dc.: .: 



Hymn 66. 

44 All the earth shall he filled with His Majesty." 

HAIL to the Lord's Annointed, 
Great. David's greater Son I 
Hail, in the time appointed, 
His reign on earth hegun! 
He comes to break oppression, 

To set the captive free ; 
To take away trangression, 
And rule in equity. 

He shall come down like showers 

Upon the fruirful earth, 
And joy and hope, like flowers, 

Spring in His path to birth; 
Before Him on the mountains 

Shall Peace, the herald, go ; 
From hill to vale the fountains 

Of Righteousness o'erflow. 

Kings shall bow down before Him, 

And go d and incense bring; 
All nations shall adore Him, 

His praise all people sing ; 
To Him shall prayer unceasing, 

And daily vows ascend ; 
His kingdom still increasing, 

A kingdom without end. 

O'er every foe victorious, 

He on His throne shall rest ; 
From age to ago more glorious, 

All-blessiug and all-blessed: 
The tide of time shall never 

His covenant remove ; 
His Name shall stand for ever, 

His changeless Name of love. Amen. 


j?or the 2£lcck before ^cptuactcsima. 

Hymn 67. 



^ ^- « 

s — V 

! ' 

— ! 1 




J j Lj ! J- ^- 

_ . 

— ^~ 


— S?- 


1 ! 





frr'r i — 


— r 

i '^ 


"And again they said, Alleluia." 

ALLELUIA, song of sweetness, 
Voice of joy that cannot die ; 
Alleluia is the anthem 

Ever dear to ch< irs on high ; 
In the house of God abiding 
Thus they sing eternally. 

Alleluia thou resoundest, 

True Jerusalem and free ; 
Alleluia, joyful Mo*L:r. 

All thy chii I. :he«; 

But by Babylon's sad waters 

M . urning exiles now are we. 

Alleluia cannot always 

Be our song while here below; 

Alleluia our transgressions 
Make us for awhile forego ; 

For the solemn time is coming 
"When our tears for sin must flow. 

Therefore in our hymns we pray Thee, 
Grant us. Blessed Trinity. 

At the last to keep Thine Easter 
In dot Home beyond the sky; 

There I ver singing 

Alleluia joyfully. Amen. 


Hymn 68. 


1 1 

-^- — c^ — U—f^L-AL^. — ; 

Ml 1 , ' I ' 
J A A A A A j 

, I I 



MJ •&- 

1 i i i r. 


-4 1 









I ' I Mi 

^ ztJ -^ z 





" How shall we sing the 

CREATOR of the world, to Thee 
An endless rest of joy belongs; 
And heavenly choirs are ever free 
To sing on high their festal songs. 
But we are fallen creatures here, 
Where pain and sorrow daily come; 
And how can we in exile drear 
Sing out, as they, sweet songs of Home: 
O Father, Who dost promise still 
That they who mourn shall blessed be, 

I I l 

Lord's song in a strange land ?" 

Grant us to weep for deeds of ill 
That banish us so long from Thee : 
But weeping, grant us faith to rest 
In hope upon Thy loving care ; 
Till Thou restore us, with the blest, 
Their songs of praise in heaven to share. 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
The God Whom heaven and earth adore, 
From men and from the angel-host 
Be praise and glory evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 69. 

' Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth. 1 

OLORD, in perfect bliss above 
Thou could' st not need created love; 
And yet Thou dilst Thy power display, 
And earth's foundations firmly lay. 
Things that were not, at Thy command, 
In perfect form before Thee stand; 
And all to their Creator raise 
A wondrous harmony of praise. 
But even while the world came forth 
In all the beauty of its birth ; 
In Thy deep thought Thou didst behold 
Another world of nobler mould. 

For Thou didst will that CnmsT should 

A new creation by His Name ; [frame 

Its seed, the living word of grace 

He scatters wide in every place : 

Its home, when time shall be no more 

In heaven with Thee for evermore : 

Accepted in Thy boundless love 

To share His throne and joy above. 

O Father, bless, for they are Thine, 

O Sox, direet in love divine, 

Holy G1106T, with grace endue 

The old creation and the new. Amen, 




i all died in faith, not having rec eiv ed the promises, bat having seen them 
afar off. and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that 
y were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.' 1 

n< >\Y blest were they who walked in love' 
With CamsT, while yet He dwelt above 
A riglr - istained by grace; 

Tiie lathers of the faithful race." 
O who cm tell as should be told 
The praises of those men of old, 
Their patient faith, their longing sighs 
Of hope uplifted to the skies ! 
Strangers and pilgrims here below 
They deemed the world an empty show ; 

To purer joys their hearts were given; 
The better land they sought was Heaven. 
The soul that truly cleaves to God 
>ngs to gain that blest abode: 
Chbmt, forbid our souls to roam, 
And fix them on our own true Home. 
All praise to God the Fathes be; 
All praise. Eternal Sox. to Thee ; 
Whom with the Spikit we adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 71. 

% — g 

, ._ 




7) -&- -^ 

~f r r 


' i 


— s= — 

1 1 

1 1 

■ 1 



fe-^— n 

— P-- 

p^ - 

1 1 

" The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being 
understood by the things that are made." 

TIIE^E is a book, who runs may read, 
Which heavenly truth imparts, 
And all the lore its scholars need, 
Pure .istian hearts. 

\:s of God. above, below, 
Wlthi i us an I aronnd, 
Are pages i i that book to show 
Sow God Himself is found. 

rions sky. embracing all, 
Is like the Maker"s love, 
Wherewith encompassed, great and small 
In peace and order move. 

The moon above, the church below, 

A wondrous race they run; 
But all their radiance, all their glow 

Each borrows of its 
The Sa^ \ the lisht and heat 

Hia holy hill ; 
The si its, like stars, around His seat 

Perform their courses sti!l. 
Th >i. Who hast given me eyes to seo 

And love this sight so fair. 
Give me a heart to find out Thee, 

And read Thee everywhere. Amen. 


M Now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three ; but the greatest of these is charity.* 1 

GREAT Mover of all hearts, Whose Hand 
Doth all the secret springs command 
Of human thought and will, 

Thou, since the world was made, dost bless 
Thv saints with fruits of holiuess, 

Their order to fulfil. 
Faith, hope, and love, here weave one chain ; 
But love alone shall then remain 

When this short dav is gone: 

O Love, O Truth. O endless Light, 
When shall we see Thy Sabbath bright 

With all our labours done ? 
We sow "mid perils here and tears ; 
There the glad hand the harvest bears, 

Which here in grief hath sown : 
Great Three in One, the increase give; 
T.i se _ r ifts of grace, by which we live, 

With heavenly glory crown. Amen. 

Tiie Hymns for Sunday and other days of the week may fitly be used at this season. 

Hymn 73. 

"fob r - 


j j n 



— 1 

— •— 



-^ |gi r i *£ 




_„ — 



- <g- - 

^13 : 



P* p* p" P 

! i 

'A A 

1 , 

1 1 


1 1 


[T - _ 


i 1 



I — 


"Rend your heart and not yonr garments, and turn unto the Lour* your God.*" 

ONCE more the solemn season calls 
A holy fast to keep ; 
And now within the temple walls 

Both priests and people w 
But vain all outward siltu of irrief, 

A 1 vain the form of pr 
I" I ss the heart implore relief, 

And penitence be there. 
We smite the breast, we weep in vain, 

In vain in ashes mourn, 
UmVss with penitential pain 
The smitten soul be torn. 

In sorrow true then let us pray 

To our offended Gon, 
From us to turn UN wrath away 

And stay the uplifted rod. 
O Gob, our Judge and Father, deign 

To spare the bruised reed ; 
y for time to turn ag 

For grace to turn i 
Blest Thbeb in One. to Thee we bow; 

Vouchsafe us. in Thy l^ve. 
To gather from these fasts below 

Immortal fruit above. Amen. 

Hymn 74. 



Now, saith the Loan, turn ye even to Me with all your heart, and with fasting 
and with weeping, and with mourning.*' 
Y precepts taught of ages past, 
Now let us keep again the fast 

Which, year by year, in order meet 

Of forty days is made complete. 

The law and seers that were of old 

In divers ways this Lent foretold, 

Which Christ Himself, the Loud and Guide 

Of every season, saaciitied. 

More sparing therefore let us make 

The words we speak, the food we take, 

Deny ourselves In mirth and sleep, 

In stricter watch our senses keep. 

In prayer together let us fall, 

And cry for mercy, one and all ; 

And weep before the Judge, and say, 

Oh, turn from us Thy wrath away. 

Hymn 75. 

Thy grace have we offended sore 
By sins, O God. which we deplore ; 
Pour down upon us from above 
The riches of Thy pardoning love. 
Remember, Lord, though frail we be, 
That yet Thine handiwork are we : 
Nor let the honour of Thy Name 
Be by another put to shame. 
Forgive the sin that we havp wrought, 
Increase the good that we have sought ; 
That we at length, our wanderings o'er, 
May please Thee here and evermore, 
Blest in One and One in Three, 
Almighty God. we pray to Thee, 
That Thou wouldst now vouchsafe to bless 
Our fast with fruits of righteous 


-*s* jgj <g* *J A <gj * ** '■ 

r ^-^-^"-^ ~-~ 

— -s — 


p p _*&. pig p * ^ 

1 , \ ' , 'l 1 ! 'I \ 

1 1 'j 'j u r < ^\ 


1. — Up &-\ cj p 



1 O deliver us. and be merciful unto our sins, for Thy Name's sake." 

MERCIFUL Creator, hear: 
To us in pity bow Thine ear: 
"he tearful prayer we raise 
In this our fast of forty da vs. 
Ench heart is manifest to Thee : 
Thou knowest our infirmity : 
Repentant now we seek Thy Face ; 
Impart to us Thy pardoning grace. 
Our sins are manifold and sore. 
But spare Thou who that sin deplore ; 

And forThine own Name's sake makewhole 

The fainting and the weary soul. 

Grant us to mortify each sense 

By means of outward abstinence, 

That so from e\-ery stain of sin 

The soul imy keep her fast within. 

Blest Tore* in On and One in Three, 

Almighty God. we pray to Thee, 

That rhoo wouldst now vouchsafe to bless 

Oar fast with fruits of righteousness. 


Hymn 76. 



^ i?g- 

^1 ^!=>-&—\ j= 

-r- r r - 

11 Behold, now is the accepted time ; b. 

LO! now is our accepted day, 
The tune for purging sins away, 
The si is of thought, and deed, and word, 
That we have done against the Loed. 
For He the Merciful and True 
Hath spared His people hitherto ; 
Nor willing that the soul should die 
Though great its past iniquity. 
Then let us all with earnest care 
And contrite fast, and tear, and prayer, 

p ^ ■&■ fZ 2Z |3 22 2Z 23 
• I. I i I i i t Amen. 

fr* g! J j I J JfcJ H^ -f^-j 

hold, now is the day of salvation." 
Aid works of mercy and of love 
Entreat for pardon from above ; 
That He may all our sins efface, 
Adorn us with the gifts of grace, 
And join us to the angel band, 
For ever in the Heavenly Land. 
Blest THKKKin One and One inTHKKK, 
Almighty GSon, we pray to Thee, 
That Thou wouldst now vouchsafe to bless 
Our lust with fruits of righteousness. 

Hymn 77. 

1 1 


1 1 

1 [ | | 


^ ! ! 


^ r #^j ^d 


e* *i H 

1 1 

■<9 ~W 'i | 
1— '" U 

1 ■&■— . 

1 1 

•S' 1 

1 ' Q 

1 1 



— J — 

-<s>- * 

A- men. 

— £2 ^ 

— — 

fj> s*Z 





— r^r: — ± 


^s I 

' 1 




"In due season we shall 

OTHOU Who dost to mm accord 
His highest prize, his best reward; 

Thou Hope of all our race ; % 

Ji:>u, to Thee we now draw near, 
Our earnest supplications hear, 

Who humbly seek Thy Face, 
TVirh self-accusing voice within, 
Our co lscience tells of many a sin 

I i thought and word and deed : 
O cleanse that conscience from all stain. 
The penile it restore again, 

From every burden freed. 
If Thou reject us. who shall give 
Our fainting spirits strength to live ? 

'Tii Thine alone to spare : 

reap, if we faint not." 
With cleansed hearts to pray aright 
And find acceptance in Thy sight, 

Be this our lowly prayer. 
'Tis Thou hast blessed this solemn fast ; 
So may its days by us be passed 

In self-control severe, 
That when our Easter morn we hail, 
In mystic feast we may not fail 

To keep with conscience clear. 
O Blessed Trinity bestow 
Thy pardoning grace on us below, 

And shield us evermore ; 
Until, within Thy courts above, 

We see Thy Face, and sing Thy love, 
And with Thy saints adore. Amen. 

Hymn 78. 



I I 



■25- S: 

•* And Jesus was led by the Spirit 
the Devil And in 

FORTY days and forty nights 
Thou wast fasting in the wild; 
Forty days and forty nights 
Tempted, and yet undefiled. 
Sunbeams Bcorching all the day ; 
Chilly dew-drops nightly shed ; 
Prowling beasts about Thy way; 
Sro'ies Thy pillow; earth Thy bed. 
Shall not we Thy sorrows share, 
And from earthly joys abstain, 
Fasting with unceasing prayer, 
Glad with Thee to suffer pain ? 

into the wilderness, being forty days tempted of 

those days He did eat nothing." 

And if Satan, vpxing sore, 
Flesh or spirit should assail, 
Thou, his Vanquisher before t 
Grant we may not faint or fail. 

So shall we have peace divine ; 
Holier gladness ours shall be; 
Round us. too, shall angels shine, 
Such as ministered to Thee. 

Keep. O keep us. Saviour dear, 

nstant by Thy side; 
That with Thee we may appear 
At th' eternal Eastertide. Amen. 

Hymn 79. 

"A broken and a contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise." 

LOED. when vtq bend before Thy throne, 
And our confessions pour, 
Teach us to feel the sins vtp own, 

And hate what we deplore. 
Our broken spirit pitying see ; 

True penitence impart; 
Then let a kindling glance from Thee 

Beam hope upon the heart. 
When we disclose our wants in prayer, 

May we our wills resign ; 

And not a thought our bosoms share, 
Which is not wholly Thine. 

May f uth each weak petition fill, 
And waft it to the ski-s. 

And teach our hearts 'tis goodness still 
That grants it or denies. 

All glorv to the Father be, 
All glory tot! - 

All glory.HoLY Ghost, to Thee, 
While endless ages run. Amm. 

Hymn 80. 






1 . I A J l I 

1 — c^_ [ ( f _ 



i i 

1 r 


1 1 

i ' i 



J- ' i ' i > r *""" 

^ g'-T— glT— — . II ^ — g>- 

*' Enter not into judgment with Thy servant, O Lord; for in Thy sight shall no man 
living be justified.' 1 

OLORD, turn not Thy Face from me, 
Who lie in woeful state, 
Lamenting all my sinful life 

Before Thy mercy-gate ; 
A gate that opens wine to those 

That do lament their sin ; 
Shut not that gate against me, Lord, 

But let me enter in. 
And call me not to strict account 

How I have sojourned here ; 

For then my guilty conscience knows 

How vile I shall appear. 
Mercy, Good Lord, mercy I ask ; 

This is my humble prayer ; 
For mercy, Lord, is all me suit. 

O let Thy mercy spare. 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God Whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 81. 

ibt y 'in 

' Have mercy upon me, O God, after Thy great goodness : according to the multi- 
tude of Thy mercies do away mine offences." 

HAVE mercy, Lord, on me, 
As Thou wert ever kind ; 
Let me, opprest with loads of guilt, 
Thy wonted mercy find. 
Wash off my foul offence, 
And cleanse me from my sin ; 
For I confess my crime, and see 
How great my guilt has been- 

The joy Thy favour gives 

Let me again obtain, 
And Thy free Spirit's firm support 

My fainting soul sustain. 

To God the Father. Son, 

And Spirit, glory be ; 
As "twas, and is, and shall be so 

To all eternity. Amen. 

Hymn 82. 


- — ^— H - q- — — — F-^-g— <g— [ — : — 1J — — — ^-F- ^ 

1 P ' j A-men. 

1 - J |g> |'-.ij|-l; - |i=L^ p ^ i ; — 1| 

1 Mv soul fleeth unto the Losr.""* 

LORD, in this Thy mercy's day 
- pan for aye away. 
On our knees we fall and pray. 
Holy Jest, grant Bfl I 
Fill us with heart-searching fears 
Ere that awful doom app 
Loup, on us Thy pour, 

- at the door 
Ere it close for evermore. 

y night of ar 
By Thy supplicating cry. 
By Thy willingness to die, 
By Thy tears of hitter woe 

. I clOW. 

Let us not Thy love forego. 

Grant us 'neath Thy wines a place, 

we lose Qua day oi grace 
Ere we shall hehold Thv face. Amen. 



1 | J 



. . . 

" II 

l J 


-5— — — =^— 

1 J J 



' 1 




1 ! 


— £?- 


--^* -=— <y ^ 


1 1 

— -<5>- 




g» ^ 1 J 


' 1 



r l ' 1 r l 



Aj r.. 

— & 







-^ II 

B vKHlim "lam the Light 

CHRIST. Who art the Light and Day, 
Thy beams chase night's dark shades 
The very Light of Light Thou art. [away ; 
Who dost that blessed Light impart. 
All-Holy Lor.D. to Thee we bend. 
Thy servants through this night defend, 
And grant us calm repose in Thee, 
A quiet night from perils free. 
Let not dull sleep the soul oppress, 
>"or secret foe the heart possess ; 
Nor Satan's wiles the flesh allure, 
And make us in Thy sight impure. 
Light slumber let our eyelids take, 
The heart to Thee be still awake ; 
And Thy Right Hand protection be 
To those who love and trust in Thee. 

of the world.' 1 

Lor.r. cur si \ be nigh; 

Bid all the powers of 

I watch o'er us for g 
Thou hast purchased with Thy 
R -member us, dear Lonp. we pray, 
"Whilst burthened in the Mesh we 
Thou only canst the - 

skis in 0>~e. and Ootid Theee, 
Almighty God. we pray to 

:> 1 wouldst now vouchsafe 1 to bless 
Our fast with I 

f the Hymns c Past $ vi**) 


Cfje jFiftb %unnap in tent. 

Hymn 84. Otherwise called Passiox Sunday. 

p*^-g?^.* el ' g a ' ^-y-i 

I^N I 


— ^ ^ . i g - 

I I I 


I ' I -^'- 2S 

f g ^ z=g= 7-p — j 



^ i r M _M 1 — F^ — h 


1 P 


"3"? "7f^.^rzn 

"•i^/^ 2 "^ 

i *^_ '/, 1 P • -s;?. V 

^ . cs*^ .^ 25 

1 1 1 s^| i 

A - men 

& i ^ , [- ^ 

1 H ^ 

^ = ^B 

" God forbid that I should glory save 

THE Royal Banners forward go, 
The Cross shines forth in mystic glow 
Where lie in flesh, our flesh Who made, 
Onr sentence bore, our ransom paid. 
There whilst lie hung, His sacred Side 
By soldier's spear was opened wide, 
To cleanse us in the precious flood 
Of Water mingled with His Blood. 
Fulfilled is now what David told 
In rrne prophetic song of old, 
How God the heathen's King should be 
For God is reig ling from the tree. 

in the Cross of our Lcvkd Jesus Christ." 
O tree of glory, tree most fair, 
Ordained those Holy Limbs to bear, 
How bright in purple robe it stood, 
The purple of a Saviouu's Blood I 
Upon its arms, like balance true, 
He weighed the price for sinners due, 
The price which none but He could pay, 
And spoiled the spoiler of his prey. 
To Thee, Eternal Thsrbib One, 
Let homage meet by all be done ; 
As by the Cross Thou dost restore, 
So rule and guide us evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 85. 

fer-- 1 - 1 

-i — i- 

' God forbid that I should glorv save in the Cross of our Loud Jesus Christ. 1 ' 

WE sins: the praise of Him Who died, 
Of Him "Who died upon the Cross: 
The sinner's hope let men deride, 
For this we count the world but loss. 

Inscribed upon the Cross we se2 
In shining letters, " God is Love," 
He bears our sins upon the tree, 
He brings us mercy from above. 

The Cro^ ! II A akos our goflt away, 
It hoi 1 _ spirit up ; 

rswith hope the gloomy day, 
-pint brave, 
lie feeble arm for fight ; 

And gilds the bed of death with light 

The b-ilm of life, the cure of -woe, 
The measure and the pledge of love, 
The sinner's refuge here below, 

■ leme i 1 heaven above. 
::!3T, Who won for singers grace 

r grief aid anguish sore, 
:se from all the ransomed race 
Fur ever and for evermore. Amen. 

die ^untmp ncrt before faster. 

Hymn 83. Otherwise called Palm Sunday. 

f r TT ■ ' ; JP 

To Whom the lips, . . &c. 



r^ — ' 


_J 1 






— ^ 


— -^ ^ — 

-,^ ^ £^ 

— ^ 1 

— <s -— 






i F ; _/ i 
the King, ' . . &c. 
- pa - ny, \ . . fcc^ , 














1 ' 






— ^-q — ; — ^ — ^ — ^__j_^_^- !]_*=? — ^ _ 

r. r. ft i j : r-r f r ff; 1* f* ■**■ 

-^- -^- -^- ^ 

^ Z ^ ^ ^ ^A %~\^ \ f f^ -r— ~* ' -^ f-j] 

^n i i v v_f i f f 

11 Out of the mouth of babes and 
i LT. gl >ry, land, and honour 
A To Thee, Redeemer, King! 
To Who :i the lipa of children 
Made sweet Hosannas ring. 

Thou art the King of Israel, 
Thou David's Royal Son. 

the Loa»*e Name comest, 
The King and Blessed One. 
All glory, &c. 

mpany of Angels 

Are praising Thee on high. 
And mortal men, and all things 
Created make reply. 

AH glory, &c. 

sucklings Thou hast perfected praise.* 1 
The people of the Hebrews 

Wi:h palms before Th~e went. 
Our praise and prayer and anthems 
Before Thee we present 

All glory, &c. 

To Thee before Thy Passion 
T teyaang their hyrcns of praise, 

To Thee now high exalted 
Our melody we raise. 

All glory, &c. 

Thou didst accept their praises ; 
Ae^em the prayers vr^ bring, 
Who in all ?ood delighted, 
Thou good and gracious King. 

All glorv. &c. Amen. 

Hymn 87. ^un&ap ncrt before (Easter. 

Aud the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried saying 
the Sou of David." 

Ilosanna to 

RIDE on ! riie on in majesty ! 
Hark ! all the tribes ilosanna cry ; 
O Saviour meek, pursue Thy road 
With palms and scattered garments stroked. 
Ride on! ride on in majesty ! 
In lowly pomp, ride on to die: 
O Cueist, Thy triumphs now begin 
O'er captive death and conquered sin. 
Ride on ! ride on in majesty ! 
The angel armies of the sky 

Look down with sad and wondering eyes 
To see the approaching Sacrifice. 
Ride on ! ride on in majesty ! 
The last and fiercest strife is nigh : 
The Father on His sapphire Throne 
Awaits His own anointed Sox. 
Ride on ! ride on in majesty ! 
In lowly pomp, ride on to die ; 
Bow Thy meek Head to mortal pain, 
Then take, O God, Thy power, and reign. 

Hymn 88. IDpmng on tfce IPassion.* 



I I 




1 ' ' A*JL 

I I 

A -men. 


MY GOD. I love Thee ; not because 
I hope for heaven thereby, 
Nor yet because who love Thee not 

Must burn eternally. 
Thou. Omy .Tfsus. Thou didst me 

Upon the Cross embrace ; 
For me didst bear the nails, and spear, 

And manifold disgrace. 
And griefs and torments numberless, 

And sweat of agony; 
Ye., death itself; and all for me 

Who was Thine enemy. 

' We love Ilim because He first loved us." 

Then Why. O blessed Ji sr Christ, 

Should I not love Thee well ? 
Not for the hope of winning heaven, 

Nor of escaping hell ; 
Not with the hope of gaining aught. 

Not se king a reward ; 
But as Thyself hast loved me, 

O ever-loving Lord. 
So would I love Thee, dearest Lord, 

And in Thy praise will sing; 
Solely because Thou art my Gor>, 

And my Eternal King. Amen. 

Many of these Hymns may be swig from Septuagesima to Easter, and some ofthe^A, 
throughout the year. 

Hymn 89. I£)gmns on t&e Passion, 

_.J__, — l_. 

"And being in an agony, 

SIGN'S Daughter, weep no more, 
. Though thy troubled heart be sore ; 
He f 'f Whom the Psalmist sung, 

He Who woke the Prophet's tongue, 

Uhp.:st. the Mediator blest, 

Brings thee everlasting rest. 

tn a garden man became 

Heir of sin, and death, and shame; 

Iksu3 in a garden wins 

Life, and pardon for our sins ; 

rhrough His hour of agony 

Praying iu Gethsemane. 

Hymn 90. 

He prayed more earnesiy.*' 
f There for us He intercedes ; 

Th°re with God the Father pleads ; 
Willing there for us to drain 
To the dregs the cup of pain, 
That in everlasting Day, 
He may wipe our tears away. 
Therefore to His Name be given 
Glory both in earth and heaven ; 
To the Father, and the Son, 
And the Spirit, Turn in Oxe, 
Honour, praise, and glory be, 
Now and through eternity. Amen. 

" Thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to Goo by Thy Blood.' 

HE. Who once in righteous vencrpance 
Whelmed the world beneath the flood, 1 
- tin in mercy cleansed it 

St precious Blood ; 
Soming from His Throne on high 
)n the painful Cross to die. 
-rnal ! 
O the depth of love divine! 
} the sweetness of that mercy 

Which in Jesus Christ did shine! 
We were sinners doomed to die ; 
Usrs paid the penalty. 

When before the Jndge we tremble, 
Conscious o c Iii> broken laws, 

May the Blood of His atonement 

I Hid, and plead our cause, 
Bid our gnilty terrors cease, 
Be our pardon and our peace. 
Prince and Author of Salvation, 

Lord of Majesty supreme, 
Jesu, praise to Thee be given 

By the world Thou didst redeem, 
Glory to the Father be. 

And the Spirit One with Thee. 

Hymn 9i. ^pmns on tfje Passion. 

" Looking 

O'ERWHELMED in depths of woe, 
Upon the tree of scorn 
Hangs the Redeemer of mankind, 
With racking anguish torn. 
See how th^ nails those Hands 
Ami Feet so tender rend ; 
See down His Face, and Neck, and Breast 
His sacred Blood descend. 

Oh, hear that awful cry 

Which pierced His Mother's heart, 
As into Gon the Father's Hands 

He bade His soul depart. 

Earth hears, and trembling quakes 

Around that tree of pain ; 
The rocks are rent ; the graves are burst ; 

The veil is rent in twain. 

unto Jesus." 

Tiie sun withdraws his light ; 

The mid-day heavens grow pale 
The moon, the stars, the universe 

Their Maker's death bewail 

Shall man alone be mute? 

Have me no griefs, or fears? 
Come, old and young, come, all mankind, 

And bitthe those Feet in tears. 

Come, fall before His Cross, 

Who shed for us His Blood ; 
Who died, the Victim of pure lore, 

To make us sons of God. 

Jksu, all praise to Thee, 
Our joy and endless rest ; 
Be Thou our guide while pilgrims here, 
Our crown amid the biest. Amen. 



i ■ i 




_ 3 

- - — 1 

— y 




J u 



\*CT %% 


r Ff- 



1 1 












p LORY, be to Jrsrs. 
\T Who in bitter pains, 

Poured for m ■ the iife-blood 

From His sacred veins ! 
Grace and life eternal 

In that Blood I find, 
Blest be ilis compassion 

Infinitely kind ! 
Blest through endless ages 

Be the precious stream, 

The precious Blood of Christ. 
i Which from endless torments] 
! Did the world redeem ! 
Abel's blood for vengeance 

Pleaded to the skies ; 
But the Biood of Jesus 
For our pardon cries. 
Oft as it is sprinkled 

On our guilty hearts, 
Satin in confusion 

Terror-struck departs; 

Oft as earth exulting 

Wafts its praise on high, 

Angel-hosts rejoicing 
Make their glad reply. 

Lit: ye then your voices ; 

Swell the mighty flood; 
Louder still and louder 

Praise the precious Blood. 


rppmns on the passion. 

Hymn 93. 

-/"^ — ^ — .,, a* MU ^ -*■ -■ — t*^ — I — ^x—O-*-^^- ^ ^-i«-«- 

i 7 xj ^Lj U^ 

I ! ! Ot 

1 ^c ' ' ^ r fr t t i i 

-»= — «-^_„ 



^ ^ -1U -U ^^^ 

'Beliold the Man." 

SINNER, lift the eye of faith, 
To true repentance turning; 
Bethink thee of the curse of sin, 

Its awful guilt" discerning ; 
Upon the Crucified One look 
And thou shalt read, as in a book, 
What well is worth thy learning. 

Look on His Head, that bleeding Head, 
With crown of thorns surrounded 

Look on His sacred Hands and Feet, 
Which piercing nails have wounded ; 

Bee every Limb with scourges rent: 

0.3 Him, the Just, the Innocent, 
What in dice hath abounded! 

'Tis not alone those Limbs are racked, 
Bat friends too are forsaki ig; 

And more than all, for thankless man 
That tender Heart is aching; 

Oh. fearful was the pain and scorn 

By Jesus. Son of Mary, borne. 
Their peace for sinners making. 

None ever knew such pain before, 

Such infinite affliction ; 
None ever felt a grief like His 

In that dread crucifixion : 
For us He bare those bitter throes, 
For us those agonizing woes 

In oft-renewed infliction. 

O sinner, mark, and ponder well 

Sin's awful condemnation ; 
Think what a sacrifice it cost 

To purchase Thy salvation ; 
Had Jesus never bled and died. 
Then what could thee and all betide 

But uttermost damnation? 

Losr>. give us grace to flee from sin, 
And Satan's wiles ensnaring. 

And from those everlasting flames 
For evil ones preparing., we thank Thee, and entreat 

To rest for ever at Thy feet. 
Thy heavenly glory'sharing. Amen. 

5)^mns on t&e passion. 

Hymn 94. — (First Tuns.) 

' — ! l - 

''He was wounded for our 

"V"OW, my soul, thy voice upraising:, 
-*-^ Tell ia sweet and mournful strain, 
How the C'r icided, enduring 

Gife , and w rands, and dying pain, 
Freely of His 1 \v w»s offered, 

Sinlesa was tor shiners slain. 
ScourcreJ with d - 

i h wl- d-.'p'ore, 
By His livid . ealflUB, 

All our : 

Binding ■ _- sore. 

See! Hi- Hands and Feet are fastened; 

S) He makes His people free: 
Hot a wound whence Blood is flowing; 



But a Fount of grace shall be; 
Yea the very nails which nail Him 

Nail us also to the Tree, 
Throngs His Heart the spear is piercing, 
» Hia f es have seen Him die ; 
Water thence are streaming 
In a tid- of m; - 
Water from <>ur guilt to cleanse us, 
win us erowna on high. 
Jesc, may those precious Fountain* 

Drink to thirsting soul- aff >rd : 
Let them be our Cup and Healing, 
And at length our full Reward- 
So a ransomed work! shall ever 
Praise Thee iu redeeming Lord. Amen. 

£>gmns on the Passion. 

Hymn 95. 

— ^ — ^ — <s? — 

h i_ 

' 1 1 



— ^__^ — ^ 

• j G u r > 

i , 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 

- — — «- 



-^—'s - 

-;— H 

"Unto you therefore which believe He is precious." 

SWEET the momenta, rich in blessing; 
Which before the Cross I spend, 
Life, and health, and peace possessing 

From the sinner's dying Friend. 
Here I rest for ever viewing 

Mercy poured in streams of Blood; 
Precious drops, my soul bed 
Plead and claim my peace with God. 

Truly blessed is the sta+ion, 

before His (Jro»s to lie, 
Whilst I see divine compa-- 
Beaming in His languid Eye. 

Fix my thankful heart on Thee, 
Till I taste Thy full salvation 
And Thine unveiled glory see. Amen. 

Hymn 98. 

' The love of Cnr.isT constraineth us." 

FT the Lord's atoning grirf 
Be our rest and svceet relief; 
w ■ deep in heart's recess 

All the shame and bitterness. 

Thorn, and cross, and nails, and lance, 
ire that enhance, 
11. and reed. 
And the pang His soul that freed, 

se all our spirits sate, 
And with love inebriate ; 

In our souls plant virtue's root, 
And mature its glorious fruit. 

Crucified ! ^ve Thee adore, 

ith all our hearts implore, 
Us with saintly bands ui 
In the realms of heavenly light 

' ( Christ by coward hands betrayed, 
Christ, for us a captive made, 
Ch: - tree 

Siai a tor man, be praise to Thee. Amen. 

$>pmns on tbe Ipas.ston. 

Hymn 97. 

**=k^g $=* = *=**^L 

'THio loved me and gave Himself for me. 1 ' 

SACRED Head, surrounded 
By crown of piercing thorn ! 
O bleeding Head, so wounded, 

Reviled, and put to scorn ! 
Death's pallid hue comes o'er Thee, 

The glow of life decays. 
Yet angel-hosts adore Thee, 
And "tremble as they gaze. 

I see Thy strength and vigour 

All fading in the strife, 
And death with cruel rigour 

Bereaving Thee of life ; 
O agony and dying ! 

O love to sinners free ! 
Jest/, all grace supplying, 

O turn Thy Face on me. 


In this Thy bitter passion, 

Good Shepherd, think of me, 
"With Thy most sweet compassion, 

Unworthy though I be : 
Beneath Thy Cross abiding, 

For ever would I rest ; 
In Thy dear love confiding. 

And with Thy presence blest. Amen. 

5>gmn.s on tfje Ipasston, 

Hymn 98.— (First Tune.) 

Hymii 98. — (Second Tcxe.) 










: ^~~ 




— <?- 


_; _ 

-f4 — 







1 1 

1 1 

1 1 











— r- 






i — E 

— — il 


1 1 




i i 

— *2- 






-g— - 



% r^ II 


<*3 ,— 





k=5> — 




1 — 



— - s- 

" Now there stood by the Cross of Jesus His Mother." 

Who, on Cueist's dear Mother thinking 
Such a cup of sorrow drinking, 
"Would not share her sorrows deep 

A T the Cross her station keeping 
A Stood the mournful Mother weeping, 
i Where He hung, the dying Loed ; 
/or her soul of joy bereaved. 
towed with anguish, deeply grieved, 
Felt the sharp and piercing sword. 

)h, how sad and sore distressed, 
low was she, that Mother blessed 

Of the sole-begotten One ; 
)eep the woe of her affliction 
Vhen she saw the Crucifixion 
i Of her ever-glorious Son. 

Vho, on Christ's dear Mother gazing 
'ierced by anguish so amazing, 
Born of woman, would not weep ? 

For His people's sins chastised 

She beheld her Son despised, [twined. 

Scourged, and crowned with thorns en- 
Saw Him then from judgment taken, 
And in death by all forsaken, 

Till His Spirit He resigned. 

Jesu, may such deep devotion 
Stir in me the same emotion, 

Fount of love, Redeemer kind. 
That my heart fresh ardour gaining 
And a purer love attaining, 

May with Thee acceptance find. Amen. 

Hymn 99. JjDpmn.s on the passion. 

^ <^ <& • -«" -fir- i . i . 

^-~-^-Li— i— 2s— 5-^.-7^5:-^:-^^^ 

' l 

z2 — ^: 




" Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by ? 
like unto My 

SEE the destined day arise ! 
See, a willing Sacrifice, 
Jesus, to redeem our loss, 
Hangs upon the shameful Cross ! 
Je8U, who hut Thou had borne, 
Lifted on that tree of scorn, 
Every pang and bitter throe, 
Finishing Thy life of woe "? 
"Who but Thou had dared to drain 
Steeped in gall the cup of pain, 

Behold and see if there be any sorrow- 
sorrow. 1 ' 

And with tender body bear 
Thorns, and nails, and piercing spear? 
Thence the cleansing Water flowed, 
Mingled from Thy bide with Blood; 
Sign to all attesting eyes 
Of the finished Sacrifice. 
Holy, grant us grace 
In that Sacrifice to place 
All our trust for life renewed, 
Pardoned sin, and promised good. Amen. 

Hymn 100. 

" They crucified Him." 

0COME and mourn with me awhile ; 
O com - ye to the Saviouk's side ; 
O come, together let us mourn; 
Jesus, our Lord, is crucified. 
IIave we no tears to shed for Him, 
While soldiers scoff and Jews deride ? 
Ah ! look bow patiently II > hangs ; 

. our Lobd, is crucified. 
How fast His Hands and Feet are nailed ; 
His Throat with parching thirst is dried; 
His failing Eyes are dimmed with Blood ; 
JecUS, our Losd, is crucified. 

Seven times He spako. seven words of lr>"e; 
And all three hours His silence cried 
For mercy on the souls of men ; 
Jesus, our Lobd, is crucified. 
Come. let us stand beneath the Cross; 
So may the Blood from out His Side 
F;dl gently on us drop by drop; 
Jesus, our Lobd, is crucified. 
A broken heart, a fount of tears 
A-k. and they will no f be denied ; 
Lobd Jrsus, may we love and weep, 
Since Thou for us art crucified. Amen. 

Hymn 101. J^lim.S On tf)C PaSStOtl. 

J-, 1 


id i 

S'_„ -2 




8-g. g ^ 



I ■ I. 


-arKri 1= 


^ -a. 



" "What things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Cn?.rsT.'' 

TITHEN I survey the wondrous Cross 
\\ On which the Prince of Glory died, 
My richest gain I count but loss, 
And pour contempt on all my pride. 

Forbid it, Lonn. that- 1 should boast 
Save in toe Cross of Uhbist my God; 
All the vain tilings that charm me most, 
I sacrifice them to His Blood. 

See from His Head, His Hands, nis Feet, 
Sorrow and love flow mingling down ; 

Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, 
Or thorns ctrnpose so rich a crown ? 

Were th»? whole realm of uature mine, 
That were an offering far too small ; 
Love so amazing, so divine, 
Demands my life, my soul, my all. 

To Christ. Who won for sinners grace 
By bitter grief and anguish sore, 
Be praise from all the ransomed race 
Tor ever and for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 102. 

0z}z, J "l~1J ^-tk^yv- IfM^ ^ 

'1 rA * 


i , i 



... ,__ 

I I 

" Christ also suffered for us, leaving an example that ye should follow His steps." 

ANGELS, lament ; behold your God 
Man's sinful likeness wears ; 
Behold, upon the accursed tree 
-Man's sins the Savioub bears. 

O Christ, with wondering minds we see 
What mighty love was Thine ; 

sent to suffer thus, 
And. oh, shall man r 

No. Saviour, no! the power of death 
Thy Cross hath overcome, 

To save u^, not from earthly woe 
But from th' eternal doom. 

The flesh may shrink, but we submit, 

Whatever our Cross may be, 
So Thou by grace enable us 

To bear it after Thee. 

Thy stripes have healed us, and Thy Blood 

Our guilty stains effaced ; 
Then may Thy Name by sin of ours 

Bt> never more disgraced. Amen. 


Hymn 103. JDpmtrs on t&e Passion, 

=-i 1 —^==1-1-^ — Cr_ 

I k 

rrr i . i * . 

'--' i Amen. 

" Remembering mine affliction and 

GO to dark Gethsemane, 
Ye that feel the Tempter's power, 
Your Redeemer's conflict see 
"Watch with Him one bitter hour ; 
Turn not from His griefs away, 
Learn of Jksus Chejst to pray. 
Follow to the judgment -hall, 
View the Lord of life arraigned, 
Oh, the wormwood and the gall ! 

my misery, the wormwood and the gall." 
Oh, the pangs His soul sustained ! 
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss ; 
Learn of Him to bear the cross. 
Calvary's mournful mountain climb ; 
There, adoring at His Feet, 
Mark that miracle of time, 
God' 8 own sacrifice complete ; 
" It is finished ;" hear Him cry, 
Learn of Jabus Cheist to die. Amen. 

Hymn 104. 





_J_l_j ,_ 


— |- 

— 1 



il — ti 




' i 

» i 





1 1 

1 1 

-B :: 

-: ?.. a |l 

w c 





z ^= 






SAVr« >rn. when in " 
re bow the adoring knee ; 

re lift our we 
Oh ! by all Thy pains and woe 
race for man below, 

Pbxone oiihigh, 
Heir our solemn litany. 

v birth and early years; 
By Thy life of want and tears ; 

fasting and distress 
In tlie lonely wilder.. 
By the dread mysterious hour 
subtle tempter's power: 
-' eye ; 
H ar our Bolem » litany. 
By the sacre 1 gru f that wepfc 

. L tz irna slept; 
abode ; 

Master, have mercy upon us 

By the mournfo] word thai I I I 

Treachery lurked within Thy fold 
k with pityi] a 
ir solemn lil 
• hour of whelming fear ; 
By i" 

By the purple ro 

By Thy wounds* Thycrown of thorn; 
By 1 ":.; - ies ; 

: sacrifice ; 

- f \ 

Hear oar sol 

ByTlrj ing groan; 

By " ; - I sepulchral stone; 
By r .- be grave; 

save ; 
. . . 
Te 1 heaven restored. 

Prince an 1 Savionn, bear our cry; 
Hear our solemn litany; Amen. 

— ^ — ^ — ^> — ^> — r 5 '. ^ : 

oeph had taken rh^ Body, he wrapped It in a clean linen clo*h. and 
laid It in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out of the rock. . . . And there 
wa?M : ie, and the other Mary . \ 'ire, 

J I N'G- from His work to-day 

1 I i the tomb the B 

. from Head 

ling sheet, 
T . v i 

ven there w - 

ig the Magdalene ; 
Early, ere ; f day, 

Sorrowful she took her way 

. >ly garden glade, 
Where her buried Loed was laid. 

The .-. -::: .- 

I would solemn vigil - 

hew Thee, Umn, a shrine 
art of mine. 
Where in nure embalmed 
None bntQ r eH 

il I bring, 
True affection's off- : 
Clos? the id sound 

Of the busy worl I ar 
And in patient watch remain 
Till my Lord appear again. Amen. 

Hymn 106. 






I I 1 _|| 


S=E:22=2=>- : 

I I I 

1 1 r 


! I 




I. i 


■I I I 

I I 

" death, where is thy sting? 

TTE choirs of new Jerusalem, - 
X Your sweetest notes employ, 
The Paschal victory to hymu 

In strains of holy joy. 
For J nrlah's Lion burst His chains, 

Crushing the serpent's head; 
And cries aloud through death's domains 

To wake the imprisoned dead. 
Devouring depths of hell their prey 

At His command restore ; 
His ransomed hosts pursue their way 

Where Jesus goes before. 

Hymn 107.— (First Tune.) 




i I 

lu-ia. Amen. 


O grave, where is thy victory ?" 

Triumphant in His glory now 

To Him all power is given ; 
To Him in one communion bow 

Ail saints in earth and heaven. 
While we, His soldiers, praise our King, 

His mercy we implore, 
Within His palace bright to bring 

And keep us evermore. 
All glory to the Fathee be ; 

All glory to the Sox ; 
All glory, Holy Ghost, to Thee, 

While endless ages run. 

Alleluia. Amen. 






Al - le - 

i I 





1 I — I , ' — , — 








. 1 — (S, 

JESUS CHRIST is risen to-day, 

Our triumphant holy day, 

V/lio did once, upon the Cross, 

Alleluia ! 
Suffer to redeem our loss. 

Alleluia ! 

The" Loud is risen indeed." 

Hymns of praise then let ofl 

Unto Cueist, our heavenly King, 

Alleluia 1 
Who endured the Cross and Grave, 
Alleluia 1 
Sinners to redeem and B&ye. 

Alleluia ! 
But the paiu which He endured 

Our salvation hath procured ; 

Alleluia ! 
Now above the skv lie's King, 

Alleluia 1 
Where the angels ever sing. 

Alleluia ! 

Hymn 107.— (Second Tune.) 

I i 1 i Mi I J ^ ^1 . | I 1^1 

i , y i jNj < ^J in i r^ i 

— ^ — ——r^—^—r^-Ts-O—x ^ n — o — = 1 g -g-g-g?-r^- . ^ i ^ 1 




Hymn 108. 

^ Semi-Chorus. . , , , i Repeal in Chorus . 

Al - le - lit - ia I Al - lc - In - ia I Al - lc - la - ia I 

III, l J 


jej -aj-fa l-t-fe g^ 



■^ i i , ' i i j 

. Chorus. 

, Dal S'gno.ft 
— r rr 


Al - le - lu_ 


ia 1 Al - le - In - la 1 Al - le - lu - ia 1 

A -men. 




" This is the day which the Lord hath 
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia. 1 

0SONS and daughters, let us sing ! 
The King of heaven, the glorious Kin< 
O'er death to-day rose triumphing*. 
Alleluia ! 

That Sunday morn, at break of day, 
The faithful women went their way 
To seek the tomb where Jksus lav. 
Alleluia ! 

An Angel clad in white they see, 
"SVho sat and spake unto the three, 
"Your Lord doth go to Galilee." 


That ni^ht the Apostles met in fear ; 
Amidst them came their Lord most dear, 
And said, " My peace be on all here." 
Alleluia ! 

made ; we will rejoice and be glad in it." 
"When Didymus the tidi-igs heard, 
He donbted if it were the Lord, 
Until He came and spake this word : 
Alleluia ! 

" My pierced Side, O Thomas, see; 
My Hands, My Feet. I show to thee ; 
Nor faithless, but believing be." 

Alleluia ! 

No longer Thomas then denied ; 
He saw the Feet, the Hands, the Side ; 
"• Thou art my Lord and Gen," he cried. 
Alleluia ! 

How blest are thev who have not seen, 
And yet whose faith hath constant been; 
For they eternal life shall win. 

Alleluia ! 

On this most holy day of days. 

To God your hearts and voices raise 

In laud, and jubilee, and praise. 

Alleluia ! Amen. 


Hymn 109.-<Ki*m Ti-xe.) <253$tCX. 


i 1 





^ ^ 

If* r- - 

|2 j= s P2=t 


' ] ! 


1 1 


° i 

' ! 1 






--<£?" — ^ _ 

^ =: g--g- : i: 

= 3:|# 

*=" , 



-^L j2. 

M [j 

1 ' 1 i | G "' A-inen. 




' i 

-— -^_ 

_-> ^ 

rrrr -i*-i 

M The Loud is King, and hath 

LI rHT 3 glittering sky, 

• s victor-cry, 
i earth shouts her triumph high, 
_ heil makes wild r 
".' _■ . ■ 
1 1 - ling 

rf night 
forth His ransomed saints to light 
ib of late the threefold guard 

But n i pomp and triumph high, 

■ins r.f hell ai | st; 

.ys of mourning now are | | 
_ 1 robed in light hath said. 

M The Lord : the dead.' 1 

Part H. 
i 1 hearts were full of pain 
For their dear Lord so la'eiy slain, 
By re! i 'rued to die 

th of cruel agony. 
: ntie voice the Angel gave 

not. your Master shall ye see, 
before to Galilee.*' 
Then hastening on their eager way 

Their I. \ their living Lord. 

Iling at His Feet adored. 

btd Tune.) 

put on glorious apparel." 

r. with speed 
To Galilee forthwith proc 
That there once more they may behold, 
i bob dear Fa 

Pari III. 

That E was bright, 


. Lord. 

i Side, 
yet the glorious Wounds abide ; 
which made it 

. again. 

That w rhee all our days 

The tribute of our grateful praise. 

The foR : tung at the end 

Lobh of all, -with ns abide 

1 . ' yt 1 Easter-tide; 

. death can vr- 

I] ;id. 

All praise be Thine, 

•-■ 1 : 
Father be, 
. srnally. Amen. 

— *_ r _ . 



|-| | 1 j j 

---n^r~ T 


t?r x 



P* -p -*s P 
^ ^ ^ ^ 


— ! 

_g zJ- 

,3 ! 


p p2 ^_^_l^_^ 

i &* 


Hymn 110. 


" "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, 
strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing." 

CUTEI^T the Lord is risen to-day; 
' Christians, haste your vows to pay ; 
Offer ye your praises meet 
At the Paschal Victim's feet. 
For the sheep the Lamb hath hied, 
Sinless in the sinner's stead ; 
11 Christ is risen,' 1 to-day we cry; 
Now lie lives no more to die. 


Christ, the Victim undefined, 
Man to God hath reconciled ; 
Whilst in strange and awful strife 
Met together Death and Life. 
Christians, on this happy day 
Haste with joy }~our vows to pay, 
" Christ is risen,' 1 to-day we cry ; 
Now lie lives no more to die. 

Hymn ill 

Christ. Who once for sinners bled, 
Now the first-born from the dead, 
Throned in endless might and power, 
Lives and reisrns far evermore. 
Hail, Eternal" Hope on High ! 
Hail, Thou King of victory ! 
Hail, Thou Prince of life adored ! 
Help and save us, gracious Lord. Amen. 




, , , |_ . -4 —4 

I I I 



I I I J I 

t— r 


-j — r 



- — t-l — I — H^rz J — ' "_] [ I 





-C^ 1 L-^— ■^- u 



"Christ our Passover is sacrified for 

THE Lamb's higli banquet called to share, 
Array d in garments white and fair. 
Our Red Sea past, we fain would sing 
To Jebubout triumphant King. 
Upon the altar of the Cross 

aed our loss ; 
iting of His crimson Blood, 
Our life is hid with Him in God. 
Protected in the Paschal night. 
From the destroying angel's might, 
In triumph went the ransomed free 
From Pharoah's cruel tyranny. 
Now Christ our Passover is slain, 
The Laaiu of God without a staiu; 

Hymn 112. 

iilliiliip - 

m.L j i i J i J ^ 


us ; therefore let us ke f -p thcfeast." 
His Flesh, the true unleavened Bread, 
Is freely offered in our stead. 
O all-suhVient Sacrifice ! 
Beneath Thee hell defeated lies: 
Thy captive people are set free. 
And crowns of life restored by Thee. 
We hymn Thee rising from the grave, 
From death returning, strong to save ; 
Thine own Right Band the tyrant chains, 
And Paradise for m 
All praise be thine, O risen Lord, 
From death to endless life restored; 
All praise to God the Fatheb be, 
And Holy Ghost eternally. Amen. 

gl ^g^^ liiiiia 

_^ S: — E_^5 — s.^ — =rfl — ^ — =^ 

Alleluia ! for the Lord 
riHKIST the Lord is risen again; 
' Christ hath broken every chain ; 
Hark, angelic voices cry, 
Kinging evermore on high. 

Alleluia ! 
IK Who gave for ns His life, 
Who for us endure I tY- strife, 
J< our Paschal L \m:; to-d f ; 
We too sing for jov, and say, 

" Alleluia ! 
He, Who bore all pain and loss 
I »ss upo i the Cross, 
glory now on high. 
Pleads for us and hears our c~r ; 


God Omnino f ent reigneth. 1 ' 

H -, Who slumhered in the grave, 
Is exalted i.ow to save; 
Now through Christendom it rings 
That the Lamh is King of kinsrs. 

Now He bids us tell abroad 
How the lo-^t may be restored, 
How the peniten' forgiven, 
How we too may enter heaven. 

Alleluia ! 
Thou, our Paschal Lamb indeed, 
Chri-t T ■} people feed: 

T ike our sins and guilt aw .\ 
Let us sing by nig 

Alleluia! Amen. 


Hymn 113. 

__'_,. — 

-J — t 

"i J r\ p. i 



I I 

=± 2. 



-p— P- 


i i 


~£S- \-± 

5 ye to the Losd: for He hath triumphed gloriously." 

VT the Lamb's hizji feast w:> sing 
Praise to our vi • i ions King, 
"Who hath washed us i i the tide 
Flowing from His pierced Side ; 
Praise we Him, Whose love divine 
Gives His Sacred Blood lor wine 
Gives His Body for the ft ig . 
Christ the Victim, Cubist the Priest. 

W mere the Pa-chal blood is poured, 
Death 1 s dark angel sheathes his sword ; 
Israel's hosts triumphant go 
Through the w we that drowns the foe. 
Praise we UllSIST whose Blood was shed, 
Paschal \ it-rim. Paschal Bread ; 
With sincerity a id love 
Eat we Manna from above. 

Mighty Victim from the sky, 
Hell's fierce powers beneath Thee lie; 
Thou hast conquered in the tight, 
Thou hast brought us life a^id light; 
Now no more can deatli appal. 
Now do more the grave enthral; 
Thou hast opened paradise. 
And in Thee Thy saints shall rise. 

Easter triumph. Easter joy, 
Sin alone can this destroy ; 
From sin's power do Thou set free 
Souls new-born. () Loud, in Thee. 
Hymns of glory and of praise, 
Risen Loi:i>, to Thee we raise ; 
Holy Father, praise to Thee 
With the Spikit ever be. Amen. 

Hyinn 114. 


Al - 1 



" O sing unto the Lord a new song 
Alleluia. ! Alleluia: Alleluia! 

THE strife is o'er, the battle done! 
The triumph of the Lord is won ; 
O let the song of praise be sun?. 

Alleluia ! 
The powers of death have done their worst 
And Jesus hath His foes dispersed , 
Let shouts of praise and joy outburst. 

On that third morn He rose again 
In glorious majesty to reign ; 
O let us swell thejovful strain. 

He closed the yawning gates of hell: 
The bars from heaven's high portals fell 
Let songs of joy His triumphs telL 


Hymn 115. 

Lord, by the stripes which wounded Thee. 
From death's dread sting Thy servants free, 
That we may live and sing to Thee. 

Alleluia I Amen. 




-<s— \-fS>— - — a— - 



-tS'—'j^ — <g- 



', i 

i i 

1 T 
.J- J 


~ — r^: 



^ -1 

r _l 

— 1 


— 1 i 


_ — 

- ] 


r-l ( U 









1 I 

J. A J 


— £=*- 


1 t | 
1 I 1 





i i 

«p Ivr, 






1 Buried with Him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with Him through the faith 
of the operation of God, Who hath raised Him from the dead." 

OCHTHST, the heavens' Eternal King, 
Creator, unto Thee we sing; 
With God the Father ever One, 
Co-equal, co-eternal Sox ; 
Thy Hand, when first the world began, 
Made in Thine own pure Image man ; 
And linked to fleshly form of earth 
A living soul of heavenly birth. 
And when the envious, crafty foe 
Had marred Thy noblest work below, 
Thou didst our ruined state repair 
By deigning flesh Thyself to wear. 
Once of a Virgin born to save. 
And now new-born from death's dark grave, 
O Christ. Thou bidst as rise with Thee 
From death to immortality. 

Eternal Shepherd, Thou art wont 
To cleanse Thy sheep within the font ; 
That mystic bath, that grave of sin, 
Where ransomed souls new life begin. 
Divine Redeemer, Thou didst deign 
To bear for us the Cross of pain ; 
And freelv pay the precious nrice 
Of all Thy Bh od in sacrifice ; 
Jesu, do Thou to rvery heart 
Unceasing Paschal joy impart, 
From death of sin and guilty strife 
»S< j t free the new-born sons of life. 
All praise be Thine, O risen Lord, 
Froin death to endless life restored 
All praise to God the Father be 
And Holy Ghost eternally. Amen. 

Hymn 116. 


J-r-J l-J- 


COME sop the place whare Jesus lay, 
Ami hear angelic watchers say, 

" He lives, Who once was slain: 
"Why se;;k the living 'midst the dead? 
Remember how the Saviour said 

That he would rise again. 1 ' 
O j tyful sound ! O glorious hour, 
When by His own Almighty power 

lie rose, and left the grave ! 
Now let our songs His triumph tell, 
Who burst the bands of death and hell, 

And ever lives to save. 

'The First-begotten of the dead. 1 

The First-begotten of the dead, 
For us He rose, our glorious Head, 

Iuimortai life to bring; 
What though the saints like Him shall die, 
They share their Leader's victory, 

And triumph with their King. 
Xo more they tremble at the grave, 
For Jesus will their spirits save, 

And raise their slumbering dust : 
O risen Lord, in Thee we live, 
To Thee our ransomed souls we give, 

To Thee our bodies trust. Amen. 

Hymn 117. 

' I am He that liveth, and was dead ; and 
and have the keys of 

TESUS lives! no longer now 
Can thy terrors, Death, appal us; 
Jesus lives ! by this we know 

Thou, O Grave, canst not enthral us. 
Alleluia ! 
Jesus liv^s! henceforth is death 
But the gate of Life Immortal; 
This shall calm our trembling breath, 
When Ave pass its gloomy portal. 
Jesus lives ! for us He died ; 
Then, alone to Jesus living, (84) 

behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen ; 
hell and of death." 
Pure in heart may we abide, 
Glory to our Saviour giving. 

AUelnia ! 
Jesus lives ! our hearts know well 

Nought from us His love shall sever; 
Life, nor death, nor powers of hell 
Tear us from His keeping ever. 
Alleluia ! 
Jesus lives! to Him the Throne 

( )ver all the world is given : 
May we go where He is gone, 

Rest and reign with Him in Heaven* 
Alleluia ! Amen. 

Hymn 118. 


j. |_J 1 ,— 1 U. — ' — ' 1 1 E 

s = s 

M When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid ; yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy 
Evening. sleep shall he sweet. 

JE-U, the world's redeeming Losn, 
The Father's co-eternal • 

Of Light invisible true Light. 
Thine Israel's keeper day and night ; 
Our great Creator and our Guide, 
"Who times and seasons dost 
Refresh at night with quiet rest 
Our limbs by daily toil oppressed. 
That while in weary house of clay 
A little longer here we stay. 
Oar flesh in Thee may sweetly sleep, 
Our souls with Thee their vigils keep. 

"We pray Thee, while we dwell below, 
Preserve us from our ghostly foe ; 
Nor let his wiles victorious be 
O'er them that are redeemed by Thee. 
O Losn of all. witli us abide 
In this our joyful Easter-tide ; 
From every weapon death can wield 
Thine own redeemed for ever shield. 
All praise be Thine, O risen Lord, 
From death to endless life restored ; 
All praise to God the Father be 
And Holy Ghost eternally. Amen. 

Hymn 119. Rogation Daps. 

The eyes of all wait upon Thee, O Lord; and Thou givest them their meat in 
due season.'' 

Thine too by right, and ours by grace, 

LOPwD, in Thy Name Thy servants plead, 
And Thou hast sworn to hear ; 
Thine is the harvest. Thine the seed, 

The fresh and fading year. 
Our hope, when autumn winds blew wild, 

We trusted, Loud, with Thee ; 
And still, now spring has on us smiled, 

We wait on Thy decree. 
The former and the latter rain, 

The summer sun and air. 
The green ear, and the golden grain, 

All Thine, are ours by prayer. 

The wondrous growth unseen, 
The hopes that soothe, the fears that brace, 

The love that shines serene. 
So grant the precious things brought forth 

By sun and moon below. 
That Thee in Thy new heaven and earth 

We never may forego. 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God Whom we adore, 
Be glory, as i: was. is now, 

And shall be evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 120. 

^ Semi Chorus. 

Eogation Dags. 

M Ask, and it shall be given you.' 



-95 — | 

Omd the F.y-tiieu, from Thy Throne, Hear us, we 

G<»d, t lie oo - e - ter - nal Son, Hear us, we 

Goo, the Sim - kit, migh-ty Loud, Hear us, we 

Three in One, by all a- dored, Hear us, we 

J J A -A- I Q ' ' 

i ^i 

be - seech Thee; 

be - Beech Thee ; 

be - seech Thee ; 

be - seech Thee. 


£— ^. 

A -A- J 

— s? — 


I r- 


••<y &mi Chorus. 

I S »H I l^-P'" ^" 

Je - - su ' Je - - su! 

(^ — 1 1 1 1 — 

sal - va - - - tion. r ^ Chorus. 

" j — I — 1^~~~ 1 r ~tt 

—%9- p — p — p ~ 

By Thy Birth for 

fj i i ^ ,n -^ i ^, p i f i 

our sal - va tion, "We be - 

1 J- -^ -^ . J J. 

ps* p : < — r 

V i|l 

1^ ^ 





. '~$ 
seech Thee, we be - seech Thee, 
' N i i ' /is ' 

-«L_J |_4 


-1 -J 


/IN 1 

5 : 

lz H— 


-£2 £5- 

1 | 

(9 js> >^ r r, 

T^ N 



grace and 

mer - cy 

>J J- 

send . 

. us. 

A - - men. 
= S: 


"f- I" 

- -o 


J<:su! Jesu! 
By Thy Fasting and Temptation, 
By Thy nights of supplication, 

We beseech Thee, we beseech Thee, 
From every ill defend us, 
Thy grace and mercy send us. 

Jesu ! Jesu ! 
By Thy works of sweet compassion, 
By Thy Cross and bitter Passion, 

We beseech Thee, we beseech Thee, 
From every ill, Sec. 

Jrsu! Jesu! 
By Thy Bioo 1 for sinners flowing, 
By Thy Death true life bestowing, 

We beseech Thee, we beseech Thee, 
From everv ill, &c. 

(86) This Litany may also be used 

Jesu! Jesu! 
By Thy glorious Resurrection, 
Earnest of our own perfection, 

We beseech Thee, we beseech. Thee, 
From every ill, &c. 

Jesu ! Jesu ! 
To the Father' 8 throne ascended, 
All Thy pain and sorrows ended, 

We beseech Thee, we beseech Thee, 
From every ill. etc. 

Jesu! Jesu! 
Advocate for .sinners pleading, 
With the Father interceding, 

We beseech Thee, we beseech Thee, 
From every ill defend us, 
Thy grace and mercy send us. Amen. 
in any time of special supplication. 


Hymn 121 
r-^i-i — i___j 

r: — - ^^ '--j ^ - _ j ) — - 

T ( 


» i 
l i 

i j 



j ;_^ 


— ^>— 

— ^=J- 

1 — 1 

— -5 — 

1 i 1 

J- i 
— ^ 


— s>— 

— g — 
— ^ — 




-^— ^ 




J — 


r" » ' i 1 n ^H _3 n 

z ^ ^— ^ — cJ_| J ^ : _^=^ =_p==:=z: 

h ^_d ^ n U =^ 1 2 



— ^ & — ^ 

"■^a—rf^V - 

• Lift up your heads, ye gates, and b^ ye lift up. ye everlasting doors: and tha 
King ol glory shall come in." 

HAIL - [im rise Alleluia! 

To His T..: • bove the ski-, s ; Alleluia! 
ChkisT, the Lamb :or sinners given. Alleluia I 
Enters now the highest heaven. Alleluia. 

There for Him high triumph waits : Alleluia! 
Lift your ha Is. eternal gates ; Alleluia ! 
lie harh eo iqaered death and sin Alleluia! 
Take the King of Glory in. Alleluia. 

Lo. the heaven its Loud receives. Alleluia ! 
Yet He loves the earth He leaves; Alleluia! 
Though returning to His throne, Alleluia] 

Still He calls mankind lib own. Alleluia ! 

S^e. Tie lilts His hands above ; Alleluia ! 
Bee, He shows the prints of love ; Alleluia ! 
Hark. Hi> gracious lips bestow Alleluia ! 
Blessings on His Church below. Alleluia! 

Still for us He intercedes, Alleluia ! 
His prevailing death He pleads, Alleluia ! 
Near Hi uself prepares our place. Alleluia! 
He the first-fruits of our race. Alleluia! 

Loud, though parted from our sisrht Alleluia ! 
Far abjve the starry heig t. Alleluia ! 
Grant our hearts may thirher rise. Alb luia ! 
Seeking Thee above the skies. Alleluia ! Amen. 


Hymn 122. 



l ' I 

J ' I 

>| | ' , ' . J ', I I I I I I I i A-inen 

4^ 4 ri J , 

■ JIUJ:U. 



" All power is given unto 

OLORD most High, Eternal King, 
By Thee redeemed Thy praise we sing 

The bonds of death are burst by Thee, 

And Grace has won the victory. 

Ascending to the Father's throne. 

Thou claim 1 st the kingdom as Thine own; 

Thy days of mortal weakness o'er 

All power is Thine for evermore. 

To Thee the whole creation now 

Shall, in its threefold order, bow, 

Of things on earth, and things on high, 

And things that underneath us lie. 



in heaven and in earth." 

In awe and wonder angels see 

How changed is man's estate by Thee, 

How Flesh makes pure as flesh did stain, 

And Thou, True God, in Flesh dost reign. 

Be Thou our Joy, mighty Lord, 

As Thou wilt be our great Reward : 

Let all our glory be in Thee 

Both now and through eternity. 

All praise from every heart and tongue 

To Thee, ascended Lord, be sung ; 

All praise to God the Fatheb be, 

And Holy Guost eternally. Amen. 

Hymn 123. 

i J. A 

' By His own Blood ne entered in once into the holy place." 

SAVIOUR, Who for man hast trod 
The winepress of the wrath of God, 
Ascend, and daim again on high, 
Thy glory left for us to die. 
A radiant cloud is now Thy seat, 
And earth lies stretched beneath Thy feet ; 
Ten thousand thousands round Thee sing, 
And share the triumph of their King. 
Th^ angel-host, enraptured waits; 
11 Lift up your heads, eternal gates! " 
O G-OD-and-MAN ! the Father's Throne 
Is bow for evermore Thine own. 
Our great High Priest and Shepherd Thou 
"Within the veil art entered now, 

To oft\?r there Thy precious Blood 

Once poured on earth a cleansing flood. 

And thence the Church, Thy chosen Bride, 

With countless gifts of grace supplied, 

Throughall her members draws from Thee 

Her hidden life of sanctity. 

O Christ, our Lord, of Thy dear care 

Thy lowly members heaven-ward Lear; 

Be ours with Thee to suffer pain, 

With Thee for evermore to reign. 

All praise from ( very heart and tongue 

To Thee, ascended Lord, be sung; 

All praise to God the Father be 

And Holy Ghost eternally. Amen. 

Hymn 121 












3 : 

1 1 



— ^ — 


-^ — 


1 1 

— *&— 




U — 

-i — 

=i — t 

^ — 



-<s— -~ 




__, . 



4 ' TV ho is gone into heaven.'* 

THOU art gone up on high, 
To realm! beyond the skies ; 
And round Thy throne unceasingly 
Tne song? of praise arise; 
me lingering here, 
. -An and care oppressed ; 
Lord, send Thy promised Comforter, 
And lead us to our rest. 

Thou art gone up on high ; 

But Thou didst first come down, 
Through earth's most bitter misery 

To piss unto Thy crown ; 
And girt with grieffl and fears 

Our onwar 1 course must be ; 
But only let this path of tears 

Lead us at last to Thee. 

Thou art gone up on trig] • 

halt come again, 

of the sky 
Atte idant in Thy train. 
L02D. by Thy saving power, 

So make us live and die, 
That we may stand in that dread hour 
At Thy right hand on high. Amen. 


Hymn 125. 


J u 

^ - — ' r^ r— ^ i O • 

sm ^jJjJ^ Jj. 

^=4 isi 

Hi I 



— I- 

P S ? - ^ ^- Q -^r 




"Who being the brightness of His glory, and the express Image of His person, and 
upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged 
our sins, sat down 0:1 the right hand of the Majesty on high.' 1 

O may Thy mighty love prevail 
Our sinful souls to spare! 

JESTJ, our hope, our heart's desire, 
Redemption' 6 only spring, 

CSRATOB of the world art Thou, 

Its Saviour and its Kixo. 
How vast the mercy an 1 the love, 

Which laid our sins .: Thee, 
And led T.iee to a cruel death, 

To set Thy people free ! 
But now the bonds of death are burst, 

The ransom has been p i 
And Thou art on Thy Fathers Throne, 

Iu glorious rubes arrayed. 

O may we stand around Thy Throne, 

And see Thy glory there ! 
Jebu, onr only Joy be Thou, 

As Thou our Prize wilt be, 
In Thee be all our glory now 

And through eternity. 
All praise to Thee Who dost ascend 

Triumphantly to heaven; 
All praise to God the Father's Name, 

And Holy Ghost be given. Amen. 

Hvmn 123. 


— ~-M & & £?— LZZ & , • >.g^S — " p" 

J I- 

dJJ, I ^ >s 

',' ,n \ • 

1 r 








4 ' If I go not away the Comforter 

r>ULER of the hosts of kVht, 
I D ath had yielded to Thy might; 

Ana" Thv Blood hath marked a road 
Which will lead us back to God. 
From Thv dwelling place above, 

ty Father's Throne of love, 

With Thv look of mercy bless 
Those without Thee comfortless. 
Bitter were Thy throes on earth, 
Giving to the Church her birth 

will not come unto you ; but if I depart I will 

Him unto you " 

1 From the spear-wound opening wide, 
In Thine own life-giving Side. 
ry Thou dost reign 
Won by all Thy Toil and pain ; 
Thence the promised Spirit send, 
While our prayers to Thee ascend. praise to Thee be given, 
With the Father high in heaven; 
Holy Spirit, praise to Thee, 
Now and through eternity. Amen, 

Hymn 127. 


I ^ — r> ^ l~P^^ ' .e 

• i 



j— r r-v 

I I 



1— & <&- 


-^ ! 

— z=*— 



1 ^~ — 


. ^ 


1 gP ' 




... ^ 

— ^> — 
— 5^ — 

— ^ — 

1 1 

— & — i 

IF* « 



m — 

gf — 


U — 

p - - 


L— = 


— * 


4 The Comforter. Which is the Holy Ghost." 

C<OME, TToly GnosT, our souls inspire, 
/ And lighten with celestial fire ; 
Thou the anointing SmraT art. 
Who dost Thy s t >veu-fold gifts impart: 
Thy blessed unction from abor? 
Is comfort, life, and fire of love ; 
Enable with perpetual light 
The duluess of our blinded sight : 

Anoint and cheer our soiled face 
With the abundance of Thy grace : 
Keep far our foes, give peace at home ; 
Where Thou art guide, no ill can come. 
Teach us to know the Fathkr. Soy, 
And Tide, of Both, to be but One; 
That, through the ages all along, 
This mav be our endless song : 

l~" Ir- 1 

^ - 



- -^-i _ 


— *— 


- -ll_ 

Fa - THEE, BOK, 

1 *~ J 

— ^ — 






1 I 

— 1 


A - men. 

r\, &A& p 

^ * 

— « — 



: P - . I ->. 1 • 

— * 1 

-p* — 

— — * — 

-t «=. _ 


K *H 1 

i — 


' P I.. 


Hymn 123. 


U 1- 

— -g- 

~~ r^ " 






-— z 




^j— ^-i 














— ^ — 



— — it 

— J_ 


zig— ^z 

— <»- 

— ^ — 








*-X I 

— ^- 




25 U 

"When Thou letteth Thy Breath go forth th^y shall he made, and Thou shalt renew 
the face of the earth." 

COME. Thou Holt Splzpt. come ; 
And from Thine eternal home 
Shed the ray of light divine; 
. 1'hou Father of the poor, 
Come, Thou soar : U our store, 
within our bosoms shine. 

Th >n of Comforters the best, 

Thou the soul's most welcome Guest, 

' '. . - sbment here I 
In our labour rest most sweet, 

:1 shadow from the heat, 
Solace in the midst of woe ! 

O mofi ?ht Divine, 

Shine within these hearts of Thine, 
And our inmost being fill; 

D take Thy grac 3 KW 
Nothing pure in man will - 
All our good is turned to i:L T 

Ileal our wounds : our strength renew: 
On our dryness pour Thy dew; 

-tie stains of guilt away; 
Bend the stubborn heart and will, 
frozen, warm the chill, 
i the steps that go astray. 
On the faithful, who adore 
- Thee, evermore 
In Thy sevenfold gifts descend; 
Give them virtue's sure reward. 
Give them Thy salvatian. I> ep. 

them joys that never end. Amen, 

Hymn 129. 

J I L 


-•*£ ^^~ 

SttJ ?~TW 


^ • .«?. .^ • 

fS , 





r j 

— t— r-— n -j 

-r H & 




: £>^ 

1 I i . 

•■ A I SOflt was 

A the starry spheres, 

c fore. 

. the FATHER'S 

l_ Church to poor. 

On mystic circle borue 

- - • a revolving days, 
The Pentecostal morn ; 
W knelt 

At the thir.l hour in prayer, 
A sadden rushing sound proclaimed 
That God Himself was :.. 
Forthwith a tongue of fire 
- i on wvery brow. 
Each hem receives the Father's light, 
The Word's enkindling glow ; 

B v G:iost on ail 
Is niigatiiy outpoured, 

irith one acco: I i . 
one pla 

I Who straight in divers tcngues declare 
nders of the Lord. 
Whil _ f all dimes 

Flock round from far a:..; 
And their own tongue, vherevei 
All with amazement hear. 

" i lab. faithless 
D ies tl 1 1 . . i : 

- ra the saints of Cnr.iST, 
As full of new-made wine. 
Till Peter in the midst. 
By Joel's ancient word 
Rebukes their unbelief, and wins 
Three thousand to the Losd. 
The Fathkb and the Son 
And we ad 
O may the Spirit's gifts be poured 
On us for evermore. Amen, 

Hymn 130. 

^nrl P P rv~ i i n p '^ ' 

1 i i 


1 1 ' 


^.a * d J- 




r- P ,^ H-f 

r^ F & f' 



ildenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing misrhtv wind." 

ml/ HEN God of old came down from ■ 
li fa 

In power and wrath He came ; 

His feet the clouds were riven, 
Half darkness and half flame : 

He came the second time, 
He came in power and love : 
Softer than gale at morning prime 

II v -red His holy clove. 
The fire-, that rushed on Sinai down 

._ g - crown, 

On every sainted head. 
And as on Israel's awe-struck ear 
The voic^ exceeding loud, 

The trumn. that an ■_ hear, 

Thrili'dfrom the deep, dark cloud: 
So, when the Spirit of our God 
Came down His rick to find, 

-V rnshi ._-. mighty v.-i:,d. 
It fills the Church of God : It fills 

The sinful worid around; 
Only in stubborn hearts and wills 

N place for It is found. 
Come Lord, come ^Visdom, Love, and 
Open our ears to hear; 
Let us not miss th' accepted hour 

L02D, by love or fear. Amen. 

Hymn 131. 


J — u 

i j 

g r pj i |-J j_4 

r P= 

'• And the same day there were added 

SPIRIT of mercy, truth and love, 
1 1 shed Thine influence from above, 
And still from age to age convey 
The wonders of this sacred day. 
In every clime, by every tongue, 
I>e God's surpassing glory sung; 
Let all the listening earth be taught 
The wonders by our Saviour wrought. 

unto them about three thousand souls." 
Unfailing: Comfort. Heavenly Guile, 
^ till o'er Thy Holy Church preside ; 
Still let mankind Thy blessings prove, 
Spihit of mercy, truth and love. 
O II 'ly Father, Holy Sow, 
And Holy Spibit, Thkee in One; 
Thy s:race devoutly we implore. 
Thy Name be praised tor evermore. Amen, 

Hymn 132. 

Cttnttp ^unDap. 

— i- 

"And one cried unto another, and said, 
.4 LL hail, Adored Trinity ; 
A All hail. Eternal Unity j 
O God the Father, God the So>", 
And God the Spirit. ev t r One. 
Behold to Thee, this festal .lay. 
We meekly pour our thankful lay ; 
O let our work accepted be, 
That sweetest work of praising Thee, 

Holy. Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts," 
Three Persons praise we evermore, 
One only God our hearts adore; 
In Thy sure mercy ever kind 
May we our true protection find, 
O Trinity 1 O Unity ! 
Be present as we worship Thee ; 
And with the songs that Angels sing 
Unite the hymns of praise we bring. Amen. 

Hymn 133. Ctillit? ©111103!). 

BLEST TRINITY, from mortal right 
Veiled in Thine own eternal Light, 

"We Thee confess, in Thee believe, 
To Thee with loving hearts we cleave. 

O Fatiif.s. Thou most Holy One! 
O God of God. Eternal Son ! 
O Holy Ghost, Thou Love divine! 
To join them Both is ever Thine ! 

The Father is in God the Sow, 
And with the Lathes He is One ; 

From everlasting to everlasting Thou art God.*' 

In Both the doth abide. 
And with them Both is glorified. 

Such as the Fatheh. such the Sow, 
And such the Spisit. Three in One; 
The Three one perfect Verity, 
The Three one perfect Charity. 

Eternal Father, Thee we praise ; 

To Thee, O Sox, our hymns we raise; 

O Holy Ghost, we Thee adore; 

One mighty God for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 134. 

— ^ d gj— - 



— , , 


n n n 

i ' i i , 

J J § J 

p ^ — ^ — ^ — 

i 5 ' 


— ^ p* — 

— — p^ — 7Z; 1 

_ £. — 

1 a 

i 1 — *^ — i 

; praise God in His Holiness. 

0GOD of life. Whose power benign 
Doth o'er the world in mercy shine, 
Accept our praise, for we are Thine. 

O Fatwer, all-creating Lord, 

u by every tongue implored, 
Bo Thou by every heart adored. 

O Sox of God. for sinners slain, 

We bless Thee. Loed. Whose dying pain 

For us did endless life regain, 

O Holy Ghost. Whose guardian care 
Doth us for heavenly joys prepare, 
May we in Thy communion share. 

O Holy Blessed TbtWFBT, 

With faith we sinners bow to Thee : 

In heaven And earth exalted be. Amen, 


Crinitp %>ummp. 

Hymn 135. 









=f?— g= 

' I I, 
"^ J. 




r" — i 

-i j-- 

' ! {_«, :r^ bzJ— -J-J- 

1 1 

-2 'J J- 

i i l> ■ ^ — i i i i 

d 3 ^ <=L^ ^F-^ * "I" 

2 % : 

fl—-^ 2^ 

pe ^ ___ _ 1 


■« -^ 

k^ ^ r 

r 1 1 




' They rest not day and night, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, L03D God Almighty, Which 
was and is, and is to come." 

HOLY, Holy, Holy ! Lord God Almighty ! 
Early in the morning our t;ong shall rise to Thee: 
Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty ; 
God in Tiisee Peusons, Blessed Teisity! 

Holy, Holy, Holy ! all the saints adore Thee, 

Casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea, 
Cherubim and Seraphim falling down before Thee, 
AVhich wert, and art, and evermore shalt be. 

noly, Holy, Holy ! though the darkness hide Thee, 
Though the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see, 

Only Thou art Holy: There is none beside Thee 
Perfect in power, in love, and purity. 


Holy. TTolv. Holv ! Loud God Almighty ! 

All Thy works shall praise Thy Name, in earth, and sky, and sea : 
Holv, Holy, Holy! merciful aid mighty; 

God in Tiikee Peksons, Blessed Tiunity ! Amen. 

Hymn 136. 

General bpmns. 


-!— J— U-+ 

^ »« gg gg -tfg ^- ^"f^— ^- CI ^- 


jg: ! J 

-y^ gy i c* ■■ » | 



Ml " 1 J 


1 be joyful ia tlie Loep. all re lands." 

ALL people that on earth do dwell. 
Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice; 
Him serve with fear, His praise ft 
Come ye before Him and rej ice. 

The Lord, ye know, is God indeed : 
• tor ai 1 II di I us make: 

We are His flock, lie doth r. 
Aud for His sheep He doth us take. 
O enter then His pares with praise. 
Appro) His courts uuto ; 

Praise, laud, and bless His Name always, 

For it is seemly so to do. 

For why ? the Lord our God is good, 

His mer sure ; 

His truth at all times firmly stood, 

Aud shall from . g .dure. 

To Father. Sox. and Holy Ghost. 
The God Whom heaven and earth adore, 
From men and from the angi I 

aore. Amen. 

Hymn 137. 

' ; Sing unto the Lord, and praise His Xame." 

REE in Ont. and One in Three, 
Ruler of the earrh and sea, 
lear us. while wo Kfl to Thee 
II ly chant and psalm. 

I wi:h morning, shine 
I Lift an us Thy Light divine ; 
|Lad let charity benign 

Breathe on us her balm. 

Light of lights : when falls the even, 
Let it close on sins forgiven ; 
Fold us in the peace of beat 
Shed a holy calm. 

Three in One and Oxe in 
Dimly here we worship Thee ; 
With the saints hereafter we 

Hope to bear the palm. Amen. 

Hymn 138. 

General £)pmns. 

1 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, 
and find grace to help in time of need.' 1 

FATHER of heaven, Whose love profound 
A ransom for our souls hath found, 
Before Thy Throne we sinners bend, 
To us Thy pardouing love extend. 
Almighty Sox, Incarnate "Word, 
Oar Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, Losd ; 
Before Thy Throne we sinners bend, 
To us Thy saving grace extend. 

Eternal Spirit, by whose breath 
The soul is raised from sin and death; 
| Before Thy Throne we sinners bend, 
To us Thy quickening power extend. 
Thrice Holy ! Father, Spirit, Son; 
Mysterious Godhead, Three in One, 
Before Thy Throne we dinners bend, 
Grace, pardon, life to all extend. Amen. 

Hymn 139. 


1 | 

1 ! I 

— "zz. ~ 

N J ^ ^ l 







■p- i i t 

1 i ' i 

1 J & J 

J J J 


Us — 

r~ 1 

A - men. 


j^ — £—<£- 


^7 — 

— S» 

~y^ — 

u»— — 

-*-*: m. — ^3 .— * — 


)- _ ' , ■ 

— p-d — 

— t 

| : j ■ 

i ' 


■-N i 

' If I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you ; but if I depart I will f s eui 
Him unto you.' 1 

OUR blest Redeemer, ere He breathed 
His tender last farewell, 
A Guide, a Comforter, bequeathed 
"With us to dwell. 

He came sweet influence to impart, 

A gracious willing Guest, 
While He can find one humble heart, 

Wherein to rest. 

And His that erentle voice we hear, 

Soft as the breath of even, [fear,' 

That checks each thought, that calms each I 
And speaks of heaven. 

And every virtue we possess, 

And every conquest won, 
An 1 every thought of holiness, 

Are His alone. 

Spirit of purity and grace, 
Our weakness, pitying, see : 

O make our hearts Thy dwelling-place, 
And worthier Thee. 

O praise the Father ; praise tbe Sex; 

Blest Spirit, praise to Thee ; 
All praise to God, the Three in One, 

The One in Thsee. Amen. 

Hymn 140. General fppmns. 

1 Lord, remember me.' 

0THOU, from Whom all goodness flows, 
I lift my soul to Thee ; 
In all my sorrows, confiicrs. woes, 
Good Loun, remember me. 

If on my aching burdened heart 
My sins lie heavily, 

Thy pardon grant, Tny peace impart 
Good L02D, remember me. 

If trials sore obstruct my way, 
And ills I cannot flee, 

Then let my strength b? as my day: 
Good Lord, remember me. 

If worn with pain, disease, and . 

This feeble frame should be, 
Grant patience, rest, and kind relief; 

Good Loud, remember me. 

And oh, wh^n in the hour of death 

I bow to Thy decree. 
Jesl". receive my parting breath ; 

Good Loud, remember me. Amen. 

Hymn 141. 

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." 
pLEST are the pure in heart, , He to the lowly soul 

Doth still Himself impart, 
And for His dwelling and His throne 
Chooseth the pure in heart 

J) For they shall see our God ; 
The secret of the Lord is theirs, 
Their soul is Christ's abode. 

The Lord, Who left the heavens, 
Our life and peace to bring, 
To dwell in lowliness with men, 
Their Pattern and their King ; 

Lozn, we Thy presenc:- seek, 
May ours this blessing be ; 
Give us a pure and lowly heart, 
A temple meet for Thee, 

All glory. Lord, to Thee, 
Whom heaven ail earth adore ; 
To Father, Son, and Holt Ghost, 
One God for evermore. Amen. 


General I£)pmn& 

Hymn 142. (Part I.) 

-&- -o- -sr p ^ ^ r i r , 


' Ilere have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come." 

BRIEF life is here our portion ; 
Brief sorrow, short-lived care : 
The life that knows no ending, 
The tearless life, is there. 

O happy retribution ! 

Short toil, eternal rest ; 
For mortals and for sinners 

A mansion with the blest. 

And now we fight the battle, 

But then shall wear the crown 
Of full and everlasting 

And passionless renown ; 

And now we watch and struggle, 

And now we live in hope, 
And Sion in her anguish 

With Babylon must cope ; 

But He Whom now we trust in 

Shall then be seen and known, 
And they that know and see Him 

Shall have Him for their own. 

The morning shall awaken, 

The shadow shall decay, 
And each true-hearted servant 

Shall shine as doth the day ; 

There God, our King and Portion, 

In fulness of His grace, 
Shall we behold for ever, 

And worship face to face. 

O sweet and blessed country 

The IIom3 of God's elect! 
O sweet and blessed country, 

That eager hearts expect ! 

Jestj, in mercy bring us 

To that dear land of rest; 
Who art, with God the Father, 

And Spirit, ever blest. Amea. 

Hymn 142. 

-Parts II. <fc III. 

" Here hare we no continuin° 
Pr. 2. "TOR thee, O dear, dear Country, 

FOR thee, O dear, dear Country, 
Mine eyes their vigils keep ; 
For very love, beholding 

Thy happy name, they weep. 
The mention of thy glory 

Is unction to the breast, 
And medicine in sickness. 

And love, ani life, and rest. 
O one. O onlv Mansion! 

U Paradise of Joy! 
Where tears are ever banished, 

Aadsmile.3 have no alloy; 
The Lamb is all thy spl mdour, 

The Crucified thy praise; 
His laud and benediction 

Thy ransomed people raise. 
With jasper glow thy bulwarks, 

Thy streets with emeralds blaze ; 
The sardius and the topaz 

Unite in thee their rays ; 
Thine ageless walls are bonded 

With amethyst unpriced ; 
The saints build up irs fabric, 

And the corner-stone is C11RI8T. 
Thou hast no shore, fair ocean ! 

Thou h 1st no rime, bright day! 
D ar fonntai 1 of refreshment 

To pilgrims far away ! 
Upon the R >ck of Ages 

They raise Thy holy tower ; 
Thine is the victor's laurel, 

And thine the golden dower. 

citv, but we seek one to come." 1 
Pf. 3. JERUSALEM the golden ! 

••J With milk and honey blest ; 
Beneath thy contemplation 

Sink heart and voice oppresk 
I know not, oh ! I know not 

What joys await us there ; 
What radiancy of glory, 

What bliss beyond compare. 
They stand, those halls of Sion, 

All jubilant with song, 
And bright with many an angel, 

And all the martyr throng. 
The Prince is ever in them, 

The daylight is serene : 
The pastures of the blessed 

Are decked in glorious sheen. 
There is the Throne of David ; 

And tlure. from care released, 
The shout of them that triumph, 

The song of them that feast ; 
And they, who with their Leader 

Have conquered in the fight, 
For ever and for ever 

Are clad in robes of white. 

The fo 7J o icing mnij be ^nuy at end of each Part 

O sweet and blessed country, 

The Home oi God's elect ! 
O bw ned country, 

Thai eager hearts expect! in mercy bring us 

To that dear land of rest ; 
Who art. with God the Father, 

And spirit, ever blest Amen. 

Hymn 142— Parts II. & III. 

J L 


Pt. 2. 

1 p 

" Here hare we no continuing 

FOR thee, O dear, dear Country, 
Mine eyes their vigils keep ; 
For very love, beholding 

Thy happy name, they weep. 
The mention of thy g'ory 

Is unction to the breast, 
And medicine in eicknets. 

And love, and life, and rest. 
O one. only Mansion ! 

O Paradise of Joy ! 
"Where tears are ever banished, smiles have no alloy; 
The Lamb is all thy splendour, 

The Crucified thy praise ; 
His laud and benediction 

Thy ransomed people raise. 

"With jasper glow thy bulwarks, 
Thy streets with emeralds blaze ; 

The sardius and the topaz 
Unite in thee their rays ; 

Thine ageless walls are bonded 

With amethy<t unpriced; 
The saint- build up its fabric, 

And the corner-stone is Christ. 
Thou hast no shore, fair ocean ! 

Thou hast no time, bright day! 
Dear fountai 1 of refreshment 

To pilgrims far away I 
Upon the R^ck of Asres 

They raise Thy holy tower ; 
Thine is the victor's laurel, 

And thine the golden dower. 


■ citv, but we seek one to come.' 1 
Pt. 3. JERUSALEM the golden! 

fj With milk and honey blest ; 
Beneath thy contemplation 

Sink heart and voice opprest 
I know not, oh ! I know not 

What joys await us there ; 
What radiancy of glory, 

What bliss beyond compare. 
They stand, those halls of Sion, 

All jubilant with song, 
And bright with many an angel, 

And all the martyr throng. 
The Prince is ever in them, 

The daylight is serene : 
The pastures of the blessed 

Are decked in glorious sheen. 
There is the Throne of David ; 

And there, from care released, 
The shout of them that triumph, 

The song of them that feaat ; 
And they, who with their Leader 

Have "conquered in the fight, 
For ever and for ever 

Are clad in robes of white. 

The foil oic! nq may be >ung at end of each Part 

O sweet a id ble&s&d country, 

The Home of God's elect ! 
O sweet and blessed country, 

That eager hearts expect ! 
Jesu, in mercy bring us 

To that dear land of rest ; 
Who art, with God the Father, 

And SriEiT, ever blest. Amen. 

Hymn 143. General i£>2mn& 

—I — \—J — I—, — I — I 

& — ^ — fi-* ■ 

-\ n* r* f> ? z 


fi JL- Ll J 'J 'J ' i • 

ItS:-g-g-IzEg-g-^=[|_ : gLig_l 


i ' . A -men. 


"The love of Christ which passeth knowledge." 

OLOVR, how deep! how broad! ho\ 
I f rills the heart with ecstacy, [high! 
That God. the 8o» of Goo. should take 
O ir mortal form for mortals' sake. 
tit no angel to our race 
_ :• or of lower place, 
B it wore th.e robe of human frame 
Himself, and to this lost world came. 
Nor willed He only to appear; 
His pleasure was to tarry here ; 
A (1 GrOD-and-Man with man would be 
The space of thirty years and three. 
F«<r us He was baptised, and bore 
His holy fast, and hungered s are ; 
F<»r us temptation sharp Pie knew ; 
For us the tempter overthrew. 

For us He prayed, for us He taught, 

Fur us His daily works He wrought, 

By words, and signs, and actions, thus 

Still seeking not Himself, but us. 

For us to wicked men betrayed, 

Scourged, mocked, in purple robe arrayed, 

He bore the shameful Cross and death ; 

For us at length gave up His breath. 

For us He rosr from death asrain, 

For us Ho went on high to reign, 

For us He sent His Spirit here 

To guide, to strengthen, and to cheer. 

T<> Him Whose boundless love lias won 

Salvation for us through His Sox, 

To God the Father, glory be, 

Both now and through eternity. Amen. 

Hymn 144. 


'* I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared 
with the glory which shall be revealed in us.'" 

OH what, if we are Christ's, 
Is earthly shame or lo<s ? 
Bright shaU the crown of glory be 

When we^rrave borne the Cross. 

Keen was the trial once, 

Bitter the cup of woe, 
When martyred sai its, baptized in blood, 

Christ's sufferings shared below: 

Bnght is their glory now, 

Boundless their joy above, 
Where on the bosom of their God 

They rest in perfect love. 

Loun. may that grace be ours, 

L !k- them in faith to bear 
xUl that of sorrow, grief, or pain 

May h~t our portion here ; 

Enough if Thou at last 

The word of blessing give, 
And let us rest beneath Thy feet, 

Where saints and angels live, 
y. Lord, to Thee, 

Whom heaven and earth adore; 
To Father, So.v, and Holy Gii<>st, 

One God for evermore. Amen. 

General rppmtis. 

Hymn 145. 

"All Thy works praise Thee, O Lord." 

— =q=t==t 

-I 1 


^ U . 




The strain upraise of joy 

and praise, Alie- -In 

And the choirs that 
They in the rest of . 

dwell on high 
Paradise who dwell. 

The planets beaming on 

their heaven - ly way, 
Ye clouds that onward 

sweep, Ye winds on pin - ions light, 

Ye floods and ocean bil 

lows, Ye storms and win 

ter snow. 

First let the birds, with 

painted plum - age 

Then let the beasts of 

earth, Avith vary - ing 

Here let the mountains 

thunder forth so- - nor 

Thou jubilant abyss of 

To God, Who all cre- 

This is the strain, the 
eternal strain, the Loud 

Al- -migh 

Wherefore we sinsr. botli 

heart and voice a- -wak 




cean, cry 

tion made. 

tv loves: 


Now from all men . .be out-poured 

Praise be done to the . ; Three in One, 

To the glory of tl 
King Shall the ran- 
somed peo - pie sing, 
Shall re-echo . . . througu the sky, 

The blessed ones, with 

joy the cho - rus swell, 

The shining constella- 
tions join, and say 
Ye thunders, echoing 
loud and deep, Ye 

Lightnings, I wild -lj bright, 
Ye days of cloud 
beauty, Hoar frost 

aud summer glow, 

Exalt their great Crea- 
tor's praise, and say 

Join in creation 1 s hymn. 

and cry a - gain 

A He lu - - ia. 

Alle -In - - ia. 

The frequent hymn bo da - ly paid : 

Alle lu - - ia. 

Alle- - 


\ Alle- - 

to the Lord ; 
-lu - - ia. 


^. jQ. 



— , o— t 




Alle- - - 


Ia sweet con- 

Ye groves that wave in 

spring. And glorious fo - rests, 


- -lu 

There let the valleys si-g 

i.i gentler cho 
Ye tracts of earth and 

conti- -nents, re 
Alle -la 




your Alle- 


This is the song the hea- 
venly so:ig. thut Christ 

the King ap - proves : 
And children's voices 

echo, answer mak - - ing. 
"With Alleluia ' . e - ver 







- -lu 


lu - 


-lu - 

-lu - 

- -lu 



re ji The Son and Spirit we 


- -la 

ia.;! AHe- 

- -lu 



Hymn 146. General J£)pmn0, 




_^_,_ ( 

J_ _L 

J rJ J * ♦ r 

: i 




a); g- 

/-ft A t&\ssE%HB& 






" Thou shalt call His name Jesus, for II 

(lONQUERING kings their titles take 
) From the foes their captive make: 
Jesus, by a nobler deed, 
From the thousands He hath freed. 

Yes : none other name is given 
Unto mortals under heaven, 
Which can make the dead arise, 
And exalt them to the skies. 

That whi h Christ so hardly -wrought, 
That which He so dearly bought, 
That salvation, mortals, say, 
Will ye madly cast away ? 



i n 1 1 





shall save His people from their sins." 
Rather gladly for that Name 
Bear the cross, endure the shame; 
Joyfully for Him to die 
Is not death but victory. 

Jesu, Who dost condescend 
To be called the sinner's Friend, 
Hear us as to Thee we pray, 
Glorying in Thy Name to-day. 

Glory to the Fatiiee be, 

Glory, Holy Sox, to Thee, 

Glory to the Holy Ghost, 

From the saints and angel-host. Amen. 

Hymn 147. 


-J- r -4- 






J ^ 


z^zzizfzzrtz— tz. ■ 





I I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 



^^^ ^ P^ ^^ 

" I have loved thee with an everlasting love ; therefore with loving-kindness have 
I drawn thee." 

'Tis Thou hast loved us from the womb, 

Pure source of all our bliss, 
Our only hope of lie to come, 
Our happiness in this. 

TESU. Thy mercies are untold 
Through each returning day ; 
Thy lov s exceeds a thousandfold 
\\ hatever we can say : 

That love which in Thy Passion drained 

For us Thy precious Blood : 
That love Avhereby the saints have gained 

The vision of their God. 

Lo^n, grant us while on earth we stay 
Thy love to feel and know ; 

And, when from hence we pass away, 
To us Thy glory show. Amen. 

Hymn 148. 

General Dumns. 

v ^ p r r, ' ^ " ^ 

'The c: :" the Holt GrB 

OHOLY SPIRIT. Lord of grace, 
Sternal fount of lore, 

Inflame, we pray, our inmost hearts 
With fire from heaven above. 

Paths and tb 

- Dfl all with mutual I 
And knit our hearts in one. 

All glory to the Fathtp. be, 

All glory to the - 
All glory to the Holt Gh 

While endl.-ss a^as run. Amen. 

Hymn 149. 

J J J It 



"Thus saith the hizh and lofty One that 
I dwell in the high and holy place, 
humble spirit.* 1 

MY GOD. how wonderful Thou art, 
Thy majesty how bright. 
Hot beautiiul Thy mercy-- t, 

In depths of burning light, 
How dreid are Thine eternal years, 
O everlasting Lord; 

spirits day and night 
:itly adored. 
How wond-rfnl. how beautiful, 

The sight of Thee must be. 
Thine endl-ss wisdom, boundless power, 

O how I fear Thee. living G ~o. 
With deepest, tenderest fears, 

is H:ly : 
with him also that is of a contrite and 

Andworsbj ~ - with trembling hope, 

And penitential fa 
Yet I may love Thee too, O Lord. 

Almighty - 
For T | ed to ask of me 

love of my poor heart. 
No earthly father loves like Thee, 

No m 

' dona 

With me Thy sinful child. 
7 : nof JssOB, 1 -- 

What rapt': 

r.:ee. Amen. 


Hymn 150. ^CtlCtal J^HUIS. 

3 - : l^-?=s^B-3-s -5-g:S^=s-s 


EOCK of ages, cleft for me, 
Let me hide myself ia Thee ; 
Let tli" Water and the Blood, 
From Thy wounded Side which flowed 
Be of sin the double cure, 
Save from wrath and make me pure. 
Nothing in my hand I bring, 
Simply to Thy Cross I cling : 
Could my tears for ever flow, 

?mn 151. 


I i 

That rock was Christ. n 

Could my zeal no languor know, 
All for sin could not atone, 
Thou must save and Thou alone. 
While I draw this fleeting breath, 
When mine eyelids close in death, 
When I rise to worlds unknown, 
See Thee on Thy judgment throne. 
Rock of ages, cleft for me, 
Let me hide myself in Thee. Amen. 

I ' I 

— ^-r 



" Tie ever liveth to make 
TTTHERE high the heavenly temple stands, 
M ThahoHBe of God not made with hands. 
A great High Priest our nature wears, 
The Guardian of mankind appears. 
He. Who for men their surety stood 
And poured on eartli I lis precious Blood, 
Pursues in heaven ITis mighty plan, 
Tli" Saviour and the Friend of man. 
Jests Who suffered here below, 
Feels sympathy with huinm woe, 
And still remembers, in the skies, 
His tears. His prayers, His agonies, 

intercession for us.' 1 

In every pang that rends the heart 

The Man o + ' sorrows had a pnrt ; 

Touched with the feeling of our grief 

He to the sufferer sends relief. 

With boldness, therefore, at the Throne 

Let us make all our sorrows known, 

And ask the aid of heavenly power 

To help us in the evil hour. 

All praise to God the Father he, 

All praise. Eternal So\, to Thee, 

Whom, with the Spibit, we adore 

For ever and for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 152. General f^lTHlS. 

j=A-%-^ \ ^zrdA ^ - \^-=~, z 

u I, if I be lifted up from the earth. 

JESU, meek and lowly, 
Bavious, pure and holy, 
• I .ve relying, 

Hear me humbly crying. 
Prince of life and power, 
My >n*i T m 

On the Cross I vi^w Thee, 
Calling sinners to Thee. 
There behold me gazing 

sight amazing ; 
Bending low before Thee, 
Helpless I adore Thee. 

•will draw all men unto Me." 
By Thy red wounds streaming, 
Thy life-blood gleaming, 
for si.mers flowing, 
Pardon free bestowing ; 
By that fount of V. 
.r 1 >re expi 
All my aching sa I 
Turn Thou into gladness. 
in mercy guide me, 
B3 Th I me ; 

In Thy ways direct me, 
"Neath' Thy wings protect me. Amen. 

Hymn 153. 

u I will alway give thanks unto the Losd 

THROUGH all the changing scenes of life. 
In trouble and in joy. 
The praises of my God shall still 

My heart and tongue employ. 
O masmify the Losd with me, 

With me exalt His Xame ; 
When in distress to Him I called 

He to my rescue came. 
The hosts or" God r-ncamo around 

The dwellings of the just ; 
Deliverance He affords To all 

Who on His succour trust. 

His praise shall ever be in my mouth/' 
O make but trial of His love, 

Experience will decide 
II >w blest are they, and only they. 

Who in His truth confide. 
Fear Him. ye saints, and you will then 

Have nothing else to fear ; 
Make you His service your delight, 

Your wants shall be His care. 
To Father. Soy. and Holy Ghost, 

The God Whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was. is now, 

And shall be evermore. Am ex 

Hymn 154. <$CMKdL\ J^gmilS. 


1 | .SS. -=2- .J- I 

vS* r — — - — e>— i 

I I 





I 'J 

-" p X p ^^ -^+g ^^ -p-H p I =g 

A- m^n. 

1 From everlasting to everlasting Thou art God." 

HATE mercy on us, God most high, 
Who lift oar hearts to Thee; 
Have mercy on us worms of earth, 

Most Holt Trinity. 
Most ancient of all mysteries ! 

Before Thy Throne we lie ; 
Have mercy now, most merciful, 

Most Holt Trinity. 
When heaven and earth were yet unmade, 

When time, was yet unknown. 

Thou, in Thy hliss of majesty, 

Didst live and love alone. 
How wonderful creation is, 

The work that Thou didst bless ; 
And oh, what then must Thou be like, 

Eternal loveliness! 
Most ancient of all mysteries! 

Low at Thy Throne we lie ; 
Have mercy now, most mercifuL 

Most Holy Trinity. Amen. 

Hymn 155. 

1 And lie shewed me a pure river of water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out 
of the throne of God and of the Lamb. 1 ' 

ALTYIXG stream, as crystal clear. 
Welling from out the Tbrone 
Of God a id of the Lamb on high, 

The Lord to man hath shown. 
This stream doth water paradise, 

It makes the angels sing; 
One p r eeious drop within the heart 

Is of all joy the spring: 
Jov past all speech of glory full, 

But s f ored where none may know, 
As manna hid in dewy heaven, 

As pearls in ocean low. 
Ey \ hath not seen, nor ear hath heard, 

Nor to man's heart hath come 

What for those loving Thee in truth 

Thou hast in love s own home. 
Bu* by His Spirit He to us 

The secret doth reveal : 
Faith Bees and hears : but O for wings 

To touch, and taste, and feel: 
Wings like a dove to waft us on 

Hizh o'er the flood of sin ! 
Loud of the Ark. put forth Thine hand 

And take Thy wanderers in. 
O praise the Father, praisp the Son - , 

Th° Lamb for sinners given. 
And Holy Ghost through Whom alone 

Our hearts are raised to heaven. Amea. 

General Dumn.s. 

Hymn 156 

£— \z 




— -s- 


*d — 







— ^ — 




* — 



— ^ := 

— zi — 

H ^ — 

— ^ — 

— ^ — 







1 — & U 

^ ^ ^ ^ % ^ ^ ^ <s, ^ i ^ 

^- 1 ^ 1 — «: 1 ^ ^ 1 «: . 1 1 -: 

J -^ f* J J ^- J -g- g -J- -a. 

i I 

si - 


— h 

1 — 1 c — 1 


J i) 




-^— 1 

I .£& 



r r fX r -- i 

! i \^\ \ -&• A 


A - men. 

i — *"~ n 


— ii — 

f=E_?_-__^_^ — ^__ 

'Praise the Lor.p, O my scul: Loan my Gor> Thou art become exceeding glorious 
Thou art clothed vr; .nd honour." 

0WO8SHTP the King. 
All slorionB above ; 

gratefnlly sine 

I Ilia love ; 
Our Shield and Defender, 
The Ancient of days, 

1 - led in splendour. 
And girded with praise. 

O "°11 of TTis might. 

: f TTis r-a^- 3 . 

Wh'i" esnopy space ; 
Hi 5 * chariot of wrath 
Thp thnnd r elo i<u form, 

On the wings of the storm. 

Fr i3 children of dust, 

- rble as frail, 
In Thee do wc 

N r find Thee to faiL 
Thv mercies ho*- tender ! 

How firm to the e 
Our Maker. Defender. 

Redeemer and Friend 

measureless Might, 

To hymn Thee above, 
Thy r 

fh uzh feeble their lays, 
B tall sing to Thy praise. 


General $>j>mn$. 

Kymn 157.— (First Tune.) 

^ I ^ ,_^ 1 — ^^ 1 

-4 1 




>l I 


i J 



" Thy Name is 

JESUS, the very thought of Thee 
With sweetness fills the breast; 
But sweeter far Thy face to see, 

And in Thy presence rest. 
No voice can sing, no heart can frame, 

Nor can the memory find 
A sweeter sound than Jesu's Name, 

The Saviour of mankind. 
O Hope of every contrite heart, 

O Joy of all the meek, 
To those who fall how kind Thou art, 

How good to those who seek ! 
But what to those who find? Ah ! this 

Nor tongue nor pen can show ; 
The love of Jesus, what it is 

None but His loved ones know. 
Jesu, our only Joy be Thou, 

As Thou our Prize wilt be; 
In Thee be all our glory now, 

And through eternity. 

Part II. 
O jKBtr, King most wonderful, 

Thou Conqueror renowned, 
Thou Sweetness most ineffable, 

In Whom all joys are found! 
"When once Thou visitest the heart 

Then truth begins to shiae, 
Then earthly vanities depart, 

Then kindles love divine. 
O light of all below, 

Thou Fount of living fire, 

(Second Tune.) 

as ointment poured forth." 

Surpassing all the joys we know 

And all we can desire ; 
Jesu, may all confess Thy Name, 

Thy wondrous love adore; 
And, seeking Thee, themselves inflame 

To seek Thee more and more. 
Thee, Jestj, may our voices bless, 

Thee may we love alone ; 
And ever in our lives express 

The image of Thine Own. 
Part III. 
O Jestj, Thou the Beauty art 

Of a.igel-worlds above ; 
Thy Name is music to the heart, 

Inflaming it with love. 
Celestial sweetness unalloyed ! 

Who eat Thee, hunger still; 
Who drink of Thee still feel a void, 

Which nought but Thou can fiik 
O most sweet Jesu, hear the sighs 

Which unto Thee w;> send; 
To Thee our inmost spirit cries, 

To Thee our prayers ascend. 
Abide with us, and l?t Thy Light 

Shine, Lord, 0:1 every heart; 
Dispel the darkness of our night, 

And joy to all impart 
Jesu, our Love and Joy, to Thee 

The Virgin's Holy 8 D 
All might and praise and glory be 

While endless ages run. Amen. 

? igi^ppi=g=pili! 

\ 1- 


Hymn 158. 

General $>pmn0. 

^ p ^ ^ n *»^ ^ „«» — ' i -^ — '-^. ______ 

i i 


A me ii. 

1 Come unto Me, nil ye that labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." 

VLL ye v.-': i g ek for sure relief 
I 1 tr . 
Whatav x the mind, 

Or guilt ike boo! oppress : 
Jesus. Who gave Himself for yon, 

i the 0"<>-s to die. 

Opens to you His sacred Heart: 

Oh. to that Heart draw nigh. 

Ye hear how kindly He invites ; 

Ye hear His words so blest ; 

'•All ye that labour come to Me, 

Ad I wiil give you rest." 1 
O Jrsrs. Joy of s aints on high, 

Thou Hope of sinners b 

.1 by those loving words, 

To Thee I lift my prayer. 
Wash Thou my wounds in that dear Blood 

Which forth from Thee doth flow ; 
New grace, new hope inspire ; a new 

Aud better heart 'bestow. Amen. 

Hymn 159. 

.^ — j—^-t — . — -, — ^ — ^zt^?:_^ — 

" I go to prepare a place for yon." 

CHRIST, Who dost prepare a place 
For us around Thy throne of grace, 
We pray Thee lift our hearts above, 
And draw them with the cords o: love, 
Source - Locd, 

Art our exce ding great reward ; 
How transient is our present pain! 
How boundless our eternal gain ! 
With open face and joyful heart 
We then shall see Tnee as Thou art ; 

Onr love shall never cease to glow, 
Our praise shall never cease to flow. 
Thy nev 
A surety of Thine endless love, 

Thy Holy Gn st. to be 
The raiser of our souls to Thee. 
O future Judge. Eternal I. 
Thy name be hallowed and adored; 
Whom with the Fathkb we adore 
And Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 160. <&CMta\ fppmw 



— 1 

hr— J 






1 , -1 


1 1 


1 1 


1 | 



1 1 


.j ^ 


_d _ 









"1 — 


— o - 

1 1 




— ^— 


— 1 



— 1 




■ 1 







— £S<- 


— g- 


-$? — 




-5— — | 


11 "When I laid the foundations of the earth when the morning stars sang 

together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." 

SOXGS of praise the angels sang, 
„. Heaven with Alleluias rang, 
When creation was b gnn. 
When God spake and it was done. 

Songs of praise awoke the morn 
When the Prince of Peace was born ; 
Songs of praise arose when lie 
Captive led captivity. 
Heaven and eartii must pass away, 
Songs <'f praise shall crown that day; 
God wi-1 make new heaven and earth, 
bongs of praise shall hail their birth. 

And will man alone be dumb 
Till til r glorious kingdom come ? 
No, the Church delights to raise 
Psalms and hymns and songs of praise. 
Saints below, with heart and voice, 
Still in songs of praise rejoice : 
Learning here, by faith and love, 
Songs of praise to sing above. 
Hymns of glory, songs of praise, 
Father, unto Thee we raise, 
Jrsu. glory unto Thee, 
With the SnsiT, ever be. Amen. 

Hymn 161. 





g=gj— p g-fl-g |^— ^_ g_ j5j js^ ofzzz 

" O how amiable are Thy dwellings : Thou Loud of Hosts. 1 

0GOD of ITo^ts, the mighty Loud, 
How lovely is the, 
"Where Thou, enthroned in glory, shew': 

Tiie brightness of Thy face. 
My longing soul faints with desire 

jw Thy blest abode ; 
My pvti ig heart and flesh cry out 

For Thee the living God. 
For in Thy courts one single day 
'Tis better to attend, 


Than, Loud, in any place besides 

A thousand days to spend. 
O Lon!> of Hosts, my King and God, 

How highly blest are they, 
"Who in Thy temple always dwell, 

And there Thy praise display 1 
To Father, Son, and Holy Gnosr, 

The God Whom we adore, 
Be glory. a> it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 162. 

i : ^ 1. 

General rppmns. 

J T 

I J J i ' i i - 



^ 'j-IdXj- 


"Jesus said unto him, I am the Way. the Truth, and the Life.' 

TBOU art the Way; by Thee alone 
From sin and death ire flee: 
And he who wouM the Father seek 

Must seek, lliin, Loitn. by Thee. 
Thou art the Truth ; Thy word alone 

True wisdom can impart ; 
Thou only inform the mind, 
And purify the heart. 

Thou art the Life ; the rending tomb 
Proclaims Thy conquering arm ; 

And those who put their trust in Thee 
Nor death nor hell shall harm. 

Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Lift, 
Grant us that Way to know, 

That Truth to keep/that Life to win, 
Whose joys eternal flow. Amen. 

Hymn 163. 

' Surely He hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.' 1 

TTTHEN our h n ads are bowed with woe, 
\\ When our bitter tears o'erflow, 
When we mourn the lost, the dear, 
Jzsu, Son of Mary, heir. 

Thou our throbbing: flesh hast worn, 
Thou our mortal gri-fs hast borne, 
Thou bast shed the human tear ; 
Jlsu, Son of Mary, hear. 

When fbe solemn death-bell tolls 
For our own departing souls, 
When our final doom is near, 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

Thou hast bowed the dying head, 
Thou the blood of life bast shed, 
Thou hast filled a mortal bier ; 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

When the heart is sad within 
With the thought of all its sin, 

Wien the spirit shrinks with fear, 
Jesu, Son of Mary. hear. 

Thou, the shame, the pn r ^. ba^t known 
Though the sins were nor Thine own ; 
Thou hast deigned their load to bear, 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. Amen. 

Hymn 164. <$CnCVa\ $)J>mm 

-y~5 — ^ — \—^>- 


1 1 




—-^- s- 



I I 





"^ Sri l- 


->? — 

gj • 

*- - 

1 1 

: i 



1 1 

' 1 



-si ^ 

— P - 







" Loud, I have loved the habitation of Thy house ; and the place where Thine 
honour dweileth." 

TITE love the place, O God, 
Tl Wherei i Thine honour dwells 

The j jv of Thine abode 
All earthly joy excels. 
It is the House of prayer, 
Wherein Thy servants meet; 
A d Thou, O Loup, art there 
Thy chosen flick to greet. 
We love the sacred Font; 
For there the Holy Dove 
To pour is ever wont 
His blessing from above. 
We love Thine Altar, Loud ; 
Oh what on earth so dear ? 

For there, in faith adored, 

"We find Thy Presence near. 

"We love the Word of Life, 

The Word that tells of peace, 

Of comfort in the strife, 

And joys that never cease. 

"We love to sing below 

For mercies freely given ; 

But oh ! we long to know 

The triumph-song of heaven. 

Loun Jrbub, give us grace 

On earth to love Thee more, 

In heaven to see Thy Face, 

And with Thy saints adore. Amen. 

Hymn 163 

''If any man will come after Me. let Him 

TAKE up thy cross, the Savtottr said, 
If thou wouldst My disciple be ; 
Deny thyself, the world forsake, 
A .1 humbly follow after Me. 
Take up thy cros=; ; let not its weight 
Fill thy weak spirit with alarm ; 
Hi> [strength shall bear thy spirit up. 
And brace thy heart, and nerve thine arm. 
Take up thy c-oss. nor heed the shame 
Nor let thy foolish pride rebel : 
Thy Loun for thee the Cross endured, 
To save thy soul from death and hell. 


denv himself, and take up his cross and 

Take up thy cross then in His strength, 
And calmly every danger brave ; 
'Twill guide thee to a better home, 
And lead to victory o'er the grave. 
Take up thy cross, and follow CurciST, 
Nor think till death to lay it down ; 
F or only he who bears the cross 
May hope to wear the glorious crown. 
To T iee, great Loud, the Oxk in Tuzzn, 
All praise for evermore ascend ; 
grant us in our home to see 
The heavenly life that knows no end. 

General J&ymnti. 

Hymn 166. 



J ■ 

I J hP=T 






1 Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world' 1 

BEHOLD the Lamb of God! 
Thou for sinners slain, 
Let it not be in vain 

That Thou hast died: 
Thee for my Saviour let me take, 
My only refuge let me make 
Thy pierced Side. 

Behold the Lamb of God! 
Into the sacred flood 
Oi Thy most precious Blood 

My soul I cast : 
"Wash me and make me clean within, 
And keep me pure from every sin, 

Till life be past. 

Behold the Lamb of God! 
All hail, Incarnate Word, 
Thou everlasting Lord, 

Saviour most blest; 
Fill us with love rhat never faints, 
Grant us with all Thy blessed Saints 

Eternal rest. 

Behold the Lamb of God! 
Worthy is He alone, 
That s'itteth on the throne 

Of God above ; 
One with the Ancient of all days, 
One with the Comforter in praise, 

Ail Light and Love. Amen, 


Hymn 167. 

General rppmns. 

" The things which are seen are temporal ; but the things which are not seen are 

THE roseate hues of early dawn, 
The brightness of the day, 
The crimson of the sunset sky, 

How fast they fade away ! 
Oh, for the pearly gates of heaven, 

Oh, for the golden floor, 
Oh, for the Sun of Pdghteousness 
That setteth nevermore ! 

The highest hopes we cherish here, 

How fast they tire and faint ; 
How many a spot defies the robe 

That wraps an earthly saint! 
Oh. for a heart that never sins, 

Oh. for a soul washed white. 
Oh, for a voice to praise our King, 

Nor weary day nor night ! 

Here faith is ours, and heavenly hope, 

And grace to lead us higher; 
But there are perfectness, and peace, 

Beyond our best desire 
Oh. by Thy 1 >ve and anguish, Losd, 

And by Thy life laid down. 
Grant that we' fall not from Thy grace, 

Nor cast away our crown. Amen. 

Hymn 168. 

General renins. 


J. J J *J 1 ! ' "^ *^« "^- -^- ^ 

— z — ^> — ^> — s? — r— ^ — ^ — s- — s> inP f — f — f* — •— ^ — n 

U^f 2 — 1 — , ' 1 — i * r u 

4 There is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." 

TO the Name of our 
Laud and honour let Dfl pay, 
"Which for many a generation" 

Hid in G..1/5 foreknowledge lay, 
D :~ with holy exultation 
We may nog aloud to-day. 

Jz5 75 11 the Name we treasure t 

Nan: is can tell; 

Nat;.- Name of pleasure, 

Ear and heart delighteth well ; 
Nam- usurer 

in and hell. 

'Tis the Name for adorati 
Name t :y, 

Name for holy meditation 

In this vale :f misery. 
N ... : " r '~ ft 1] veneration 

By the citizens on high. 

me that whoso preachcth 
DC to the ear ; 
"Who in prayer this Name beseecheth 

nfort findeth near ; 

Wl - id ran reacheth 

II :.-r- : dy j . y 1 MBeasetb here. 

jEsrs is the Nam- exalted 

Over every other name ; 
In this Name, whene'er asaulted, 
n put our foes to : 
Bti _ loe had halted, 

Eyefl ■ I din I. . . Lie tl : lame. 

Therefore we io love ad 

This m S ime revere ; 

Holy Jesu. Thee imploring 

Bote write it in us here. 
That hire,.: ~ing 

We may aing witi re Amen. 


Hymn 169. <$CnCtal JD^ttttlS. 


i i 


J I 

2— J >J J ^^-IL rwl 

_j J JjJ j^ J 



" Of Whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.'' 

I FT saints on earth in concert ping 
j With tiiose whose work is done; 
For all the servants of our King 

In hear n and earth are one. 
One family, we dwell in Him, 

One Church, above, beneath ; 
Th High now divided by the stream, 

Tiie narrow stream of death. 
One army of the living Gon, 

To His command we bow ; 

Part of the host have crossed the flood, 

And part are crossing now. 
EVn now to their eternal home 

There pass some spirits blest ; 
While others to the margin come, 

Waiting their call to rest. 
Jest;, be Thou our constant Guide ; 

Then, when the word is given, 
Bid Jordan's narrow stream divide, 

And bring us safe to heaven. Amen. 



— 1 


:- U 



— <s — 


s? — 

— <s> 1 

-J p p <^ 

1 1 '1 

w *- — 

■ r 

— is 1 

1 ^ 






# & -& 

lj ' 1 

A - men. 



^ C? & - 


, — 

— & — 


P — 

— — - .__. 

Thy will be done." 

1 [Y GOD. my Father, while I stray, 
. Jl Far from myli&uie, in life's rough way. 
O teach me from my heart to say, 

" Thy will be done.'' 
Though dark my poili, an d Bid my lot, 
Let me he still anamnrmar not, 
Or breathe the? prayer divinely taught, 

" Thy will be done. " ' 
What though in lonely gri fl sigh 
For friends bjlov^tTno longer nigh, 
Submissive wouTTTl still reply, 
■• Thy will be done." 


If Thou should 1 st call me to resign 
What most I prize, it ne'er was mine; 
I only yield Ttiee what is Thine ; 

''Thy will be done." 
Let but my feintin g heart be blest 
With Th v s weeTSpraiT for its guest, 
My God," to Thee I leave the rest ; 

•• Thy will be done.'' 
Tenew my -jfcULf/.'oni day to day. 
Blend it with Thino^ and take away 
All that now inakes it hard to say, 

" Thy wiTTbe done." Amen. 

Hymn 171. 

©cncral £pmns. 

^ — U 1 f^ — »-^ g a Lg ^ U-;*— 

' hi 

i i 


'• God is love.* 1 

OLOVE. Who fonnedst me to -wear 
The image of Thy Godhead here; 
"Who soughtest me with tender care 

Through all my wanderings wild and drear; 
O Love. I give myself to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to he, 

O Love. Who e'er life's earliest dawn 
On me Thy choic- h si gently laid ; 

Love. Who here as Man wast born, 
And wholly like to us wast made ; 

O Love, I give myself to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

O Love. Who once in time wast slain, 

Pierced through and through with bitter woe ; 

O Love, Who wrestling fchua didst gain 
That we eternal joy might know; 

O Love, I give myself to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to he. 

O Love, Who Invest me for aye, 

Who for my soul dost ever plead ; 
O Love. Who didst my ransom pay, 

Whose power sufhceth in my stead ; 
O Love, I give myself to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

O Love. Who onc^ shalt bid me rise 

From out this dying life of ours ; 
O Love. Who one- o'er yonder skies 

Shalt set me in the fad'eless bowers ; 
O Lot.. I give myself bo Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. Amea. 


Hymn 172. <£cnei:al IDpmns. 

" Ilosanna 

HOSANNA to the living Lord ! 
Hosanna to the Incarnate Word, 
To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King, 
Let earth, let heaven hosanna sing, 

Ilosanna in the highest! 
O Saviour, Avith protecting care 
Abide in this Thy house of prayer, 
Where we Thy parting promise claim, 
Assembled in Thy sacred Name. 

Ilosanna in the highest! 

in the highest." 

Bat chiefest, in our cleansed breast 
Bid Thine eternal Spirit rest; 
And make our secret soul to be 
A temple pure and worthy Thee. 
Ilosanna in the highest! 
To God the Father, God the Son, 
And God the Spirit, Three in 0>e, 
Be honour, praise, ar d glory given 
By all on earth and ail in heaven. 

Hosanna in the highest ! Amen. 

Hymn 173. 

J — I- 

—: — U — | Lf-* <S> -*L £*i — L__ 


g . Z, '* 

I J- J I i 

1 — r 


J. [ 


! jsL 

I ' I 





" As many as are led by the Spirit 

CiOaTE, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
i With light and comfort from above ; 
Be Thou our Guardian, Thou our Guide, 
O'er ev;:ry thought and step preside. 
The light of truth to us display, 
And make us know and choose Thy way ; 
Plant holy fear in every heart, 
That we from Thee may ne'er depart. 

of God, they are the sons of God." 
Lead us to Christ, the living Way, 
Nor let us from His precepts stray; 
Lead us to holiness, the road 
That we must take to dwell with God. 
Lead us to heaven, that we may shara 
Fulness of joy for ever there ; 
Lead us to God, our final rest, 
To be with Him for ever blest. Amen. 

General J^mns. 

Hymn 174. 


itzs==—m^ : - 

! -<£? %~~\ f** ~~\ ~ G * <£> 




-^- r r- 

- r.<* i — ^ 

' praise the Lord of heaven : praise ITim in the height." 

PRAISE the Loud ! ye heavens, adore Ilim, 
Praise Him, angels, in the height; 
Sun nod moon, rejoice before Him, 

Praise Him, all ye stars and light: 
Praisi* the T.02;) ! for He hath spoken, 

Worlds His mighty voice obeyed; 

Laws, which never shall be broken, 

For their guidance lie hath made. 

Praise the Lor.n ! for Hr> is glorious ; 

Never shall His promise fail ; 
GrOn hath made His saints victorious, 

Sin and deatb shall not prevail. 
Praise the God of 'Mir salvation ; 

Hosts on high, His power proclaim; 
Heaven and earth, and all creation. 

Laud and magnifv His Name ! Amen. 

Hymn 175. 

General J^pmns. 

41 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life."' 

OFT in danger, oft in woe, 
Onward, Christians, onward go; 
Bear the toil, maintain the strife, 
Strengthened with the Bread of Life. 

Let not sorrow dim your eye, 
Soon shall every tear be dry ; 
Let not fear your course impede, 
Great your strength, if great your need. 

Let your drooping hearts be glad ; 
March in heavenly armour clad ; 

Fight, nor think the battle long, 
Soon shall victory wake your song. 

Onward then to glory move ; 
More than conquerors ye shall prove ; 
Though opposed by many a foe, 
Christian soldiers, onward go 1 

Hymns of glory and of praise, 
Father, unto Thee we raise : 
Holy Jrsus, praise to Thee 
With the Spirit ever be. Amen. 

Hymn 176. 


: :^~^2 22—-*- — ! -- \ " 











'My soul thirsteth for Thee, my flesh also longeth after Thee ; in a barren and dry 
land where no water is." 

"P A"R from my heavenly home, 
F Far from mv Fatiii.r's hreast, 

Fainting I cry, blest Spirit, come, 
And speed me to my rest. 
Mv spirit homeward turns, 
And fain would thither flee ; 

My heart, O Sion, droops and yearns, 
When I remember thee. 

To thee, to thee, I press, 

A dark and toilsome road ; 
When shall T pass the wilderness, 

And reach the saints' abode? 

Gon of my life, be near. 

On Thee my hopes I cast, 
O guide me through the desert here, 

And bring me home at last. Amen. 

Hymn 177. <$WCral ^mtlS. 

"Thou art a place to hide me in.'' 

JESU, grant me this I pray, 
Ever in Thy Heart to stay; 
Lei me evermore abide 
Hidden in Thy wounded Side. 
If the evil one prepare, 
Or the wo Id, a tempting snare, 
I am safe when I abide 
In Thy Heart and wounded Side, 

Hymn 178. 
te=ET=l==r: J 1 I ! * =i 

— 7S lag — p2 — £2 — i^JX^^L^t^, — pz 

If the flesh, more dangerous still, 

Tempt my soul to deeds of ill, 

Naught I fear when I abide 

In Thy Heart and wounded Side. 

D >ath will come one day to me ; 

Jcsu. cast me not from Thee: 

Dying let me still abide 

In Thy Heart aud wounded Side. Amen. 

sg ^tjiJJk 

, Ifcf f> $jsT$ 

1 J " I 


i — r - ' — I — i — r 

•* "Whom have I in heaven but Thee ; and 

TESU. rav Lonn. my God, my all. 
Hear me. hlest Saviour, when I call 
Hear me. and from Thy dwelling place 
Pour down the riches of Thy craee ; 

Jfsu. my Lord, I Thee adore. 

O make me love Thee more and more. 
JVsu, too late I Thee have sought, 
How can I love Thee as I ought ? 
And how extol Thy matchless fame, 
The glorious beauty of Thy Name ? 

Jesu, my Lord, &c. 


— i — 

there is none upon earth that I desire in 
of Thee." 
Jfsu. what didst Thou find in me, 
That Thou hast dealt so lovingly? 
How great the joy that Thou hast brought, 
So for exceeding hope or thought ! 

Jfbtj, my Lord. &c. 
Jfsu. of Thee shall be my Bong, 
To Thee my heart and soul belong; 
All that I have or am is Thine, 
And Thou, blest Saviour. Thou art mine, 
Jfsu, my Lord, I Thee adore, 
O make me love Thee more and more. 

General £)pmns. 

Kymn 179. 


i — r 


— &— 


-pn r- 


1 I 




-d ftUi^sg^ 

i .i i r 

^ -^ <s! J 







- - ^ 




- 1 — 




1 — 

r r i i 


« ~H 

' A Man shall be as an hiding place from the wind and a covert from the tempest.' 

TESU. Lover of my soul, 
Let me 10 Thy Bosom fly, 
"While the gathering waters roll, 
While the tempest still is high: 
Hide me, O my Saviour, hide, 
Till the storm of life be past; 
Safe i ito the haven guide, 
O receive my soui at last. 

Other refuge have I none ; 

Hangs my helpless soul on Thee: 
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone, 

Still support and comfort me. 
All my trust on Thee is stayed, 

All my help from Thee I bring; 
Cover my defenceless head 

^'ith the shadow of Thy wing. 

Plenteous grace with Thee is found, 

Grace to cleanse from every sin ; 
Let the healing streams abound, 

Make and kepp me pure within; 
Thou of Life the Fountain art, 

Freely let me take of Thee; 
Spring Thou up within my heart, 

.Rise to all eteruity. Amen. 


Hymn 180. 

General &pmn$. 

•• When shall I come to appear 
T RRTJSALEM, my happy home, 
'J X ime « v.-r dear I 
When shall my labours have an end? 

;s when shall I see ? 
When shall those eyes Thy heaven-built 
An 1 pearly gat>-s behold i [walls 

Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong, 
And streets of shini ig g A i f 

. Martyrs, Prophets, there 
Around my Saviour stand: 

before the presence of God ? ' ' 

D I love in Christ below 

Will join the glorious band. 
Jerusalem, my happy home, 

When shall I come to thee ? 
"When shall my labours have an end? 

Thy joys when shall I Be ! 
O Christ, do Thou my soul prepare 

For that bright home of love; 
That I may see Thee and adore. 

With all Thy saints above. Amen. 

Hymn 181. 



-4-i — h 

— ^> — -^ 1 — 




— • — *■ 
i : 

— m—40 

:_ ^_ 


A J 

1 P 

| g : j| 

U f h 



. I - 

f cT 


— - — H 

; Put on the whole armour of God * " 

SOLDIERS of Cttrist. arise, 
And put your armour on, 

h which God supplies 
Through His eternal Sox; 
Strong i 1 the Lord of Hosts, 
I in His mighty pow r : 
Who n the strength of Jssob trusts 
Is more than conqu-ror. 
Sand then in His great might, 
With all His strength endued; 
And take, to arm you for the fight, 
The panoply of God. 

From strength to strenarh <zo on, 

Wrestle, and fight, and pray ; 
Tread all the powers of darkness down, 

And win the well-fought day. 

That having all tilings done, 

And all your conflicts p st, 
Ye may obtain, through Christ alone, 

A crown of joy at . 

Jrsu. Eternal Sox. 

We praise Thee and adore, 
Who art with God the Father One 

And Spirit evermore. Amen. 

General g>pmn& 

Hymn 182. 


-1 L 

-I 1 









A -men. 

11 Tliere remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God." 

THERE is a blessed Home 
Beyond this land of woe, 
"Where trials never come, 
Nor tears of sorrow flow ; 
"Where faith is lost in sight, 
And patient hope is crowned, 
And everlasting light 
Its glory throws around. 

There is a land of peace, 
Good angels know it well, 
Glad songs that never cease 
Within its portals swell ; 
Around its glorious Throne, 
Ten thousand saints adore 
t'nmsT, with the Fatiiek One 
And Spirit evermore. 

O joy all joys beyond, 

To see the Lamb Who died, 

And count each sacred Wound 

In Hands, and Feet, and Side ; 

To give to Him the praise 

Of every triumph won, 

And sing through endless days 

The groat things He hath done. 

Look up ye saints of Gon, 

Nor fear to tread below 

The path your Savkxjb trod 

Of daily toil and woe ; 

Wait 1-ut a little while 

In uncomplaining love, 

His own most gracious smile 

Shall welcome you above. Ameik 

Hymn 183. (Scnctal rppmns. 

N h *- U f f t hi 


"P" r l '" 

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Ciirtst Jests." 

TOED, as to Thy dear Cross we flee, 
j And plead to be forgiven, 
Bo lei Thy life our pattern be, 

And form our souls for heaven. 
Help us. through good report and ill, 

Our daily cross to bear ; 
Like Thee, to do our Father's will, 

Our brethren's griefs to share. 
LeT grace our selfishness expel, 

Our earihliness refine ; 

And kindness in our besoms dwell, 

As free and true as Thine. 
If joy shall at Thy bidding fly, 

Ail griefs dark day com- on. 
We in our turn would meekly cry, 

•• Father. Thy will be done.* 1 " 
Kept peaceful in the midst of strife, 

Forgiving and forgiven ; 
O may we lead the pilgrim's life. 

And follow Thee to heaven. Amen* 


rs ! 





p — ^r~ 






—'5> — 


— ^!_ 







1 1 




1 | 







- | 

— i — 




: P 




I ^=L 

r 3 ^ 




1 Blessed are those servants whom the Loud when Tie cometh shall find watching 

T'E servants of the LOR*, 
Kacn i i His office, wait. 
Observant of His heavenly word, 

And watchful at His gate. 

Let all your lamps be bright, 

And tiim the golden flame ; 
Gird up your 1 <i is as in His eight, 

For awiul is 1 1 is Name. 

Watch ! 'tis your Lord's command, 

An 1 while we ^p^ak lie's n<rur ; 
Mark the first signal of His hand, 

And ready all appear. 

O happy servant he, 

In such a posture found ; 
He shall his Lord with rapture see, 

And be wi:h honour crowned. 

Chsisi shall the banquet spread 

With Ills own royal hand. 
Aid riise that faithful servant's head 

Amid His angel-band 

All glory, Lo d. to Thee, 

Whom heaven and earth adore; 
To Father, ^on. and Holy Ghost, 

O-e God for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 185. <$trm&\ l^nitlS. 


A -men. 


" Unto you which b 

HOW sweet the Name of Jesus sounds 
I 1 a b-liever's ear ! 
It sooth is his sorrows, lK-als his wounds, 

And drives awiy his fear. 
It makes the wounded spirit whole, 

Aid cairns th • trouble I breast; 
'Tis m in la to the hungry soul, 

And to the weary rest. 
Dear Nam? ! the rock on which I build, 

My shield and hiding-place, 
My never-failing treasury filled 

With boundless stores of grace. 

ieve, He is precious." 

Jesus! my Shepherd, Husband, Friend, 

My Prophet, Priest, and King, 
My Lord, my Life, my Way, mine End, 

Accept the praise I bring. 
"Weak is the effort of my heart, 

And cold my warmest thought ; 
Bat when I see Thee as Thou art, 

I'll praise Thee as I ought. 
Till then I would Thy love proclaim 

With every fleeting breath ; 
And may the music of Thy Name 

Refresh my soul in death. Amen. 

Hymn 183. 

11 Casting all yonr care upon 

OLORD, how happy should we be 
If we could cast our care on Thee, 

If w ' fro. n seif could rest ; 
A i 1 fed at heart that O ie above 
In perfect wisdom, perfect love, 

Is w >rki.ig for the best. 
How fir from this our daily life, 
II >\v oft dist irb :d by anxious strife, 

By sad I3 1 wil 1 al irms ; 
Oh, oull w; but reli tquish all 
Our earthly iv-ons, ana simply fall 

Oil r ii u Almighty arm-! 
C nil wo bu^ kneel and cast our load, 
tie 1 while we pray, upon our God, 

Then rise with lightened cheer 1 

Him ; for lie carcth for you.*' 

Sure that the Fatiifii, Who is nigh 
To srillth) famished raven's cry, 

Will hear in that we fear. 
We cannot trust ITim as we should ; 
So chafes weak nature's restless mood 

To cast its peace away ; 
But birds and flowerets round us preach, 
All. all the prespnr evil teach 

Sufficient for the day. 
Lonn. make these faithless hearts of ours 
Such lessons lear 1 from birds and flowers; 

M ike ♦hem from self to cease, 
Leave all things to a Fatiikes will, 
And taste, before Him lying still, 

E'en in affliction peace. Amen. 

Hymn 187. (SCtlCral ©pmtl.S. 




—^^—{ -*■ ?=5 <S* ?>-j — r£^ 


' : Lord, help me." 

OITKLP us. Lord: each hour of need 
Thy heavenly succour give ; 
Help us in thought, and word, and deed, 
Each hour on earth we live, 

O help us when our spirits bleed 

With contrite anguish sore; 
And when our hearts are cold and dead, 

O help us, Lord, the more. 

help usfhrongh the prayer of faith 

More firmly to believe ; 
For still the more the servant hath, 

The more shall he receive. 

O help us, Jest, from on high; 

We know no help but Thee; 
O help us so to live and die 

As Thine in heaven to be. Ameru 

Hymn 188. 

" Behold, how good and joyful a thing it is : brethren, to dwell together in unity.* 

OLORD, how joyful 'tis to see 
The brethren join in love to Thee; 
On Thee alone th-ir heart relies 
Their only strength Thy grace supplies. 

How sweet within Thy holy place 
With one accord to sing Thy grace, 

:-vi Thine attentive ear 
With all the force of- fervent prayer. 

O may we love the House of God 
Of peace and joy the blest abode; 

may no angry strife destroy 
That sacred peace, that holy joy. 

r rid without may rage, but we 
Will only cling more close to Thee, 
With hearts to Thee more wholly given 
More weaned from earth, more fixed on 
heav yi. 

Lord, shower upon us from above 
The sacred gift of muruai love ; 
Each other's wants may we supply, 
And r<_ign together in the skv. Amen. 

Hymn 189. 

General IDgmtu 



— r5- d -<s? ^9»a — u-^? & — «^ «- d - 


'J^J^ : 

T7— 5— g: 

^ : J2 









1 i 





TESU, meek and gentle, 
Son' of God most high, 
Pitying, loving Saviouii, 
Hoar Thy children's cry. 
Pardon our offences, 
Loo-e our captive chains, 
Break down every idol 
Whic.i our soul detains. 

Give us holy freedom, 
Fill our hearts with love ; 
Draw us, Holy Jksus ! 
To the realms above. 

" Lord, save us." 
Lead us on our journey, 

Be Thyself the Way ' Jesu, meek and gentle, 

Through terrestrial darkness Son of God most high, 
To celestial day. Pitying, loving Saviour, 

" Our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding 
and eternal weight of glory. 11 

f\ LET him, whose sorrow 
V7 No relief can find, 
Trust in Goi>. and borrow 

Ease for heart and mind. 
Where the mourner weeping 

Sheds the secret tear, 
God His watch is keeping 

Though none else is near. 
God will never leave thee, 

All thy wants lie knows, 
Feels the pains that grieve thee, 

Sees thy cares and woes. 
Raise thine eyes to heaven 

When thy "spirits quail, 

When by tempests driven, 

Heart and courage fail. 
When in grief we languish 

He will dry the tear, 
Who his children's anguish 

Soothes with succour near. 
All our woe and sadness, 

In this world below, 
Balance not the gladness 

We in heaven shall know. 
Jesu, Holy Saviour, 

In the realms above 
Crown us with Thy favour, 

Fill us with Thy love. Amen, 

Hymn 191. 

General renins. 

_j — s_ 

— ^— z3— 5— ^-^ : ^i— S-" -W » o ^_^_E:_^_ 

•^— -: 

_ n _._4 1 _^_^_ -J_ ; 

P P P ^ -<S- -x3>- -s>- r^ r^**^. S5S3 :C3 ~2. 

I I 

< c? — g? » j— f- — z " r— — i ^^ — P °-^ u 

" "Where I am there shall also Mv servant be. 1 

CHRIST Trill gather in His own 
To the place where He is gone, 
Where their heart and treasure lie, 
Where our life is hid on high. 
Day by day the Voice saith, ,; Come, 
Enter thine eternal horn.' ;" 
Asking not if we can spare 
This dear soul it summons there. 
Had He asked us, well we know 
We should cry, Oh spare this blow ! 

Yes, with streaming tears should pray, 
" L ':•.:> we love him, let him stay.* 1 

But the Lord doth nought amirs, 
And, since lie hath ordered this, 
We h ive naught to do but still 
Eest in silence on His will. 
Many a heart no longer here, 
Ah ! was all too inly dear ; 
Yet. O Lore, 'tis Thou dost call, 
Thou wilt be our Ail in alh Amen. 

Hymn 192. 

' What I do thou knowest not now ; but thou shalt know hereafter. 11 

(^ OD moves in a mysterious way 
T His wonders to perform : 
He plints His footsteps in the sea, 

And rides upon the storm. 
Deen in unfathomable mines 

Of never-failinsr skill 
He treasures tin His brierht designs, 

And works His sovereign will. 
Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, 

The clouds ye so much dread 

Are big with mercy, and shall break 

In blessings on your head. 
Judiie not the Lord bv feeble sense, 

But trust Him for His grace : 
Behi-id a frowning providence 

He hides a smiling face. 
Blind unbelief is sure to err. 

And scan His work in vain; 
God is Hi* own interpreter. 

And He will make it plain. Araan, 

General renins. 

Hymn 193. 

F 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 TTT-^'—f ^ 

, A 'J. A A. A- ' I 

> — r—- m -a*-&-! , 14^5 V— rj 


==-r^-=-— ^: 

-i — r 


1 Worthy is the L\mb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and 
strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing!" 

FROM highest heaven th' Etprnal Son, 
With God the Fxtiitr ever One, 
Camr> down to suffer, and to die: 
For love cf sinful man He hore 
Our human griefs and troubles sore, 

Our load of guilt and misery. 
Sing out, ye saints of Gon. and praise 
Th^ Lam:: who di?d. His flock to raise 

From sin and everlasting woe : 
With angels round the throne above, 
O tfll the wonders of His love, 
The jovs that from His mercy flow 

T~> darkest shades of m:rht we lay 
Without abeam *o guide our way. 

Or hope of aught br-yond the grave; 
But He hath brought us life and light, 
And onened heaven to our sight, 

And lives forever vStrong to save. 

Rejoico. ye saints of Gon. rejoice ; 
Sing out. a^d praise with cheerful voice 

Tho LambWhom heaven and earth adorei 
To TTim Who gave His onlv Sow, 
To Gon Ihe Spoht, with Them One, 

Be praise and glory evermore. Amen. 


1 pHl 





— ]— 

I ip 



—^ 1- 


~J— n 






— ^ — 


. s 



-^* - 

: s '_ 

I s ! 


1 ' 

- — *»— 

. 1 


k- — 

_' pi_ 

^- r 


7=— H 







— i — i — 

Z* — 






— — 


* T* 

— £Z>~- 

~^L~ . 






-*- -tS^- 

Jj & . 



^sy- . 






1 1 





— r~ 

— ffz 




— r^ 

P ?2_ 



I I 

1 Sing unto the Lord, and praise His Name.*' 

LET every heart exulting beat 
With joy at Jesu s Name of bliss ; 
"With every pure delight replete 
A id passing sweet its music is. 

Jesus the comfortless consoles, 
J. srs each sinful fever quells, 
Jesus the power of hell co itrols, 
JESUS each deadly foe repels. 

O speak His glorious Name abroad! 
Jesus let every tongue confess, 

Let every heart and voice accord 
The Healer of our souls to bless. 

Jesu, the sinner's Friend, abide 
With us, and hearken to our prayer; 
Thy frail and erring wanderers guide, 
In mercy our transgressions spare. 

All might, all glory be to Thee, 
Kefulgent with this Name Divine; 
All honour, worship, majesty, 
Jesu, for evermore be Thine. Amen. 

Hymn 195. 

1 | » I I , I | J , , I I I F, I . | r Amen 

122 Zt 



1 The everlasting Father, the Prince of peace.' 

TO CHRIST, thp Prince of peace 
And Sox of Gon most high, 
The F \Tiir2 o f the world to come, 
We lift our joyful cry. 

F» ^ep in His hei r t for us 
The wound of love He bore, 
Th^t love which s'ill h i ki-idles in 
The hearts that Him adore. 

O Victim blest, 
What else but love divine 

Could Thee constrain to open thus 
That sacred Heart of Thine? 

O Fount of endless life, 
O Spring of water cl< ar ! 
O fhime celestial, cleansing ; 11 
Who unto Thee draw iKai" ! 

Hide me in Thv dear Heart, 
For thither do'l fly; 
There seekThy grace through life, in death 
Thine immortality. Amen. 


Hymn 196. ^CnCtal ^11111.5. 

"The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His 
Christ ; and lie shall reign for ever and ever." 

JESUS shall reign where' er the sun 
Doth his successive journeys run ; 
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 
People and realms of every tongue 
Dwell on ilis lore with sweetest song, 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on His Name. 

Blessings abound where'er He reigns ; 
The prisoner leaps to lose His chains; 
The weary find eternal rest, 
And all the sons of want are blest. 
Let every creature rise and bring 
Peculiar honours to our King ; 
Angels descend with songs again, 
And earth repeat the loud Amen. Amen. 

Hymn 197. 



5 D V J r i j X -4 LlLj 


" Lord, Thou hast been our Refuge from one generation to another." 

OGOD. our help in ages post, 
Our hope for years to come, 
Our shelter from the stormy blast, 

And our eternal home! 
Beneath the shadow of Thy Throne 

Thy saints have dwelt s cure; 
Buffi -dent is Thine Arm alone, 

And our defence is sure. 
Before the hills in order stood, 
Or earth receiv 'd her frame, 
From everlasting Thou art God, 
To endless years the same. 

A thousand ages in Thy sight 

Are like an evening gone; 
Short as the watch that ends the night 

Before the rising sun. 
Time, like an ever-rolling stream 

Bears all its sons away ; 
They fly forgotten, as a dream 

Dies at the opening day. 
O Gon, our help in ages past, 

Oir hopes for y«_ars to come. 
Be Thou onr guard while troubles last, 

And our eternal home. Amen. 

General rppmns. 

Hymn 193. 


1 — i 1 - 

1 1— n _ 


— i 

—J =j-q=r- 


—^3 — 

— — j — ' •— 

i | 
1 | 




I ?=?:*i:i^ 





-— »- 

oe5 " 

— ^z 

— g- 

~? z ' — 




r ^ f Jp~ 

= ^ = 


L^ i 



i u 'j 

r »o • 


1 Praise the Losd, O my soul ; and all that is within rne praise His Holy Name.* 

PRAISE, mv soul, the Kins: of Heaven, 
To His feet Thy tribute bring; 
Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, 
Evermore His praises sing, 

Alleluia! Alleluia! 
Praise the everlasting King. 

Praise Him for His grace and favour 

To our fathers in distress; 
Praise Him still the same as ever, 

Slow to chide, and swift to bless ; 
Alleluia! Alleluia! 

Glorious in His faithfulness. 

Father-like, He tends and spares us, 

Well our feeble frame He knows ; 
In His hands He gently b<?ars us, 

Rescues us from all our foes ; 
Alleluia ! Alleluia 1 

"Widely yet His mercy flows. 

Angels in the height adore Him! 

Ye behold Him face to face ; 
Saints triumphant bow before Him ! 

Gathered in from every race : 
Alleluia 1 Alleluia! 
Praise with us the God of grace. Amen. 


General remits. 

Hymn 199. 


J- r ~ I 


_* 1 1 £? -^ £5>_ ■— : i^_-:_ 



! z^4^^~jl^=ji 



*Mary hath chosen that good part, -which shall not be taken away from her.' 

OLOYE divine, how sweet thou art! 
When shall I find my willing heart 
All taken up by Thee ? 
I thirst, I faint, I die to prove 
The greatness of redeeming love, 
The love of Cram to me ! 

Stronger His love than doath or hell ; 
Its riches are unsearchable; 

The firstborn sons of light 
Desire in vain its depths to see ; 
They cannot reach the mystery, 

The length and breadth and height. 

Gon only knows the love of God ; 
O that- it now were shed abroad 

In this poor stony heart ! 
For love I sigh, for love I pine ; 
This only portion. Lobd, be mine, 

Be mine this better part. 

For ever wonld I take my seat 
Witfi Mary at the Master's feet 

Be this my happy choice : 
My only carp, delight, and bliss, 
My joy, ray heaven on earth, be this. 

To hear 'the Bridegroom's voice. Amen. 

Hymn 200. 

General i^mns. 


Gf ^Cr ^ -< —I 

I S 

I ^J J 

-, =p= — r=rl r— 1 — r — B-gf-— ; 




i r* I I I I r-\ J 




I I 

»JLS- *-*• 




""Whom have I in heaven but Thee, and there is none upon earth that I desire in 
comparison of Thee." 

YEARER, my God, to Thee, 
1\ Nearer to Thee; 

E'en though it be a cross 

That raise th me, 
Sttll all my Bong shall be, 
Nuarer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! 

Though, like a wanderer, 

The sun gone down, 
Darkness comes over me, 

My rest a stone I 
Yet in my dreams I'd be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! 

There let my way appear 

Steps unto heaven : 
All that Thou sendest me, 

In mercy given; 
Angels to berkon me 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee ! 

Then, with my waking thoughts 

Bright with Thy praise, 

Out of my stony griefs 

Bethel I'll raise; 

So by my woes to be 

Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

N earer to Thee ! Amen. 


Hymn 201, 

General ^prnns. 

CzEsLlZ22=J2^lf-eI E -:^"^ _ ^z=| 

^g=g=gEE^s=^ -j=i=sg 

■< ! _, , 1 

pj=n 1 

— , i u 

i_2 | 

1 ri 

^ c) ^ g 
1 1 f J 

r— 1 

-^ ^j fj d 


-g^==— = 



U ■ i 

i r p p 


-<5 U 

" Thy "Word is a lantern unto my 
T ORD, Thy Word abideth, 
1j A id our footsteps guideth ; 
Wlio its truth believeth 
Light and joy receiveth. 
When our ?oes are near us, 
Then Thy Word doth cheer us, 
Word of co isolation, 
Message of salvation. 
When the storms are o'er us, 
And dark clouds before us, 
Then its light directeth 
And our way protecteth. 

feet, and a light unto my paths." 
Who can tell the pleasure, 
Who recount the treasure, 
By Thy Word imparted 
To the simple-hearted? 
Word of mercy, giving 
Succour to the living . 
Word of life, supplying 
Comfort to the dying! 
Oh, that we discerning 
Its most holy learning, 
L.02D, may love and fear Thee, 
Evermore be near Thee ! Amen. 

Hymn 202. 

I ! I- 1 I 

1 , ' , • I I p. I I ' , A -men. 

' jEsrs was transfigured before them.** 

WONDROUS type. O vision fair 
Of glory that the Church shall share, 
Which Cubist upon the mountain shows, 
Where brighter than the sun He glows! 
F;-om asje to age th • tale declare, 
How wi-h the three disciples there, 
Where Moses and Elias meet, 
The LoBD holds converse high and sweet. 
The Law and Prophets there have place, 
Two chosen witnesses of grace ; 
The Father's voice from out the cloud 
Proclaims His Only Sox aloud. 

With shining Face and bright array, 
CuaiST deigns to manifest to-day 
What dory shall be theirs above 
Who joy in God with perfect love. 
And faithful hearts are raised on high 
By this great vision's mystery, 
For which in joyful strains we raise 
The voice of prayer, the hymn of praise. 
O Father, with the Eternal Sox 
And Holy Spirit, ever One, 
Vouchsafe to bring us by Thy grace 
To see Thy glory face to face. Amen. 


This Hymn man a ^ oe sung to the tune of Hymn 5S. 

Jt>olj? Communion. 

Hymn 203. 



I I 

X A 


p j^ r - > H f g ^j g |V I ^ 

< h^l . 1 

i i ! u 


-^ — ^z- — & — 3 — *± — ^ — d-«^- — ^ — H 

1^1 1. p 

& i ' i, n i, fLJ/\ i 
iii i ' • ' ^i ' 

F p p 

1 | ' . 

* The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the Blood of Oiirtst ? 
the bread which we break, is it not the communion of the Body of Ciiuist:'" 

VOW, my tongue, the mystery telling 
^\ Of the glorious Body sing, 
And the Blood, all price excelling, 

Which the Gentiles 1 Lord and King, 
In a Virgin's womb once dwelling, 

Shed for this world's ransoming. 

Given for as, and condescending 

To be born for us below, 
IL' with men in converse blending 

Dw lr the seed of truth to sow. 
Till lie closed with wondrous ending 

His most patient life of woe. 

That last night, at supper lying. 

'Mid the l'welv\ His chosen band, 
Jfsus, with the law complying. 

Keeps the feast irs rites demand; 
Then, more precious Food supplving, 

Gives Himself with His own Hand. 

Woinvmade-Flesh true bread He maketi 
By His word His Flesh to be; 

Wine. His Blood ; which whoso taketh 
Must from carnal thoughts be free; 

Faith alone, though sight forsaketh, 
Shows true hearts the mystery. 

Therefore we. before Him bending, 
This great Sacrament revere ; 

Types and shadows h~.v • their ending, 
For the newer rite is here ; 

Faith, our outward sense befriending, 
Makes our inward vision clear. 

Glory let us give, and blessing, 

To" the Fathkb aid the Sox. 
Honour, might, and praise addressing, 

While eternal ages run ; 
Ev r too, His love confessing, 

Who from Both with Both is One. 


The turns to Hymns 59, or 52, or 163, may also be used. 


Hymn 204. ^)olp Communion. 






J I J . ' I 'U ' J ' 1 ^|i 1 Amon. 

" Come, for all thin: 

MY GOD, and is Thy table spread, 
And doth Thy cup with love o'erfiow? 
Thither be all Thy children led, 
And let them all Thy sweetness know. 
Hail, sacred Feast, which Jksus makes, 
Rich banquet of His Flesh and Blood ! 
Thrice happy he who here partakes 
That sacred stream, that heavenly food. 
"Why are its dainties all in vain 
Before unwilling hearts displayed ? 

p are now ready." 
Was not for them the Victim slain ? 
Are they forbid the children's bread? 
O let Thy table honoured be, 
And furnished well with joyful guests; 
And may each soul salvation see 
That here its sacred pledges tastes. 
To Fatiif.e, Sox, and Holy Ghost, 
The Goo Whom heaven and earth adore, 
From men and f/om the angel-host 
Be praise and glory evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 205. 

'This do in rcmemberance of Me. v 

BREAD of heaven, on Thee we feed, 
For Thy Flesh is meat indeed ; 
Ever may our souls be fed 
With this true and living Bread : 
Day by day with strength supplied 
Through the life of Him Who died. 

Vine of heaven, Thy Blood supplies 

This blest cup of sacrifice; 

Lord, Thy Wounds our healing give, 

To Thy Cross we look and live ; 

Jesus, may we ever be 

Grafted, rooted, built in Thee. 

Hymn 206. £)oIp Communion. 


j J g; 22 ^ ^— 




^ S& ,g> Z] x^-J-f^ ^-- 

ft— I— J 








r "* 

=si=r= ~zrz^- 


" Jesus said unto them, 

TIIEE wo adore, O hidden Saviour. Thee, 
Who in Thy Sacrament dost deign to 
Both flesh and spirit at Thy presence fail, 
Yet here Thy presence we devoutly haiL 

O blest Memorial of our dying Lord, 
Who living Bread to men doth here afford! 
O may our souls for ever feed on Thee, 
And Thou, O Christ, for ever precious be. 

Hymn 207. 


I am the Bread of Life." 
Fountain of Goodness. Jtsu.Lord and God. 
Cleanse us. unclean, with Thy most cleans- 
ing Blood ; 
Increase our faith and love, that -vre may 
know [senee flow. 

The hope and peace which from Thy pre- 
O CiiRiST.TVhom now beneath a v<: il we see, 
May what we thrist for soon our portion be, 
To gaze on Thee. and see with unveiled face 
The vision of Thy glory and Thy grace. 

" My Flesh is meat indeed, 

0GOD. unseen yet ever near, 
Thy presence mav we feel ; 
And, thus inspired with holy fear, 

Befo-e Thine Alter kneel. 
Here may Thy faithful people know 

The bl< Beings of Thy love. 
The stream- that through the desert flow, 

The manna from above. 
We come, obedient to Thy word, 

To feast on heavenly Food ; 

and My Blood is drink indeed." 

Our meat, the Body of the Lord, 

Our drink, His precious Blood. 
Thus may we all Thy words obey, 

For we, O God, are Thine, 
And go rejoicing on our way. 

Renewed with strength divine. 
To Father, Sox. and Holy Ghost, 

The God Whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was. is now, 

And shall be evermore. Amen, 


Hymn 208. 

J I- 

I i I 

I I 


-i L, j ( , 1 U_j _ L\ r 

, 1 | , 1 1 , I „ — I 1 !- r — I 1 — ' 

& Bt & ~ ■ 

F F B 

-> — u ^ ^ U 

A - men. 

J ^ : U & 11 


"Ask, and it shall be given you ; seek, and ye shall find ; knock, and it shall bo 
opened unto you. 11 
FATHER, Thou Who hast created all 
In wisest love, Ave prav, . 
Look on this babe, avIio at Thy gracious call 

Is entering on life's way. 
Bend o'er it now with blessing fraught, 
And make Thou something out of naught. 

O Father, hear! 
O Son of God, Who diedst for us, behold 

We bring our child to Thee, 
Thou tender Shepherd take it to Thy fold, 

Thine own for aye to be ; 
Defend it through this earthly strife, 
And lead it on the path of life, 

O Son of Goo ! 
O Holy Ghost, Who broodest o'er the wave, 

Descend upon this child ; 
Give it undying life, its spirit lave 

With waters undefiled ; 
Grant it while yet a babe to be 
A child of God. a home for Thee, 

O Holy Ghost! 
O Triune God, wh^t Thou command 1 st is done. 

We speak, but Thine the might ; 
This child hath scare yet seen our earthly sun, 

Yet pour on it Thy light, 
In faith and hope, in joy and love, 
Thou Sun of all below, above, 

O Triune God 1 Amen. 

Hymn 209. 


'The washing of regeneration." 

•'TIS done ; that new and heavenly birth 

J_ Which re-creates the sons of earth, 
And cleanses from the guilt of sin 
The souls whom Jesus died to win. 

'Tis done; the Cross upon the brow- 
Is marked for weal or sorrow now ; 
To shine wirh heave ily lustre bright, 
Or burn in everlasting night. 
O ye who brought that babe to day 
Within a Saviour's arms to lay. 
Watch well a ,d guar 1 with careful eye 
The heir of immortality. 

Hymn 210. 

d .* f > pj A ^ 'fg . m '* " p ^ 

— ■ y^-; — -^ — \ ^~ g > — g ' — ^ — r^ ^ — ^ — n 

Teach it to know a Fatiteh'> love, 

-And Seek for happiness ab v--. 

To Christ its heart and treasure give, 

And in the Spirit ever live. 

That so before the judgment-seat 

In joy and triumph ye may meet ; 

ittle fought, the struggle o'er, 
The kingdom yours for evermore. 

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, 
Praise Him. all creatures here below ; 
Praise Him above, angelic host; 
Praise Father, Sox, and Holt Ghost. 




-& — 8 — = — 

^ 1 









— ^ — ^~ 

— S!—-^—^ 


P r 







— S?- 

—& — i 


1—^ — 


1 ! ' I 
^ ^ — 





1 — 

-1 ■ " ' 

1~ ^fc—L 

M Buried with Him in Baptism. M 

"TT^ITTT Christ we share a mystic grave. 
> \ With Chri6t we buried lie ; 
But 'tis not in the darksome cave 
By mournful Calvary. 

The pure and bright baptismal flood 

Entombs our nature's stain ; 
New creatures from the cleansing wave 

With Chsist we rise again. 

Thrice blest, if, through this world of sin, 

And lust, and selfish care. 
Our resurrection-mantle white 

And undented we wear 
Thrice blest, if. through the gate of deata, 

Glorious at lasr and free. 
We to our joyful rising pass, 

O Pdsen Lu2D, with Thee, Amen. 

Hymn 211. 



^ iMjjJ^y. 

t — rr 

" The Comforter which 

COME Holy Ghost, Creator blest, 
Vouchsafe within oar souls to rest; 
Come with Thy grace and heavenly aid, 
And fill the hearts which Thou hast made 
O Comforter, to Thee we cry ; 
Thou Heavenly gift of God most high ; 
Thou Fount of life, and Fire of love, 
And sweet Anointing from above. 
O Finger of the Hand divine, 
The sevenfold gifts of grace are Thine ; 
The promise of the Father Thou, 
"Who dost the tongue with power endow. 
Thy light to every sense impart, 
And shed Thy love in every heart ; 

is the Holy Ghost." 
The weakness of our flesh supply 
With strength and courage from on high. 
Drive far away our ghostly foe, 
And peace for evermore bestow ; 
If Thou be our preventing Guide, 
No evil can our steps betide. 
O Holy Ghost, through Thee alone 
We know ihe Father and the Son : 
Be this our never-changing creed, 
That Thou dost from Them Both proceed. 
Praise we the Father and the Son, 
And Holy Spirit with them One ; 
And may the Son on us bestow 
The gifts that from the Spirit flow. Amen. 

Hymn 212. ^Olg ^atttmOng. 




h. , j ;<:>!] 



» l 






i — r 
-\ — i- 


*4(" #=zg 

-fj A £ „ u 




—CZ D. "j ■ I f 


" A threefold cord 

THE voice that breathed o'er Eden, 
That earliest wedding day, 
The primal marriage hlessing, 

It hath not passed away : 
Still in the pure espousal 

Of Christian man and maid 
The Holy Three are with us, 

The three-fold grace is said, 
Fur dower of blessed children, 

For love and faith's sweet sake, 
For high mysterious union 

Which nought on earth may break, 
Be present, awful Father, 

To give away this bride, 
As Eve Thou gavest to Adam 

Out of his own pierced side. 





is not quickly broken." 
Be present, Son of Mary, 

To join their loving hands, 
As thou didst bind two natures 

In thine eternal bands ; 
Be present. Holiest Spirit, 

To bless them as they kneel, 
As Thou for Christ, the Bridegroom, 

The heavenly spouse dost seal. 
O spread Thy pure wing o'er them, 

Let no ill power find place, 
When onward to Thine Altar 

The hallowed path they trace. 
To cast their crowns before Thee, 

In perfect sacrifice, 
Till to the home of gladness 

With Christ's own Bride they rise. Amen. 

Hymn 213. Dolp ^atrtmonp. 


" Both Jesus was called 

HOW welcome was the call, 
And svre t the festal lay, 
When Jesus deigned in Cana's hall 
To hless the marriage day. 

And happy was the Bride. 
And glad the Bridegroom's heart, 
For He Who tarried at their side 
Bade grief a„d ill depart. 

His gracious power divine 
The water vessels knew ; 
And plenteous was the mystic wine 
The wondering servants drew. 

and His disciples, to the marriage." 
O L02D of life and love, 
Come Thou again to-day ; 
And bring a Messing from above 
That ne'er shall pass away. 

Oh, bless, as erst of old, 

The Bridegroom and the Bride; 

ith the holier stream that flowed 
Forth from Thy pierced Side. 

Before Thine Alter- throne 
This mercy we implore : 
As Thou dost knit them. Loed, in one, 
So bless them evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 214. 

Cmher Dap*. 

1 As My Fatheu hath sent Me, even so send I you." 

CHRIST is gone up ; yet ere He passed 
, From earth, in heaven to reign, 

rmed one l.oly Church to last 
Till lie should come ag 

%'elve Apostles first He made 
His ministers of grace ; 

• y their hands on others laid, 
To fill in turn their place. 

So age by age, and year by year, 

His grace was handed 
And still the h ly Church is here, 

Although her Lokd is gone. 
Let those find pardon, Lozd, from Thee, 

Whose love to her ie 
Bring wanderers in. and let there be 

One Shepherd and one fold. Amen. 

Hymn 215. 

(Bmbtx Daps. 

n 1- 

? gg fry " flg^ ^? £? 1 — 1 ^ £Z~ 

I i ' . I I I . ' . I 


-&T -S? 

-or ■*? 

l I I I ' I ' I I 







I I , '.l.l l.mAn 

-g J J - 

I I I 

I -«J- 


^ „ I „ 



1 Let Thy priests be clothed with righteousness." 

LORD, pour Thy Spirit from on high, 
And Thine ordained servants bless; 
Graces and gifts to each supply, 
And clothe thy priests with righteousness. 

Within Thy temple when thev stand, 
To teach the truth as taught by Thee, 

Savioui:, like stars in Thy right hand, 
Let all Thy Church's pastors be. 

Wisdom, and zeal, and lore impart, 
Firinuess and meekness from above, 

To bear Thy people in their heart, 

And love the souls whom Thou dost love. 

To love, and pray, and never faint, 
By day and night their guard to keep, 
To warn the sinner, form the saint, 
To feed Thy lambs, and tend Thy sheep. 

So, when their work is finished here, 
They may in hope their charge resign 
So, when their Master shall appear, 
They may with crowns of glory shine. 

Hymn 216. 

M Unto every one of us is given grace ; according to the measure of the gift of CnpjST.' 

GUARDIAN of the Church Divine, 
The sevenfold gifts of grace are Thine. 
And kindled by Thy hidden fires 
The soul to highest aims aspires. 

Thy Priests with wisdom, Lord, endue, 
Their hearts with love and zeal renew; 
Turn all their weakness into might, 
O Thou the source of life and light. 

Spirit of truth, on us bestow 
The faith in all its power to know 

That with the saints of ages gone 
And those to come, we may be one. 

Protect Thy Church from every foe, 
And peace, the fruit of love, bestow; 
Convert the world, make all confess 
The glories of Thy righteousness. 

All praise to God the Fatiifr he, 
All praise, Eternal Son, to Thee, 
Whom with the Spirit we adore 
For ever aud for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 217. 



I I J J I I II. . J J 

J .J. ^j. g \g[ oa Jtii A. J J .gj ad 


A men. 

" Come over .... and help us," 

FROM Greenland's icy mountains, 
From India's coral strand. 
Where Africa sunny fountains 
Roll down their g »Iden sand, 

From many an ancient river, 
From many a palmy plain, 

They call us to deliver 

Their laud from error's chain. 

What though the spicy breezes 

Blo\r son o'er Ceylon's isle, 
T'. o igh every prospect pleases, 

And only man is vile : 
In vain with lavish kindness 

The gifts of God are strown, 
Tiie heathen in hi^ blindness 

Bows down to wood and stone. 

Can we whose souls are lighted 

With wisdom from on high, 
Can we to men benighted 

The lamp of life deny ? 
Salvation] oh, Salvation! 

The joyful sound proclaim, 
Till each remotest nation 

Has learut Messian's Name. 

Waft, waft, ye winds. His story, 

And you. ye waters, roll, 
Till like a sea of glory 

It spreads from pole to pole ; 
Till u'er our ransomed nature 

The Lamb for sinners slain, 
Kedeemer. King. Creator. 

Iu bliss returns to reign, Amen. 


Hymn 218. 


v i i.i I i ill I i i I . I . I _ i Am 

" The harvest truly is plenteous, 

THE earth, O Lord, is one wide field 
Of all Thy chosen seed ; 
The crop prepared its fruit to yield ; 

The labourers few indeed. 
Therefore we come before Thee now 

With words of humble prayer, 
Beseeching of Thy love that Thou 

Would'stsend more labourers there. 
Not for our land alone we pray, 
Though that above the rest, 
The realms and islands far away, 
O let them all be blest. 

This Hyr. n may also be 

Hymn 219. 

but the labourers are few." 
Endue the Bishops of Thy flock 

With wisdom and with grace, 
Against false doctrine, like a rock, 

To set the heart and face. 
To all Thy Priests Thy truth reveal, 

And make Thy judgments clear ; 
Make Thou Thy Deacons full of zeal, 

And humble, and sincere. 
Give to their flocks a lowly mind 

To hear and to obey ; 
That each and all may mercy find 

At Thine appearing day Amen. 
used on Ember-days. 

" That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy saving health among all nations." 

GOD of grace, O let Thy light 
Bless our dim and blinded sight ; 
Like the day-spring on the night 

Bid Thy grace to shine. 
To the nations led astray 
Thine eternal love display ; 
Let Thy Truth direct their way 

till the world be Thine. 
Praise to Thee, the faithful Loed; 
Let all tongues in glad accord 
Learn the good thanksgiving word, 

Ever praising Thee. 

Let them moved to gladness sing. 
Owning Thee their Judge and King; 
Righteous Truth shall bloom and spring 

Where Thy rule shall be. 
Praise to Thee all-faithful Loed; 
Let all tongues in glad accord 
Speak the good thanksgiving word, 

Heart-rejoicing praise. 
Po the fruitful earth's increase, 
Bounty of the Gon of peace, 
Never in its course shall cease, 

Through the length of days ; 


While His grace our life shall cheer, 
Furthest lands shall own His fear, 
Brought to Him in worship near, 

Taught His mercy's ways. Amen* 

Hymn 220. 



"And God said. Let there be light: and there was light," 

THOU. Whose almighty Word 
Chaos and darkness heard, 

And took their flight, 
Hear us, we humbly pray, 
And where the Gospel-day 
Sheds not its glorious ray 

Let there be light ! 
Thou. Who didst come to bring 
On Thy redeeming wing 

Healing and Bight, 
Health to the sick in mind, 
Sight to the inly blind. 
Oh, now to all mankind 

Let there be light ! 
Spirit of truth and love, 
Life-crivincr. holv Dove, 

Speed forth thy flight ; 
Move on the water's facp, 
Spreading the beams of .grace, 
And in earth's darkest place 

Let there be light ! 
Blf-sscd and Holy TnREE, 
Glorious Trinity. 

Grac-°, Love, and Might ; 
Boundless as ocean's tide, 
Rolling in fullest pride, 
Through the world, far and wido 

Let there be light 1 Amen. 


Hymn 221. TBllrial Of fyt Death 


" Upon the ungodly He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, storm and tempest. 
He cometh, He cometh to judge the earth.*" 

J i * r ~* \\ r r f 3 

Day of Wrath! O day of mourning 1 

I ! I A U J J 

> ^ P ^ 


See fulfilled the prophets' warning, 

r r r i — s & - 

Whenfrom hoav'n the Judge descendeth, On Whose sentence all de - pend 






Wondrous sound thp trumpet flingeth, 
Through earth's sepulchres it ringeth, 
All before the Throne it bringeth. 

Death is struck, and nature quaking, 
All creation is awaking, 
To its Judge an answer making. 
Lo. the Book, exactly worded, 
Wherein all hath been recorded! 
Thenc ■ shall judgment be awarded. 
Wh n the Judge His seat attaineth, 
And each hi Iden deed arraigneth, 
Nothing unavenged remaineth. 
What shall I. frail man, be pleading, 
Who for me be interceding, 
When the just are mercy needing? 
King of majesty tremendous, 
Who dost fre j salvation send us, 
Fount of pity then befriend us! 

Think, good Jest;, my salvation 
Caused Thy wondrous I: carnation ; 
Leave me not to reprobation. 
Faint and weary Thou hast sought me, 
O i the Cross of suffering bought me : 
Shall such grace be vainly bro.ight me ? 
"Righteous Judge ! for sin's pollution 
Grant Thy gift of absolution, 
Ere that day of retribution. 
Guil; v. now I pour my moaning. 
All my shame with anguish owning; 
Spare, O God, Thy suppliant groaning. 
Thou the sinful woman savedst ; 
Thou the dying thief forgav< dot ; 
An 1 to ma a hop} rouchs fcfe 
Worthless are my prayers and sighing, 
Yet, g)od Lord, in grace complying, 
Rescue me from fires undying. 
cres. ten. 

"With Thy favoured sheep place mo, Nor a-monq- the rroats a -base me ; 

i _ ; J i i i ^ ^ -^- i ! J J 

But to Thy rijrht hand up -raise me, While the wick - ed are con-founded. 

-i J J hn i , J_JjJ_. J J i J 


J 1 u 

s^PP ritard. 



Doomed to flames of woe unbounded, Call mo, with Thy saints sur - ro a^J - cd, 

J— ].J»* A x J a* k 


1 1 — r 

=^~ f^te 


J u 


I i i i I i 

=ltt LZ ZZt 

Low I kneel, with heart-sub-mis-sion ; See, like ash - es, my con - tri - tion ; 

J J J J , J W jl J 'J J ^ J -J J J J 

Tb p r f 

■<s» (g — g-j 



Help me in mv last con- ci - tion. Ah! that day of tears and mourning! 

| i i I 

cres - c^n 

do. f 



From the dust of earth returning:, Man for judgment mast pre-pare him 


n — r 






Spare, O God, in mer - cy sp^re him! 

jd. .-s. js. :2: .£2. £9. ^ 

Lord, all - pity - incr, 

5 -f g — f ^-i" 




^ -^—7 t^ 4=B^^ 

J~ - su blest, Grant them Thine e - ter 

nal rest. A - men. 

~i - g— ^-t-^^-rn- — 1 w >- ^^^=^^j 


jFor tfjose at ^>ea* 

Hymn 222. 

bE=^= fi ■ & zz. 

■ W^ i Md J d ^U u u 

1 — r 



£,- & 

t — r 



=g^s=a=8 ; 

i i r «i ti ! rr I 

i I 




r-i — r 






?5r bjsr • -j» :^: 


J. J i 

^ i i 

"•Srr-S-- U «r^ u 


^ -J. u 

I I 



1 — r 





I I I 

" These men see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep. r 

INTERNAL Father, strong to save, 
li Whose- arm hath hound the rebtless wave, 
"Who bid'st the mighty ocean deep 
Its own appointed limits keep ; 
O hear us when we cry to Thee 
For those in peril on the sea. 

O CnmsT, Whose voice the waters heard 
And hushed their raging at Thy word, 
Who walkedst on the foaming deep, 
And calm amidst its rage didst sleep ; 

O hear us when we cry to Thee 

For those in peril on the sea. 

Most Holt Sptbit, Who didst hrood 
Upon the chaos dark and rude, 
And bid its angry tumult cease, 
And give, for wild confusion, peace; 

O hear us when we cry to Thee 

For those in peril on the sea, 

O Trinity of lov* an-l power. 

Our brethren shield in danger's hour; 

From rock and tempest, fire and foe, 

Protect them wheivsoe'er hey go ; 
Thus evermore shall rise to Thee 
Glad hymns of praise from land and sea. Amen, 



Hymn 223. 

I I 

r-- J 1 ' -■' 



J| lli u 

1 11,1 

i ! ! 1 

^-l — tf— s> — ^? — 



• *- ^ 




— ^ 

2 1 

-g — ^- 

1 1 ' i 

^5 . p 




^ , i 


— j £x ' 



. j h 

-^ r 

^ — «>- 


g [J 




— r 


: — ~s^— 

— ^_ 


' 1 


1 i 







' They joy before Thee, according to the joy of harvest.'' 

tiVful Tionnlo onino For trp bnnw flint TTirm \e 

C 1 OME. ye thankful people, come. 
Raise the song of Harvest Home ! 
All is safely gathered in. the winter-storms begin ; 
God. oar Maker, doth provide 
For our -wants to bo supplied; 
Come to God's own Temple, come ; 
Raise the song of Harvest Home ! 

"What is earth but God's own field, 
Fruit unto His praise to yield ? 
"Wheat and tares therein are sown, 
Unto joy or sorrow crown ; 
Ripening with a wondrous power, 
Till the final Harvest-Hour : 

. Lord of Life, that we 
Hsly g>ain and pure may be, 

For we know that Thou wilt come, 
And wilt take Thy people home ; 
From Thy field will purge away 
All that doth offend, that day ; 
And Thine Angels charge at last 
In the fire the tares to cast, 
But the fruitful ears to store 
In Thy garner evermore. 

Come then. Lord of mercy, come, 
Bii us sing Thy Harvest Home! 
Let Thy Saints be gathered in, 
Froe from sorrow, free from sin ; 
All upon the golden floor 
Praising Thpe for evermore : 
Come, with thousand Anc^ls. come ; 
Bid us sing Thy Harvest Home! Amen, 

Hymn 224. 

. Semi-Chorus. 


" Who giveth food to all flesh 

1)RAISE. O praise our God and King! 
Hymns of adoration sin^ ; 

For His mercies still endure 

Ever faithful, ever sure. 
Praise Him that He made the Sun 
Day by day his course to run ; 

For His mercies still endure' 

Ever faithful, ever sure: 
And the silver Moon by nicrht, 
Shining with her gentle light; 

For I lis mercies still endure 

Ever faithful, ever sure. 
Praise Him that lie gave the rain 
To mature the swelling grain ; 

For His mercies still endure 

Ever faithful, ever sure : 
The whole of the first and last verses 

Hymn 225. 

for His mercy endureth for ever." 
And hath bid the fruitful field 
Crops of precious increase yield ; 
For His mercies still endure 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 
Praise Him for our Harvest-store, 
He hath filled the Garner-floor: 
For His mercies Brill endure 
Ever faithful, ever sure : 
And for richer Food than this, 
Pledge of everlasting bliss ; 
For His mercdes still endure 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 
Glory to our Bounteous King I 
Glory let creation sing ! 

Glory to the Fatheb, Son, 
And Blest Sphut,Three in One. Amen. 
to be sung in Chorus, the others as above. 


" Thou visitest the earth and blessest 

FATHER of mercies, God of love, 
Whose gifts all creatures share, 
The rolling seasons as they move 

Proclaim Thy constant care. 
When in the bo-ora of the earth 

Tie sower hid the grain, 
Thy croo lness marked its secret birth, 

And sent the early rain. 
The spring's sweet influence, Loud, was 
The s asons knew Thy call ; [Thine, 
Thou mad st the summer sun to shine, 
The summer dews to fall. 

it ; Thou makest it very plenteous." 
Thv gifts of mercy from above 

Matured the swelling grain : 
And now the harvest crowns Thy love, 

And plenty fills the plain. 
Oh, ne'er may our forgetful hearts 

O'erlook Thy bounteous care ; 
But what our Father's Hand impart* 

Srill own in praise and prayer. 
To Fatiiek. Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God Whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. Amen. 


Hymn 226. 

^T ^3— H*^ 23 23 ?-3- L ^;-T — ~ — u — »— i 1 r^ ^^ - 

P ■■& ^ |W <W 

II l| I 

^ k j jj j r j 





1 I ' 

1 ' J 
s? — gr? — - ~n 

-r-1 1- 

?= I f* r ^ $9- ■&- !p P | ~& & -2-- P - 

I I I ' | I'll I ' , ' ' 

A .e± ^ ^L A. I J J 

" The harvest is the end of the world, and the reapers are the angels. " 

LORD of the harvest, once again 
We thank Thee for the ripened grain; 
For crops safe carried, sent to cheer 
Thy servants through another year ; 
For all sveet holy thoughts supplied 
By seed-time, and by harvest-tide. 

The bare dead grain, in autumn sown, 
Its robe of vernal green puts on ; 
Glad from its wintry grave it springs, 
Fresh garnished by the King oi : 
So, Lord, to those who sleep in Thee 
Shall new and glorious bodies be. 

Nor vainly of Thy "Word we ask 
A lesson from the reaper's task : 
So shall Thine angels issue forth ; 
The tares be burnt ; the just of earth, 
To wind and storm exposed no more, 
Be gathered to their Fatiiek's store. 

Dailv. O Losn, our prayers be said, 
As Thou hast taught, for daily bread ; 
But not alone our bodies t\ ed, 
Supply our fainting spirits' need ; 
O Bread of Life, from day to day 
Be Thou their Comfort, Food, and Stay! 

Hymn 227. 


{To be used when there is a deficiency in the crops) 


"Although the fields shall yield no meat . 
joy in the God of 

"f y TI AT our Fatiifb does is well ; 
> > Blessed truth His children tell ! 
Though He send, for plenty, want. 
Though the harvest-store be scant, 
Yet we rest upon His love, 
Seekiug better things above. 

What our Fatiif.h does is well; 
Shall the wilful heart rebel? 
If a blessing lie withhold, 
In the held, or in the fold, 
Is it not Himself to be 
All our Store eternally? 

, . . yet I will rejoice in the Loed, I will 
my salvation." 

What our Father does is well; 
Though He sadden hill and dell, 
Upward yet our praises rise 
For the strength His Word supplies; 
He has called us sons of God, 
Can we murmur at His rod ? 
What our Father do-s is well : 
May the thought within us dwell; 
Though nor milk nor honey flow 
In our barren Canaan now, 
God can save us in our need, 
God can bless us, God can feed. 

Therefore, unto nim we raise 
Hymns of glory, songs of praise ; 
To the Father, and the Son, 
And the Spirit, Three in One, 
Honour, might, and glory be, 
Now, and through eternity. Amen. 

Hymn 228. ^C{)00l jTCStltmlS. 

11 That signs and wonders may be done 

T OKD JESUS, God and Man, 

Jj For love of men a Child. 
The Very God. yet born on earth 

Of Mary undefiled ; 

Lord Jesus. God and Man, 

In this our festal day 
To Thee for precious gifts of grace 

Thy ransomed people pray. 

We pray for childlike hearts, 
For gentle holy love, 
For strength to do Thy will below 
As angels do above. 
We pray for simple faith, 
For hope that never faints, 

I I ' 

by the Name of Thy Holy Child Jesus." 

For true communion evermore 

With all Thy blessed Saints. 

On friends around us here 

O let Thy blessing fall ; 
We pray for grace to love them well, 

But Thee beyond them all. 

O joy to live for Thee ! 

O joy in Thee to die 1 
O very joy of joys to see 

Thy Face eternally. 

Loud Jfsus. God and Max, 
We praise Thee and adore, 
Who art with God the Fathee One, 
And SriEir evermore. Amen 

Hymn 229. ^Cf)00l JT CS'titialS. 

tm — 

-J J-J 

— ^p 2 — »- 

1 1 

* i ? • 

•i • 

1 >_ 

— ^ — £>_ 


■ pa 

Lg — tJ 

w ;:- 




-^ — £*- 

i i 

i E ~7 r i i i 1 ° r • r P n 


?\r J 'j r vp jj 

'J 'J ' A- men. 


M Out of the mouth of babes and 

(1 OD eternal, mighty Kincr. 
F Unto Thee our praise we bring ; 
All the earth doth worship Thee, 
We amid the throng would be. 
Holy. Holy, Holy! cry 
Angels round Thy throne on high: 
Lord of all the heavenly powers, 
Be the same loud anthem ours. 
Glorified Apostles raise 
Night and day continual praise ; 
Hast not Thou a mission too 
For Thy children here to do ? 

-r-i — r 

sucklings Thou hast perfected praise." 
With the Prophets' goodly line 
We En mystic bond combine ; 
For Thou hast to us revealed 
Things that to the wise were sealed. 
Martyrs, in a noble host, 
Of the cross are heard to boast ; 
Ob, that we our cross may bear, 
And a crown of glory wear. 
God eternal, mighty King, 
Unto Thee our praise we bring ; 
To the Father, and the Son". 
And the Spluit, Theee in Oxe. Amen. 

Hymn 230 

J _J I L_l I 

J ,- 1- 

J U_J L 

" jEsrs increased in wisdom and si 

0HOLY Loud, content to dwell 
In a poor home, a lowly Child, 
With m ek obedience noting well 
Each bidding of Thy Mother mild ; 
Leal every child that bears Thy Name 
To w ilk in Thy pare upright way, 
To >hun the paths of sin and shame, 
And humbly, like Thyself, obey. 
Let not this world's unhallowed glow 
The fresh baptismal dew efface, 

:ature, and in favour with God and man." 
Nor blast of sin too roughly blow, 
j And quench the trembling flame of grace, 
i Gather Thy lambs within Thine arm. 
I And gently in Thy bosom bear. 

Protect them still from hurt and harm, 
And bid them rest for ever there. 
So shall they, waiting here below, 
Like Thee, their Loan, a little span, 
In wisdom and i:i stature ^v w. 
And favour both with God and man. 

Hymn 23L 


'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have 
done it unto Me. 1 ' 

FOUNTAIN of good, to own Thy love 
Our thankful hearts incline ; 
What can we render. Loud, to Thee, 

When all the worlds are ? 
But Thou hast noedy brethren here, 

Partakers of Thy grace, 
AVhose names Thou wilt Thyself confess 
Before the Father's face. 

And in their accents of distress 

Thy pleading voic^ is heard, 
In them thou mayst be elothed, and fed 

And visited, and cheered. 
Thy face with reverence and with love 

"We in Thy poor would see ; 
O may we minister to them. 

And in them, Loud, to Thee. Amen. 

Hymn 232. jTriCtlDIp ^OClCtlCS. 

" Bear ye one another's burthens, and so fulfil the law of diRTST." 

PRAISE our Gon to-day, 
His constant mercy bless, 
Whose love hath helped us on onr way, 

And granted us success. 

His Arm the strength imparts 
Oar daily toil to ber-r; 
His -rraci alone inspire^ our hearts 
Each other's load to share. 

O happiest work below, 
Earnest of joy above, 


To sweeten many a cup of woe 
By deeds of holy love ! 

Loud, may it be our cnoice 
This blessed rule to keep, 
"Rejoice with them that do rejoice, 
And weep with them that weep. 1 ' 

God of the widow, hear ! 
Our work of mercy bless; 
Gon of the f itherless, be near, 
And graut us good success. Amea 
See also Hymn 1S3. 

Hymn 233. 3ln titTlCS Of CtOUOlC. 


i i 


■ i i v i i ^*^ pr r, i i -^- ?S>-« 

_I-J ■li- 

fe M-J-J J , '!' 

, Amen. 

M Thou that nearest the prayer, 
TT7HEN in the hour of utmost need 
W We know no; where to look for aid, 
A\ hen days and nights of anxious thought 
Nor help nor counsel yet have brought ; 
Then this our comfort is alone. 
That we may meet before Thy throne, 
And cry, O faithful God, to Thee 
For rescue irom our misery: 

To Thee may raise our hearts and eyes, 
R penting sore, with bitter sighs, 
And seek Thy pardon tor our sin, 
And respite from our griefs within. 

For Thou ha^t promised graciously 
To hear all those who cry to Thee, 

Hymn 234. 

unto Thee shaH all flesh come.'' 
■ Through Him Whose Name alone is great, 
Our Saviour and our Advocate. 

And thus we come, O God. to-day, 
i And all our woes before Thee lay, 
j For tried, afflicted, lo ! we stand, 

Perils and loes on every hand. 

, Ah. hide not for our sins Thy face. 

Absolve us through Thy boundless grace, 
Be with us in our anguish still, 
Free us at last from every ill. 

That so with all our hearts may we 
Once more with joy give thanks to Thee, 
And walk obedient to Thy word, 
And now and ever praise the Loud. Amen. 



nj 'J_^_j J^*- 

" God is our hope and strength 
p OD of our life, to Thee we call, 
IT Afflicted at Thy feet we fall ; 
When ' _ ter floods prevail, 

Leave not our trembling hearts to fail. 

Fnend of the friendl?ss an i the faint. 
Where shall we pour on* sad complaint *? 
Where but with Thee. Whose open door 
Invites the helpless and the poor ? 

a very present help in trouble.' 1 
Did ever sinner plead with Th:e, 
And Thou reject his k>vrly plea? 
D.->es not Thy word still pie g d remain, 
That none shall seek Thy face in - 
Then hear. O Lord, our humble cry, 
A id bend on us Thy pitying eye : 
To Thee their prayer Thy people make, 
Hear us, for our Redeemers sake. Amen- 

Hymn 235. 3fn times of Crouble. 

•^ — I — i — F^ri—i — P'-^-r^ 


" The Lord shall give His people the blessing of peace. 

OGOD of love, O King of peace, [cease; 
Make wars throughout the world to 
The wrath of sinful man restrain, 
Give peace, O God, give peace again. 
Remember, Lord, Thy works of old, 
The wonders that our fathers told, 
Remember not our sin's dark stain, 
Give peace, O God, give peace again. 

Whom shall we trust but Thee. O Loed? 
Where rest but on Thy faithful word ? 
None ever called on Thee in vain. 
Give peace, O God, give peace again. 
Where saints an 1 angels dwell above, 
All hearts are knit in holy love ; 
O bind us in that heavenly chain, 
Give peace, O God, give peace again. 





r 4. 





■ 1 


1 1- 


Z22 — 





^ . 



: ^=fl 


'l M 

r-S> — -s>- 









1 1 

i — S> — : — n 

^— r 


— <S> — 



■ |— 

Li — 



o • 

Oi i 

1 Thou shalt not be afraid ... for the pestilence that walketh in darkness ; nor for 
the sickness that destroyeth in the noon-day." 

IN grief and fear, to Thee, O Loud, 
We now for succour fly, 
Thine awful judgments are abroad, 
O shield us lest we die. 

The fell disease on every side 
Walks forth with tainted breath ; 

And Pestilence, with rapid stride, 
Bestrews the land with death. 

O look with pity on the scene 

Of s idness and of dread. 
And let Thine angel stand between 

The living and the dead. 

With contrite hearts to Thee, our King, 
We turn who oft have strayed ; 

Accept the sacrifice we bring, 
And let the plague be stayed. Amen. 

In time of Famine, Hymn 227 may be used, as well as Iljnim 233 and 234. 


Hymn 237. 


IK l I cJ J -^ »«- *-~^ I 

-- : ! 

4 L 

r r i\t?L ' , 

rg ^ 


-•s? — 

— 1— 

__ — 


1 -, 

n -J 

-, — I 















* — * 





^ — 




gy • 

— 1 


, 1 1 1 \^-\ q 

i i — p* — 


in r/ i. r 

:: S-S— 



■& — 


8 — l 


'S' — 

trF — 

_! 1 r.^ jgr. 

L* p. ? 




' praise the Lord, laud ye the Name of the Lord ; praise it, ye servants of 
the Loed." 

r)EJOICE to-day with one accord, 
!. Sin? out with exultation ; 
Eejoice and praise our mighty Lord, 
Whose Arm hath brought salvation ; 
His works of love proclaim 
The neatness of His Name ; 
For He is God alone 
Who hath His mercy shown ; 
Let all His saints adore Him I 

"SVhen in distress to Him we cried, 

He heard our sad complaining; 
Oh. trust in Him. whate'er betide, 
His love is all-sustaining; 

Triumphant songs of praise 
To Him our hearts shall raise ; 
Now every voice shall say. 
'• O praise our G<>d alway ; " 
Let all His saints adore Him ! 

Rejoice to-day with one accord, 
- £ out with exaltation ; 

Rejoice and praise our mighty Lord, 
Whose Arm hath brought salvation ; 
His works of love proclaim 
The greatness of His Name ; 
For He is God alone 
Who hath His mercy shown ; 
Let all His saints adore Him ! Amen. 



Hymn 238 

1 clap your hands together all ye people ; O sing unto God with the voice of 

VTOW thank we all our God, 
_^\ With heart and hands, and voice*, 
Who wondrous things hath done, 
In Whom His world rejoices; 
Who from our mother's arms 
Hath blessed us on our way 
Wkh con 'tless gifts of ljve, 

And still is ours to-day. 

Oh may this bounteous God 

Through ali our life be near us, 

With ever joyful h arts 
And blessed peace to cheer us; 
And keep us in His grace, 

And guile us when perplexed, 
And free us from all ills 

In this world and the next. 
All praise and thanks to God, 
T;i i Fathbr, now bo g ven, 

The Sox, and dim Who reigns 
With Them in highest heaven, 
The 0^e eternal God, 

Whom earth and heaven adore, 
For thus it- was. is now, 
And shall be evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 239. JBCtt) gCatS Dag. 


-^—& — ~ — - ^ 

-I L 


== -=^^fe = ^== |-r= 1 

;==|=5==3 ^= £z 

' So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. " 

FOPw Ti.y mercy a id Thy grace 
- ml through another year. 
Hear our song ot thankful teas; 
it Redeemer, hear. 

la our weakness and distress, 

Rock of Si 

It the ; I 

Bj our true ana living Way. 

Who of us death's awful road 

la the coming year shall tread, 

With Tuy rod a.;d staff, u God, 
Comfort Thou his dying bed. 
Make us faithful, make us pure, 
Keep us evermore Thine own, 
Help Thy servants to endure. 
Fit us for the promised crown. 

i tun Thy palac - 
We shall praise, on gOid^n strings, 
Thee the only Potentate, 
L02JJ of lords, and Kikg of kings. Amen. 

Hymn 210. 

u F : 


'And now. Loud, what is my hope ; truly my hope is even in Thee." 

THE year is gone, 1 f 
With all i*s hopes and fears. 
With all its bright and gladdening smiles, 

With all its moor 
Thv thankful | Thee. Lobd, 

For eountft j - 1. 

And pray for . the Faith 

Which sun's of oH believed. 
To Thee vre come. O gracious Lord, 

The new-bor bless; 

Defend our la 

Give peace and plen 
F grre this nation's many sins, 

The growth of vice restrain, 

And help us all with sin to strive, 
And crowns of life to gain. 

Is thai stain the past 
We now flee : 

An 1 pray*".. ra may all 

a, let Thy watchful Eye 
M>k on us in k>ve. 
That we may praise Thee, year by year, 
-- . 
to the Fai 

S >H, 

All glory. Holt Ghost, to Thee, 
While endless ages run. Amen. 

taping tbc jFotm&ation ^tone of a Church. 

Hymn 241. 

J » i J 

I I 



M The glory of Lebanon shall come unto 
box together, to beautify 

OLORD of Hosts, Whose glory fills 
Th s bounds of the eternal hills, 
And yet v inchsafea, in Christian lands, 
To dwell i:i temples made with hands; 
Grant that ail we, who here to-day 
Rejoici ig this foundation 1 iy. 
May be in very deed Thine own, 
Buiit 0:1 the precious Corner-stone. 
Endue the creatures with Thy grace, 
That shall adorn Thy dwelling-place ; 
The beauty of the oak and pine, 
The gold and silver, make them Thine. 

Thee, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the 

the place of My sanctuary." 

To Thee they all pertain ; to Thee 
The treasures of the earth and sea ; 
And when we bring them to Thy throne, 
We but present Thee with Thine own. 
The heads that guide endue with skill, 
The hands that work preserve from ill, 
That we. who these foundations lay, 
May raise the topstone in its day. 
But now and ever, Lord, protect 
The temple of Thine own elect ; 
Be Thou in them, and they in Thee, 
O ever-blessed Teixity ! " Amen. 

jFeast of tfyz Dedication of a Cimrcfc. 

Hymn 242— (FnsST Tune.) 

" This is none other but the House of 

OWORD of Go D above 
Who fillest all in all, 
H dlow this house with Thy sure love, 

And bless our festival. 

B re from the Font is poured 

Grace on each guilty child ; 
The blest anointing of the Losd 

Brightens the o;ce defil 

Here Christ ro faithful hearts 

His Bo iy _v s for food ; 
The Lamb of Goo Himself imparts 

The Chalice of His Blood. 

Here guilty souls that pine 

May health and pardon win ; 

God. and this is the gate of heaven." 
The Judge acquits, and grace divine 

Restores the dead in sin. 

Yea, God enthroned on high 

Here also dwells to bless ; 
Here trains adoring souls that sigh 

His mansions to possess. 

Ag i .st this holy home 

Rude tempests harmless beat, 
And Satan's angels fiercely come 

But to endure defeat. 

All might, all praise be Thine, 

FATHER, co-equal Soy, 
And Spieit, Bond of love divine, 

While endless ages run. Amen. 

jFcast of tbe Dedication of a Cfmrcfj, 

Hymn 242.— (Second Tune.) 




c 1 ^=^1 1 

^ - 



Hymns 243 & 244. -(First Tune.) 

tMJ t 1 - 

; I ■ ■ — » — —j — 

* & L,^ & 1 


— C^ 22 . 22_ 

IH ! I , i I r l l | 
, | kM J ^ ^ J. 

/ rat « g* <==? — -g 













22 " 


... 1 . 1 

' J I J 



i i 



— s>— 


— <^— 

— • S? 1 

— £?> 







^ 1 

-p ^~ 


1 , 
— — 

^N 1 




L — 



1 r 

— <s- •- 
1 ' 

— H 

1 1 saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God, out of heaven, 
prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." 

BLESSED city, heavenly Salem, 
Vision dear of peace and love, 
Who of living stones art builded 

In the height of heaven above, 
And, with angel hosts encircled, 

As a bride to earth dost move ; 
From celestial realms descending, 

Bridal slory round thee shed, 
Meet for Him Whose love espoused thee, 

To tby Lord shalt thou be led ; 
All thy streets and all thy bulwarks 

Of pure gold are fashioned. 
Bright thy gates of pearl are shining, 

They are open evermore ; 
And by virtue of His merits 

For the oilier verses see next page. 

Thither faithful souls do soar, 
Who for Christ's dear Name in this world 

Pain and tribulation bore. 
Many a blow and biting sculpture 

Polished well those stones elect, 
In their places now compacted 

By the heavenly Architect, 
Who therewith hath willed for ever 

That His Palace should be decked. 
Praise and honour to the Father, 

Praise and honour to the Sox, 
Praise and honour to the Spirit, 

Ever Three, and ever One, 
One in might and One in glory, 

While eternal ages run. Amen. 

Tiie tune to Hymn 52 may also ~be used. 

jFeast of iht DeDication of a CJmtcf), 

Hymn 243 & 244 .-(Second Tune.) 

=_H> 1 1 -^ Pj 1 —X 1 *i f_j \-L 

i i 

--- tv j _g -^ ^ s — ______ — H _ 2s _ s — _ — ^— ac _^-_H-«- __^-&^n 

» > iii d I r o. i >H i i __T' 

— , p-_^ 1 K= 1 ' 1 u -i ' 1 1~" ^ -i j S>— u €5>- a 

" Behold I lay in Sion a Chief Corner-stone, elect, precious." 

CHRIST is made the sure Foundation, 
CuiiiST the Head and Corner-stone, 
Chosen of the Lord, and precims, 

Binding all the Church in one, 
Holy Sion's help for ever, 
And her confidence alone. 

All that dedicated City, 

Dearly loved of Go;*) on high, 

In exultant jubilation 

Pours perpetual melody ; 

Gon the One in Three adoring 
In glad hymns eternally. 

To this Temple, where we call Thee, 
Come, O Lord of Hosts, to-day ; 

"With Thy wonted loving-kindness, 
Hear Thy servants, as they pray; 

And thy fullest benediction 
Shed within its walls alwny. 

Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants 
What they ask of Thee to gain, 

What they gain from Thee for ever 
With the Blessed to retain, 

And hereafter in Thy glory 
Evermore with Thee to reign. 

Praise and honour to the Fatiif.b, 
Praise and honour to the Sox, 

Praise and honour to the Spirit, 
Ever Three, and ever One, 

On^ in might, and One in glory, 
While eternal ages run. Amen. 

Hymn 245. Conversion of %t. Jpaul. 

C— i I ' H J J ~r~ ! II L ■ 

J !d ^ 

*. J- '*r*J 


g .-*^-«L,'^'J J 



u The voice of the Loud hreaketh the 
Cedars of 

THE Shepherd now was smitten; 
i lie woil *as ravening near, 
The scattered Sock he thivateued, 

But knew not ft hose they were. 
In z.alous fury seeking 

To bind a. id crucily, 
A sudde 1 v lice withneld him, 

A 1 hi i a. id startling cry : 
" Saul! Sml ! why blindly daring 

To persecute thy Lobi>7 
'Tis Jesus Whom thou hatest, 

Kebel net a: My word."* 
Then forth in prayer he stretcheth 

Those hands prepared to slay; 
u What w-.uldst Thou with Thy servant? 

My Loud and Saviour say." 

cedar trees ; yea, the Loed hreaketh the 
Libauus." 1 

Cp?.ist's foe becomes His soldier, 
The wolf destroy! no more, 

A sheep within the sheep fold 

lie eaters by the door. 
O voice of God Almighty, 

What wonders hath it' wrought! 
It rends the lofty cedars, 

It bends the haughty thought. 
Jrsr. our Shepherd, cease not 

Thy flock from harm to free, 
And when Thy sheep are wandering 

Q lead them' back to Thee. 
To Father. Sox. and, 

All glory, praise, and might, 
Who eaUed us out of darkness 

To His own glorious light. Amen. 

Hymn 216. 

"Saul! Saul! why persecutes! thou Me?" 

>/*1 ATNST whit foem-n ar v thou rushing 

VJ Sid. what madness drives thee on? 
Innocents In fury crushing. 
Children nf the sinless One : 

O. how sho r tly 
Shall He make His vengeance known 

See the Lord, from heaven descending, 
Smhes hi.n. blinds him. lays him low ; 

See the persecutor bending 
Humbly, meeklv to the blow: 

See him rising, 
Friend to Cheist, no longer foe. 

Breathing slaughter, chains preparing, 
O, how fierce his anger burned ; 

Trembling now. and lost his darir.g, 
Meek ol he has learned ; 

The destroy?! 
Now i.ito a lamb is turned. 

Christ. Thy power is man's Falva+ion, 
Hardest hearts '1 boa mak'st Thine own, 

He who wrought such desolation. 

That Thy Name might be o'erthrown, 

Now converted, [known. 

Through the world that Name m^kes 

Praise the Father, Con of heaven, 

Him Who reig >s supreme on high; 
Praise* - sinners given 

Both to Miff r ad to die; 

Praise the Spirit 
Guiding us most lovingly. Ameru 


Presentation cf Christ in the Ccmple, 

commmnly called 

€bc Purification of %t. a^arp the Qirgin. 

Hymn 217. 


• T . Loud. Whom ye seek, shall 

OSIOV, open wile thy gates, 
Let figures disappear. 
A Priest and Victim, both in one, 

The Truth Ilims-l", is here. 
Xo more the simple fl >ck shall bleed ; 

.. the F ija 2*s Sob 
Himself to His oti airar comes, 

For sinners to atone. 
Conscious of hidden Deity, 

The lowly Virgin I 
II -r new-born Babe, with two young doves, 
Ilcr tender ofif^rin.'i. 

suddenly come to His tempi V 
Trie ho try Simeon sees at last 

His Lop.d so long desired, 
And hails, with Anna. Israel's Hope, 

With sudden rapture fired. 
Bnt silent knelt the Mother blest 

Of the 
And, po idering all things in her heart, 

With speechless praise adored, 
v to the Father be, 

All glory to the Son. 
All glory. "Holy Ghost, to Thee, 

While endless ages run. Amen. 

annunciation cf tfje ^lessen Qirrtin Q^arp. 

Hymn 218. 

^ J III!. 

. i Virgin shall he with child, and shall bring forth a So>*. and they shall 
call Hi 3 Name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. ' 

pRAI.*E ire the Lord this day, 
1 Tiiis d ly bo long foretold, 

promise sho le with cheering ray 
rf old. 


Shall bear the promised Seed. 
Ask not how this should be, 
But worship and adore ! 
Like he/, vrhom heaven's majesty 
Came down to shadow o'er. 


Meekly she bowed her heal 

To hear the gracious word, 
Mary, the pure and lowly maid, 

The favoured of the 

I shall be her name 

In all theC 

. that wondrous mercy came, 

The Incarnate Saviouu's birth. 

J::su. the Virgin's Sox. 

We praise Thee and adore. 
Who art with God the Father Oae 

And Spikit evermore. Amen. 

Annunciation of the 'Hessca Oirgin £©arp. 

Hymn 219. 

/- r- __! i — ■ ■ ■ i ■ ■ ' i ' 2 — I — ted — H=f-i 


i ■ i 

■ j • i d .^ .^. .=?.. < i I i ' 


_^s^ g> -<s^- -s? : 


^ \frf ? *^W*P r i i^ ^r ^- r r, r , ^ . 


4 Ilail, thou thai art highly favoured, the Lo?.d is with thee: blessel art thoa 
amo ig i ; ' 

"Ti::: G*OD Whom earth, and sea, an 1 sky 
1 A Lore, and 1 u i, and ra ignify, [sw di. 
Whose might they own, Whose praise they 
I 1 M..rv s womb vouchsafj lo c 
The Lo-D. Whom sni and m^o I 
Whom ; 11 tin g i da .- t ) day, 

Was by the 1!o:.t Ghost conceived 
Of her who through His grace believed. 
How blrs' that >!■ ther. in whose shrine 
The -world's Creator, L>r.n divine. 

Whose hand contains the earth an 1 shy, 
a deigned, as in His ark to lie; 
i i the message Gabriel brought, 

Bl st by the work t ii 2 Spxsit srr 

1- rom whom the g e it 1 tesire of 1 

Took ham 1 1 fl sh a id hum i" 1 birth. 

O Lord, the Virgin-bom, to 1 

Eternal praise and glory be; 

Whom with the Pathkb wc adore 

An 1 Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen. 

TkU 11^ hm mag aim be used 0,1 tUe i 3 urijiieatioA i <x-.\ 

Hynn 230. J&atfttttg Cf %t. JoDil 15aptt?t 

-I 1 



L £3 




-c^ : 

E^E^ : 

P^f : 


— -?_ _^_ 





1 1 ' 1 

1 1 


A -men. 



H h 



"~^ " 

'• Behold I will send My messenger, and 

TTIF great forerunner of the morn, 
The herald of the Word, is born; 
A I faithful hearts shall nevr r fail 

thanks and praise His light to hail. 
ly message Gabri-T came. 
That Job 1 shoull be that herald's name, 
And wi:h prophetic utterance toll 
His ac:io is gr 

J"»hn, still unborn, yet gav aright 
His witn ss to the c 

Sun of all the earth, 
Fulfilled tbatwit ess at His Birth. 
Of woman-born shall never be 
A greater prophet than was he, 

he shall prepare the way before Me.'* 
Whose mighty deeds exalt His fame 
To greater than a prophet's name. 
Bit why should mortal accents raise 
Tne hymn of John the Baptist's praise 
Of whom, or ere tv.s course was run, 
Thus spake the F truss to the Son : 
41 Behold My herald, who 6hall go 
Before Thy Face Thy way to shox, 
And shine, as wrh the day-star's gleam, 
Before Thine ow 1 eternal I 
A'l praise to Gonthe Father be, 
All praise. Eternal 80 -. 
Whom with the Spirit we adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen, 

iQatitritg of ©t lofm baptist. 

Hymn 251. 



-. 1 — r 


— Z2 








— ^— : 

A ^ — t — 






1 1 

1 I 



— S> — 

— ^d — r 

o> . 1 




1 . 

-<s>- ' 


=1 ^ — 





— 1 

_^_: . 

^ • ■ 


-i — i— j- 




1 1 1 p- 

I I 

'* Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." 

LO ! from the desert homes, 
Where fie hath hid so long, 
The :, ew Klias comt-s, 

la st rn s~ wisdom strong; 
The voi^e that cries 
Of Uhrist from high, 
And judgment nigh 
Fmm ope ii ig c kies. 
Your God e'en now doth stand 

Ar heavens openi ig door, 
His fan is in llis hand, 
A d Ho w ; ll purge His floor; 
The wise t He claims 
And with Him s*ows, 
T ; >e c atf He throws 
To qie ichless fl.imes. 
Ye h lughty mount iin% bow 
Yonr sky-a-pi ii2 heads: 
Ye v dleys. hkiing low, 

Lilt up your gentle meads; 

Make His way plain 
Your King before, 
For evermore 
He comes to reign. 
May thv dread voic:> abound, 

Thou'harbiigsr «»f Light, 
On our dull ears still sound, 
Lest here we sleep in right, 
Till judgment come. 
And on our path 
Shall burst the wrath, 
And deathless doom. 
O Gr>r>, with love's sweet might, 

Who dost anoint and arm 
Thy soldiers for the fight 

With grac ? that shields from harm, 
Thrice Blessed Three, 
Heaven's endless days 
Shall si-ig Thy praise 
Eternally. Amen, 

%t o^icfjael anD ail angels. 

Hymn 252. 


-J L 


i i i i.i i i -f* i i 

! I I i I : ! J u'j I 

g & — o— r^r — ^ — g *2 ~\\ - — ^ — ^ ^ "T* 5 






M There was war in heaven ; Michael an 
the drago \ foug 

CHRIST, in highest heaven enthroned, 
Equal of the F iTHBK*S might, 
By pure spirits, trenibii lg, owned, 

G'»n of Go:>, and Light of Light, 
Thee 'mid Aigel hosts we sing. 
Thee their Maker and their Kingl 
All who circling round adore Thee, 

All win b<>w before Thy Thro ie, 
Burn with fl raring Eefel before Thee, 

Thy b hests to c irry down ; 
To an 1 fro, 'tw;x k earth and heiven, 
Speed they each o i em -ds given. 
First of all tho^3 legions glorious 

Michael waves his sword of flame, 
Who <fold in war victorious 

Did the Dragon's fierceness tame ; 

Hymn 253. 

5 — 

1 his angels fought against the dragon; and 
ht and his angels." 

"Who with might invincible 
Thrust the rebel down to hell. 

Th -y to aid the sick and dying 
Called from heaven do swiftly fly, 

Grace divine and strength rapplying 
In their mortal ago y ; 

Bonis releafl d from bondage he r e 

They to Paradise do bear. 

To the Father praise be given 
By the unfallen angel-host, 

Who in His great war have striven 
"With the legions of the lost ; 

Equal praise i i highest h< \ sen 

To the So>" and Holy Ghost. Amen. 




■ - * \\ _ {^*~ — ^ sr 1 — r y r^r 

w O p-aise th? Lord all ye His hosts ; 

PRAISE to Goo Who rr-igns above, 
Hindi ig earth and heaven in love ; 
All the armies of the sky 
"Worship His dread sovereignty. 
S ^raphim His pr lis *s sing, 
Cherubim on fourfold wi g. 
Thrones, Domhuo :s. Pri ices. Powers, 
lianks of M gV that npvjr cowers. 
Anzd hosts His wo~d fulfil, 
Rnliig oatnre by His will ; 
Rom I His thro i a Archangels pour 
So igs of praise for evermore. 
Vet on man they joy to wait, 
All that bright celestial state, 

ye servants of nis that do His pleasure." 
, For true Man their Lord they see, 
Cii3"ST the Incarnate Deity. 
Ot the Throne our Loud Who died 
Sits in manhood glorified, 
Whe^e His people faint below 
Angels count it j<>y to go. 
O the depths of j r»y divine 
Thrilling through those orders nine, 
When the lost are found again, 
A\ hen the banished come to reign. 
Now i^ faith, in hope, in love, 
We will joi i the choirs above, 
Praising, with the heavenly host, 
Fathek, So>", and Holy Ghost. Amen^ 

8& ^icftael ana all angels 

Eymn 254. 


-\~ r -L 

- zzzE^zz^zz^zz .a z E3 

-^ f^' S- ZV c>- ^- -<S>- 

I I J I I I J I I 

1 ^j5 

>J > J 1 - 


zr;^%=zgzr^2_& ? i3rz--H_^zEzzz:^-5- ? 2lt 3 _^ 

i i 

I ! J -J. 


~i r 

I I 
, | | Amen. 

i — r 

" Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be 
heirs of salvation ?" 

THEY come, God's Messengers of love, 
Tbey com? trom realms of peace above, 
From homes of never-fading tight, 
From blissful mansions ever bright. 
They come to watch around us here, 
To soothe our sorrow, cairn our fear: 
Ye heavenly guides, speed not away, 
Gon willeth you with us to stay. 
But chiefly at its journey s end 
'Tis yours the spirit to befriend, 
And whi-per to the willing heart, 
u O Christian soul, ia peace depart." 

Ble?t Jesu, Thou Whose groans and tears 
Have sanctified frail nature's fears, 
To earth in bitter sorrow weighed 
Thou didst not scorn Thine Angel's aid. 
An Angel guard to ns supply, 
When on the bed of death we lie ; 
And by Thine own Almighty power 
shield us in the last dread hour. 
To Gon the Father, Gon the Son, 
And God the Spirit, Thkee in One, 
From all above and all below 
Let joyful praise Unceasing flow. Amen. 

ail faints' Dap. 

Hymn 255. 







& p 


-\ — 


i i i i ' i i i 


— tp — , & — u 

P '1 



" What are these which are arrayed iu white robes? and whence came they V 

HO are ra appearing. 

rhese, before God's Thro le who stand 
Each a golden crown i> wearing-. 
Who are all this glorious band ? 
Alleluia ! hark th y nog, 
Praising loud their heavenly King. 

Who are these in dazzling brightness. 
Clothed i i God's own righb oua 

These, whose robes of purest wh:: 
Bha 1 their lustre still post 

Bti] untouched by time's rude hand. 
Whence comes ali this glorious band ? 

These are they who have contended 
For their Saviour* a honour long, 
Wrestling on till life was ended, 
Following not the sinful throng; 
These, who well the fight sustained, 
Triumph by the Lamb have gained. 
These are they whose hearts were riven, 

Sore with woe and anguish tri- d, 
Who in prayer full oft have striven 
With the God they glorified ; 
Now. their painful conriict o'er, 
God has bid them weep no more. 

These, the Almightt contemplating 

Did as priests before Him stand, 
Soul and body always waiting 
Day and night at His command : 
Now in God's most holy place 
Blest they stand before" His Face. Amen. 

Hymn ! 

-y- - • — r~ 



—V T " — 

.... u . 


ft £?— 


1 . 

1 ! 

— i. — 

— <5>— 

— <&— 

=gE^ SES i 

W5J — P — 

1 r 
i i 

1 J 
^2L jffl. • 

±^ : 


— &- 

— ^ — »-l- 

i ■ 

" And the city hid no nped of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it ; for the glory 
* of God did lighten it, and the Ljlmd is the Light thereof.* 1 

OHF. WFXLY Jerusalem, 
O r everia ting halls, 
Thri^p blessed are the people 

Thou Btorest in thy wills. 
Thou art the golden mansion. 

Where saints for ever sing ; 
T neat of Gon"s ow-> chosen, 

The palace of the King. 
There Gon for ever sitteth, 

Himself of all the Crown ; 
The Lamb, the Light that shineth, 

And never goeth down. 

- to this seat approacheth 

Their sweet peace to molest ; 
Th y sinz their God for ever. 

Nor day nor night they rest, 
Bure Hope doth thither lead us; 

Our longings thither tend : 
May short-lived toU ne'er daunt ua 

Fo • joys that cann 
To Christ the Sun tha" lightens, 

His Church above, below; 
To Fatiiek and to SriP.iT 

All thincrs created bow. Amen. 

Sm also Hymns 2G2 and 203. 


Hymn 257. 


" And the Trail of the city had twplve foundations, and in them the names of the 
twelve Apostles of the Lamb." 

THE eternal drifts of CnniST the King, 
The Apostles 1 glory, let us sing; 
And all, with hearts of gladness, riise 
Due hymns of thankful love and praise. 

For they the Churches' princes are, 
Triumphant Naders in the war, 
In heavenly courts a warrior band, 
True lights to lighten every land. 

Theirs is th° steadfast faith of saints, 
A id hope that never yields nor faints, 
And love of CnmsT i i perfect glow. 
That lays the prince of this world low. 

In them the Fatrtr's priory shone, 
In them the wi'l of G-.»r> the Sov, 
In them exnl^s the Holy Ghost, 
Through tlu-ni rejoice the heavenly host. 

To Th^e, Redeemer, now we cry, 
That Thou wouldst joi 1 to them on high 
Thy servants, who this grace implore, 
For ever and for evermore. Amea. 

This Hymn may also be sung to the Tune of Hymn 194. 

Hymn 258.— (First Tune.) 


d— r - — ^ — w— h 


^z?zJ^zJf f -F — r— -- r— $=^=£&=^=zz 


-1 — I 



— 1 

— I 


— ' ^ J 

— f2ZZ 


- — 77 




\ 1 

— ^ — i 



1 r n 

— *rl~~r~ >2 — 










— <S> — U- 

-1— ± -p 


— ^ — 


Z Z^~ 


(Second Tune.) 

- | [ j - — 1 i— — — g j j — | | n 

—I 1 f-f- '-, 1 1- 1 r 

' i 


4 Their sound we:it into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world. 11 

TUSPOSER Supreme, 

J " And Judg • of the earth, 
Who choo ;est for Thine 

The weak and the poor; 
To frail earthen vessels 

And tilings of' no worth 
Entrusting Thy riches 

Which aye shall endure ; 

Tho^e vessels soon fail, 

Theitsh full of Thy light, 
An 1 at T iy d cree 

Are broke i and gone ; 
Thj tee brightly apneareth 

Thy truth in its might. 
As through the clouds riven 

The lightnings have shone. 

Lik^ clouds they are borne 

To do I'hy gi\ at will, 
A id swift as the winds 

About the world go ; 
The Wo n wit i His wisdom 

Their spirits doth fill, 
Th f> y thunder, they lighten, 

The waters o'erflow. 

Their sound jroeth forth, 

■ Chhist Jksus the Lord;" 
Then Sutan doth fear, 

His citadels fall : 
As when the dread trumpets 

We it forth at Thy word. 
And one long blast shattered 

The Canaanite's wail. 

O loud be their trump, 

And s irring their sound, 
To rouse us. () Lord, 

From slumber o- ti -> ; 
The lights Thou hast kindled 

In d rkness aro ind, 
Oh, may they illumine 

Our spirits within. 

All honour a>id praise, 

Douiin on and, 
To God. Tbrsk in Oxii 

Eternally lie, 
Who round us h.-ith shod 

Ills ow i marvclloa ; light, 
Ard i a'.h d us from darkness 

Hid giory to see. Amen. 



Hymn 259. 

^ ' j ' , ' i ' i i ' i ' i ' i i i A A 

"Ye also shad sit upon twelve thrones, 

CAPTAINS of the saintly bind, 
Lights w 10 l.g'ite i every land, 
Pri ic :8 who wit a JE3J3 dwell, 
Judges of His Israel ; 
i the natio is sunk in night 
Ye hive shed the G »spel light; 
Sin a id err r n\je aw ly, 
Truth is shining on our way. 
Not by warrior's spear an I sword, 
Noi by art of hum 1 1 word, 
Preachi lg but the C oss of shame 
EjL)o1 hearts lor Clings r ye tame. 

judging the twelve tribes of Israel." 

Earth, that long in sin a T, d pain 

Groaned in Satan's deadly chain, 

Now to serve its God is free 

In the law of liberty. 

Distant lands with one n claim 

T 11 the bo lour of your name, 

Who, wherever man has trod, 

Teach the mysteries of God. 

Glory to the Three in One, 

While eternal ages run. 

Who from deepest shades of night 

Called us to His glorious light. Amen. 

Hymn 260. 


jo— J -A ~d -A —A-A — <= —J 



1 v i j*" ~c?~ • A -men. 


TT 1 

" Djhold upon the mountains the fe Q t of 

BEHOLD the mes c engers of Cusist, sow i i every place 
Th ; u v iled myste ies o r God, 

Th • Gosp I of His give 
The tin g •, throasrh mi -ts and shadows dim. 

By h >ly prophet* see \ 
I i the full light of d y they saw, 

With 'ot a cloud 1 etween. 
What, True Man, divinely wrought, 
What -God in. Manhood bore, 

Ilim that bringeth good tidings, that 


Thoy wrote ns God inspired in words 

That live for evermore. 
Although in space and time apart, 

O le Spihit ruled them all ; 
And in their sacred pa-^es still 

We hear that Simrit's call. 
To G'»n, the blessed TfiKEK in Oxe, 

B ; Jflory, praise, and might, 
Who called us from the shades of death 

To His own glorious light. Amen. 

Hymn 261. (£ttangelt£t& 

j I _ 

^aijju 'j' 

H*K~-,/rl' r# PP 

w ~ "O I" i 

1 And a River went out of Eden to water the gaMen; and from :_ rtei, ar.d became 

into four heads.*' 

Caeamraa , i mwBH 

.--.asures Driak, I - . .:-.:=, 

...ed ; 

■« . 0, -. - few ., 

Love fro-n God to lost mankind. 
S^e the R .-'..di-en 

\v; h h 

Planted by our Lobd :.. 

And II ' 

Jesv. lore; 

Onto Thee " • 


Ever and lor evermore. A man. 

Hymn 232. 

a&artpre, etc. 

HIElilliiif =sk£sd 

TTQW bright those etorioai spi 
J-*- Whence a'l their whi e a-ray ! 
How :.. 

Of ever astiaz day ! 
L". these a~e they from - 

W ' I 'ieht ': 

And in . washed 

Th -e robes which shine s> b-izht. 
H w with triimphal palms '.-y s md 

B-' re 

v? he r-oo h^v love a 
Hun?-?- sod u -" wrm felt no more, 

Jf^r ma ■ . _ i : :. eking tay ; 

robes ani made them 
Blood of the Lamb.'" 

God a h ■ - 8 *■. - MB cheering beams 
- - mm day. 
n, Who rei^Tis urx>n the throne 
- rside. 

Feed these sri h noumhm^n- divine, 

'-" h flock, 

_ -• 

; eye 
• t-ar. 


a^artprs, etc. 

Hymn 263. 







■o 1 





:ps-^r2^F===l-t 1] I-J-- -J-l- = 

I ~ i I I I. ** I 


1 Tight the good fight of faith." 

THE Sox of God goes forth to war, 
A kingly crown to gain, 
His blood-red banner streams afar ; j 

Who follows in His train ? __^S 
Who best can drink his cup of woe, 

Triumphant over pain, 
"Who patient bears his cross below, 
He follows in His train. 

The martyr fir c t, whose eagle eye, 

Could pierce beyond the g^ave, 
Who saw his Master in the sky, 

And called an Ilim to save. 
Like H»m, wi'h pardon on his tongue, 

In mid-t of mortal piin. 
He nray -1 fhr tiem tint did the wrong 

Who follows in His train ? 

A glorious band, the chosen few 

On who n the Spihit came, 
Twelve valiant saints,their hone they knew, 

And mocked the cross and fl imo. 
Thev met, the tvrant's brandished steel, 

The lion's irory mane, 
Thev bowed their necks, the death to feel; 

\\ ho follows in their train ? 

A noble army, men and b^ys, 

The matron and the maid, 
Around the Saviour's throne rejoice, 

In robes of li-zht arrayed. 
Th^v climbed the steep "ascent of heaven! 

Tnrouzh peril, toil, and p-ii i ; 
O Proo to ns may sprac* be given, 

To foiiow iu their train. Amea. 


Hymn 264. 

oprtprs, etc. 

£i— *=*: 




1 & ' 

j^ r^ r d <g , „i 


"Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when he is tried he shall receive 
the crown of life." 

OGOD, Thy soldiers' great Reward, 
Their Portion, Crown, and faithful 
From all transgressions set us free [Lord, 
Who siig Thy martyr's victory. 
By wisdom taught he learned to know 
The vanity of all below, 
The fleeting joys of earth disdained, 
And everlasting glory gained. 
Right manfully his cross he bore, 
And ran his race of torments sore ; 

For Thee he poured his life away, 
With Thee he lrws in e ldless day. 
We therefore pray Thee, Lord of Love, 
Regard us from Tny throne above ; 
On this Thy martyr's triumph-day, 
Wash every stain of sin away* 
All praise to God the Father be, 
All praise Eternal Son, to Thee, 
Whom with the Spirit we adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 265 
4 — U — \ 


iHHlsi!!&=! ^ i J 5 

i i 




" Be thou faithful unto death, 

FOR man the Saviour shed 
His all-atoning Blood, 
And oh, shall ransomed man refuse 

To suffer for his G-on? 

Ashamed who now can be 

To own the Crucified "? 
Nay. rather be onr glory this, 

To die fir Him Who died. 

So felt Thy martyr, Lord ; 

By Thv ris:hf hand sustained, 
He waged for Thee the baHle's strife, 

And threatened death disdained. 

Upon th? crolden crown, 

Gazing with eager breath, 






I will give thee a crown of life." 
He fought as one who fain would die, 

And,"dying, conquer death. 

Alone he stood unmoved 

Amid his cruel foes, 
O wondrous was the might that then 

Above his torturers rose 1 

Lord, give us grace to bear 

Like him our cross of shame, 
To Ho and suffer what Thou wilt, 

For love of Thy dear Name, 

J"sr, the King of saints, 

We praise Thee and adore, 
Who art with God the Fatohr One, 

And Spirit evermore. Amen. 


Hymn 286. 

a^attprs, etc. 

T W 

J i i i . i rirn J -J ""J 



zj~ — 

— ^^ — i — i — i-j-— j — 

— ^-t<£> — <^ — <5? ^-t^ — < 

I I I 

g j ^^^^-^ z n^ 

I I 1 ', | I A-m.-n. 

□ ' r 


11 If a man desire the office of a 

OTTIOU Whose all-redeeming might 
Crowns every CKief i 1 faith's true fight. 
On this comuiemoratio 1 diy 
II ar us, goo 1 Jesu. while we pray. 
I \ faithful strife for Thy dear Name 
Thy serva it earned th»> saintly fame. 
Which pious hearts with praise revere 
Iu constant m smory year by year. 
E irttfs fleeting joys be counted nought, 
For higher, truer, joys he sought, 

Bishop, he desireth a good work.*' 

And now with angels round Thy Throne* 

U ifading treasures are his own. 

() grant that we. most gracious God, 

M iy follor i i the steps he trod ; 

And, freed from every stain of sin, 

As he hath won may also win. 

To Thee, Christ, our loving King, 

All <rlory, praise, and thanks we bring; 

Whom with the Fatiies we adore, 

And Holy Ghost, for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 267. 



-53 1 W -r -£ 

I i I 

I • f — V , I I I I I I I 1 I I 

" Whosoever shall confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Fatheb 
which is i.i heaven." 

V"OT by the martyr's death alone 
_> The saint his crown in heaven has won, 
There is a triumph robe oi high 
For bloodless fields of victory. 
What though he was no*- called to feel 
The rro-s <>r flame, or torturing wheel, 
Yet d lily to the world he died, 
His hVsh through grace, he crucified. 
What though nor chains nor scourges sore. 
Nor crud beasts his members tore, 

Enough if perfect love ari^e 

To CHKlsva grateful sacrifice. 

Lonn, gran f us po to Thee to turn 

That we to die through life may learn, 

And thus, when life's brief day is o'er, 

Rejoice with Thee for evermore. 

O Fount of sanctity and love, 

O perfect Rest of saints above, 

All praise, all jilory be to Tbee, 

Both now and through etaraity. Amen. 

apattptff, etc. 

Hymn 258. — (First Tune.) 

==^ =s ^^^- ^^ ^z^^^N*==t 

r R 

" Thy Name is as ointment poured forth 

TESU, Ihe virgins' Crown, do Thou 
Aec ?pt as as in | ray : we bow, 
Born o: \ :r A i v. h . i aloii3 
Th • M >ther a d the Mai . we own. 
Among t the lilies T' 01 dost fe^d, 
An I thither choirs of virgins Lad ; 
A*l6rniog all Thy chose i bridi s 
With glorious g:f s T;.y love p:'oviles. 
And whither, T oun. Thy footfteps wend, 
Tiie virgins stil. with praise attei.d; 

( Second Tune.) 

i, therefore do the virgins love Thee." 
For Thee they pour their sweetest song, 
A :d after Thte rejoicing throng. 
O gracious Lord, we Thee implore 
Thy grace on every to pour; 
From all pollution keep us fre ■, 
And make us pure in heart lor Thee. 
All praise to Gor> the Fatiiek be, 
A 1 praise. Eternal Son, to Thee, 
Whom with the SPISR we adore, 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 

I I I I I r I I i , ^""! ' i ' n ' i i • . A-mcn. 


Hymn 269. ^attptS, CtC. 

b 1 1 1 1 l-r— I 1 1— n — l-T— I 1 1 r-i— I 1 n 




• I 

1 I i I i ' i I <4li ' i. ' I i I i i i . I » J&L 




u Who can find a virtuous woman ? f->r her price is above rubies : the heart of her 
husband doth safely trust in her." 

HOW blest the matron, who, endued 
With holy zeal and lortitud », 
lias wo'i through grace a saintly fame, 
And owns a dear and honoured name. 
Such holy love inflamed her breast 
She would not seek on earth her rest, 
But, strong in faith and patience, trod 
The narrow way that leads to God. 
She learned, through fasting, to control 
The flesh that weigheth down the soul, 

And then by prayer's sweet food sustained 
To seek the joys she now has gained. 
O Christ, from Whom allvi-tue springs, 
Who oily doest wondrous things, 
To Thee, the King of Sai its, we pray, 
Accept and bless Thy flock to-day. 
All praise to Goo th-» Father be, 
All praise. Eternal Sox to Thee, 
Whom with the Spikit we adore, 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 


f2 "H 



., ! 




— u 



■ r 

i i 





— &>— 




"^- . 

w fU 


—\ — 


— ^^— - 




L-t£?— -^ — U 

I -C*- -£5»- -^- JO. — I I I ^ -S- -£?- ^ •&• . _ 

"i — r 

4 1, John, who also am your brother and companion i i tribulation, and in the kingdom 
and patie ice of Jrsus Christ, was in the isb which is called Patu«os, lor tlia 
Word of God and for the testimony of Jksus Christ.' 1 

How, sown in martvrs' blood, the Faith 

A N exil ) for the Faith 
iV Of his I icarnate Lord, 

Beya id the stars, beyond all space, 
His so.l in vision soared : 
Thr^re saw in glory Him 
Who Hwth, and was dead, 

Th( re Judah's Lion and the Lamb 
That fo" otir ransom bled : 
There of the Kingdom learnt 
The mysteries sublime ; 


Should spread from clime to camo. 

Lord, give us grace, like him, 

In Thee to live aid die 
To spurn the fleeting things of earth, 

A id seek for joys o i high* 

Jf.s'J, our ris -n Lord. 

We praise T'lee and adore. 
Who art with God the Father One 

And Spirit evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 271. 

e^artgrs, etc. 

-5 . 1 (— p — i 1 1 — n 1— , 1 1 1 1 — 

l I 



.^_ _: 


-■ ' i I ' i i , 

L^isf . J. 

j j i r~ t ] f 



" Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven devils." 

SON' of the Highest, deign to cast 
O 1 us a pit/i lg eye, 
Thou who ivpe itant Magdalene 

Didst call to joys on high. 
The long-lost coin is stored at length 

In treasure-house divi te, 
The precious gem irom filth is cleansed, 

A id doth the stars outshine. 
Jesu, the balm of every wound, 

Tue sinuer*s only stay, 

Grant us, like Magdalene, to weep 

In this Thy mercy's day. 
Absolve us by Thy gracious Word, 

Fulfil us with Thy love, 
And guide us through the storms of life 

To perfect rest above. 
All praise, all glory be to Thee, everlasting Lonn, 
Whose mercy doth our souls forgive, 

Whose bounty doth reward. Amen. 

— I — i — F T r i 

i i 


— 1 l-r-J ! 1-n n 

44 Of whom the world 

r! servants of our glorions Kino:, 
To Him your thankful praises bring; 
And tell the deeds *-hat g-nee has done, 
The triumphs bv lli> martyrs won. 
Since thev were faithful to Hie listi 
Th »ir holy struct! * now are past; 
T N e bi*t«»m " i ;«5 nf death fa o'er. 
And theirs is bli-s for evermore. 
The fl line r1 ii seo-ch, the knife lav hare, 
And cruel beas's their members tear ; 
No powers of earth, no nowers of hell 
The souls that loved their Lo2D could quelL 

was not worthy. 

For ever broken is the chain 
Thai smiiht to bind them, but in vain ; 
O let us strive lik 1 them to win 
Onr freedom from the bonds cf sin. 
O Sattottr! may our portion be 
With those who ernve themselves to Thee, 
Through nil e*emitv to in? 
AH prais 3 to Th e, rh a Martyrs' King. 
All n~aise In O-on the Fat:i~?. be, 
All praise. Eternal Son, to Thee, 
TAThom wUh the Spisit we adore. 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 

Qjjartgrs, etc. 

Hymn 273. 

— :^ — zfeJ2g_fc^£|l 


E^-£?d?»-— -n 


, — r 

81 And they glorified God in me." 1 

FOR Thy dear saint, O Loi*r>, 
Who strove in Thee to live, 

Who followed Thee, obeyed, adored, 
Our grateful hymn receive. 

F^r Thy dear saint, O Lord, 
Who strove in Thee to die, 
And fou id in Thee ■ full regard, 
Accept our thankful cry. 

Thine earthly members fit 
To join Thy saints above, 

In one comma 'ion ever knit, 
One feLowship of love. 

Jksu, Thv Name we bless, 
Aid hum 1 lv pray that we 
May follow them i.i holi e><. 
Who lived aud died for Thee. 

*A11 might, all praise, be Thine, 
Fxtiikr. co-.-qual Sox. 
And Spisit. Bond of love divine, 
While eudless ages run. Amen, 



H 1 31 H S 




uwomm t::z mcmtSAL KDiroKsmr or 



■ Yonnz men and maidens, old men and children, praise the Name of the LotcL* 







Etexixq .... 

274— .'S3 

Sunday .... 

2S1, 252 

St. Stephen's Day . 




Lent .... 

255— 288 

Ox the Passiox 






General Use 





345— 850 


851, 352 


853. 354 


Embeb Days 855 

Missions 350,357 

Burial of a Child .... 353 

Harvest .... 35?, SCO 

For. tue Youxg 3«31— 309 

Almsgiving 370 — 372 

Hospitals 373 

Times or Cattle Plague 374 

New Tear's Eve 375 

Axxuxciatiox, ETC., of B. V. 

Mary 376 

Martyrs, etc. .... 377— 888 

Processioxal .... *S4— SSi 


The furies marked (*) were composed for this Appendix, or are now printed for the 
first time. Some of Viose. taken/, om German source* are also, it is belieced, now 
printed for the first time in England. 

A few more years shall roll 
All crea'ion groans and travails 

All hail the power of Jesu s Name. . . . cm. 

Alleluia, Alleluia 8 7,87 

Name of Tune. 

J Hymn. 

Alleluia, si ig to Jesus 

Al. nighty Grod, Whose only Son 

And now the wants are told 

8 7, 8 7, 8 7, 8 7 


Art thou weary, art thou languid 85, 83 

As pants the hart for cooling streams < .m. 
At even ere the sun was set l.m. 

Be Thou my Guardian and my Guide cm 

Behold us, LorJ, before Thee nut ,8 8, 8 8, 8 S 

Blessed feasts of blessed martyrs 8 7, 8 7, S 7, 8 7 

Bri-ht the vision that delighted .... 8 7, 8 7 
Brightly gleams our banner 6 5, G 5, G 5, 6 5 

'6CG6, 4444 

6 5, G 5. G 5, 6 5 

7, 7, 7, 3 


7 6, 7 G, 7 6, 7 6 

8 7, 8 7, 8 7 

Christ is our corner-stone 
Christian, dost thou see them 
Chiistian, seek not yet repose 
Come let us join our cheerful songs 
Come, sing with holy gladness 
Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem 

Come, ye faithful, raise the strain |7 6, 7 6, 7 6, 7 6 

Crown Him with many crowns d.s.m. 

Days and moments quickly flying Irregular 

Draw nigh and take the Body of the \ \q in 
Lo rd « J i ' 

Fierce raged the tempest o'er the deep 8, 8, S, 3 

Glad sight! the holy Church ... ' 
God the Father, Whose creation . . . 
Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd 
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost 
Guide me, O Thou Great Redeemer 

Hail, gladdening Light .... 

Hark! hark, my soul 

Hark ! the sound of holy voices . . . 
Heavenly Father, send Thy blessing 
Holy Ghost, Illuminator (part 2) ... 



-8 7, 8 7, 8 7 
8 7. 8 7. 8 7 
T, 7, 7. 5 
|8 7, 8 7, 4 7 


11 10,1110.9 11 

8 7, 8 7, 8 7, S 7 
|8 7. 8 7, 8 7, 8 7 
,8 7, 8 7, 8 7, 8 7 



(St. James i 

I Miles' La ie f 

*6U Ldward .... 


I itercessio.i 

*Wey bridge 

' *Chribtus Consolator 


Angel us 


A ngels' Song 
Aila Triaita beata . . . 
Redhead, No. 4J 


*S\ Andrew of Crete 


St. Fulhert 


Unser Herrscher . . . 
St. John Damascene 

|St. Sylvester 

, St' Aelred 

. *St. Aldate 
, Xeale .... 


*Charity .... 










3) I 






*IIiil, gladdening Light 

\ ♦Pdgrims .... | 00 _ 

} ♦Vox Angelica.... \ *™ 

♦Gloria 373 

*Io la .... ... 364 

i*Hluminator 293 



Name of Tune. 

. . . rxaM 

... 7 6, 7 6, 1 6, 7 

I 0, 7 o, 7 G, 7 6 


. . . 6 G 0, -4 4 4 4 . . 

. . D.C M 


I heard the voice of Jesus say 
I need Till e. precious Jesu 
In days of o.d oq Sinai — 

In toien that thou shalt not fear 

Jerusalem on high .... 

J ; 'su, for the beaon-light. . .. 
Jesus is God, t:ie solid earth 
Jesus, Lord of life aud glory 

Lead, kindly Light 10 4,10 4,10,10 

Let our choir new anthems raise 7 G, 7 G, 7 G, 7 G 

Light's abode. Celestial Salem S 7, S 7, 5 7 

Lo, round the throne, a glorious band l.m 

Lo ! the angels Food is given J rregular 

Lord of glory, Wiio hasi bought us 8 7, S 7, S 7, S7 
Lori of o^r life, and God of our ) .. , . .. ~ 
salvation f "» "i "t » — 

My God, accept my heart this day cm , 

Now the day is over 6 5,65 

Now the thirty years accomplished / a - - Q - 
(parti) H87,87,8I ... 

O day of rest and gladness ' 7 6, 7 6, 7 6, 7 6 

O Father, Who didst all things make I L.M 

O Food that weary pilgrims love 8 86, S 8 6 

O happy band of pi.grims 7 6,70 

O Jesu Christ, if aught there be .... GJl 

O Jesu, Thou art standing 7 G, 7 6, 7 6, 7 6 

O Lamb of God, Whose love divine Jl.m 

O Light, Whose beams illumine all 8 8. S 8, 8 3 
O Lord of heaven, and earth, and sea 8, 8, S, 4 

O Paradise, O Paradise '36,36,6666 

O praise our great and gracious Lord 'n. cm 

O quickly come, dread Judge of all 8 8, S 8, 88 

O Saving Victim, opening wide(part "2) l.m 

O Shepherd of the sheep s.m 

O Thou Who makest souls to shine l m 

O what the joy and the glory must be 10, 10. 10, 10 

Once in royal" David's city ' ,S 7, 8 7, 7 7 

Once, only once, and once for all cm 

Onward. Christian soldiers 6 5, 6 5, 6 5, 6 1 

Out of the deep I call s.m 

Pleasant are Thy courts above 7s. 7s .... 

Piaise to the Holiest in the height cm 

Rejoice, the Lord is King 6 6 6 6, 8S 

Rejoice, ye pure in heart : s.m 

Saviour atrain. to Thy dear Name 10, 10. 10. 10 

S iviour, Blessed Saviour. . . f? 5, 6 5 6 5. 6 

Saviour, sprinkle many nations H 7. 8 7, 8 7. S 7 

See the Conqueror monntsin triumph ^7, 3 7, 3 7, 3 7 
Shall we not love thee, Mother dear ic.M 

•Vox dilecti 

Au red i .... 
Talhs' Ordinal 

, Christchurch 

St. Ldmuud 
, O.d 137 

St. Baphael 

Lux Benigna 

\ *&L Joseph of the 

1 Studhim 

' j Urbs b*.at a 

( Regent Square . . . 


*i-cce Panis 
[•Oliaritas .... 

"Cloisters , 

1st Peter's 



. . -U4 
. . I 323 

:: S 





•Eudoxia .... 

j Pange Lingua ( 

"j St. Denys ....J 





St. Gad 

•Esca Viatorum 



St. Catherine 

•St. Patrick 

•Sydenham .... 

Almsgivi lg 

j *Paradise (TL Smart, 
"j * Paradise (Ur. Dykes ) 

Old 132 

•Veni cito 

O Salutaris I 

Vincent . . . . ) 

Michael Frank 

St. Lawrence ,. . . . 

quanta qualia 

1 rby 


St. Alban 








* 5 


Gopsal .... 

* Pax Dei .... 
•Rdina .... 

*I ma .... 

St. Agnes .... 


. 983 

.1 307 
. 906 


. r 7"> 


. 356 

. 293 

. 376 



Name of Tune. 


Shepherd Divine, our wants relieve cm 

Si :g Alleluia forth i.i duteous praise 10, 10, 7 

Sing, my to g ie, the glorious battle S 7, S T, S 7 

t>i :g praise to God Wlio reigns above S 7, 8 7, 5 5 7 
SoiUiers, wno are Christ's u^low .... 7s .... 

Bo JgS o: tliau&luluesg and praise .... 7s, 7s .... 
biarsoi the moral. .g 10,10,1, 13 

7 v 7 >. 7 7 
, 7 ti, 7 (3. i : 7 6 
76, 70, * 6,76 

7 0, 7 0,SS 

Tender ShepherL Thou ha^t stilled 

The Ubureii s one foundation 

Tiie Day of Insurrection 

The dj.y is past aad ov^r 

T'ne TT^rul that was crowned ) 

with tuorns j- cm 

The heavenly Word proceeding forth l.m .... 

Th ! King of love my Shepherd is S 7, 8 7 

The radiant morn hath passed away 6,8 8,4 

The world is very ivll *. . 7 6. 7 C. 7 0, 7 6 

Th -re is a green Lid far awp.v cm 

Thine arm. O Lord, in d;;ys of old I'.cm 

Thine for t v-r. God n<* love 7s 

This is the day of light sm 

T'.-.o-i Jaige of quick and dead s.m 

Thy Oroaa, O Lord, the holy sign l m. 

Thy kingdom come, O G-od 

We are bnt little children weak 

We dv i Thee but Thi leown 

We know Thee Who Thou art 

We plough the fields and scatter 

Weary of earth, and laden with my sin 10, 10. 10. 10 

What rations hindrances we me t l.m 

When at Thy footstool, Lo d, I bend L.M .... 
When morning gilds The skies . . 6 6 G. 6 6 6 
Wiien wounded sore the stricken heart CM 

. 6, C G 

. T..M 

. SM 

. S M 

7 " i "o\ ~6 CO 

Yesterdav with exultation 

I 3 7, SS 7 

St Etheldreda 333 

I I'he Endless Alleluia , ^ A 
i * Alleluia pereune 

j i J a ge Lingua 

^•k ... ..' -:o4 

Redhead, No. 45 
^Manifestation ... 281 

♦Trisagioa ... 121 


. Meinhold .... .... 

. Amelia 

. *Dorking 

| >\.\n itoliu^Dr Dvkc 
I StAuatUMA.lI. Bn wn 

I St. Mag is, or Not- i w 
" "( ti ighaui .... I 

i O Salutaris i 

' ) St. Vincent \ 

. *Domiui:s regit me 

. *St Gabliel " 

. Pearsall .. . 
. *Horsley .... 
. St. Matthew 
. *Kveimore 
. Swalia .... 

, :*outhweli 

S owell 
. St Cecilia 

.|*Alstone .... 

. S. Michael 

I-idore.... .... 

S: Wir prlugtn 
Dalkeith .... 

lireslau .... 

St Sepulchre 
* La tides Domini 
St. Bernard 









• 71 
3 7 



*Herimundusexultavi: iS3 


First Line. 


Name of Tu.-.e. 


According to Thy gracious Word 
Angels, from the realms of Glory 
Brightest and bjst of the sons 
Come, O come ! in pious lays 
Hark ! the song of Jubilee 

In the hour of trial 

Jesu. Thou J »y of loving hearts . . . 
Just a> I am. — without one piea ... 
Lo. d of mercy and of might 

My Go: ! how endless is Thy Love 
O God of B -thel ! by Whose Hand 
Stand up and bles< the Lord 
The Lord my pasture shall prepare 

There is a Land of pure delight . . . 

G M 

3 7,87,47 

11 10, 11 10 
, 7?, 7s 


. 6 5. 5. b" 5, C 5 

. L.M 

3,8.8, € 


38 58,88 

. Manchester 

. Horsley 

. Z'^ar 

. *Parracombe 

Bohemia .... 
. *Euha:n .... 
. Hatherton 
•••:• don '. . 

~i W ar. ham 
. S. David . . . 
. *Appieby Xew 
. Carey'i .... 

s York 
" "/ * Avignon 




3 5 





Hymn 274. 




j i j 4. 

zsz — — zr 


i i i i-l - • 

ipp"T — rt g -1 5 • 


kf=¥ = 

^ — 

■& ■ & -; 
i 1 

■ ' ' - 2 


■ The Loud shall be thine everlasting Light" 

THE radiant morn hath passed away, 
And spent too soon her golden store ; 
The shadows of departing day 
Creep on once more. 

Our life is but a fading dawn, 
Its glorious noon how quicklv past; 
Lead us. O Christ, when all' is gona, 
Safe home at last. 

Oh. by Thy soul-inspiring grace 

Uplift our hearts to realms on high ; 
Help us to look to that bright place 
Beyond the sky ; 

W here lig ht, and love, and joy, andpeaet 
In undivided empire reign. 
And thronging angels nev^r cease 
Their deathless strain ; 

"Where saints are clothed in spotless white, 
And evening shadows never fall, 
Where Thou. Eternal Light of Light, 
Art Lord of alL Amen. 


Hymn 275.— (First Tcne 

a ' r J |~i — z=J — p a 

g .^ ^ ^ J 1 jj 

k '— — J ' 1 — i J 

B ij _, i p 1 -. B 


41 It is Thou, Lord, only that makest me dwell in safety." 

THE day is past and over ; 
All thanks, O Lord, to Thee ; 
I pray Thee now that sinless 
The hours of dark may he : 
O Jesu, keep me in Thy sight, 
And guard me through the coming night 

The joys of day are over ; 
I lift my heart to Thee, 
And ask Thee that offenceless 
The hours of dark may be: 
O Jesu, keep me in Thy sight, 
And guard me through the coming night. 

The toils of day are over; 

I raise the hymn to Thee, 
And ask that free from peril 
The hours of dark may he : 
O Jesu. keep me in Thy sight, 
And guard me through the coming nigkt 

Lighten mine eyes, O Savioub, 

Or sleep in death shall I, 
And he, my wakeful tempter, 
Triumphantly shall cry 
11 Aeainst him I have now prevailed ; 
Rejoice ! the child of God has failed." 

Be Thou my soul's preserver, 
For Thou alone dost know 
How many are the perils 
Through which I have to go : 
O loving Jesu. hear my call, 
And guard and save me from them all. 


Hymil 275,— {Second Tune.) 

"It is Thou, Lord, only that makes: me dwell in safety.' 

THE dav is past and over ; 
All thanks, Loan, to Thee; 
I pray Thee now that sinless 
The hours of dark may be : 
O Jkst. keep me in Thy sight, 
And guard me through the coming night. 

The joys of day are over ; 
I lift mv heart to Thee, 
And ask Thee that onenceless 
The hours of dark may be : 
O JiSU. keep me in Thy sight. 
And guard me through the coming night. 

The toils of day are over : 

I raise the hymn to Thee, 
And ask that free from peril 
The hours of dark may be : 
O Jesu. keep me in Thy sight 
And guard me through the coming nig&t. 

Lighten mine eyes. O Saviour, 

Or sleep in death shall I, 
And he. my wakeful tempter, 

Triumphantly shall cry 

u Aganwl him I have now prevailed ; 
Rejoice ! the child of God has failed. ■ 

Be Thon mj -ver, 

For Thon alone dost know 

How many are the 
Throueh which I have to go : 
O loving Jkst. hear my call. 
And guard and save me from them all. Am«^. 

Hymn 276. 


j — i 



<& T a 

fr 4 g.i» < 

^- r ^ 



ii '; ; i 'i n t; n. u Jj 

JJ'J Amen. 

11 And at even, when the sun did set, they 
and all that were possessed with devils, 
at the door. 1 ' 

AT even ere the sun was set, 
The sick O Lobd, around Thee lay; 
Oh, in what divers pains they met ! 
Oh, with what joy they went away ! 
Once more 'tis eventide, and we 
Oppressed with various ills draw near : 
What if Thy form we cannot see ? 
AVe know and feel that Thou art here. 
O Savious Christ, our woes dispel ; 
For tome are sick, and some are sad, 
And irome have never loved Thee well, 
And some have lost the love they had ; 
And some have found the world is vain, 
Yet from the world they break not free ; 

brought unto Him all that were diseased, 
And all the city was gathered together 

And some have friends who give them pain, 
Yet have not sought a friend in Thee ; 
And none, O Loud, have perfect rest, 
For none are wholly free from sin ; 
And they, who fain would serve Thee best, 
Are conscious most of wrong within. 
O Savioxjii Christ, Thou too art Man ; 
Thou hast been troubled, tempted, tried ; 
Thy kind but searching glance can scan 
The very wounds that shame would hide ; 
The touch has still its ancient power ; 
No word from Thee can fruitless fall ; 
Hear in this solemn evening hour, 
And in Thy mercy heal us all. Amen. 

Hymn 277. 

" God, even our own God, shall give us His blessing." 
FATHER Who didst all things make _ 2, H ?U P^^^^ZZ^vJ ^ 1 " 

r A1I1 nil. »r no ujuw an i in.i-.o ..u._. v 

x , That heaven and enrth mi^ht do Thy will 
Bless us this night for Jrsu'8 sake. 
And for Thy work preserve us still. 

^o-f. Who did'pt- redeem mankind, 
And set the captive Rimer free. 
Keep us this night with peaceful mind, 
that we may safe abide in Thee. 

The Church elect dost sanctify, 
Seal us this night, and hour by hour 
Our hearts and members purify. 

To Father. Sox, and Holy Ghost, 
The God Whom heaven and earth ador^ 
From men and from the angel-host 
Be praise and glory evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 278. <ZEt) Citing. 

Slotc, but tcith spirit. 

/ Hail! gladu' ning Light, of lib pure glory poured, Who is th' Im mortal Fa-tuee, 
i i J J I J J J I J * jj ~^' -^ : J J 

-r^-l l-r-T 



P • T^ » fci ii 

Ileav'nly, Blest, Ho - li - est of llo - lies, Jesl* Christ, out Lord! Now we are 
I A « ^ ■ N I I £ ! ' J S ! *L J - I 1 

i i 


I _jfc> I J r -J4e a l- 



— , 

I I I I i ^ i i ' I ' ' I 

come to the sun's hour of rest, The lights of ev'ning round us shine, We hymn the 

—^—l*—*^-^ — — ; \^~r~^\T~~^~\ !5 '~^ — Y 5, — ^~T^~ S " 1 ^ — ~~~E 

Sox, . . and ITo - ly 


—^c 1 — j g-r & > 1^ — ^_ta_?2 — 2_t^ — a_^L_^_^_^_tp — art 

1 ' I ^ — n ri • >i § i i 

Father, Son. and Ho - - ly Di-vine. Worthi-est art Thou at 

all times to be sung with un -de - fil - ed tonsrue. Sox of our God, Giv-er of 

t- j 1 1 — M; 



« t i . . — »-r^ — v-:-- 

-i^— e»-H»- L j i — l l-= — <&— L <g- p ' g?-j 

lift 1 , A- lone; Therefore in all the world Thy glories, Lord, they own. A- men. 

-i — V 

^^mmmsmsm mmsm 

u ' I ' 

Loed . . they own. 



Hymn 279. — At End of Service. 

'f—p 3~ E ^t^t-^t J-t-s^i— : 



—22— :■ 



-fr* g=s 


44 The Lord shall give His people the blessing of peace** 

SAVIOUR, again to Thy dear Name we raise 
With one accord our parting hymn of praise ; 
We stand to bless Thee ere our worship cease, 
Then, lowly kneeling, wait Thy word cf peace. 

Grant us Thy peace upon our homeward way ; 
With Thee began, with Thee shall end the day; 
Guard Thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shamt, 
That in this house have called upon Thy Name. 

Grant us Thy peace, Lord, through the coming night, 
Turn Thou for us its darkness into light ; 
From harm and danger keep Thy children free, 
For dark and light are both alike to Thee. 

Grant us Thy p^ace throughout our earthly life, 
Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in strife ; 
Then, when Thy voice shall bid our conflict cease, 
Call us, O Lord, to Thine eternal peace. Amen. 



Hymn 280.— At End of Service. 

i I | | 

1 — n r 

-0 God. Thou 

VlfD now Hm I brought 

Thy I: ei bo Thy knee ; 

we ask for naught, 
. .rTiip Thee. 
The hope of heaven's eternal day 

'■" » X IC gl 

For ' h 
For Th a art Boo, the 

O'er all things high and brig I ; 
And round ha, fck Thy Name, 

There spreads a heaven of light. 

Irons peace. In thought to dwell 

Oa excellence divine ; 

To know that naught in man can tell 

llo\r fair Thy beauties shine, 
O Thou, above alibi mm ablest, 

Oer thanks exalted far. 
Thy v i a rest 

To weaklingE 
For-- the praise of Thee 

A task h y rers, 

"We say. "A perfect God is He, 

And He is fully ours.* 1 
••■ to the Fatfif.e be, 

All glory ' 

7, Holy Ghost, to Thee, 

While endlew igee run. Amen. 

Hymn 281. 





1 1 ' ! 
_^ — ^ — 

— »>-* 

1 . 




-&• • 

— fc 

£2 * 

-^ ;S* — 

'■ <g ■ 

zz— IT 

S5 — ! 



— F^— 

^^"~ : 

I ..J 


•■ I wafl in the Spirit on the Lord's day.' 

THIS is the day of light: 
L : there be light to-d ly : 
rise upon our 

i .;-. 
• st: 

Or. weary brain and troubl sd bvast 

rhou Thy freshening dew. 
Thi* is the day of peace : 
Thy peace oar spirits fill ; 

Bid Thou the blasts of disc— I 
The waves of strife be still 

"he day of prayer : 

Lift op Thee there ; 

Come down I s here. 

This is the first o* 
Send forth Thy quickening breath. 
And wake dead souls bo love and praise, 
U Vanquisher of death ! Amen.. 

Hymn 282. 





=^=22=3=3 — ZJT\— I — f |=^i^-| — — 

— 2-j — i— «s? <s; js> <s>—*— &>—)-*■ — <& — u —&—*-ts> < 

1 I 'I 

i i I 


i i 


^ g^.c{ ipJT l 


r i> i 

i 'i 1 1 

|^-n 4-1 -4- J J Mfc» -J i 

„ U^l _| , ^ 

' — ^ — ^ T2 J3" 

-S*— J—e^ — ^ -,-5 U_ —^ &— J 

1 1 U 1 1 ' h> ! 1 
^ ^— p -g— ^ 3 ^ j5> ^ " 

I— -=L, l ... 1 r ik^ jsd 

Mf f : r T'4^1 

' Upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together. 1 

ODAY of rest and gladness, 
O day of joy and light, 
O balm of care and sadness, 

Most beautiful, most bright; 
On thee the high and lowly 
Before th' eternal Throne 
Sing Holy, Holy, Holy, 
To the great Thkee in One. 

On thee, at the creation, 

The light first had its birth ; 
On thee for our salvation 

Cueist rose from depths of earth ; 
On thee our Losn victorious 

The SpruiT sent from heaven; 
And thus on thee most glorious 

A triple light was given. 

Thou art a cooling fountain 
In life's dry dreary sand ; 

From thee, like Pisgiih's mountain, 
We view our promised land ; 

A day of sweet refection, 

A day of holy love, 
A day of resurrection 

From earth to things abore. 

To-day on weary nations 

The heavenly Manna falls, 
To holy convocations 

The silver trumpet calls, 
"Where Gospel-light is glowing 

With pure and radiant beams, 
And living water flowing 

With soul-refreshing streams. 

New graces ever gaining 

From this our day of rest, 
"We reach th? Rest, remaining 

To spirits of the blest ; 
To Holy Ghost be praises, 

ToFatqeb and to Sox ; 
The Church her voice upraises 

To Thee, blest Tusee in Oxe. Amea 

&fc ^tepbcn's Dap. 

Hymn 283. 


— *- r , — i — | — f 

£#' i i jJ jt - « ■ ^^ feei 

iii ii ^ •«?- 

"He, being full of the TToly Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven, ar.d saw 
the glory of God and Jesus standing on the right hand of God." 

YESTERDAY, with exultation, 

1 Joined the world in celebration 
Of her promised Savioubs birth ; 
Yesterday the angel-nation 
Poured the strains of jubilation 
O'er the Monarch lorn on earth; 

But to-day o'er death victorious, 
By his faith and actions glorious, 

By his miracles renowned. 
Bee the Deacon triumph gai: ing. 
'Mi Is* the faithless faith sustaining, 

First of holy martyrs found. 

Onward, champion, falter never, 
Sure of sure reward for ever, 

Holy Stephen, persevere : 
Perjured witnesses confounding, 
Satin's synagogue astounding 

By thy doctrine true and clear. 

Thine own Witness is in heaven, 
True and Faithful, to thee g : .ven, 

Witness of thy b'.amel ssness : 
By Thy name a'C-owri implying, 
Meet it is thou shoul 1st be dying 

For the Crown of dfUBOOMI 

For the Crown that fadeth never 
Bear the torturer's brief end* avour 

Victory waits to end the stride: 
Death sbafl be thy life's beginning, 
And life's losing be the winning 

Of the true and better life. 

Filled with God's most Holy SprBir 
See the heaven thou shall inherit, 

Stephen, gaze into the skies: 
There God's priory steadfast viewing 
Thence t y rietor-ctrength renewing, 

Pant for" thy eternal prize. 

S^e, as Jewish foes i ivade the?, 
See how Jsnns stands to ail thee, 

Stanc's at God's right hand on hi^h: 
Tell how opened heaven is shown thee, 
T. II how J. sus waits to own thee, 

Tell it with thy cry. 

As the dying Martyr kneeleth, 
For his murderers he appealeth, 

For their madness gri ;vi ig sore ; 
Then in Christ he sleepeth -weetiy, 
And with vJhrist he reigneth meetly, 

Martyr flrst-truits, evermore. Amen. 


Hymn 284. 

F^ ] 1 

r— I 1 n 1 ! ! r-i 


=^i— : ^— 3~ 


— ^ g^ — 55 — ' 

J- J J J J J- -^- -J- J J JW- 

— p f5- ^ S'— r-C — — p— f* — fi; S» — — 

1 1 i 

J. ^ « 

r <s> n 

^ -£*- 

— 1- 

J — 1- 



2lZ73 (S) _Eg_g-Jj 





4 The Son of God was manifested. 11 

SONGS of thankfulness and praise, 
J HSU, Lokd, to Thee we raise, 
Manifested by the star 
To tli2 sasres from afar; 
Branch of Royal David's stem 
In Thy Birth at Bethlehem ; 
Anthems be to Thee addrest, 
God in Man niadj manifest. 

Manifest at Jordan's stream. 
Prophet, Priest, and King supreme; 
And at ('ma wediling-aruest 
In Thv Godhead manifest ; 
Manifest in power Divine, 
Changing water into wine; 
Anthems be to Thee addrest, 
God in Man made manifest. 

Manifest in making whole 
Palsied limbs and fainting soul ; 
Manifest in valiant fight, 
Quelling all the devil's might ; 

Manifest in gracious will, 
Ever bringing good from ill ; 
Anthems be to Thee addn st, 
God in Man made manifest. 

Sun and moon shall darkened be, 
Stars shall fall, the heaven shall flee ; 
Christ will then like lightning shinr* 
All will see His glorious Sign ; 
All will then the trumpet hear, 
All will see the Judge appear; 
Thou by all wilt be confest, 
God in Mau made made manifest 

Grant us gvnce to see Thee. Loed, 

Mirrored in Thy holv Word ; 

May we imitate Thee now. 

An 1 be pure, as pure art Thou ; 

Thai" we like to Thee mny be, 

M Thy great Epiphany; 

And may praise Thee, ever blest, 

God in Man made manifest. Amen. 


Hymn 285. 

f^ — I ! 1 ' — i 

*3 <2 (A *A 




^ g g_ 

1 \~* ' 

1 r* i \-rn- 


— s? — 



— s? — 



_^2 <^_ 

— ps — 


— G^-- — D 


— 1 


-*h — 1 



\J-4 J ^ 1 




1 i 

— s> 

<s> J 

— <5~ — ts — & — ^~ir 

— | S &* ^ 

s^ — D 


-A — 


- 1 




— ^ — 

1 1 


= :z^= 





^ — 




— s» — 









1 ^ 

-ii — 


1 "Whom resist, steadfast in the faith." 

CHRISTIAN', dost thou see them 
On the holy ground, 
How the troops of Midian 

Prowl and prowl around? 
Christian, up and smite them, 

Counting gain but loss ; 
Smi'e them by the merit 
Of the holy* Cross. 

Christian, dost Thou frel them, 

H "-w they work within, 
Striving tempting, luring, 

Goading into Bin f 
Christian, never tremble ; 

Never be down-cast ; 
Smite them by the virtue 

Of the Lenten fast. 

Christian, dost thou hear them, 

How they speak thee fair ? 
"Always fast and vigil ? 

Always watch and prayer V 
Christian, answer boldly. 

M While I breathe I pray: H 
Peace shall follow battle, 

Night shall end in day. 

"Well I know thy trouble, 

My servant true ; 
Thou art very weary, 

1 was weary too ; 

But that toil shall make thee 

Some day all Mine own, 
And the end of sorrow 

Shall be near My Throne." Amen. 


Hymn 286. 

. u 


»-:s — s3 ^ — 52 — p-^- p^ — 



1 r 




! I I 

1 I ' J ' i ^ J- ^ J J J- -^ -^ -J- -<=- 






<^^ P^ 

- - men. 


1 In Whom -we have redemption through His Blood, the forgiveness of sins." 

TT7EARY of earth and laden with my sin, 
>Y I look at heaven and long to enter in, 
But there no evil thing may find a home : 
And yet I hear a voice that bids me M Come." 

So vile I am, how dare I hope to stand 

In the pure glory of that holy land ? 

Before the whiteness of that Throne appear ? 

Yet there are Hands stretched out to draw me near. 

The while I fain would tread the heavenly way, 
Evil is ever with me day by day ; 
Yet on mine ears the gracious tidings fall, 
"Repent, confess, thou shalt be loosed from alL" 

It is the voice of Jf.sus that I hear, 

His are the Hands stretched out to draw me near, 

And His the Blood that can for all atone, 

And set me faultless there before the Throne. 

'Twas He Who found me on the deathly wild, 
And made me heir of heaven, the Fathfe's child, 
And day by day, whereby my soul may live, 
Gives me His grace of pardon, and will give. 

O great Absolver, grant my soul may wear 
The lowliest garb of penitence and prayer, 
That in the Father's courts my glorious dress 
May be the garment of Thy righteousness. 

Yea, Thou wilt answer for me, Righteous Lord: 
Thine all the merits, mine the great reward ; 
Thine the sharp thorns, and mine the golden crown, 
Mine the life won, and Thine the life laid down. 

Naught can I bring, dear Lord, for all I owe, 
Yet let my full heart what it can bestow ; 
Like Mary's gift let my devotion prove, 
Forgiven greatly, how I greatly love. Amen, 

Hymn 287. JLCIlt. 

-J-t — r^ 

OJESU CHPwIST, if aught there be 
That, more than all beside, 
In ever-painful memory 

Must in my heart abide, 
It is that deep ingratitude 

Which I to Thee have shewn, 
"Who didst for me in tears and Blood 

Upon the Cross atone. 
Alas, how with my actions all 

Has this defect entwined ; 
How has it poisoned with its gall 

My spirit, heart, and mind ! 

1 When he thought thereon, he •wept,"' 

Alas, through this, how many a gem 

I"ve rudely cast away. 
That might "have formed my diadem 

In everlasting day ! 
Yet thong 1 ! the time be past and gone, 

Though little mure remains. 
Though naught is all that can be done 

E'en with my utmost pains ; 
Still will I strive, O Saviour mine, 

To do what in me lies ; 
For never did Thy glance divine 

A contrite heart despise. Amen. 

Hymn 288. 


' Out of the deep have I called unto Thee, O Lord.' 

)DT of the deep I call 
To Thee, O Lord, to Thee ; 
Before Thy throne of grace I fall, 
Be merciful to me. 
Out of the deep I cry, 
The woful deep of sin, g 

Of evil done in days gone by, 
Of evil now within. 

Out of the deep of fear. 

.And dread of coming shame, 
From morning watch till night is near 

I plead the Precious Name, 

Lord, there is mercv now, 

As ev^r was. with Thee ; 
Before Thy throne of grace I bow, 

Be merciful to me- Amen. 


Dpmns on tfje IPassion. 

Hymn 289— (First Tune.) 

Part I. 

SING, my tongue, the glorious battle, 
Sing the laat, the dread affray ; 
O'er the Cross, the Victor s trophy, 

Sound the glad triumphal lay, 

How, the pains of death enduring, 

Earth's Redeemer won the day. 

He, our Maker, deeply grieving 
That the first-mad ! Adam fell, 

When he ate the fruit forbidden 
Whose reward was death and hell, 

Marked c en then this tree the ruin 
Of the first tree to dispel. 

Thus the work for our salvation 

lie ordained to be done ; 
To the traitor's art opposing 

Art yet deeper than his own ; 
Thence the remedy procuring 

Whence the fatal wound begun. 

Therefore, when at length the fulness 
Of ill' appointed time was come, 

He was sent, the world's Creator, 
From the Father's heavenly home, 

And was found in human fashion, 
Offspring of the Virgin's womb. 

Lo. Tie lies an Infant weeping. 
Where the narrow manger stands, 

While the Mother-Miid Mis members 
Wraps in mean and lowly bands, 

And the swaddling clothes is winding 
Bound His helpless Feet and Hands, 

The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ." 


VTOW the thirty years accomplished 
1\ Which on earth He willed to see, 
Born for this, He meets His Passion, 

Gives Himself an offering free ; 
On the Cross the Lamb is lifted, 

There the Sacrifice to be. 
There the nails and spear He suffers, 

Vinegar, and gall, and reed ; 
From His sacred Body pierced 

Blood and Water both proceed ; 
Precious flood, which all creation 

From the stain of sin hath freed. 
Faithful Cross, above all other 

One and only noble Tree, 
None in foliage, none in blossom, 

None in fruit thy peer may be ; 
Sweetest wood, and sweetest iron; 

Sweetest weight is hung on thee. 
Bend, O lofty Tree, thy branches, 

Thy too rigid sinews bend , 
And awhile the stubborn hardness, 

Which thy birth bestowed, suspend ; 
And the Limbs of heaven's high Monarch 

Gently on thine arms extend. 
Thou alone wast counted worthy 

This world's ransom to sustain, 
That a shipwrecked race for ever 

Might a port of refuge gain, 
With the sacred Blood anointed 

Of the Lamb for sinners slain. 
Praise and honour to the Father, 

Praise and honour to the Sox, 
Praise and honour to the Spirit, 

Ever Thber and ever One, 
One in might, and one in glory. 

While eternal ages run. Aine* 

IDpmns on tfje Passion. 

Hymn 289,— (Second Tune.) 

-J- -^ J J Li ^ . d. Jrj 

"The Cross of our 
Part I. 

SING, my tongue, the glorious battle, 
Sing the last, the dread affray ; 
0*er the Cross, the Victor's trophy, 

Sound the glad triumphal lay, 

How, the pains of death enduring, 

Earth's Rw>kia«8 won the day. 

II>, our Maker, deeply grieving 
That the first-made Adam fell, 

When he ate the fruit forbidden 
Whose reward was death and hell, 

Marked e en then this tree the ruin 
Of the first tree to dispel. 

Thus the work for our salvation 

lie ordained to be done ; 
To tha traitor's art opposing 

Art yet deeper than his own ; 
Thence the remedy procuring 

Whence the fatal wound begun. 

Therefore, when at length the fulness 
Of th' appointed time wa^ come, 

He was sent, the world's Creator, 
From the F atiikr's heavenlv home, 

And was fon^d in human fashion, 
OH pring of the Virgin's womb. 

Lo. He lies an Infant w°eping. 

Where t u e narrow manner stands, 
While the Mother-Mud His members 

Wraps in mean anH lowly bands, 
And the swaddlinsr clothes is winding 

Sound His helpless Feet and Hands. 

Lord Jesus Christ. " 

Part II. 
VOW the thirty years accomplished 
i\ Which on earth lie willed to see, 
Born for this, He im-ets His Passion, 

Gives Himself an offering free ; 
On the Cross the Lamb is lifted, 

There the Sacrifice to be. 
There the nails and spear He suffers, 

Vinegar, and gall, and reed ; 
From His sacred Body pierced 

Blood and Water .both proceed ; 
Precious flood, which all creation 

From the stain of sin hath freed. 
Faithful Cross, above all other 

0;ie and only noble Tree, 
None in foliage, none in blossom, 

None in fruit thy peer may be ; 
Sweetest wood, and sweetest iron; 

Sweetest weight is hung on thee. 
Bend, O lofty Tree, thy branches, 

Thy too rigid sinews bend ; 
And awhile the stubborn hardness, 

Which thy birth bestowed, euspend ; 
And the Limbs of heaven's high Monarch 

Gently on thine anus extend. 
Thou alone wast counted worthy 

This world's ransom to i-ustain, 
That a shipwrecked race for -ever 

Might a port of refuge gain. 
With the sacred Blood anointed 

Of the Lamb fDr sinners slain. 
Praise and honour to the Father, 

Praise and honour to the So.v, 
Praise and honour to the Spirit, 

Ever Thbsr and ever Onk, 
One in might, and one in glory, 

While eternal ages run. Amen. 



Hymn 290. 



l^& Jhs '\J- , i — d-g^=nz-H ~ 

M Jesus met them saying, ' All hail' 

THE Day of Resurrection ! 
Earth, tell it out abroad ; 
The Passover of gladness, 

The Passover of God. 
From death to life eternal, 

From earth unto the sky, 
Oar (Jhhist hatn brought sa over, 
With hymns of victory. 

Our hearts be pure from evil, 

That we may see aright 
The Losi> in rays eternal 

Of resurrection-light ; 
And, listening to Flis accents, 

May hear so calm and plain 
His own " All hail," and, hearing, 

May raise the victor strain. 

Now let the heavens be joyful, 

And earth her song begin. 
The round world keep high triumph, 

And all that is therein ; 
Let all things seen and unseen 

Their notes of gladness blend, 
For Christ the Lo?>o is risen, 

Our Joy that hath no end. Amen, 



Hymn 291. 


sqjjy^ =jA1^=yN^fett 

rr^ : 

g — a — ^ — ~ i_z — ^ — ^_u_^ — ^ — — — ^3. 

— g?— r^?:zz^-— z^zqz^* - -^ ^ — 









I l 

— s= 

•T— r 

J b- 

1 J ^ ^^y j yJ^tfj. 

11 Lo, the winter is past/' 

CO^^E, y» faithful, raise the strain 
Of triumphant n!adnes< ; 
God hath brought His Itrael 

Into joy from sadness : 
Loosed f.-om Pharaoh's bitter yoke 

Jacob's sons and daughters ; 

Led them with uimoi-tened foot 

Through the Red Sea waters. 

'Tis the spring of soul* to-day : 
Christ hath burst His prison ; 

i three d-iv- 1 sleep in death 
As a sun h ith ris^n : 
Al', the winter of our sin*, 
. ;-iil d ;rk. is flying 
Fror.i Ilia Light, to Whom we give 
Laud and praise undying. 

Now the Queen of s^nso* 1 ?. bright 

With the Day of splendour, 
With the royal Feast offcasts, 

Conies its joy to render, 
Com^s to erlad Jerusalem, 

Who with true affection 
Welcomes in unwearied strains 

Jksus Resurrection. 

Alleluia now we cry 
To our King Immortal, 

Who triumphant bu^st the bars 
Of the tomb's d -.rk portal ; 

All 1 lis, with the Sov 

G<>r> the Fatiik.r praising; 

Alleluia yet acrain 
To the Spirit raising. Amen. 



Hymn 292. 


-1—1 1- 

I I 

i _ J I «1 



!=gi=d -^-kj — i — : 



■"' J- W J J.J qtfl 

-J — I- 



:-?2— S— i 


I I i 

III ^. 









^ J- 






—ZJ— 9— ^ £?- 



■J— 4-H— J-^ 




i Li Li 

.-y. J=L ^ 


I l I I I I , Amen. 
~w~^ — ^ — ^ — ^>~ r^> — p^ — *5> u ^ — n 

" Now is Citsist risen from the dead, and become the first-fruits of them that slept. i: 

A LLELUIA! Alleluia! 
^V Hearts to heaven and voices raise ; 
Si »g to God a hymn of gladness, 

Si ig to God a hymn of praise ; 
He, Who on the Cross a Victim 

For the world's salvation bled, 
J;:su9 Chbist, the Ki'ig of Glory, 

~Sow is risen from the dead. 

Christ is risen, Christ the first-fruits 

Of the holy harvest field, 
Which wiil all its full abundance 

At II is second coming yield ; 
Th n thy golden ears of harvest 

Will their heads before Him wave, 
Eipened by His glorious sunshine 

From the furrows of the grave. 


Christ is risen, we are risen ; 

Shed upon us heavenly grace, 
Rain, and dew, and gleams of glory 

From the brightness of Thy face : 
That we, with our hearts in heaven, 

Here on earth may fruitful be, 
And by angel-hands" be gathered, 

And be ever, Lord, with Thee. 

Alleluia, Alleluia, 

Glory be to God on high ; 
Alleluia to the Saviour, 

Who has gained the victory: 
Alleluia to the Spirit, 

Fount of love and sanctity; 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 

To the Triune Majesty. 



— ^~^ 

£S -S> 


' Thou art gone up on high, Thou hast led captivity captive, and received gifts 
for men." 1 

SEE the Con q ueror mounts in triumph, 
See the King in royal state 
Bi ling on the clouds His chariot 

To His heavenly palar-e gate ; 
Hj. k. the choirs of angel voices 

Joyful Alleluias sing, 
And the portals high are lifted 
To receive their heavenly King. 

"Who is this that comes in glory, 

With the trump of jubilee ? 
Loud of battles, God of armies, 

II- has gained the victory; 
He Who on the Cross did suffer, 

He Who from the grave arose, 
II • has vanquished sin and Satan, 

lie by death has spoiled His foes. 

While Tie lifts His hands in blessing, 

He is parted from His friends ; 
While their eager eves behold Him, 

11^ npon the clouds ascends; 
He Who walked with Gon.and pleased Him. 

Preaching truth and doom to come, 
He, our Enoch, is translated 

To His everlasting home. 

Now our heavenly Aaron enters, 

With His Blood, within the veil; 
Joshua now is come to Canaan, 

And the kings before Him quail; 
Now He rlants the tribes of Israel 

In their promised resting-place ; 
Now our great Elijah offers 

Double portion of His grace. 
He has raised our human nature 

In the clouds to God's right hand ; 
There we sit in heavenly places, 

There with Him in glory stand : 
Jest:; reigns, adored by angels ; 

Man with G<»n is on "the throne ; 
Mighty Lord, in Thine Ascension 

Wc by iaith behold our own. 
ThefoV.oicintj Doaeclogy may be zung at the end of 
either part. 
Glory be to God the Fatbix; 

Glory be to God the Son - , 
Dyi ig, risen, ascending for us, 

Who the heavenly realm has won; 
Glory to the Holy Spiuct; 

To One God in Persons Three, 
Glory in both earth and heaven, 

Glory, endless glory be. Amen. 



Hymn 293.— (Second Part.) 

— =1- 


-J - 


— i — 



— U 

— i- 


— 1 — **=- 

-jg~^^» fl 






— <s»- 











j rC > ■ .«■■ u 




kl — 

"1 ■ ■ 





. I.. 

tz _ 


i — 




-(=- H 

1 Thou art gone up on high, Thou hast led captivity captive, and received gifts 
for men." 

HOLY Ghost, Illuminator, 
Shed Thy beams upon our eyes, 
Help us to look up with Stephen, 

And to see, beyond the skies, 
Where the Sox of Mai in glory 

Standing is at God's right hand, 
Beckoning on His martyr army, 
Succouring His faithful ban J ; 

See Him, Who is gone before us 

Heavenly mansions to prepare, 
See Him, Who is ever pleading 

For us with prevailing prayer, 
See Him Who with sound of trumpet 

And with His angelic train, 
Summoning the world to judgment, 

On the clouds will come again. 

Raise us up from earth to heaven, 

Give us wings of faith and love, 
Gales of holy aspirations 
Wafting us to realms above ; 

That, with hearts and minds uplifted, 
We with Christ our Lord may dwell, 

Where He sits enthroned in glory 
In His heavenly Citadel. 

So at last, when He appeareth, 

We from out our graves may spring, 
With our youth renewed like eagles, 

Flocking round our Heuvenly King, 
Caught up on the clouds of heaven, 

And may meet Him in the air, 
Rise to realms where He is reigning, 

And may reign for ever there. 

Glory he to God the Fatiife; 

Glory be to God the Sox, 
Dying, risen, ascending for us, 

"Who the heavenly realm has won; 
Glory to the Holy Spirit; 

To" One Goo in Persons Three 
Glory both in earth and heaven, 

Glory, endless glory be. Amen. 

General rppmns. 

Hymn 294. 

J L. 

i ' i i i r - 

,s£_, 1 _ .1 - 

— 1 

— s> — 

— m 

—, — ^_j 

-<^ — - 



— »-- 


! 1 

.... m ^ 


K i 



.J. ^ -*--^ ! '-^ 



|^ I _ 



1 ~*>~i ^ 


—J Hs - 



i ^ — 


-1 - 



i ' 


i j 








— szri 

44 that men would therefore praise the Loud for His goodness. 11 

SING praise to God "Who reigns above, 
_ The Gor» of all creation, 
The God of power, the God of love, 

The G- >d o: our salvation : 
With healing balm my soul He fills, 
And (very faithless murmur stills; 
To God all praise and glory. 

The angel-host. O King of Kings, 

Thy prai.-e for ever telling. 
In earth and sky all living things 

Beneath Thy shadow dwelling. 
Adore the wisdom which could span. 
And power which formed creation's plan 

To God all praise and glory. 

"What God's Almighty power hath made 
Hi* gracious mercy k j epeth ; 

By morning elow or evening shade 
His Bratehfal eye ne'er sleepeth; 

Within the kingdom of Hi- might 

L^ ! all is jiwt and all h rig 
To God all praise and glory. 

The Lord is never far away ; 

But, through all grief distressing, 
An ever-present help and stay. 

Our peace and joy and blessing : 
As with a mother's tender hand 
lie leads His own. His chosen band ; 

To God all praise and glory. 

When every earthly hope has flown 
From sorrow's sons and daughters. 

Onr Fatiiep. from His heavenly throne 
Beholds the troubled waters ; 

And at His word the storm is stayed 

Which made His children's hearts afraid ; 
To God all praise and glory. 

Thus all mv toilsome way along 

I sins: alond Thy praises. 
Th it men may hoar the grateful song 

My voic 3 unwearied raises : 
Be joyful in the Loan, ray heart: 
Both soul and body bear your part ; 

To God ail praise and glory. Amen. 


General $pmns. 

Hymn 295. 

Y £*—*-£? — 



i 1 1 

ji ^i-y -j Lj ,j 7 j- j „ j ,^ - j-j. 







?2 ^2I_|^_ 


-I^ = 

J- J- 


_^ ^ j, = 

i — r 


"Who led His people through the wilderness: for His mercy endureth for ever." 

PRAISE our great and gracious Lord, 
And call upon His Name ; 
To strains of joy tune every chord, 

His mighty acts proclaim ; 
Tell how He led His chosen race 

To Canaan's promised land ; 

Tell how His covenant of grace 

Unchanged shall ever stand. 

He gave the shadowing cloud hy day, 

The moving fire by night ; 
To guide His Israel on their way, 

He made their darkness light : 
And have not we a sure retreat, 

A Saviour ever ni^h, 
The same clear light to guide our feet, 

The Day-spring from on high ? 

We, too, have Manna from above, 

The Bread that came from heaven ; 
To us the same kind hand of love 

Has living waters given : 
A Rock have we, from whence the spring 

In rich abundance flows ; 
That Rock is Christ, our Priest, our King^ 

Who life and health bestows. 

O may we prize this blessed Food, 

And trust our heavenly Guide ; 
So shall we find death's fearful flood 

Serene as Jordan's tide, 
And safely reach that happy shore, 

The land of peace and rest, 
Where ancrels worship and adore 

In God's own Presence blest. AmeE 


General renins. 

Hymn 296. 



'Bejoice in the Loed ahvay, and again I say, rejoice." 

REJOICE, the Loed is King, 
Your Lord and King adore ; 
Mortals, give thanks and sing, 
And triumph evermore: 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice, 

jEsrs the Saviour reigns, 

The God of truth and love : 
"When He had purged our stains, 
He took His seat above: 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice ; 
Eejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

His Kingdom cannot fail ; 

He rules o'er earth and heaven: 
The keys of death and hell 
Are t'o our Jesus given : 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice ; 
Eejoice,'again I say, rejoice. 

He sits at God's risrht hand 

Till all His foes submit, 
And bow to His comma-id 
And fall beneath His feet : 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice ; 
Kejoice, again I say, rejoice. Amen. 


General iippmns. 

Hymn 297. 

ft=d4-J^ i= J J I Ji ^ 3=== fc^=|j=^ 



I ' I 'I 


_^_ r (2>_ 




' I 






i i 



^ *P„.,r,. 



u If any man serve Me, let him follow Me ; and where I am, there shall also My 
servant be." 

HAPPY band of pilgrims, 
If onward ye will tread 
"With Jesus as your Fellow 
To Jesus as your Head. 

O happy if ye 1 ibonr 
As J t sus did for men: 

O happy H ye hunger 
As jEsrs hungered then. 

The Cross that Jpsrs carried 
He carried as your due : 

The Crown that Jrsus weareth 
He weareth it for you. 

The faith by which ye see Him, 
The hope in which ye yearn, 

The love that through all troubles 
To Him alone will turn, 

The trials that beset you, 
The sorrows ye endure, 

The manifold temptations 
That death alone can cure, 

What are they but His jewels 
Of right celestial worth ? 

"What are they but the ladder 
Set up to heaven on earth ? 

O happy band of pilgrims, 

Look upward to the skies 
Where such a light affliction 

Shall win so great a prize. Amen. 

Hymn 298. 


I s - i i 

J.J ~) 

:^ _:| zS - =^=H-g-qTg — 

J I- 





4J -d- 


r' ' ' ' ! ! r n — n '" 

— b 

l- j i j i i • , I ii 

— d l^ p^F ncs — ■ p f2 ^? — ^ — •-*- - 


L ' : ' — 1 — *-* — t — i pJ — — i 

-<g- t 

N Work your work betimes, and in His time He will give you your reward." 

THE world is very evil. 
The times are waxing late, 
Be sober and keep vigil, 

The Judge is at the gate ; 
The Judge Who comes in mercy. 

The Judge Who comes with might, 
Who comes to end the evil. 
Who comes to crown the right 

Arise, arise, good Christian, 

Let right to wrong succeed; 
Let penitential sorrow 

To heavenly gladness lead, 
To light that has no evening, 

That knows nor moon nor sun, 
The light so new and golden, 

The light that is but one. 

O Home of fadeless splendour, 

Of flowers that fear no thorn, 
Where they shall dwell as children 

"VN ho here as exiles mourn ; 
'Miist power that knows no limit, 

Where wisdom has no bound, 
The Beatific Vision 

Shall glad the Saints around. 

O happy, holy portion, 

Rejection for the blest. 
True vision of true beauty, 

True cure of the distrest : 
Strive, man. to win that glory; 

Toil, man. to gain that light; 
Send hope before to grasp it, 

Till hope be lost in sight. 

O sweet and blessed country, 

The Home of God's elect ! 
O sweet and blessed country 

That eager hearts expect ! 
JE3U. in mr-rey bring us 

To that dear land of rest ; 
Who art. with God the Fathkk, 

Aud Spirit, ever blest. Amen, 


General ^pmtis. 

Hymn 299— (First Tune.) 
Sloicly, and with expression. 


M Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" 

ART thou weary, art thou languid, 
Art thou sore distrest? 
41 Come to me," saith One, " and coming 

Be at rest! " 
Hath He marks to lead me to Him, 

If He be my guide ? 
"In His Feet and Hands are Wound-prints, 

And His Side." 
Hath He Diadem as Monarch 

That His Brow adorns? 
"Yea, a Crown, in very surety, 
But of thorns. 1 ' 

If I find Him, if I follow, 

What His guerdon here ? 
M Many a sorrow, many a labour, 
Many a tear." 

If I still hold closely to Him, 

What hath He at last ? 
" Sorrow vanquished, labour ended, 
Jordan past." 

If I ask Him to receive me, 

Will He say me nay ? 
" Not till earth, and not till heaven 
Pass away." 

Finding, following, keeping, struggling, 

Is He sure to bless? 
" Angels, Martyrs, Prophets, Virgins 
Answer, Yes ! " Amen. 

(Second Tune.) 
|-^.$ — i 1 1 



1 1— . 1 1 1 t-t „ 

"^ — «* — ^ -3~~^j — i - " ^ - 1 

fe — - — ' — 


—& E! ^ ^ _^sj £JL_! \ 

1 p> p> p fj & & . - 

1 ' ' ' , ' 1 ' . 

-+ r :- 

— ^>— 

-j-3 — 9 — f* — f* — <& — ■&■ — s— — 

k f— 1 r— 

-\ — J 


-r— P — 1 : i 1 s - i — 1 






A - men. 


Hymn 300. ©MCtal JDPltUlS. 

— ?z- 

■ i i i ' i * I I I r> 

' !_J ! J JL J- J J ^» . 



T i ' j i ' i 1 1 r ■ i • i ' i i • • ■ t 

-^- -»• -^- J ^-T I .^d i I I I i Anicn. 

-: P£zn — — 7—— v^* ~~n— ^2~r^~ 


' To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also 
overcame and am set down with My Fatiiee ia ilis throne.'' 

THE Head that once was crowned with 
I with glory now ; [thorns 
A royal «ii:i (em ador:is 

The mighty Victor's hrow. 
The highest place that heaven affords 

Is His. is His by right, 
The Ki-ig of Kings, the Lord of Lords, 

Aud heaven's eternal Light. 
The Jov of all who dwell above, 

The joy of all below, 
To whom He manifests His love, 

And grants His Name bo know. 

Hymn 301— (First Tcxe.) 

S _L I I I I I 

y 1 1 j J J -J-4^- 

To them the Cross, with all its shame, 

With all its grace, is given : 
Their name an everlasting name, 

Their joy the joy of heaven. 
They suffer with their Lo^d below, 

.- reign with Him al ore, 
Their profit and their joy to know 

The mystery of His 1 re. 
The Cross He bore is life and health, 

Though shame a- d deatji to Him; 
His people's hope. His people's wealth, 

Their everlasting theme. Amex 

r-J 1— A ! 


1 — 

hJ-^-J J, — , 



■ 1 1 1 

!, '1 1 , 


-g 1 ^ r <g- . 

J J i 1 « . 

- — " iff 2 



-s? — P* ^ 


t — p_j — l 

-1 — 1 

F fg- p 1 lo- 


" King of kings 

ALL hail the power of Jesus Name, 
Let angels prostrate fall ; 
Bring forth the r >yal diadem 

To crown Him Losd of all. 
Crown Him, ye morning stars of light, 

Who fixed this floating ball ; 
Now hail the strength of Israel's might, 

And crown Him Lord of all. 
Crown Him, y^ martyrs of yoar God, 

Who from His altar call ; 
Of Jesse's stem extol the Rod. 

And crown Him Lord of all. 
Ye seed of Israel's chosen race, 

Ye ransomed of the fall, 

and Lord of lords.'' 

Hail Him Who saves yon by His grace, 

And crown Him Loud of all. 
Hail Him. ye heirs of David's line, 

Whom David Lour did call. 
The Gon Incarnate. Man Divine, 

And crown Him Loud of all. 
Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gi '1. 
Go spread yonr trophies at His Feet, 

And crown Him Loud of all. 

v tribe and every tongue 

Before Him prostrate fall, 
And shout in universal song 

The crowned Lord of all. 


©encrai JD^mns* 

Hjrnm 301. — (Second Tune.) 


■J ^ ' i i 

' ' .J. ' i 





, — i — i — i — i 

— l -J^i a 



22T - 

— HA 

— <S- <S> [- 

75T i 1 [ 


i _J J jg 

r r i 

-Ti i i 


To crown Ilim, 

crown Ilim, 

f 1 ' rS I 

— «-i — 

g=-f" > r-— 





L i i i i 

i 1 



Z^stf T^rse, Jf. 

-&-wz- m -^- 


I I 

/ crown Ilim, £> crown Ilim Lord 



A - men. 

" King of kings, and Loud of lords." 

ALL hail the power of Jfsu's Name ; 
Let angels prostrate fall ; 
Bring forth the royal diadem 
To crown Him Loud of all: 

Crown Ilim, ye morning stars of light, 
Who fixed this floating ball ; 

Now hail the strength of Israel's might, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

Crown Him, ye martyrs of your God 

Who from II is altar call ; 
Of Jesse's stem extol the Rod, 

And crown Him Lord of all. 

Ye seed of Israel's chosen race, 

Ye ransomed of the fall, 
Hail Him Who saves you by His graco, 

And crown Him Lord of all. 

Hail Him, ye heirs of David's line, 
Whom David Lord did call, 

The God Incarnate, Man Divine, 
And crown Him Lord of aiL 

Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget, 
The wormwood and the gall, 

Go spread your trophies at His feet, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

Let every tribe and every tongue 

Bel ore Him prostrate fall, 
And shout in universal song 

The crowned Lord of all. Amen. 

Hymn 302. <$Zl\£Xa\ g^tttllft 

^i f - i p-i — 

5_„ 1— c — i 1 — r — i ' — n l— r~ ] — 

J l-J- 



- |^ ^p-P |g- 


' I I I I I P^ 1 P 

I - I , I | J I 




44 1 heard the voice of many angels saying, "Worthy is the Lamb that yas slain to 
receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, 
and blessing." 

COME let us join our cheerful songs 
With angels round the Throne ; 
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues, 
But all their joys are one. 

"Worthy the Lamb that died,* -1 they cry, 

•' To be exalted thus ; " 
"• Worthy the Lamb," our iips reply, 

44 For ile was slain for us.' 1 

Jfsus is worthy to receive 
Honour and power divine : 

And blessings, more than we can give, 
Be, Loud, for ever Thine. 

Let nil creation join in one 

To bless the sacred Name 
Of Him that sits upon the Throne, 

And to adore the Lamb. Amen, 

Hymn 303. 

-:__ , — i 

44 These things said Esaias. 

BRIGHT the virion tha 4 delighted 
Once the sight of Judah's seer ; 
Swpet the countless tongues united 
To entrance the prophet's ear. 

Bound the Lord in clory seated 

Cherubim and Seraphim 
Filled His temple, and repeated 

Each to each the alternate hymn ; 

44 Loan. Thy glory fills the heaven, 
Earth is with its fulness stored; 

Un'o Thee be glory given, 
Holy, Holy, HolyLoBD." 

when he saw nis glory.'' 

Heaven is still with glory ringing, 
Earth takes up the angels' cry, 

44 Holy. Holy. Holy,** singing, 
44 Loud of hosts, Loud God most High/ 1 

"With His seraph train before Him, 
With His holy Church below, 

Thus unite we to adore Him. 
Bid we thus our anthem flow; 

44 Lord. Thy glory fills the heaven, 
Earth is with its fulness stored ; 

Unto Thee be glory given, 
Holy, Holy, Holy Loud." Amen. 

Hymn 304. 

General i^pmns 


J u 


£ : 

" The four boasts and four aud twenty elders fell down before tbe Lamb, baring every 
one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of bairns." 1 

C'OME. ye faithful, raise the anthem, 
i Cleave the skies with shouts of praise 
Bing to Hira Who foirid the ransom, 

Ancient of eternal days, 
God of Gon, the Word Incarnate, 
Whom the heaven of heaven obeys. 

Ere He raised the lofty mountain^, 
Formed the seas, or built the sky, 

Love eternal, free, and boundless, 
Moved the Lord of Life to die, 

Fore-ordained the Prince of Princes 
For the throne of Calvary. 

There for us and our redemption, 
See Him all His life-blood pour! 

There He wins our full salvation, 
Dies that we may die no more : 

Then, arising, lives for ever, 
Reigning where He was before. 

High on yon celestial mountains 

Stands His gem-built throne, all bright, 

Midst unending Alleluias 

Bursting from the 6ons of light; 

Sion's people tell His praises, 
Victor after hard-won fight. 

Bring your harps, and bring your odoursi 
Sweep the string and pour "the lay; 

Let the earth proclaim His wonders, 
King of that celestial day ; 

He the Lamb once slain is worthy, 
Who was dead and lives for aye. 

Laud and honour to the Father, 
Laud and honour to the Boif, 

Laud and honour to the Spihit, 
Ever Three and ever One, 

Consubstantial, Co-eternal, 
While unending ages run. Amen. 

Hymn 305. 

1 The second Man is the Lord from heaven. " 

PRAISE to the Holiest in the height, 
And in the depth be pr .. 
In all His words most wonderful, 
ii rays. 

O taring srisd 

W and shame, 

And to the rescue came. 

O vised love ! that flesh and "blood, 

Which did in Adam faiL, 
Shou sh against the foe, 

Should strive and should prevail ; 
And that a higher gift than grace 

Should flesh ani blood refine ; 

Presence and ITis very Self, 
And Essence all-divine. 

. Who smota 
• foe, 
The double agony in man 
For man should u:. 

And in Q 

And 0:1 th-i cross on high, 
Should teach His brethren, and inspire 
To suffer and to die. 

Praise to the Holiest in the height, 
And in the depth be praise : 

In all His words most wonderful, 
Most sure ia all His ways. Amen. 

Hymn 306. 

jVL j-. _^__-.__— . _ j w ^M J J_<J J II [ 

.^L ^ J jgj. ^d. ^JL J 



hrH 2 g-g 1 J I— ; 

r^ — t 










J u 

1 1 1 


-*&— A 




_a — ^ 





— 1 




— ^ 

p — 


' The Lost) said unto Him. I have hallowed this house to put My Name there 
for ever, and Mine Eyes and Mine Heart shall be there perpetually." 

C HEIST is our corner-stone, 
On Him alone we build ; 
With His true saints above 

The courts of heaven are filled: 
On His great love 
Our hopes we place 
Of present grace 
And joys si 

O then with hymna of praise 

These hallowed courts shall ring, 
Our voices we wiB t 
The Turks in 0>~e to sing ; 
And thus proclaim 
In joyful sonsr. 
Both loud and long, 
That glorious Name. 

Here, gracious Got*, do Thou 
F r evermore draw nigh; 

- -ach faithful vow, 

And mark each suppliant sigh ; 

I 1 pious shower 

On all who pray 

Each holy day 

Thy blessings pour. 

Here may we srair; from heaven 
The grace which we implore ; 
And may that grace, once - 

Until tfa . 

When all the 
Are called awav. Amen. 

General rppmns. 

Hymn S07. 

-' ,- , I — ,- T — I ■ , — „ 






I J-* I 

; ' JT- . rr-j aw j ~ rH 



-p-— s> 

p^-J=vJ [— , pC=j [— | 1 r, -J— | \—y 

, 1 1 K I ' 1 ' 1 1 

^=Lg==g^EiR~; n _ <g-E' . ^: 



.^ ^ 




— : jg?- 




-C^- 5*r- -S'- 




1 O how amiable are Thy dwellings, Thou Loud of Hosts." 

PLEASANT are Thy courts above 
In the land of light and love ; 
Pleasant are Thy courts below 
In this land of sin and woe : 
O. my spirit longs and faints 
For the converse of Thy saints, 
For the brightness of Thy Face, 
For Thy fulness, God of graca. 

Hymn 308. 

Happy birds that sing and fly 
Round Thy Altars, U most High; 
Happier souls that rind a rest 
In a heavenly Father's breast ; 
Like the wandering dove that found 
No rrpose on earth around, 
They can to their ark repair, 
And enjoy it ever there. 

nappy souls, their praises flow 
Even in this vale of woe ; 
"Waters in the deserts rise, 
Manna feeds them from the skies ; 
0:i they go from strength to strength, 
Till they reach Thy throne at length, 
At Thy feet adoring fall. 
"Who hast led them'safe through all. 

Loud, be mine this prize to win, 

Guide me through a world of sin, 

Keep me by Thy saving grace, 

Give me at Thy side ■ place ; 

Sun and shield" alike Tnou art, 

Guide and guard my erring heart ; 

Grace and glory flow from Thee ; 

Shower, O shower them, Lokd, on me. Amen. 




. i 

i — 1 


1 1— 


1— ! 

— 1 

fed — fci — n 




— g- 









— P2 — 1 


















a J 




4^ — £—-—- 

-L| J l-e* 

IL — ^-D 

'•And they shall be Mine, saith the Loan of hosts, in that day when I make up My 
jewels.* 1 

TTTTXE for ever ! Gor» of love 
Hear us from Thy throne above 
Tnine for <-ver miv we be, 
Here and in eternity. 

Thine for ever! Lord of life 
Shield us through our earthlv strife ; 
Thou the Lifp. the Truth, the Way, 
Guide us to the realms of day. 

Thine for ever ! Oh. how blest 
They who find in Thee their rest ; 
Saviour, Guardian, Heavenly Friend, 
O defend us to the end. 
Thine for ever! S.winra keep 
Us Thy frail and trembling sheep ; 
Safe alone beneath Thy care, 
Let us all Thy goodness shara. 

Thine for ever ! Thou our guide, 

All our wants bv Thee supplied, 

All our sins by Thee for<riven. 

Lead us, Loud, from earth to heaven. Amen. 


Hymn 309. 

General iDpmns, 

d U. 1J J A \ ** ^ I 

| |tf*»?.' 

-N I 




~— = ., ^ Z 



r^ I 


1 — : 


^ u 

-<S>- • 


^-<&— — 

s s- — ' 

A - men. 

— ' s3> 5^ 1 

U-= — =F- 

rn •. 

r* ■ 

c? • 

"And He arose and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still.'" 

FIERCE raged the tempest o'er the deep, 
Watch did Thine anxious servants keep, 
But Thou wast wrapped in guileless sleep, 
Calm and still. 

" Save, Lord, we perish," was their cry, 
" O save us in our agony ! " 
Thy word above the storm rose high, 
" Peace, be still.' 1 

The wild winds hushed ; the angry deep 
Sank, like a little child, to sleep; 
The sullen billows cease to leap, 
At Thy will. 

So, when our life is clouded o'er, 
And storm-winds diilt us from the shore, 
Say (lest we sink to rise no more) 
" Peace, be stilL" Amen. 


Hymn 310. General rppmn.s. 


^2— S>- 

' Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks, so tangefh my soul after Thee, O God.* 1 

AS pants the hart for cooling streams 
When heated in the chase. 
So longs my soul. O God, for Thee, 
And Thy' refreshing grace, 

For Thee my G' >n. the living God, 

My thirsty soul doth pine : 
O when shall I behold Thy Face, 

Thou Majesty Divine? 

Why resale??, why cast down, my soul? 

Hope still, and thou shalt sing 
The praise of Him Who is thy God, 

Thy health's eternal Spring. 

To Father. Sox. and Holt Ghost, 

The God Whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was. is now, 

And shall be evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 311. 

^ — 

— |— 

\\ ' 


■ — i 

I 1 

ft% p 1 ^ 

— &— 






— g— 


S? — 



— ^" _r— 

Z2Z. if=^_ 

— i 

-H — 





I I 


iSt ^2L 

A- men. 

'Thy kingdom come.'" 

THY kingdom come. God, 
Thy rule. CmoBT, begin; 
Break with Thin^ iron rod 
The tyrannies of sin. 
Where is Thy reism of peace, 
And purity, and love ? 
When shall all hatred cease, 
As in the realms above I 
When comes the promised time 
That war shall be no more, 
ion. lust and crime 
Shall flee Thy face before ? 

We pray Thee. Lord, arise, 
And come in Thy great might; 
Revive our longing i 

Which languish for Thy sight. 
Men Boorn TLy sacred Xame, 
And wolves devour Thy fold ; 
By many deeds of shame 
We learn that love grows cold. 
O'er heathen lands afar 
Thick d irk yet : 

. morning Star, 
Arise, and never set. Amen. 

Hymn 312. 

General l£>gmns. 

n i ' — ~ ' i ~~r 

" If any man sin, we have an Advocate with 

WHEN at Thy footstool, Lord, I bend 
And plead with Thee for mercy there. 
Think of the sinners 1 dying Friend, 
And for His sake receive my prayer. 
O think not of my shame and guilt, 
My thousand stains of deepest dye ; 
Think of the Blood which Jesus spilt, 
And let that Blood my pardon buy. 
Think Lord, how I am still Thine own, 
The trembling creature of Thy hand : 
Think how my heart to sin is prone, 
And what temptations round me stand. 

the Father, Jesus Christ, the Pdghteous." 
O think upon Thy holy word, 
And every plighted promise there ; 
How prayer should evermore be heard, 
And how Thy glory is to spare. 
O think not of my doubts and fears, 
My strivings with Thy grace divine ; 
Think upon Jesus' woes and tears, 
And let His merits stand for mine. 
Thine eye, Thine ear, they are not dull ; 
Thine arm can never shortened be ; 
Behold me here ; my heart is full ; 
Behold, and spare, and succour me. Amen. 

Hymn 313. 

" Men ought always to 

WHAT various hindrances we meet 
In coming to the Mercy-seat ; 
Yet who, that knows the worth of prayer, 
But wishes to be often there? 
Prayer makes the darkened cloud withdraw, 
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, 
Gives exercise to faith and love, 
Brings every blessing from above. 
Restraining prayer we cease to fight : 
Prayer makes the Christian's armour bright; 
And Satan trembles when he sees 
The weakest saint upon his knees. 
"When Motes stood with arms spread wide, 
Success was found on Israel's side ; 

pray, and not to faint." 

But when through weariness they failed, 
That moment Amalek prevailed. 
TTave we no words ? ah, think again ; 
"Words flow apace when we complain, 
And fill our f< How-creature's ear 
With the sad tale of all our care. 
Were half the breath thus vainly spent 
To heaven in supplication sent, 
Our cheerful song would oftener be, 
Hear what the Lord hath done for me. 
O Lord, increase our faith and love. 
That we may all Thy goodness prove, 
And gain from Thy exhaustless store 
The fruits of prayer for evermore. Amem. 

General Fppmn.s. 

Hymn 314, 

In quick time. , 

"In everything give thanks." 

TTTTEN morning gilds the skies, 
\Y My heart awaking cries 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 
Alike at work and prayer 
To Jesus I repair ; 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 

"Whene'er the sweet church bell 
Peals over bill and dell, 

May Jesus Christ be praised, 
O hark to what it sings, 
As joyously it rings. 

May jksus Christ be praised, 

My tongue shall never tire 
Of chanting with the choir 

May Jesus Christ be praised : 
This song of sacred joy, 
It never seems to cloy ; - 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 

When sleep her balm denies, 
My silent spirit sighs 

May Jesus Christ be praised : 
"When evil thoughts molest, 
With this I shield my breast, 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 

Does sadness fill my mind ? 
A solace here I find, 

May Jesu6 Christ be praised-' 
Or fades my earthly bliss ! 
My comfort still is this, 

May JE6US Christ be praised. 

The night becomes as day, 
When from the heart we say 

May Jesus Christ be praised: 
The powers of darkness fear, 
"When this sweet chant they hear, 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 

In heaven's eternal bliss 
The loveliest strain is this, 

May Jesus Christ be praised: 
Let earth, and sea, and sky 
From depth to height reply 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 

Be this, while life is mine, 
My canticle divine, 

May Jesus Christ be praised 
Be this the eternal song, 
Through all the ages on, 

May Jesus Christ be praised. Amen, 

Hymn 315. 

General ^mnj 

= -i > = E^ 1 P?4-fl 

U And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three : hut the greatest of these is 

Faith will vanish into sight ; 

GRACIOUS Spirit, Holt GnosT, 
Taught by Thee we covet most 
Of Thy gifts at Pentecost 

Holy, heavenly Love. 
Love is kind and suffers long, 
Love is meek, and thinks no wrong, 
Love than dearh itself more strong; 

Therefore, give us Love. 
Prophecy will fade away, 
Melting in the light of day ; 
Love will ever with us stay ; 

Therefore, give us Love. 

Hope be emptied in delight; 

Love in heaven will shine more bright; 

Therefore, give us Love. 
Faith and Hope and Love we see 
Joining hand in hand agree; 
But the greatest of the three 

And the best is Love. 
From the overshadowing 
Of Thy gold and silver wing 
Shed on us, who to Thee sing, 

Holy, heavenly Love. Amen. 

Hymn 316 


1 1-1 



-* J 



I 1 





— £2- 

I i 

r r r - 

I 1 

l 1 


1 i 




— «>- 



1 I 





rr ■ 


_ 1 — 

-T© — " g> " 

; To him that overcometh." 


QOLDIEPvS, who are Christ's below, 

U Strong in faith resist the foe: 

Boundless is the pledged reward 

Unto them who serve the Loed. 

'Tis no palm of fading leaves 

That the conqueror's hand receives; 

Joys are his serene and pure, 

Light that ever shall endure. 

For the souls that overcome 

Waits the beauteous heavenly Home, 


Where the Blessed evermore 
Tread, on high, the starry floor. 
Passing soon and little worth 
Are the things that tempt on earth; 
Heavenward lift Ihy soul's regard; 
G-on Himself is thy Reward. 
Father, Who the crown dost gire, 
Saviour, by Whose death we live, 
Spi2it, Who our hearts dost raise, 
Thsee in One, Thy Name we praise. 

Hymn 317. <3tt\CVal Tp^mnS. 

pl I 

J_id.L^- ^ /j J 

' , i 

^ CTMi 

- — d— ±- + 

H — » — i — r 



J 1 
U_ ill 
J J 

1 , i , 1 ■ 1 | I , ' i , 


1 i 

— S? — 

JJ-<2 ~-*J-l 

<5^ • _U 


: H> p,- 



T^"p rv ^ 1*-' 





L, ■ , , f - ■ 

41 He ttiat cometh to Me shall never 

I HEARD the voice of Jesus say 
** L om3 unto me and rest ; 
Lay dow ;, thou weary one. lay down 

Thy head upon My breast: " 
I ca ne to Jksis as I was 

Weary, a :d worn, and sad ; 
I found in Him a resting-place, 

And He has made me glad. 
I heard the voice of Jesus say 

" Behold, I freely give 
The llriig wat r, thirsty one, 

Stoop down, and drink, and live: " 

1 "1 ' r 

hunger, and he that believeth in Me shall never 

I came to Jesus, and I drank 

Of that life-giving stream ; 
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, 

And now I live in Him. 
I heard the voice of Jrsus say 

" I am rhis dark world's Light ; 
Look unto Me, thy morn shall rise, 

And all thy day be bright : " 
I look d to Jesus, and I found 

Id Him my Star, my Sun ; 
And in that Light of life I'll walk 

Till travelling days are done. Amen. 

* In ver. 2 and 3, for music of lines 5 and 6, substitute the following : — 

I came to 
I looked to 

Je - sns, and 
Je - sus, and 




- ml * m 

I u 

drank Of that life - pv - ins stream, 
found In Him mv Star, mv Sun. 



General fyvmw. 

Hymn 318. 

=3— =r 


f * r p* r^ 

1 i n_ 

-ps L- 




-^s - 








I Jj • I 





— J-^ ^ <S> &—*-& ^—-^—LJ—^ — L^ <^ g g?-?^ n gO D-£>— i 

" And on His Head "were many crowns." 

CROWX Him with many crowns, 
The Lamb upon His throne; 
Hark, how the heavenly anthem drowns 
All music but its own : 
Awake, mv soul, and sing 
Of Him Who died for thee, 
And hail Him as thy matchless King 
Through all eternity. 

Crown TTim the Virgin's Son, 

The God Incarnate born, 
Whose arm those crimson trophies won 

Which now His Brow adorn: 

Fruit of the mystic Rose, 

As of that Rose the Stem; 
The Root whence mercy ever flows, 

The Babe of Bethlehem. 

Crown Him the Loud of Love: 

Behold His Hands and Side, 
Rich Wounds yet visible above 

In beauty 'glorified : 

No angel in the sky 
Can fully bear that sight, 
But downward bends his burning ey« 
At mysterits so bright. 

Crown Him the L*>rd of Peace: 
Whose power a sceptre sways 

From pole to pole, that wars may cease, 
And all be prayer and praise: 
His reign shall know r.o end, 
And round His pierced Feet 

Fair flowers of Paradise extend 
Their fragrance ever sweet. 

Crown Him the Lonn of years, 

The Potentate of time, 
Creator of the rolling spheres, 

Ineffably sublime. 

All bail. Redeemer, hail! 

For Thou hast died for me ; 
Thy praise shall never, never fail 

Throughout eternity. Amen. 

General fypmm. 

Hymn 319. 

' In the beginning was the Wosd, and the Woud was with God, and the Word 
■was God. All things were made bv Him.' 1 

JE?US is God: the solid earth, 
The ocean broad and bright, 
The countless stars, like golden dust, 

That strew the skies at night. 
The wheeling storm, the dreadful fire, 

The pleasan* wholesome air, 
The summer's sun, the winter's frost, 
His own creations were. 

Jesus is God : the glorious bands 

Of golden angels sing 
Songs of adoring praise to Him, 

Their Maker and their Kir.--. 
He was true God i:i Bethlehem's crib, 

On Calvary's Cross true Gor>, 
He Who in heaven eternal reigned 

In time on earth abode. 

Jesus is God : let sorrow come, 

And pain, and every ill. 
All are worth while, for all are means 

His glory to fulfil ; 
Worth while a thousand years of woe 

To speak one little word, 
If by that "I believe" we own 

The Godhevd of our Losd. Amen. 


General Jl^mns. 

Hymn 320. 

1 He is the Head of the Body, the Church." 

THE Church's one foundation 
Is Jkstjs Christ her Lord; 
She is His new creation 

By water and the Word : 
From heaven He came and sought her 

To be His holy Bride, 
With His own Blood He bought her 
And for her life He died. 

Elect from every nation, 

Yet one o'er all the earth, 
Her charter of salvation 

O le Loud, one Faith, one Birth ; 
One Holy Name she blesses, 

Partakes one Holy Food, 
And to one hope she presses 

With every grace endued. 

Though with a scornful wonder 

Men see her sore opprest, 
By schisms reut asunder, 

By heresies distrust, 

Yet saints their watch are keeping. 
Their cry goes up, " How long?" 

And soon the night of weeping 
Shall be the morn of song. 

Mid toil, and tribulation, 

And tumult of her war, 
She waits the consummation 

Of peace for evermore ; 
Till with the vision glorious 

Her longing eyes are blest, 
And the great Church victorious 

Shall be the Church at rest 

Yet she on earth hath union 

With God the Three in Oxi, 
And mystic sweet communion 

With those whose rest is won: 
O happy ones and holy! 

Lord, give us grace that we 
Like them, the meek and lowly, 

On high may dwell with Thee. Amen. 

General i^mns. 

Hymn 321. 

rl ' 

— I 

— 1- 



, 1 ... 

i — i- 



— H 

! — i 





— s> — 



1 1 

-^ — - 
=3fl : 



■|" H 



1 | 

Ur — 








— (&- 









— u 

- ' | 

— p_ 

I p "n 



— d5 — 


— ^5- 










•^- . 

' 1 





1 ! 

1 ' 1 1 

! 1 

1 | Amen. 





— &- 




- 1 — 


-j 1 a ' n ^Ji 

'"^The* the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." 

STATES of the morning, so gloriously bright, 
Filled -with celestial virtue and light, 
These that, where night never followeth day, 
Raise the " Trisagion "' * ever and aye : 

These are Thy ministers, these dost Thou owu, 
Lokd God of Sabaoth, nearest Thy throne ; 
These are Thy messengers, these dost Thou send, 
Help of the helpless ones ! man to defend. 

These keep the guard amidst Salem's dear bowers ; 
Thrones, Principalities, Virtues, and Powers; 
Where with the Living Ones, mystical Four, 
Cherubim, Seraphim bow and. adore. 

Then, when the earth was first poised in mid space, 
Then, when the planets first sped on their race, 
Then, when were ended the six days" employ 
Then all the sons of Gon shouted fur joy. 

Still let them succour us : still let them fight, 
Lord of angelic hosts, battling for right ; 
Till, where their anthems they ceaselessly pour, 
"We with the Angels may bow and adore. Amen. 

► " This word in the Greek Liturgy means the same as the u^tus, Sanctus, 
Sanctus," in the Latin, and the " Holy, Holy, Holy," in the English. 

49 . 

General rppmn.s. 

Hymn 322— (Fiest Tom.) 

M Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the 
things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. But God hath 
reveled them unto us by His Spirit." 

LIGHTS abode. Celestial Salem, 
Vision whence true peace doth spring, 
Brighter than the heart can fancy, 

Mansion of the Highest King; 
O how glorious are the praises 
Which of thee the prophets smg! 

There for ever and for ever 

Alleluia is out-poured, 
For unending, for unbroken 

Is the feast-day of the Lord ; 
All is pure, and all is holy 

That within thy walls is stored. 

There no cloud nor passing vapour 
Dims the brightness of the air ; 

Endless noon-day glorious noon-day, 
From the Sun of suns is there ; 
• There no night brings rest from labour, 
I\r unknown are toil and care. 

O how glorious and re^plendpnt, 
Fragile body, shalt thou be. 

When endued with so much beauty, 
Full of health, and strong and free, 

Full of vigour, full of pleasure 
That shall last eternally! 

Now with gladness, now with courage 
B^ar the burden on thee laid, 

That hereafter these thy labours 
May with endless gifts be paid, 

And in everlasting glory 
Thou with brightness be arrayed. 

Laud and honour to the Father, 
Laud and honour to the Sox, 

Laud and honour to the Spirit, 
Ever Tira and ever One, 

Consubstantial, Co-eternal 
While unending ages run. Amen. 

(Second Tuke.) 

J — I 



<& — mt£. 



ry i 


-, — i — u 


~i — i 


i i 





Hymn 323. 

-& — 

u , 1 

f> VJi'J rf - 


— £=» 


, — i 

2? _ 

' 1 


^ : 

1 , 

lT i i i ;' 




1 Our conversation is in heaven.' 

JERUSALEM on high 

U My song and cry is. 
My home whene'er I die. 
The centre of my bliss : 
O happy place ! 
When shall I be. 
My GrOD, with Thee, 
To see Thy Face t 
There dwells my LnKn, my King, 

J i Iged here unfit t » live ; 
There Angela ro Tlim sin::. 
And lowly homagi . 
O happy placi 
The Patriarchs of old 

:ease ; 
The Prophets there behold 
Their longed-for Prince of Peace : 
O happy place, &c. 

The Lamb's Apostles there 

I might with joy behold, 

The harpers I might hear 

Harping on harps of gold ; 

O happy place, &c. 

The We e din g Martyrs, they 

Within these courts are found, 
Clothed in pure array. 

Their scars with glory crowned: 
O happy place. <tc. 
Ah me ! ah me ! that I 

In Kedar'fl tent-? here stay; 
Xo place like that on hi^h ; 
Lord, thither guide my way: 
O happy [ I 

When shall I b<\ 
My Goo, with Thep. 
To see Thy Face ? Amen. 

General £>2mns. 

Hymn 324— (First Tune.) 


9> Xh ( r 

jJjJ i 

pr • B- -pr 

U L|-l 



I I 

- 1 — 1 — I 1 1 1- 



_^_J_^ , L_ 1 3-, 1 , U — 1 •-' 1 I p* — ' u 

1 — r 



= ^^3==3Z 

'j J 











"The Paradise of God. % 

PARADISE, Paradise, 
Who doth not crave for rest ? 
"Who would not seek the happy land 
Where they that loved are blest? 
Where loyal hearts and true 

Stand ever in the light, 
All rapture through and through, 
In God's most holy sight. 

O Paradise, O Paradise, 

The world is growing old ; 
Who would not be at rest and free 

Where love is never cold ! 

Where loyal hearts, &c. 

Paradise, O Paradise, 
"Kb weary waiting here ; 

1 long to be where Jksus is, 
To feel, to see Him near ; 

Where loyal hearts, &c. 

Paradise, O Paradise, 
I want to sin no more, 

1 want to be as pure on earth 
As on thy spotless shore; 

Where loyal hearts, &c, 

O Paradise. O Paradise, 

I greatly long to see 
The special place my dearest Lord 

In love prepares for me ; 

Where loyal hearts, <fcc. 

Lord, King of Paradise, 

O kepp me in Thy love, 
And enide me to that happy land 
Of perfect rest above ; 

Where loyal hearts and true 

Stand ever in the light, 
All rapture through and through, 
In God's most holy sight Amen. 

General rppmns. 

Hymil 324. — (Second Tune.) 

'IE Hill 

" '/ J j 

J i 

C/'tS. | , 




•* J l' J • J J -d 

— ts — ■ i» — <S <^— L, ^ ^-* £S_J — U_ 



Where loy - al hearts and true 

Stand ev - er in the light; All 

Where loy - al hearts and true Stand 

^ >; ^5 2s- dBfai ra//. 

ill i ^» ~ ^- -?^r ay ty i 

rap-ture. thro' and thro' In God's most ho - ly sight. A - - - nien. 



4 The Paradise of God.' 1 

PARADISE. Paradise, 
Who doth not crave for rest ? 
Who would not seek the happy land 
Where they that loved are blest ? 
Where loyal hearts and true 

Stand ever in the light. 
All rapture through and through, 
In God's most holy sight. 

O Paradise. O Paradise. 

The world is growing old ; 
Who would not be at rest and free 

Where love is never cold ? 

Where loyal hearts, ice. 

Paradise. () Paradise, 
'Tis weary waiting here ; 

1 long to be* where Jr.sus is, 
To feel, to see Him near ; 

Where loyal hearts, &c. 

Paradise, O Paradise, 
I want to sin no more, 

1 want to be as pure on earth 
As on thy spotless shore ; 

Where loyal hearts, &c 

Paradise. O Paradise, 

I greatly long to see 
The special place my dearest Lor» 

Iu love prepares for me ; 

Where loyal hearts, &c. 

Lord Jesu, King of Paradise, 

O ke^p me in Thy love, 
And guide me to that happy land 
Of perfect rest above ; 
Where loyal hearts and true 

Stand ever In the light, 
All rapture through and through, 
Iu God's most holy sight. Amen. 

General fppmns. 

Hymn 325.— (First Tune.) 






' 1 1 I 

1 r 

i 1 ,. .1 1 



kJ ng- /d ^ 


L&* .ri J fa 

| » | g P f g 

•^^- fg- -gy 



mr ^ t *rrf & £\ 



I i 


An-gels of Je - bus, An - gels of light, 

! - 


■ p/> 

& F* t& — - 

— j ,* 

J — I- 

I I 





1 night, Sing - - ing ' 
Sing - ing to wel - come the pil-grims of the night, Sing - ing to 




J *) J 


i — 1 — 1 — r 



— ^ — &. 

_ — r 


1 » 1 I I I I I I < • \^ 

wel - come the pilgrims, the pilgrims of the night A - men, A - men. 

"J J J •_ J 1 1 1 ! 


-^ — <^- 



~\ — 


1 — i — r 

1 The night is far spent, the day is at hand." 

HARK! hark, my soul ; Angelic songs are swelling 
O'er earth's green fields, and ocean's wave-beat shore: 
How sweet the truth those blessed strains are telling 

Of that new life when sin shall be no more. 
Angels of Jksus, Angela of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the nhjht. 



Onward wc go, for stall we hoar them ringing; 

M Come, weary souls, for Jesls bids you come: " 
And, through the dark its eehoea sw.^tiy ringing, 

The music of the Gospel leads us home. 
Angel* Of JBSI B, A 

Far, far awiy. like bells at evening pealing, 

The v< - sounds o'er land and sea, 

An 1 laden Bonis by thousands meekly stealing, 

Kind Shepherd, turu their weary steps to Thee. 
Angela oi Jrans, fee. 

Rest comes at length, though life be long and dreary, 
The day must dawn, and darksome night be past ; 

Faith's journey ends in welcome to the weary. 
And heaven, the heart's true home, will come at last. 

Angels of Jesus, &c. 

Angels, sing on ! your faithful watches keeping ; 

tMiig us sweet fragments of the songs above; 
Till morning's joy shall end the night of weeping, 

And life's long shadows break in cloudless love. 
Angels of Jesus, Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims ©f the night Amen. 

Hymn 325. — (Second Tuns.) 


^IS-egJU g ^-f g ci\s ^^ 

I ' j ' | 


i — i — r 

g — ^zza 


, 1 1 ;_ 

! 1_ 

i 1 ' — i 

— P f* f 5 f - 

1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 
*4 r* A ^ 


1 , ' i 

L- r rT r l 


1 ^ PC 

1 1 


I 1 - 1 1 

i ! i r i W ^ *— * ^ 

i i. 




J i THJ'! 'i 

1 i i 

I.I I 

-t — r 


E F=f E 


Hymn 326. <&tt\Cm\ typttlM. 

1 "1 1 :=J 

r J 
— <^— 


1 ' ' 1 ' J ! ' , 



I — S? — 

-©5 1 - 


A - men. 

M=E=£ F 


1 ■ 



_ s ; 

44 pHRISTIAN ! seek not yet repose, 
\J Hear thy guardian angel say; 
Thou art in the midst of foes ; 
" Watch and pray." 

Principalities and powers, 
Mustering their unseen array, 
"Wait for thy unguarded hours; 
" Watch and pray.' 1 

Gird thy heavenly armour on, 
Wear it ever night and day ; 
Ambushed lies the evil one ; 
11 Watch and pray. 1 ' 

Watch and pray.'" 

Hear the victors who overcame ; 
Still they mark each warrior's way; 
All with one sweet voice exclaim 
'• Watch and pray." 

Hear, above all, hear thy Lord, 
Him thou lovest to obey; 
Hide within thy heart His word, 
" Watch and pray. 11 

Watch, as if on that alone 
Hung the issue of the day ; 
Pray, that help may be sent down ; 
" Watch and pray.' 1 Amen. 

Hymn 327. 

TT"ITEX wounded sore the stricken heart 
} ) Lies bleeding and unbound, 
One only Hand, a pierced Hand, 
Can salve the sinner's wound. 

When sorrow swells the laden breast, 
And tears of anguish flow. 

One only Heart, a broken Heart, 
Can feel the sinner's woe. 

When penitential grief has wept 
Over some foul dark spot, 

Lokd, to whom shall we go ? " 

One only Stream, a Stream of Blood, 
Can wash away the blot 

'Tis Jesus' Blood that washes white, 
His Hand that brings relief, 

His Heart is touched with all our joys, 
And feds for all our grief. 

Lift up Thy bleeding Hand, O Losd, 
L'nseal that cleansing tide ; 

We have no shelter from our sin 
But in Thy wounded Side. Amen. 

General ftgrntt* 

Hymn 328. 

r — J 


i i 

& T\ — ^y [ --;»-; -* 1> & — r— £> j r 


1 | | 



i j J . 


—?2 z: 

■* J J 

g «. i 

-*~ &- d s,- 

-»^ — 

— ^_ 


1 i 

,5, p, <9 j». 

'i 'i i Li 


— m — i 



l_£* — p< — ^ — ^_d 
', ', '. ', 

^ *^ -2 ^ 1 





i 1 " r 

1 Behold, I stand at the door and knock/ 

OJESU. Thou art standing 
Outside the fast-closed door, 
En lowly patience waiting 

To pass the threshold o*er : 
Shame on as, Christian brethren, 

His Name and sien who bear, 

Oh shame, thrice shame upon us 

To keep Him standing there. 

O Jrsr. Thou art knocking : 

And lo ! that Hand is scarred, 
And "horns Thy Brow encircle, 

And tears Thy Face have marred: 
love that passeth knowledge 

So patiently to wait ! 
Oh sin that hath no equal 

So fast to bar the gate ! 

Jrsr. Thou art pleading 

In accents meek and low, 
"I r>ied for you. My children, 

And will ve treat lie bo ! " 
LoBX*, with shame and sorrow 

We open now the door: 
Dear Batious, enter, enter, 

And leave us never more. Amen. 


©cncral g>pmn& 

Hymn 329. 

z g i g 4^ ^ A I -j g= i 4- 4- « 

i j 

-»- - g- ^ ■"• -Q- -" -s~ -•£?- 

(*• 1 1 1 

— s>— — <» — g — •— 

-s» — ^ — 

1 ! 

V^—A — u 

1 — 

1 II 

-T-T * # p- 

1 ' IS 

£2 ^ 



-* -- 

1 1 i 

-=— 1 

' Help us, God of our salvation, for the glory of Thy Name.' 1 

LORD of our life, and God of our salvation, 
:' our night, and Hope of every nation, 
Hear and receive Thy Church's supplication, 
Loed God Almighty. 

See round Thine ark the hungry billows earl 
See how Thy foes their banners are unfurling ; 
Loed, while* their darts envenomed they are hurling 
Thou canst preserve .-. 

Loed. Thou canst help when earthly armour faileth, 
Loed, Thou cans* save when deadly sin assaileth, 
Loed, o'er Thy Rock nor death nor hell prevaUcth, 
Grant us Thy peace. Loed. 

Gran: us Thy help till foes are backward driven, 
Grant them Thy truth, that they may be forgiven, 
fixint peace on earth, and. after we have striven, 
Peace in Thy heaven. Amen, 


General rppmns. 

Hymn 330. 



1 . i 

I /H ^ J^l ^ 


A • :. ! 

g! ^ 

'•The Lorn hi my ShepherdV 

THE King of love my Shepherd is, 
Whose goodness failerh n o r m ; 
I nothing lack if I a\ "> 
And He is mine fra ever. 

Where ■treen - f firing water r!ow 

■ [ utnei gTow, 
V>"i:h food celestial fee 

Perverse and foolish oft I strayc i, 

B it J-' in k vc H - 
And on His Should^-. 

And hoeee, I me. 

In d-ath's dark rale I feu 
With Thee, ien I me; 

Thy rod and staff my eomfbri = ti.l, 
Thy Cross before to guide me. 

Th^u spread's* a Table in my sight, 

Thy Uncion grace 
And oh I wbaJ 

From Thy [ 

And so through all the length of days 

Thy « 
Good Shepherd, may I emg Thy praise 

. : :or cv^r. Amia. 


General IDprnns. 

Hymn 331. 

- | i M 1 — r ~j~3-j — ^ — r <^ ' ; f "^ — _. — r — —H C — ' ^- ' — I — C 


—J 1-r ■ n 


,— s 



"^ *r* . •*- 

— e — 

a 1-^ - 

' Y* 

1 i ^ -^ 1 
J J ^ ^ 1 


■ - 



k — — ' 

1 L r^ — t — 

T • 





11 He saith, surely I come quickly : Amen. Even so, come, Lobd Jesus.* 

QUICKLY come, dread Judge of all ; 
For. awful thouzh Thine advent be, 
All shadows from the truth will fall. 
And f lls^hnod die. in sight of Thee : 
O quickly come: for doubt and feir 
Like clouds dissolve when Thou art near. 

O quickly come, great Kins of all ; 
Reign all around us. and within : 

Let sin no more our souls enthrall, 
Let pain and sorrow dip with sin : 
O quickly c>me : for Thou alone 
C^ust make Thy scattered people one. 

O quickly come, true Life of all ; 
For death is mighty all around ; 
On everv home his shadows fall. 
On everv heart his mark is found ; 
O quicklv come : for gri ft and pain 
Can never cloud Thy glorious r.igu. 

O quickly corn*, sure Light of all. 

For eloomv nicrht hroods o'er our way ; 

And weakly fouI 5 ? beein to fall 

With wpary watching for th^ day : 

quicklv come: for round Thy throne 

No eye is blind, no night is known. Amen. 

General £)pmns. 

Hymn 332 
J— i 


i I 

d. -J . 




I . 



1 1 

— r- 


i .. 

1 H 

— ^— : 

— ^ 







1 , 

— &— 

1 1 


3 : 

u, , -■ 

l — r- 

pT . 

— ^•— 


j r 



- \ 



, oil U U 


' The time is short/' 

A FEW more years shall roll, 
A A few more seasons come, 

And we shall be with those that rest 
Asleep within the tomb: 
Then, O my Lokd, prepare 
My soul for that great day; 

wash me in Thy precious Blood, 
And take my sins away. 

A few more suns shall set 
O'er these dark hills of time, 

And we shall be where suns are not, 
A far serener clime: 
Then. my Lord, prepare 
My soul f>r that blest clay j 

O wash me in Thy precious Blood, 
And take my sins away. 

A few more storms shall beat 
On this wild rocky shore. 
And we shall be where tempests ceaie, 
And surges swell no more : 

Then. my Lord, prepare 

My soul for that calm day ; 

wash me in Thy precious Blood, 

And take my sins away. 

A few more struggles here, 
A few more partings o'er, 

A few more toils, a few more tears, 
And we shall weep no more : 
Then, O my Loud, prepare 
My soul for that bright day ; 

O wash me in Thy precious Blood, 
A. id take my sins away. 

Tis but a little while 
And He shall come again. 

Who died that we might live, Who lires 
That we with Him may reign: 
Then, O my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that glad day ; 

O wash me in Thy precious Blood, 
And take my sins away. Amen. 

Hymn 333. ©Oietal ©plUtlS. 



M And he said, I -will not let thee go, except thou bless me.*' 

SHEPHERD Divine, our wants relieve, 
In this our evil day : 
To all Thy tempted followers give 
The power to watch and pray. 

Long as our fiery trials last, 

Long as the cross we bear, 
O let our souls o 1 Thee be cast 

In never-ceasing prayer. 

The Spirit of interceding grace 

Give us in fairh to claim ; 
To wrestle till we see Thy Face, 

And know Thy hidden Name, 

Till Thou Thy perfect love impart, 

Till Thou Thyself bestow, 
Be this the cry of every heart, 

" I will not let Thee go : 

41 1 will not let Thee go, unless 

Thou tell Thy Name to me ; 
With all Thy great salvation bless, 

And make me all like Thee. 

"Then let me on the mountain-top 

Behold Thy open Face ; 
Where faith in sight is swallowed up, 

And prayer in endless praise." Amen. 

" O, hold Thou up my goings in Thy 

BE Thou my Guardian and my Guide, 
And he ir me when I call ; 
Let not my slippery footsteps slide ; 
And hold me lost I fall. 

The world, the flesh, and Satan dwell 

Around the path I tread ; 
0. save me from the snares of hell, 

Tnou Qaickener of the dead. 

And if I tempted am to sin, 
And outward things are strong, 

paths ; that my footsteps slip not." 
Do Thou, O Lord, keep watch within, 
And save my soul from wrong. 

Still let me ever watch and pray, 

And feel that I am frail : 
That if the tempter cross my way, 

Yet he may not prevail. 

To Fathkr, Son*, and Halt Ghost, 
The God Whom we adore, 

Be glory, as it was, is now, 
And shall be evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 335. General £pmns. 

crt*. 8e?vpre. 

J— \-±, 

- — n- H ~ i H h ' '~-'~ ^ ' 1 ^ ~r ~ 


Pm*J l i i ^ ' l i 

i — r 

'Every day -will I give thanks unto Thee, and praise Thy Name for ever and ever/' 

CAVIOUR. Blessed Savtous, 
O Listen whilst we sing, 
Hearts and voices raising 

Praises to our King. 
All we have we offer ; 

All we hope to be, 
Boiy, soul, and spirit, 

All we yield to Thee, 
Nearer, ever nearer, 

Ciihist. we draw to Thee, 
Deep in adoration 

Beading low the knee : 
Thou for our redemption 

Camst on earth to die ; 
Thou, that we might follow, 

Hast gone up oa high. 

Great and ever greater 

Are Thy mercies here, 
True and everlasting 

Are the glories there, 
"Where no pain, or sorrow, 

Toil, or care is known, 
Where the ange 1 -legions 

Circle round Thy throne. 
Dark and ever darker 

Was the win'ry past, 
Now a ray of gladness 

O'er our path i- ca c t ; 
Every day tha" passpth, 

Every hour that flies, 
Tells of love unfeumed, 

Love that never die-s. 

Clearer still and dearer 

Dawns the light from heaven, 
In our sadness bringing 

News of sin forgiven ; 
Life has lost its shadows, 

Pure the light within ; 
Thou hast shed Thy radiauco 

On a world of sia 
Brighter still and brighter 

Glows the western sun, 
Shedding all its gladness 

O er our work that's done ; 
Time will soon be over, 

Toil and sorrow past, 
May we. Blessed Savioub, 

Find a rest at last. 

Onward, ever onward, 

Jo urney ing o'er the road 
Worn by saints before us, 

Journeying on to God ; 
Le m t i ig all behind us, 

M iy we hasten on. 
Backward never looking 

Till the prize is won. 

Bliss, all Miss excelling, 

\Vhei the ransomed soul 
E irthly toils forgetting 

Fi ds its promised poal ; 
Where in jovs unheard of 

Saints with angels sing, 
Never weary raising 

Praises to* their Ktxg. Amen. 

General £)pmns. 

"And all her streets shall saj ' Alleluia.' r 

Hymil 336.— (First Tune.) 





-J * a 

m -?, — » 

_^> *L — 


Full. 1. Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praise, citizens of heaven ; and 

•2. Ye'next. who stand before th'E-ter- nal LiL'ht, In hymning choirs re-echo 
The Holy City shall take up your strain,And with gla 1 songs resounding 

In blissful antiphons ye thus re - joice To render to the Lord with 

Dec. 3. 

AN. 4 




^_^ j __^ 



Dfx. 5. Ye who have sained at length your palmsin bliss,Yictorious ones, yonr chantshall 
an.O. Tnere, in one errand acclaim, for e - ver ring The strains which tell the honour 



f - L. 






Dec. T. This is the rest for weary ones brought back ; This is the food and drink which 
p I ~ cres. 



^v f ff^, 

1 1 


122 « ~ — 

gy* p- 


Org. ^ 

Pull. 5. While Thee, bv YHiom were ) m - mmmm „ . 
all things f made ' we P"" 6 
9. Almishtv Christ, to Thee our voi - ces sing 

Tor ever, and tell out in 
Glory for evermore ; to 

* — ' j» " — ' 1 ~~^ 

— ^ 

-N V»V " "' ' " 

L^5 £9 I 



„ u 

4 Tliou hast been a strength to the poor ; a strength to the needy in his distress." 

I NEED Thee. Precious Jest:, 
Eor I am very poor ; 
zer and a pilgrim, 
I have no earthly Eton ; 

I need the love of Jrsus 
To ch_-er me on my way, 

To guide my doubting footsteps, 
To be my strength aud stay. 

I need Thee. Precious Jrsr, 

I need a friend like Thee, 
A friend to soothe and pity, 

A friend to care for me : 
I need the Heart of Jesus 

To fed each anxious care, 
To tell my every trial. 

Aud all mv sorrows share. 

I need Thee. Precious Jrsr, 

I need Thee, day by day, 
To fill me with Thy tulntss, 

To lead me on my way ; 
I need Thy Holy Srir.iT 

To reach me what 1 am. 
To show me more of JisOB, 

To point me to the Lamb. 

I need Thee. Precious Jest. 

And hope to see Thee soon 
Encircled* with the rainbow, 

And seated on Thy throne ; 
There, with Thy Blood-bought children, 

My joy shall ever be. 
T. ri 5 Thy praises, Jesu, 

To gaze, my Losd, on Thee. Amen. 


General l^mns. 

Hymn 341. 

i i \ J , J A \- J „ J A J J , j a ^ _ 

1 Let my supplication come before Thee ; deliver me, according to Thy Word." 

JESUS, Loud of life and glory, 
Bend from heaven Thy gracious ear; 
"While our waiting souls adore Thee, 
Friend of helpless sinners hear : 

By Thy mercy, 
O deliver us, good Loud. 

Fmm the depths of nature's blindness, 
From the hardening power of sin, 

From all m;ilice and unkindness, 
From the pride that lurks within, 

By Thy mercy. 
O deliver us, good Loud. 

TVhei temptation sorely presses, 
In the day of Satan's power, 

In our times of deep distresses, 
In pac 1 ! d^rk and trying hour, 

Bv Thy mercy. 
O deliver us, good Loud. 

"When the world around is smiling, 
In the time of wealth and ease, 

Earthly joys our hearts beguiling, 
In the day of health and peace, 

By Thy merey, 
deliver us, good Lord. 

In the weary hours of sickness, 
In the times of grief and pain, 

When we feel our mortal weakness, 
When the creature's help is vain, 

By Thy mercy, 
deliver us, good Lord. 

In the solemn hour of dying, 
In the awful judgment day, 

Mav our souls, on Thee relying, 
Find Thee still our Hope and Stay: 

Bv Thy mercy, 
deliver us, good Lord. Amen. 


General rppmns. 

Hymn 342. 

^r i.ii i . • -« <* i i r ^^- , i i i , r> 


1 1 i 


H | . I 

-i — i 

U_ g^ — L-^ ^55 — t-^ — < p h>»j — ^■^-^-<^'^rjl^~ — ^: — 2^ tf^ai 


I I 

f m — M- — r 5- ' P — ^> — : 

j ' \ [j fUl 

1 i I I 

M In the day time also He led them with a cloud, and all the ni^ht through with 
the light of fire." & 

LEAD, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom, 
Lead Thou me on ; 
The night is dark, and I am far from home, 

Lead Thou me on. 
Keep Thou my feet ; I do not ask to see 
The distant scene : one step enough for me. 

I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou 

Shouldst lead me on ; 
I lored to choose and see my path ; but now 

Lead Thou me on. 
I loved the garish day. and. spite of fears, 
Pride ruled my will : remember not past years. 

So long Thv power ha^h blest me, sure it still 

Will lead me on 
O'er moor and fen. oVr crag and torrent, till 

The night is gone, 
And with the morn those angel faces smile 
Which I have loved long since, aud lost awhile. Amen. 

Hymn 343. 

General J^gmns. 

I i I I 

_i2 ^ 






^ ^ ^ £*_ A, A. . 




g-_ ^~ 

2 — : - ^2 
1 ! 


-?a p-f *=f 

* Por Me ls£ ivrse, £fc shir fa oe;ter orer tag 3ro* and 4^7t notes o/£7u$ oar. 
" There remaineth a rest to the people of God." 

OWHAT the joy and the glory must be, 
Those endless Sabbaths the blessed ones see; 
Crown for the valiant, to weary ones rest ; 
God shall be all and in all ever blest. 

"What are the Monarch. His court, and TTis throne? 
What are the peace, and the joy that they own? 
O. that the blest ones, who in it have share, 
All that they feel could as fully declare. 

Truly Jerusalem nam' 1 we that shore, 

Vision of Peace, that brings joy evermore; 

"Wish and fulfilment can severed be ne'er, 

Nor the thing prayed for come short of the prayer. 

There, where no troubles distraction can bring, 
We the sweet anthems of Sion shall sing, 
While for Thy grace, Loud, their voices of praise 
Thy blessed people eternally raise. 

There dawns no Sabbath, no Sabbath is o'er, 
Those Sabbath-keepers have one evermore; 
One and unending is that triumph-song 
Which to the angels and us shall belong. 

Now in the meanwhile with hearts raised on high, 
We for that country must yearn and must sigh; 
Seeking Jerusalem, dear nntive land. 
Through our long exile on Babylon's strand. 

Low before TTim with our praises we fall. 
O p Whom, and in Whom, and through Whom are all: 
Of Whom, the Father ; and in Whom, the Sov; 
Through Whom, the Spirit, with Them ever One. Amen. 


This Hymn, according to Mone, is for use on Saturday. 

Cfjc (Transfiguration, 

Hymn 344. 


i ■ i 





— s> 




— n 

— % vp 

• i ' j 

— <&— 

— <& — 



r^: £?£ 


-~«3> — 

r— -zdl 

— =e~ — ^— 


, gp 

: — ^ — 

1 1 





n ■ i 

— ^ 


1 1 

— ^~ 

' 1 


gy 1 

--^ — 




i i 
— ^ — ^ 


— 2_tzilJ — *a — Z ■ 1 c 



« : i — 

; His Face did shine as the sun. sad His raiment Wil white Ifl the light."' 

IN days of old on Sinai 
The Lobd Almighty came, 

la majesty of terror. 

1 1 thunder-cloud and rVime ; 
On Tabor, with the glory 

Of sunniest tight tor vest, 
Fhe excellence of beauty 

la Jesus was expressed. 

All tight created paled there. 

And did Him worship meet; 
The sun itself adored Him. 

An 1 bowed before His feet ; 
"While Moses and Elias. 

Upon the holy Mount, 
The eo-eternal _-'. -.- 

Of Cubist our God recount. 

O holy, wondroni vi 

But what when, this life past, 
The beautv of Mount Tabor 

Shell end in heaven a- hist? 

But what when all the glory 

Of uncreated light 
Shall be the promised guerdon 

Of them that win theT figh; ? Amen. 


!£)olp Communion. 

Hymn 345. — (First Tune.) 
g — tf — 

r' 1 ', 1 

■_i- '!■..! q r '^ , 

^*"j-J ?_ 

-^ — 2! — ^ — g g< ^-^-. J ^=B 

r r • r ° 

r5 :i r r i:.i & r &- T j ^ 

1 ^ ! * 

= — > — L^zufepz^z— r< — I ; ^— B 

TAe Twne ll Melcombe" {Hymn 2) wajy also be sung to this Hymn, for which it was 


" Jesus said, I am the Bread of Life. 1 ' 

THE Heavenly Woud proceeding forth, 
Yet leaving not the Father's side, 
Accomplishing His work on eartn 
Had reached at length life's eventide. 

By false disciple to he given 
To foemen for His life athirst, 
Himself, the very Bread of Heaven 
He gave to His disciples first. 

He gave Himself in either kind, 
His precious Flesh, His precious Blood; 
In love's own fulness thus designed 
Of the whole man to be the Food. 

By Birth their Fellow-man was He ; 
Their Meat, when sitting at the board ; 
He died, their Ransomer to be ; 
He ever reigns, their great Reward. 

Past II. 

O Saving Victim, opening wide 
The gate of heaven to man below, 
Our foes press on from every side. 
Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow. 

All praise and thank> to Thee ascend, 
For evermore, blest One in Tiirek ; 
O grant us life that shall not end 
In our true native land with Thee. Amen. 

!£olp Communion. 

Hymn 345, — (Second Turn.) 




i ■= — ^ — u i — r - — <^ — *"■* — ■"■— & c~* *2 ^ c^ jr^ , r ^ ^ — 




I I 

je> — &m 


i — n 

i i 
zd — !=g qfed 

A - men. 


4i Jesus said, I am the Bread of Life." 

THE Heavenly Woud proceeding forth, 
Yet leaving not the Father's side, 
Accomplishing His work on eartn 
Had reached at length life's eventide. 

By false disciple to be given 
To foemen for His life athirst, 
Himself, the very Bread of Heaven, 
He gave to His disciples first. 

He gave Himself in either kind. 
His precious Flesh, His precious Blood; 
In love's own fulness thus designed 
Of the whole man to be the Food. 

By Birth their Fellow-man was He , 
Their Meat, when sitting at the board ; 
He died, their Ransomer to be ; 
He ever reigns, their great Reward. 

Past II. 

O Saving Victim, opening wide 
The gate of heaven to man below, 
Our foes press on from everv ride, 

Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow. 

All praise and thank" to Then ascend, 

For evermore, blest Owa in Three ; 

O grant us life that shall not end 

In our true native land with Thee, Amen. 


Hymn 346. 

^olp Communion. 

" He that eateth My Flesh and drinketh My Blood dwelleth in Me and I in him." 

OFOOD that weary pilgrims love, 
O Bread of angel hosts above, 
O Manna of the saints, 
The hungry soul would feed on Thee ; 
Ne'er may the heart unsolaced be 
Which for Thy sweetness faints. 

O Fount of love, O cleansing Tide, 
Which from the Saviour's pierced Side 

And Sacred Heart dost flow, 
Be ours to drink of Thy pure rill, 
Which only can our spirits fill 

And all we need bestow. 

Lotvd Jestj, Whom, by power divine 
Now hidden 'neath the outward sign, 

We worship and adore, 
Grant, when the veil away is rolled, 
W r ith open face we may behold 

Thyself for evermore. Amen. 



= =t=±: 

:^-b^z=^— «sfcz 


n r \ A J 




'J [j 

l§g||||jg=g ^^jg|§|jy =5^1 

1 — r 


J — u 

z m 

1 i i I 







1 , J 

- 1 U — 



M We have an Altar. m 

ONCE, only once, ind once for all, 
: .v : 
- falL, 

s »y ; 

Uc - Lay. 

Aaron's line 
\\ itiii.i tiie Holiest - 
And sprinkled all the iwrry-nhrim 
M ito sacrificial blood ; 

So B< . oent wrought, 

Our Pries: oi" ondlans power, 

Presents Himself flu those lie bought 

In that dark noontide hour. 
Sis Manhood pleads when 

to His 

y death, O L 
-liU ^ | i'^ar, 

And feeL. when we ■pproach Thy Board, 

We have an J 
All glory to the Father be, 
All glory to the 8 

;•-. Bolt Grfloex, to Thee 
N\ uile endless ages run. Amen. 

Hymn 348. 


g ^ p f- ^ ~- p */ 

I~J ** 

1^ \ J- j£ i,_ 

— ^ — 1 □ 

^ ^ ->s- ^ -^ P fS* P s»" ^ ^- ^- -4rd- ^ ^J^ 

A - - men. 

_g ; ^ 3=gz 

k Wisdom saith, Come eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I hard 


RAW nigh and take the Body of the Lord. 
And drink the noly Blood for you outpoured. 

Saved by that Body and that holy Blood. 
With souls refreshed, we reader thanks to God. 

Salvation's Giv,r. Cnr.isT the Only Sox, 

By His dear C - . i the victory won. 

Offered was He for greatest and for leas:. 
Himself the Victim and the Priest 

Victims wi re offered by the law of old 

Which in a type this heavenly mystery told. 

He. naimriiimi from death, and Light from shade, 
Now gives His holy _ tints to aid. 

Approach ye then with faithful hear:s sincere, 
And ts _-.;ard of salvation here. 

He. that in this w^rld rules His saints and shields, 
To all believers life eternal y 

With heavenly makes them that hunger whole, 
Gives living w 

Alpha and Omega, to Whom shall bow 

All nations at the Doom, is with us now. Amen. 


Hymn 349. it)Qlp Communion. 

" So man did eat angel's food." 
S'otcty, and xcith expression. 



mr'Lol the an - gels' Fool is giv - en 

' J I 

i * - y i i 

To the pil - grim who hath 
s t J J- :- 


*Z i * i — I m YVfm *> Hi u i 1 T 


f "J I >jT i ' > ' ' i ' i i i I 

Btri - ven ; See the chil-dren's Bread from hea - Yen, Which on 

-^ I J-n i ' N J i i i JP i P ' L J 

i r 

- _j, =d ! 

z=g— gz=sz==^z: 

-\i R , ! ! 

— ] — ^ — n 


ll -1 -J - -J — ^ 

■ "cb i U 

l ' £ 1 I ^ ' "jP- : ^r *p | | | 

do^s may ne'er be spent: Truth the an - cient types fill - 
3" > | /— 1 , N 1 , 1 i 

fill - ing, 


-^ M-i-- -5 — 5 p- 

#-• « |Si _^_ 

<==> * H| ** w 1 — 

_ -p — 

-v i" ^ 1 1 

rj i 

9 -l—e>—*0 m » P— c m—&-^3 — u-^-i— S— ** — -* — ^P P- 

■p- I I 

+ • 

I - saac bound, a vie - tim, will - ing, Pas • chal Lamb its life-blood 


i^^s 1 p f ? i% * ^ 

. h l J J « 

== — *— *.* — * — «* 

m ^ \ 

| • , 

r* *~ 

— ^ ^? 

— 5 




^ J *_— # * 

1 — 

spill - ins, 

•<0 ^J 

r ' 5 r f 

Man - na to the fa - thers 



jp3 =5 — 

- S I : 

— ^ — S> 



jt 1 

"-*N 1 

i k i i ii 



I I I 

I I 

-«•• -J3- -?- | 

I *» I 

Ye - ry Bread, Good Shepherd, ten I . . . us; Je - sr, of Thy love be 
i w i • I^T^ I i * I i I 

J lJEH*zzz?=SEE»Ez:i3 

^i>: g=f = f f^l^ ^ 5 





"-* — - 1 

1 1 * 1 

-d — J — ±i 

r— \ 

=*— s — ^ == — — — 

-•— — 9 ^ — 



1 -^ 1 k 

- friend . . us; Thou re - fresh 

us, Thou de - fend 

J J &* 1 


=^— 2^-^--J=S--:— S— *-= 

4 f F tf±= 

=1 — II 

■^ ! ^ 

i — | * 1 

— , 1 r 

. r a* 

, - 

1 — ^ H 

see : 

J, JJ J ^iiJ 

Thou "Who all things canst and 

/j i J- J 

know - • est, 

^_, g^f f r 

i «« , 



=3 XJ ^ TJ iM'J -L\ 

I I 
Who on earth such food be - stow 




i k I ■ • ■ i 

est, Grant us with Thv saints, though 

, H 1 "T PlJ j i J? 


I I > I ' I I 

low - est, Where the heav'nly Feast Thou shew - est, 

kJ P* I i si | i *"3 -^. ^-v 

Fel - low 

.-x pv , (Kfc 



«S> L <S>— 

heirs and 

guests . . 

r ft* 


— — — * — «*— 


A - - 


--S7 ^- 





H 1 

!-•-- trr. 

■<s*- • 


Hymn 350. $olp Communion. 

N^M I l -J^^P 

? - c^ ^ 

J— <=L J-J--I 1 1 t-r-4 

■c5 & ^— ^ — & & 1— -gg 




i — r 

■J- .J J- J- J- ^ 

1 Thou art a Priest for ever.' 1 

1 LLELUIA, sing to Jesus, 
ix His the sceptre, His the throne ; 
Alleluia, His the triumph, 

His the victory alone ; 
Hark, the songs of peaceful Sion 

Thunder like a mighty flood ; 
Jesus out of every nation 

Hath redeemed us by His Blood. 

Alleluia, not as orphans 

We are left in sorrow now ; 
Alleluia, lie is near us, 

Faith believes, nor questions how: 
Though the cloud from sight received Him. 

When the forty days were o'er, 
Shall our hearts "forget His promise, 

"I am with you evermore F* 
Alleluia, Bread of angels, 

Thou on earth our Food, our Stay, 
Alleluia, here the sinful 

Flee to Thee from day to day ; 
80 * 

Intercessor, Friend of sinners, 
Earth's Redeemer, plead for me, 

Where the songs of all the sinless 
Sweep across the crystal sea. 

Alleluia. King Eternal, 

Thee the Lord of lords we own; 
Alleluia, born of Mary, 

Earth Thy footstool", heaven Thv throng 
Thou within the veil hast entered. 

Robed in flesh, our great High Priest ; 
Thou on earth both Priest and Victim 

In the Eucharistic feast. 
Alleluia, sing to Jfsus, 

His the sceptre, His the throne ; 
Alleluia, His the triumph, 

His the victory alone ; 
Hark, the songs" of peaceful Sion 

Thunder like a mighty flood ; 
Jesus out of every nation 

Hath redeemed us by His Blood. Amen. 

Hymn 351. 


> — — I 1 — 1 1 — I _1 1 . 






■a P 

*— sfc 



J* ■■=• U i i i i i 

■ _ p , 




M lie took them up in His arms, put His 

p LAD sight! The holy Church 
VT Spreads forth her wings of love 
To welcome to her breast a child 
Begotten from above ; 

Begotten at the font 
By Gon the Spi hit's power, 
A gentle lamb from Satan snatched 
In childhood's helpless hour. 

E'en now around the font, 
Unseen by mortal eye, 
Bright ministering angels watch 
The wondrous mystery. 

Hands upon them, and blessed them." 

There to receive their charge 

In readiness I hey stand, 
And long to guide its feeble steps 

To their own happy land. 

And all the host of heaven 

Rejoice before the Lord, 
To see a child of fallen man 

A child of God restored. 

All glory, Lord, to Thee 

Whom heaven and earth adore; 
To Father, Son. and Holy Ghost, 

One God for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 352, 

z£$* zt™ zz: 


^^ ^D 7*Z3 i 

Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." 
But 'neath His banner manfully 

Firm at Thy post remain ; 
In token that thou too shalt tread 

JN token that thou shalt not fear 
Christ crucified to own, 
We print the Cross upon thee here, 

And stamp thee His alone. 
In t-oken that thou shalt not blush 

To ilory in TTis name, 
We blazon here noon thy front 

His glory and His shame. 
In token that thou shalt not flinch 

Christ's quarrel to maintain, 

The path He travelled by, 
Endure the cross, despise the shame, 

And sit thee down on high ; 
Thus outwardly and visibly 

We seal Thee for His own ; 
And may the brow that wears His Cross 

Hereafter share His Crown. Amen. 

Hymn 353. 




d , J * J ,1 rJ J .U 

— j--^ g^— — ^ j ^ — gy — ' — 



1 | ! | ^ 

h:p= gz^z^ 


41 Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holt Ghost/ 

BEHOLD us, Lord, before Thee met 
Whom each bright Angel serves and fears, 
Who on Thy Throne rememberest yet 
Thy spotless Boyhood's quiet years 
Whose feet the hills of Nazareth trod, 
Who art true Man and perfect God. 

To Thee we look, in Thee confide, 

Our help is in Thine own dear Kame ; 

For who on Jf.sus e'er relied 

And found not Jksus still the same? 

Thus far Thy love our souls hath brought, 

O 'stablish well what Thou hast wrought 

From Thee was our baptismal grace ; 
The holy seed by Thee was sown ; 
And now before our Father's face, 
We make the three great vows our own, 
And ask, in Thine appointed way, 
Confirm us in Thy grace to-day. 

We need Thee more than tongue can speak, 
'Mid foes that well might cast us down ; 
But thousands, onee as young and weak, 
Have fought the fi^ht, and won the crown 
We ask the help that bore them through, 
We trust the Faithful and the True. 

So bless us with the gift complete 
By hands of Thy chief pastors given, 
That awful Presence kind a'id sweet 
Which comes in sevenfold might from heaven; 
Eternal Christ, to Thee we bow: 
Give us Thy Spikit here and now. Amen. 

Hymn 354. 


-i <*5 <*»— Li— - ag <~-» - 




i i 


-£2_ A & f* -t 


-I 4- 






1 With my whole heart have I sought Thee ; O let me not go wrong out of Thy 

MY Gon, accept my heart this day, 
A ;.l in. ike it always Thine, 
'lnat I from Thee no more may stray, 
No more from Thee decline. 

Before the Cross of Him Who died, 

TJehold, I prostrate fall ; 
Let every sin be crucified, 

And Christ be all in alL 

Anoint me with Thy heavenly grace, 
And seal me for Thine own ; 

That I may see Thy glorious Face, 
And worship near Thy throne. 

Let every thought, and work, and word, 

To Thee be ever given ; 
Then life shall be Thy service, Loud, 

And death the gate of heaven. 

All glory to the Father be, 

All glory to the Son, 
All glory, Hot* Ghost, to Thee, 

While endless ages run. Amen. 

Hymn 355. 

€mt):r Dags 

P— <£?-C<Sr *- &3— 9 5^ g "»g-i- tit 

-I I 

r r r 


^rr- &-r&— \~± - m -<s> 1-, — i 1 — \-m-^— n — r^-r^' — » — » — ^ 

■=% i i i i i i r i - 

^— 1-, — I 1 1 p_! I | .. J . J !■ 

a 1 — r , r l ■ 

u He give somp Apostles, and som* 3 Pastors and Teachers, for the perfecting of the 
siin^s. for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the Body of Ciir.ST.'' 

OTHOU Who makpst soul 5 ? to shine 
With Hghf from lighter worlds above, 
And n"roopest gtfsfning dew divine 
On all who seek a Sattottr*8 lore ; 

Do Thou Thy benedictions eive 
On all wh-> tench, on all who learn, 
That so Thv Church mav holier live, 
Anl every lamp more brightly burn. 
Give those who teach pure hearts and wise. 
Faith, hope, and love, all warmed by prayer ; 
Themselves first training for the ski^s, 
They best will raise their people there. 

Grtre tho^e who learn the willing ear, 
Tne spirit mpek, the prnOeless mind: 
Such gifts will make the lowliest here 
Far better than a kingdom find. 
O bless the shepherd : hies* the sheep ; 
That guide and gnided both be one. 
Onp in the faithful watch they keep, 
Until this hurrying life be done. 
If Bins, good Losp. Thy grace be given, 
In Thee to live, in Thee tc die. 
Before we upward pass to heaven 
We taste our immortality. Amen. 


Hymn 356. 

' J J J J IJ 1 

z^-^bH j »^=5!-^-d-^=il 

1 1 1 J ' ' J • ' 1 

p* (V (» & ° e± 

-si i j i i i 

— s>- 


I r 1- 

:^2 :^ 




— H 

i — ' 



i ' ; 


— H II 

/' l 



'■ i 


1 i 





i ' i 









"P "^ 

■ p 

_g_ j g_ 


: i 





i — 

I" 'I— 

i — 

i ° 

1 So shall lie sprinkle many nations. 11 

SAVIOUR, sprinkle many nations, 
Fruitful let Thy sorrows be ; 
By Thy pains and consolations 

Draw the Gentiles unto Thee: 
Of Thy Cross the wondrous story, 

Be it to the nations told ; 
Let them see Thee in Thy glory, 
And Thy mercy manifold. 

Far and wide, though all unknowing, 

Pants for Thee each mortal breast ; 
Human tears for Thee are flowing, 

Human hearts in Thee would rest : 
Thirsting, as for dews of even. 

As the new-mown grass for rain, 
Thee they seek, as Gon of heaven, 

Thee, as Man, for siuners slain. 

Saviour, lo, the isles are waiting, 

Stretched the hand, and strained the sight, 
For Thy Spisit new creating, 

Love's pure flame and wisdom's light ; 
Give the word, and of the preacher 

Speed the foot, and touch the tongue, 
Till on earth by every creature 

Glory to the Lamb be sung. Amen, 


Hymn 357. 0015510110. 

"Turn us, O God our Sayiouu. 1 ' 

ALMIGHTY God, Whose only Son 
O'er sin and death the triumph won, 
And ever lives to intercede 
For souls who Thy sweet mercy need ; 

In His dear Name to Thee we pray 
For all who err and go astray. 
For sinners wheresoeer they be, 
"Who do not serve and honour Thee. 

There are who never yet have heard 
The tidings of Thy blessC-d Word, 
But si ill in heathen darkness dwell, 
Without one thought of heaven or hell ; 

And some within Thy sacred Fold 
To holv things are dead and cold, 
And waste the precious hours of life 
In selfish ease, or toil, or strife : 

And manv a quickened soul within 
There lurks the secret love of sin ; 
A wayward will, or anxious fears, 
Or lingering taint of bygone years : 

O give repentance true and deep 
To all Thy lost and wandering sheep, 
And kindle in their hearts the fire 
Of holy love and pure desire. 

That so from angel-hosts above 

May rise a sweeter sons of lore. 

And we, with all the blest, adore 

Thy Name, God, for evermore. Amen. 


"Burial of a CfulD. 

Hymn 358. 

1-r— I l-r n 1 1 — , , 1 ,-4 1 

r nr r I i. r i i 

! > i 

jSL £2. JZ2- 

A A 





I I 



_ r _ 

— <&- 


-^ — ^>- 





-J - 


^ — 


^ j 1 


1 J 

r i 






3 3 

A - 

— <£? — 





— <^— 



— ^ — 



1 ' 





" They are in peace." 

TENDER Shepherd, Thou hast stilled 
Now Thy little lamb's brief weeping: 
Ah, how peaceful, pale, and mild, 
In its narrow bed 'tis sleeping, 
And no sigh of anguish sore 
Heaves that little bosom more. 

In this world of care and pain, 

Loud, Thou wouldst no longer leave it; 
To the sunny, heavenly plain 

Thou dost now with joy receive it; 
Clothed in robes of spotless white 
Now it dwells with Thee in light. 

Ah. Losr> Jrsr, grant that we 

"Where it lives may soon be living, 
And the lovely pastures see 

That its heavenly food are giving; 
Then the Grain of death we prove, 
Though Thou take what most we love. 


Hymn 359. 


-■ J. J J J.J J ^ 4-n 

— , 1 g? — | — -« 1 1 ■ 


< 1 I ' U-J 1— J- 

S>— — tf» — * — s>—~^-. — » =1- 

\ — I- 

jj ii j j j^iJ^dk 



i I 



! I 






' "While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest shall not cease.* 

GOD the Fatr-eh, Whose creation 
Gives to flowers and fruits their birth, 
Thou, Whose yearly operation 

Brings the hour of harvest mirth, 
Here to Thee we make oblation 
Of the August-gold of earth. 

God the Wo?.r>. the sun maturing 
With his blessH ray the «-orn, 

Spake of Thee, O Sun enduring, 
Thee, O everlasting Morn, 

Thee in Whom our woes find curing, 
Thee that liftest up our horn. 

Gor> the TTot.t Gno^T, the showers 
That have fattened out the grain, 

Types of Thy celestial powers, 
Symbols of Baptismal rain, 

Shadowed out the grace that dowers 
All the faithful of Thy train. 

When the harvest of each nation 
Severs righteousness from sin, 

An 1 Archangel proclamation 
Bids to put the sickle in. 

And each age and generation 
Sink to woe, or glory win ; 

Grant that we, or young, or hoary, 
Lengthened be our span or brief, 

Whatsoe'er the life-long story 
Of our joy or of our grief, 

May be garnered up in glory 
As Thine own elected sheaf. 

Land to TTim. to Whom supernal 
Thrones and virtues bend the knesj 

Laud to Him. from Whom infernal 
Powers and dominations flee ; 

Con-substantial, Co-eternal, 
Beatific Trinity. Amen. 


Hymn 360. 
" Ah ■ l — i- 


s 1 -\—<5> — S I 

1 _zzz^2_hzzzzzzzz_z:22— 2 

^ r F^^-zH 


U > _g z 





hi-sh-j^^ ^^ 

-^— i 


-I — I- 






— I- 



zz-zr 3 -^zzizzz?z=^zzz: 
rgEd zr^zizzzz^zzz^zzz: 


g g 


- J-,- -J 1— J 1— T-— I , l_ n , , I 1 ^ 

SjS=S=^IZSfgE3=i : Tz|z^g5?E^3. 

1 i l i ' i , ' i l ! I. i Pi 

1 1 1 1 '1 1 

jzL jcL j=L jzL. 

_Z ZZL-ZST ?2L» 


' i i 


^ F=* r ri" H 

•The eyes of all wait upon Thee, O Lord, nnd Thou givest them their meat in 
due season." 

T17"E plough the fields, and scatter 
W The pood seod on the land, 
l>u u it is f'd and watered 

By GrOD*8 Almighty Hand ; 
Ho sends the snow in winter. 
The warmth to swell the grain, 

The hrepz<3«, and the sunshine, 

And soft refreshing rain, 
All good pi r ts around us 

Are sp'it from h'-aven above, 
Then thank the Loud, O thank the LO£3, 

For all His love. 

He only is the Maker 

Of all things near and far ; 
He paints the wayside flower, 

He lights the I veiling star : 
The \vi::ds and waves ohey Him, 

By Him the birds are fed ; 
Mii'di toon to us. His children, 

He gives our daily bread. 
All good gilts, 6ic. 

"We thank Thee, then, O Fattter, 

For all things bright and good, 
Tin.- s'M-d-rini" and the harvest, 

Our life, our health, our food. 
tbe gifts we offer 

For all Thy love imparts, 
And, what Thou most desirest, 

Our humble, thankful hearts. 
All good gifts, &c. Amen. 

Hymn 361. 

JFor tfre Noting. 

A- men. 


1 1 T 


"The child Jesus." 

ONCE in royal David's City 
Stood a lowly cattle shed, 
Where a mother laid her Baby, 

In a manger for His bed : 
Mary was that mother mild, 
Jesus Christ her little Child. 

He came down to earth from heaven 

Who is God and Lord of all, 
And His shelter was a stable, 

And His cradle was a stall ; 
With the poor, and mean, and lowly, 
Lived on eartn our Saviour Holy. 

And. through all His wondrous childhood, 

He would honour, and obey. 
Love, and watch the lowly maiden 

In whose gentle arms lie lay ; 
Christian children all must be 
^ld, obedient, good as He. 

For He is our childhood's Pattern, 
Day by day like us He grew, 

He was little, weak, and helpless, 
Tears and smiles like us He kneir; 

And He feeleth for our sadness. 

And He shareth in our gladness. 

And our eyes at last shall see Him, 
Through His own redeeming love, 

For that Child so dear and gentle 
Is our Lord in heaven above ; 

And He leads His children on 

To the place where He is gone. 

N I in that poor lowly stable, 

With the oxen standing by, 
We shall see Him ; but in heaven, 

Set at God's right hand on high ; 
When like stars His children crowned 
All in white shall wait around. Amen, 

Hymn 362. 

"While we were yet sinners, Ciirist died for us.' 

THERE is a green hill faraway, 
Without a city wall, 

Where the dear Lord was crucified 

Who died to save us all. 
We may not know, we cannot tell 

What pains He had to bear, 
But we believe it was for us 

He hung and suffered there. 
ne died that we might be forgiven, 

He died to make us good, 

That we might go at last to heaven, 

Saved by His precious Blood. 
There was no other good enough 

To pay the price of sin, 
He only could unlock the gate 

Of heaven, and let us in. 
O, dearly, dearly has He loved, 

And we must love Him too. 
And trust in His redeeming Blood, 

And try His works to do. Amen. 

Hymn 363. 

? ^ = -E3 — = — E19 


=i zz F=^# 



p * -40- P 

■es> 1-^ — \-^ — 

41 If thou hast little, do thy dili 
TTT, are but little children weak, 
> \ Nor born in any high estate ; 
What can we do for Jesus sake 
Who is so high and good and great? 
We know the Holy Innocents 
Laid down for Him their infant life, 
And martyrs brave and patient saints 
Have stood for Him in fire and strife. 
We wear the cross they wore of old, 
Our lips have learned like vows to make 
"We need not die ; we cannot fight ; 
What may we do for Jesus sake ? 
O, day by day, each Christian child 
Has much to do, without, within; 
A death to die for Jesus sake, 
A weary war to wage with sin. 

;ence gladly to give of that little."' 

When deep within our swelling hearts 
The thoughts of pride and anger rise, 
When bitter words are on our tongues 
And tears of passion in our eyes ; 
Then we may stay the angry blow, 
Then we may check the hasty word, 
Give gentle answers back again, 
And fight a battle for our Loiii). 
With smiles of p?ace, and looks of lover 
Light in our dwellings we may make, 
Bid kind good humour brighten there. 
And do ail still for Jesu's sake. 

There's not a child so small and weak 
But has his little cross to take, 
His little work of love and praise 
That he may do for Je6u's sake, Ame* 

j?or the goung. 

Hymn 364. 

r- J •** J j | 

H — ! — i — h 

.1 -I |. .... 

Ti i.i i 

^ 1 I 1 
1 . , J J 

1 II,' 

eg ^ — a — ^— 

h ^ 2 ^ 

U 1 ' i 

-^ -^ — g— 


|_ — 

1— | — I 

F i i 

k— tl 

1 Be ve followers of God, as dear Children.' 

HEAVENLY Father, send Thy blessing ' 
On Thv children gathered here, 
Mav th^v all. Thy Name confessing, 

Be to Thee forever dear : 
May they be like Joseph, loving, 
Dutiful, and chaste, and pure ; 
And their faith, like David, proving, 
Steadfast unto death endure. 

Holy Saviour, "Who in meekness 

Didst vouchsafe a Child to be, 
Guide their steps and help their weakness, 

Bless and make them like to Thee ; 
Bear Thy lambs when they are weary 

In Thine arms and at Thy breast, 
Through life's desert, dry and dreary, 

Bring them to Thy heavenly rest. 

Spread Thy golden pinions o'er them, 

Holt Spirit, from above, 
Guide them, lead them, sro before them, 

Give them peace, and joy, and love : 
Thy true temples, Holt Spirit. 

May they with Thy glory shine, 
JLnd immortal bliss inherit. 

And for evermore be Thine. Amen. 


Hymn 365. jFOt tf)C gOUtlfj:. 

4 He shall feed His flock like a Shepherd : He shall gather the lambs with His 
arm, and carry them In His bosom." 

("1 RACIOUS Saviour, gentle Shepherd, 
T Little ones are dear to Thee ; 
Gathered with Thine arras, and carried 

In Thy bosom miy we be ; 
Sweetly, fondly, safely tended, 
From all want and danger free. 

Tender Shepherd, never leave us 

From Thy fold to go astray; 
By Thy look of love directed 

M ly we walk the narrow way; 
Thus direct as, and protect us, 

Lest we fall an easy prey. 

Cleanse our hearts from sinful folly 

In the stream Thy love supplied, 
Mingled stream of Blood and Water, 

Flowing from Thy wounded Side: 
And to heavenly pastures lead us 

AY Here Thine own still waters glide. 

Let Thy holy Word instruct us ; 

Fill our minds with heavenly light; 
Let Thy love and grace constrain us 
„ To approve whate'er is right, 
Take Thine easy yoke, and wear it, 

And to prove Thy burden lignt. 

Taught to lisp the holy praises 

Which on earth Thy children sing, 
Both with lips and heart unfeigned 

May we our thank-offerings bring; 
.Then, with all the saints in glory, 

Join to praise our Loud and King. Amen, 


jfor tfjc noting:. 

Hymn 366. 

—.^-3^ Jzf—^—^zd^-^ ^ — (L^idiS;-?—^-^: 

m & 

" My song shall be alway of the loving-kindness of the Lord. 

COMF, sing with holy gladness, 
High alleluias sing. 
Uplift your loud hosar.nas 

To Jks"3 Lord and King ; 
Si is?, boys in joyful chorus 

Your hymn of praise to-day, 
And si-ig, ye eentie rnaiiens," 
Your sweet responsive lay. 

'Tis good for boys and maidens 

Sweet hymns to Oiirist to fing, 
'Tis meet that children's voices 

Should praise the children's King; 
For Jrsr- is salv tio\ 

And glory, crrace, and rest ; 
To babe and boy and maiden 

The one Redeemer blest 

O boys be strong in Jesus, 

To toll for Him is gain, 
And jEsrs wrought with Joseph, 

With chisel, saw. and plane; 
O maidens live for Jfsus, 

"Who was a maiden's Son ; 
Be patient, pure and gentle, 

And perfect grace begun. 

Soon in the golden City 

The boys and girls shall play. 
And through thp dazzling mansions 

Rejoice in endless day ; 
O Christ, prepare Thy children 

With that triumphant throng 
To pass the burnished portals, 

And sing th' eternal song. Amen. 

Hymn 367. jFOt tf)t ^OUtlCr. 


s r - Ji — 1 1 ' — c ' 1 — °- LZ - c F— 

f" i • ' T' ' i ' i ' ' , ' i m r r^, ' , 'o r, 

[^-aq , 1— i tp-— 1 p„ro=^cp pz_, t r _ rr J = :_ r . 

" Be not thou ashamed of the testimony of our Loud." 

TITJV Pi-abi! Ci T./M»r» Uu lirtlxr oirrn A nrl wp His litHp Knlrfiprs Kta 


THY Cross, O Loud, the holy sign 
That we, thereafter, should be Thine, 
Was traced upon our infant brow, 
Aud shall we fear to own it now ? 
O God, forbid ; before the vain, 
The proud, the scoffing, the profane, 
We will, through grace, our Lord confess, 
His faint but faithful witnesses. 
His strength in weakness He displays, 
From youthful lips He perfects praise, 

Hymn 368. Evening. 

And we, His little soldiers, stand 
Strong in the might of His right hand. 
Smile on us, Lord, and we will fear 
Nor scorn, nor shame, whilst Thou art 
Reproach is glory, suffering rest, [near ; 
If borne for Thee, if by Thee blest. 
Great Judge of all, in that dread day, 
When heaven and earth shall flee away, 
Before the universe confess 
Thy faint but faithful witnesses. Amen. 

' When thou liest down thou shalt not be afraid : yea, thou shalt lie down and 
thy sleep shall be sweet. 11 

NOW the day is over, 
Night is drawing nigh, 
Shadows of the evening 

Steal across the sky. 
Now the darkness gathers, 

Stars begin to peep, 
Birds, and beasts, and flowers 

Soon will be asleep. 
Jesu, give the weary 

Culm and sweet repose, 
"With Thy tenderest blessing 

May our eyelids close. 
Grant to little children 

Visions bright of Thee, 
Guard the sailor's tossing 

On the deep blue sea, 

Comfort every sufferer 

Watching late in pain, 
Those who plan some evil 

From their sin restrain. 
Through the long night watches 

May Thine Angels spread 
Their white wings above me, 

Watching round my bed. 
When the morni'ig wakens, 

Then may I arise 
Pure and fresh and sinless 

Iu Thy Holy Eyes. 
Glory to the Father, 

Glorv to the Sox, 
And to Thee, Blest Spirit, 

Whilst all ages run. Amen. 

Hymn 369. JFOt tl)C ^0W\^ 

\ — r 

4 In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men/' 

LIGHT. Whose beams illumine all 
From twilight dawn to perfect day, 
Shine Thou before the shadows fall 
That Lai our wandering feet astray: 
At morn and eve Thy radiance pour, 
That youth may love and age adore. 

Way. through Whom our souls draw near 
To you eternal Horn-; of peace, 

Where perfect lyve shall cast out fear, 
And earth's vain toil and wan ieriijr cease: 

1 i strength or weakness may we see 

Our heavenward path, O Lo'kd, through Thee. 

O Truth, before W nose shrine we bow, 
Thou priceless pearl for all who seek, 
To Thee our earliest strength we vow, 
Thy love will bless the pure and meek ; 
When dreams or mists beguile our sight, 
Turn Thou our darkness into light. 

O Life, the Well that ever flows 
To si ike the thirst of those that faint. 
Thy power to bless wh it seraph knows? 
Thy joy supreme what words can paint ? 
In earth's last hour of fleeting breath 
Be Thou our Conqueror ov c r death. 

Light. Way. Truth, Life. 
O JKSI .':' .d to 

Gire Thou Thy peace in deadliest strife, 
Shed Thou Thy calm on stormiest wave; 
Be Thou our hope, our joy, our dread, 
Loed of the living and the dead. Amen. 



Hymn 370 

■^s^ — i — 

^ v <s? -F— 

>r — PI — r- 

1 r _UJ 




J 1 . w. 

I i ^~ I I I Tl ^~. 



i i 

? _^.. 






iTTj jS-gL -J ; 
zd g> n *d P^^=fl : 

p p p \ zzjjz^ 

— i 1 1 ■ u — 

A - men. 

" Freely ye have received, freely give. 1 

0LOKD of heaven, and earth, and sea, 
To Thee all praise and glory be ; 
How shall we show our love to Thee, 

Who givest all J 
The golden sunshine, vernal air, 
Sweet flowers and fruit Thy love declare; 
When harvests ripen, Thou art there, 

Who givest all. 
For peaceful homes and healthful days, 
For all the blessings earth displays, 
AVe owe Thee thankfulness and praise, 

Who givest all. 
For souls redeemed, for sins forgiven, 
For means of grace and hopes of heaven, 

Hymn 371. 


sri _C & £k (S j_L_ <s , _J._U — & _L_| 1- _ 

What can to Thee, O Lord, be given, 

Who givest all? 
We lose what on ourselves we spend, 
We have as treasures without end 
Whatever, Loud, to Thee we lend, 

Who givest all. 
Whatever, Loud, we lend to Thee, 
Repaid a thousandfold will be ; 
Then gladly will we give to Thee, 

Who givest all ; 
To Thee, from Whom we all derive 
Our life, our gifts, our power to give ; 
O may we ever with Thee live, 
* Who givest all. Amen. 

-I 1- 

ast^ g-f-^= g= 


mm 1 -' 

1 I i ' I 



■iS> — z* — 


I • I ■ I I 

J. J^z ^: 

ii i I r. 





44 Whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up 
his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of Gon in him? n 

TTf K sive Thee but Thine own, 
\\ Wh ti-'er the cci r t may be : 
All f hat we have is Thine Mnne, 

A trust, O Loud, from Thee. 

Oh ! hearts are bruised and dead, 

And homes are bare and cold, 
And lambs, for Whom the Shepherd bled, 

Are straying from the fold. 

To comfort and to bless, 

To find a balm for woe, 
To tend the lone and fatherless 

Is angels' work below. 

The captive to release. 

To Clop the lopt to bnng, 
To teach the way of life and peace, 

It is a CHRIST-Iike thing. 

And we believe Thv word, 

Though dim our faith mav be ; 
Wh*te\ r for Thine we do, O Lord, 

We do it unto Thee. 

All misrhr, all prai<=p. be Thine, 

Fatfikr, Co-equal Son, 
And Spirit, Bond of love divine, 

While endless ages run. Amen. 

Hymn 372. 



^l^=^-=r:rfbj — ^d^rl^— ::nr=d— S=blZ3Z£=fl 

7.*-*? — £5 

i ! ' i i I ' i l < i 

i f i^ ^ r r i n r rff ' .^-P-— " 

[ 1,1 Oil 1 

- — 1— 


i 1 




! ! 

__U| D 

y y 



J i 

1 1 

1 J 



L (S 3_ 


rf r 



— ^ — <^- 
1 i 

. ! 

1 1 ' ' 






r-p^:*:— ^= 




i i p 



1 i r I 



Ye ought to remember the wo*"ds of 
blessed to give 

I" 0!?r> of dory, Who hast bought ns 
j With Thy life-blood as the price, 
Never grndgine for the lost ones 

That tremendous sacrifice. 
And wi^h that ha<=t freelv triven 

Blessinsrs eoirntlesw as the sand 
To tiie n'lthaukfnl and thp evil. 

With Thine own unsparing hand ; 

Gra^t os hparis, d«T Loht>. to yield Thee 

G-larily, frpelv of ThHe own ; 
With the simBhiifl ofThy Goodness 

Melt our WianWes* hearts of stone ; 
Till our oold wnA selfish natnres 

Warmed bv Thee at length beliere 
Thit more banny and more blessed 

'Tis to give than to receive. 

"Wondrous honour hast Thou given 

To our humblest charity. 
In Thine own mysterious sentence 

K Ye have done it unto Me." 

the Lonn Jrsrs. how He said, It is more 
than to receive.'" 

Can it be, O gracious Master, 
Thou dost deign for alms to sue, 

Baying by Thy poor and needy 
" Give as I have given to you ?" 

Yes: the sorrow and the suffering, 

Which on every hand we see, 
Channels are for tithes and offerings 

Due by solemn right to Thee; 
Bight of "which we may not rob Thee, 

D bt we may not choose but pay, 
Le^t that Face" of love and pity 

Turn from us another day. 

Lottd of rrlorv. Who hast bought us 

With Thy life-blood as the price, 
Never grudging for the lost ones 

That' tremendous sacrifice, 
Give us Faith, to trust Thee boldly, 

Hope, to stav our souls on Thee ; 
But oh ! best of all Thy graces 

Give us Thine own Charity. Amen. 

jFot hospitals. 



JSL ^ 


-i — i- 



— 3 S^S=3iHSKE= 

— 1 L 1 ^ ^- C I 





■ >r r 



i i r 

s^ 2 ** 




:— =2: 

-<SL JC2. 

«- J- J_ 


" They brought unto Tlim all that -were diseased, and besought Him that they might 
only touch the hem of His garment ; and as many as were touched were made 
perfectly whole." 

THINE arm, O Lord, in days of old 
Was strong to heal and save ; 
It triumphed o'er disease and death, 

O'er darkness and the grave; 
Tj Thee they went, the blind, the dumb, 

The palsied and the lame, 
The leper with his bunted life, 
The sick with fevered frame. 

And lo. Thy touch brought life and health, 

Gave speech, and strensrth. and sight ; 
And youth renewed and frenzv calmed 

Owned The<\ the Lord of Light; 
And n^w, O Lord, be near to bless 

Almighty as of yore, 
In crowded strpet bv restless couch, 

As by Gennesareth's shore. 


Be Thou our grpat Deliverer still, 

Thou L<>sn of life and death ; 
Restore and quicken, soothe and bless 

With Thine almighty breath ; 
To hands that work and eyes that see 

Give wisdom's heavenlv lore, 
That whole and sick, and weak and strong, 

May praise Thee evermore. Amen. 

3(n Cimc of Came J^iague. 

Hymn 374. 

- *S ■ ^ PIP — ^ - 9 &%S? 



J 1 1 




■iGh S>- <€Sh 

T i ^- 


1 Thou. Loed. shalt save both man and beast. 11 

A IX Creation stores and travails; 
II Thou. Gon. shalt hear its groan; 
For of man and all creation 

Thou alike art Lord alone. 
Pity then Thy guiltless creatures, 

Who. not loss, man's sufferings share : 
For our sius it is they perish ; 

Let tli em profit by our praver. 
Ca<=t Thine pye of love and mercy 

On the misorv of the land : 
Say to the desToyini: Angel, 

M Tis enough : "stay now Thine hand." 
In onr homestead*, in our v 

Through our pasture-lands cive peace: 
Thronsh the Goshen of Thine Israel 

Bid the grievous murrain c sase. 
But with deeper, tenderer pity, 

Call to mi id, Son of God, 
Those in Thine own Image fashioned: 

Ransomed with Thy precious blood: 

Hear and errant the supplications, 
lake a cloud of ince-ise. borne 

Up toward Thy Seat of Mercy. 
From Thy people's hearts forlorn : 

For the widow, for the orphan. 

For the helpless, hornless poor : 
H foless hop* less, if Thou spare not 

Of their basket and their store. 
So — while these her earnest accents 

Day by day Thy Church repeats, — 
That our sheep may bring forth thousands' 

And ten thousands in our streets ; 

That our nx^n. strong to 1-ibonr, 

May not know nor fear decav: 
That^ there he no more complaining. 

And the plague have passed away. 
And, at last, to all Thy servants, 

When earth's troubles shall he o'er, 
Threefold Godhead, give a portion 

With Thyself for evermore. Anita 

Hymn 375. 

In slow time. 

JSeto gear's €t)e. 


1 i - r f r r l : 

DAYS and moments quickly firing 
Blend the living with the dead ; 
Soon will you and I be lying 

Each within our narrow bed. 
Soon our souls to Gon Who gave them 

Will have s>ped their rapid flight; 
Able now by grace to save them, 
O, that while we can we might ! 


So soon passeth it away, and we are gone." 

Je^u, Infinite. Redeemer, 
Maker of this mighty frame, 

Teach, () teach us to remember 
What we are, and whence we came ; 

"Whence we came, and whither wendii 

^on we must through darkness go. 
To iaherit bliss unending, 
Or eternity of woe. 

A ftp- the 4th verse. 


III /J ' I 

As the tree falls, so must it lie ; 





"F 7 " 

As the man lives, so will he 
1 l c.^ — & — ^_ c 

I I 

rj ' 1 J J— ^-Vnr- 



-tS>- -<s- -f&- 

cres. | 
die; As the man dies, 


"P" "^ 'F 

such must he 




All through the 
I ! A 

i r— 

1 j L 


i | u f^ rftm. , 

days of e - t< 

'I I 


«^rl r 


r f 


tv. A 

T7?is Hymn way also be used at Burial of the Dead, and in Lent, Ao. 

annunciation of the IpIcsscd Oirgin £0arp. 

Hymn 376. 
I - 




1 -*»H-t-» &>-[-e 



SHALL we not love Thee, Mother dear, 
Whoa J - boh tares so well ? 
And in His Temple, year by year, 

Thy j >y and glory tell ? 
Bound with the curse of sin and shame 

We helpless sinners lay, 
Until in tender Ioto Be came 

To bear the curse away. 
Ani thee He choose from whom to take 

True flesh His Flesh to be ; 
In It to suffer f}r our sake, 

By It to mike us free. 
Thy Babe He lay upon thy breast, 

To thee He cried for food ; 
Thy gentle nursing soothed to rest 

Th' Incarnate Son* of God. 

1 Mary, the Mother of Jesus.*' 

O wondrous depth of grace Divine 

That He should bend so low ; 
And, Miry, O what joy was thine 

In His dear love to know: 
Joy to be Mother of the Loud ; 

And thine the truer bliss. 
In every thought, and deed, and word, 

To be for ever His. 
And as He loves thee. Mother dear, 

We too will love thee well; 
And in His Temple, year by year, 

Thy joy and glory tell. 
Jssu, the Virgin's Holy Scv, 

We praise Thee ami adore, 
Who art with God the Father One 
And SprBiT evermore. Amen. 

This Hjmn may also be used, as Hymn 2£), on other Festivals of St. Mary. 

Hymn 377. a&attptg, Ctt. 

■ * I . . . I _| _| I ! ! 1 , 

-g- 1 — :S> r— = g? - L g a <^ iS~ D— d^-C^S <5> £>-L-^s~-^ /S? — n 

i T ■ j ' i l i { *- ' 

1 1 S jzL I 

" They are before the throne of God. and serve Him day and night in nis temple.*' 

LO. round the Throne, a glorious band, 
saints in countless myriads stand, 
Qf every tongue redeemed to Gcu», 
Arrayed i.i garments washed in Blood. 
Through tribulation great they camp, 
They bore the cross, despised the shame ; 
Fv >m all labours now they rest, 
In (Son's eternal glory blest. 
They see their Savtoub fare to face, 
And sing the triumphs of His grace ; 

Him day and nicrht they ceaseless praise, 
To Him the loud thanksgiving raise : 
M "Worthy the Lamb, for siniers Plain, 

Through endless years to live and reign; 
Thm hast redeemed us by Thy Blood, 

And made us kings and priests to God." 
O may we tread the sacred road 
That holy saints and martyrs trod ; 
Wage to the end the glorious strife, 
And win, like them, a crown of life. Amen. 

Hymn 378. 

e@attgt0, etc. 


, 1^, — ^r— L .-^ — c**. — t- — c^_ u ' >— — —_, »- — » — &. — J 

1 r r\ 'J 'J 







22 = t-Z=--r-ZZ~ 


r i 

i 'j j j j Jij rj j. 

-J__j — U 



pl j j Jj_j A J- -A ^- . 

s: _^. 

I cres. 


'• After this I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all 
nations and kindred and people and tongues, stood before the throne and before 
the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands." 

Marching with Thy Cross their banner 
They have triumphed following 

HARK! the sound of holy voices 
Chanting, at the crystal sea, 
Alleluia, Alleluia, 

Alleluia, Lord to Thee . 
Multitude, which none can number, 

Like the stars in glory stands, 
Clothed in white apparel, holding 
Palms of victory ia their hands. 

Patriarch and holv Prophet, 

Who prepared the way of Christ, 
Kin^, Apostle, Saint, Confessor, 

Martyr, and Evangelist, 
Saintlv Maiden, jrodly Matron, 

Widows who have watched to prayer, 
Joined in holy concert* sinking 

To the Lord of all are there. 

They have come from tribulation, 

And have washed their robes in blood, 
"Washed them in the Blood of Jfsus; 

Tri-^d they were and firm they stood ; 
Marked, imprisoned, stoned, tormented, 

Sawn asunder, slain with sword, 
They have conquered death and Satan 

By the might of Christ the Lord. 

Thee, the Captain of salvation. 

Thee their Savioui:, and their King; 

Gladly Loud, with Thee they suffered; 
Gladly, Lord, with Thee they died; 

Ard by death to life immortal 
They were born and glorified. 

Now they reign in heavenly jrlory, 

Now they walk in golden light, 
Now they drink, as from a river, 

Holy bliss and infinite ; 
Love and peace they taste for ever, 

And all truth and knowledge see 
In the Beatific Vision 

Of the Blessed Trinity. 
God of G<>n. the One-Begotten, 

Light of Light, Emmanuel, 
In Whose Body joined together 

All the saints for ever dwell, 
Pour upon us of Thy fulness, 

That we may for evermore 
God the Father, God the Son, and 

God the Holy Ghost adore. Amen. 

Hymn 379. Q^attgrS, CtC. 


I- 1 




M They were stored, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword ; 

being destitute, afflicted, tormented ; 

BLESSED feasts of blessed martyrs, 
Holy days of holy men, 
"With affection's recollections 

Greet we your return again. 
Worthy deeds they wrought and wenders, 

Worthy of the Name they bore ; 
"We with meetest praise and sweetest 

Honour them for evermore. 
Faith prevailing, hope unfailing, 

Jksus loved with single heart — 
Thus tney glorious and victorious 

Bravely ban tne Martyr's part. 
Hacked with torture, haled to slaughter, 

Eire, and axe, and murd'rous sword, 
Chains and prison, foes 1 derision 

They endured for Chsiat the Lord. 

of whom the world was not worthy.* 

So they passed through pain and sorrow 

Till they sank in death to rest ; 
Earth's rejected. Gud's elected, 

Gained a portion with the blest. 
By contempt of worldly pleasures, 

And by deeds of valour done, 
They have reached the land of Angels, 

And with them are knit in one. 
Made co-heirs with Chkist in glory, 

His celestial bliss they share ; 
May they now before Him bending 

Help us onward by their prayer ; 
That, this weary life completed, 

And its fleeting trials past. 
We may win eternal glory 

In our Father's home 'at last. Amen. 

Hymn 380. 

S^artprs, etc. 

U j 

^ — i 1 1 U , — i J- 

& &) ^ W J 4jJ 

— u 

. , O-t 

' , £-- 

— & — 


—a — 

1 i 

JJ V -i 

U r p=?= 

-p^ — 
-i -■ 

f~r -H J 1 

J — ^-1— I 

J 1- 

— sS — *■ r - * • — i 



i , ¥ sr " 


I J 







k Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake ; for theirs if 
the kingdom of heaven." 

LET our Choir new anthems raise 
Wake the song of gladness ; 
Gon Himself to joy and praise 
Turns the martyrs' sadness : 
Bright the day that won their crown, 

Opened heaven's bright portal, 
As they laid the mortal down 
To put on th' immortal. 

Xever flinched they from the flam*, 

From the torture never ; 
Vain the foeman's sharpest aim, 

Satan's best endeavour: 
For by faith they saw the land 

Decked in all its glory, 
Where triumphant now they stand 

With the victor's story. 


Up and follow, Christian men ! 

Press through toil and sorrow ; 
Spurn the night of fear, and then, 

Oh, the glorious morrow ! 
Who will venture on the strife? 

Blest who first begin it ; 
Who will grasp the Land of Life? 

Warriors, np and win it ! Am«o 

a^artprs, etc. 

Hymn 381. 
H — L 

~*—~r — ^ * y I i — II _] _ \ - = - ' _ l ' ! — 

4 U-4- 

1^,-^z, ^^ 

— 1 n 

— j — ^ — d — i — i — i — i — — rc 

t 1 V 1 I 

-Hi 1 r J J- J 

l^f 2 -^ r 1 ^ 

-1 ■ " 

i r L J i 1 1 



— u 

— 1— i 

1 ■ J 

■ 1- 

-^ , - 


1 , 1 u 

~^ ^ — ^ 








1 — S- 







— r 

— &— 


^ — I s> 



H 3 - 

1 — 




11 He gave some . 

TFSU, for thp beacon-licrht 
By Thy holy Doctors given, 
When the mist of error's night 
Gathered o'er the path to heaven, 
For the witness that they bare 
To the truth they learned of Thee, 
For the glory that they share, 
Let our praise accepted be. 

Pastors and Teachers," 

In Jerusalem below 
They were workmen at Thy call, 
Each with one hand met the loe, 
"With the other built the wall ; 
Watchmen on the mountain set, 
Scribes instructed in Thy Word, 
Fishers with the Gospel net 
Drawing souls to Thee their Loed. 

Like Thy learned sons of yore, 
Jksu. may Thy Pastors still 
Know and teach Thy sacred lore 
With brave heart and patient skill: 
In these latter days of strife 
Keep, O keep them true to Thee, 
Till beside the well of life 
Light in Thine own light they see. 


Hymn 382. 

e^artprs, etc. 

*i Ti p. P P g • P ^r r i f p *^ : 

^ ■■1 .-I 1 — ,J 1 — p — I 1 l-n 1 — , — I 1- 

_t — .s, — ^ — ?2_t m m il_ (g _t <g — 



0STTEP1IERD of the sheep, 
High Priest of things to come. 
Who didst in grace Thy servant keep, 

And take him sweetly home; 

Accept our song of praise 

For all his holy care, 
His zeal miquenched, through length of days, 

The trials that he bare. 

His heart was Thine alone, 

From selfish longi igs fiee ; 
Thy throne the Cross, a cross his throne, 

His life was hid in Thee. 

Chief of Thy faithful band, 

He held himself the least ; 
Though Thy dr3ad keys were in his hand, 

O everlasting Priest. 

— r 

11 The memory of the just is blessed." 1 


So, trusting in Thy might, 

He won a fair renown ; 
So, waxing valiant in the fight, 

He trod the lion down. 

Then rendered up to Thee 

Th» charge Thy love had given. 
And passed away Thy Face to sea 

Revealed in highest heaven. 

On all our Bishops pour 

The Spirit of Thy gruce; 
That as he won the palm of yore, 

So they may run their race ; 

That, when this life is done, 

They may with him adore 
The ever Blessed Three in One 

In b&ss for evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 383. , , , , , , 



gfriri^f! - ] tfj £iiu u£ 


OLAMB of God, "Whose love divine 
Draws virgin-souls to follow Thee, 
And bids them earthly joys resign 
If so they may Thy beauty see ; 
The saint of whom we sing to-day 
Was faithful to Thy loving call, 
And, easting other hopes away, 
Took Thee to b* her God, her All. 
To Thee she yielded up her will. 
Her heart was drawn to Thine above ; 
Content if Thou would'st deign to fill 
Thine handmaid with Thy perfect love. 
Beneath Thy Cross she loved to stand, 
like Mary in Thy dying hour, 

; My Beloved is mine, and I am His.' 

That blessings from Thy pierced ITand 
Might clothe her with undying power ; 
With power to win the Crown of light 
For virgin-martyrs stored on high, 
And lvady keep'her lamp at • ight 
To hail the Bridegroom drawing i.igh. 
And surely Thou at last didst coma 
To end tiie sorrows of Thy bride, 
And bear her to Thy peaceful home 
With Thee for ever to abide. 
All glory, Jesu, for the grace 
That drew Thy saint to follow Thee; 
Grant us, too, in Thy love a place 
Both now and through eternity. Amen. 

Hymn 384. 



■c^ — <s> — <s» — <& — Hg — 

ri ♦ -^ jgi . w 


-5— i- § g=gglEg — ~^E 


nor, point- ing to the sky, 
J -J. J J 



Wav - ing wanderers on - wards, to 
I •- | I 

-A j — Jj- 



their homo on high. A- men. 

3 i i 
—- ^ <j J . K h ^ ? n 

i r 

*' Behold, I have given Him . . , for a Leader and Commander to the people.' 

T) RIGHTLY gleams our banner 
) P iiting to the sky, 
Waving wanderers onward 

To their home on high, 
Jonrn ying o'er the desert, 

Gladly thus we pray, 
And with hearts u tited 
Take our heavenward way. 

Brightly gleams, &c. 
Jesu. Loan and Master, 

At Thy sacred Feet, 
Here with hearts rejoicing 
See Thy children meet ; 
Often have we left Thee, 

Oft^n gone astray, 
Keep us, mighty Saviour, 
In the narrow way. 

Brightly gleams, &c 

All our days direct us 

In the way we go, 
Lead us on victorious 

Over every foe : 
Bid Thine angels shield us 

When the storm-clnuds lour, 
Pardon Thou and save us 

In the last dread hour. 

Brightly gleams, «&c. 
Then with Saints and Angels 

M.iy we join above, 
Offering pravers and praises 

At Thy Throne of love ; 
"When the toil is over, 

Then comes rest and peace, 
Jesus in His Beauty, 

Songs that never cease. 

Brightly gleams, &c. Amen 


nymn 385. 

= ^l—tl—A - 

q — g — g — g — 2-3 1 H « — jEEEgEEz gEBB 



J -*=t- 



-1 — 


r 1 J 


>— ^ 

^ ■= S: <sL 

n.p y — 






U — . 1 . , 3 u 



- \—z? -s? 



3±f a! 

^ — ^— r l 1- 

LfffMufi jLA-JL& l 


--4 — ^= 

1 ' I ' 





— i — r 



"Be strong and of a good courage . . . And the Lord, He it is that doth go 
before thee." 

ONWARD, Christian soldiers, 
Marching as to war, 
"With the Cross of Jesus 

Going on before. 
Ciikist the Royal M aster 

Lead 8 against the foe, 
Forward into battb-, 
See, His banners go. 

Onward, Christian soldiers, 

Marching as to war, 
"With the Cross of Jkjjus 
Going on before. 

At the sign of triumph 

Satan's host doth flee; 
On, then, Christian soldiers, 

On to victory. 
Hell's foundations quiver 

At the shout of praise; 
Brothers, lift your voices, 

Loud your anthems raise. 
Onward, *fca 

Like a mighty army 

Moves the Church of God; 
Brothers, we are treading 

Where the saints have trod; 
"We are not divided, 

All one body we, 
One in hope, and doctrine, 

One in charity. 

Onward, &c. 

Crowns and thrones may perish* 

Kingdoms rise and wane, 
But the Church of Jksus 

Constant will remain ; 
Gates of hell can never 

'Gainst that Church prevail; 
"We have Christ's own promise, 

And that cannot fail. 
Onward, &c. 

Onward, then, ye people, 
Join our happy throng, 
Blend with ours your voices, 

In the triumph song; 
Glory, laud, and honour, 
Unto Chris f the King, 
This through countless ages 
Men and Angels sing. 

Onward. Christian soldiers, 

Marching as to war, 
With the Cross of Jesus 
Going on before. Amen. 



Hymn 386. 

^ r-, 1 1 1 U 

-g-l7s — f* r* jv H-5^" 


J I- 


I I 

• — n--S- 

1 i5?- 



J I 




r P 

" Young men and maidens, old men and children, praise the Name of the Losd.'* 

T) EJOICE ye pure in h°art, 
I Rejoice, give thanks and sing; 
Your festal bamer wave o i high, 
The Cross of Christ your Ki ig. 

Bright youth and snow-crowned age, 
Strong men aid maidens meek, 
Raise high your fre? exulting so g, 
God's wondrous praises speak. 

Yes onward, onward still, 
With hymn, and chant, and song. 
Thro' gate, and porch, and colum.i d aisle, 
The hallowed pathways throng. 

With all the ang'd choirs, 
With all the saints on earth, 
Pour out the strai is of joy and bliss, 
True rapture, noblest mirth. 

Your clear Hosannas raise, 
And Alleluias loud ; 
Whilst answering echoes upward float, 
Like wreaths of incense cloud. 

With voice as full and strong 
As ocean's surging praise, 
Send forth the 1 ym^s our ^Vhers loved, 
The psalms of ancient days. 

Yes on, through life'? long path, 

Still chanting as ye go. 
From youth to age. by night and day, 

In gladness and in woe. 

Sill lift ycur standard high, 

S ill march in firm array, 
As war.iors through the darkness toU 

Till dawns the golden day. 

At last the march shall end, 
The wearied ones shall r<>st. 
The pilgrims find the Father's Ilouse, 
Jerusalem the blest. 

Then on. ye pure in heart, 
Rpj' ice, pive thanks, and sing; 
Your festal banner wave on high, 
The Cross of CffiiiGT your King. 

Praise Him Who reigns on high, 
The Loan Whom we adore. 
The Fathke, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
One God for evermore. Amen. 



Hymn 387. 



— i. ■ -i 




""52 * 

r^f : 



E ri 

S^f~^ ! 

1 1 

; i 
i i 




-i — 




p 1 

I i i 

-<& ^ : 







"I 1 1 — ^F — ' j-- 

J L 

ill A - men. 
| l_ i 

1 "We . . . are come to worship Him.' 

A NGELS, f om the realms of Glory, 
iV Wing your flight oVr ail the earth ! 
Ye. who sar>g creation's tfary 
Now proclaim Messiah's Birth; 

Come a>d wor~U | 
Worship Cniiisr the new-horn King! 

Shepherds in the field abiding, 

Watching o'er your fmeks by night, 

Gon wit'i men is now rpsidme, 
Yo Ve • chines the Inf ant- i^ht : 

C< m s and wore lip ! 
Worship Cubist the nv.w-hom King ! 

Bages, leave vonr contemplation, 
Brighter vi ions beam afar! 

Sank the crreat De ire of nations; 
Ye baTB seen His nat 1 Star, 

Come and worship ! 
Worship Cuius r the uew-born King I 

S in'", b f >re the alt r bending, 
Warcb o« long] hope and far, 

Suddenly the Losn dcscen ing, 
I i His tempi sh«ll appear : 

< ome and worship ! 
Worship Christ the Lew-born King! 

Sinners, wrung wl'b trim rppenta' ce, 

Doomed for guilt to endless pains, 
Justice no'v rev^k^s »li» sentence, 
Mercy calls yon. bleak vonr chains ! 

Come ^nd worship ! 
Worship Chuist the new-born King I Amen. 



Hymn 383. 

;ii-h — i 


' ' — I r— ■ 


Zp— £5- 


~ & <^ - 

I I I 

— ^= 



— m~: 

— I 


— p- 

=1 - 


— *- 

— i— 


— m— 

— *— ^_ 
i i 








1 ^J -<S- 

i t 

1 N 

Ur — 



-<s> — 


—1 — 

: zzzz: 



— p — 75 — 
1 1 

I k 

r" -n =d — ! J — 1 — • J- » r^» i , 


, | - | «9 i i i i i i ll 
l i 1 1 ' , -J- I 1 i 1 1 J^nV J ^ 

s> mm*? 1 n 9 — •»— d — •— ^— r» t-» «--S — 

A- men. 

^r* f * fg - -^ — iL^s, — f g — ?— i — -r-p-* 1 — 1 

K i ill i i » ■ ■ 'i 

"^ ~ 

44 The Gentiles shall come to Thy Light." 

BRIGHTEST and best of the sons of the morning ! 
Daw i oi our darkness, and lend us thine aid! 
Star of the E ist, the horizon adorning, 
Guide where our Iafant Redeemer is laid! 

Cold on Thy candle the dew-drops are shining; 

Low li is TJ»y Head with the b asts of the still ; 
Angela ad>re Thee. In blnmber reclining, 

Maker and Monarch and Saviour of all 

Say. shall We yi d 1 Thee, in cosily devotion ; 

( »do irs of Edom and off -rings Divide ? 
Gi'ms of rhe mountain, and pearls of the ocean, 

Myrrh from the forest, or gold from the mint f 

Yet may we off sr more amph 1 oblation ; 

Live, more th-n gold, shall Thy favour secure : 
Richest of mvrrh is the heart's adoration ; 

Sweetest of incense the prayer of the pure. 


Brightest and best of the Fon* of the morning! 

Dawn o-i onr darkness, and lend us thine aid I 
Star of the East, the horizon ador-dng. 

Guide where our Infant R&i>££Mer in Uid ! — Ameo. 

Hymn 339. ©CtlCtal DPmtlS. 

1 Lord, save us." 

LORD of merer and of might, 
Of mankind the Life and Light, 
Maker. Teacher Infinite. 
Jesus, hear and save ! 

Misrhty Monarch ! S ^vtour mild ! 
Humbled to a mortal c til '.. 
Captive, beaten, b">und, reviled, 
Jesus, hear and save! 

Throned above celestial things, 
Borne aloft on angels' wings, 
Lord of lords, and King of kings, 
Jesus, hear and save ! 

"Who <halt yet return from high, 
Robed in might and majesty. 
Hear us, help us. when we cry, 
Jesus, hear and save ! — Amen, 

Hymn 390. 

p— h 

1 f- 

I 1 1 i J 

r - 

F i 
J A 







N- i * • 

& — 


1 n j r i 


1 Him that cometh to Me I will in in no wise cast out" 

TUST as T am. — without one plea, 
. But that Thy Blood was shed for me. 
And that Thou bid Vst me come to Thee, 
O Lamb of God. I come ! 

Just as I am.— and waiting not 
To rid mv «oul of one dark blot, 
To Th^e. Whose Blood can cleanse each spot. 
Lamb of God, I come. 

Jn~t as T am : though tossed about 
Wltli many a conflict, many a ^oubt, 
FSghti igs .out, 

O Lamb of God, I cciue ! 

Just as I am, poor, weary v blind ; 
Sight, riches, healing of the mind, 
Yea. all I need, in Thee I find ; 
Lamb of God. I come ! 

Just as T am : Thou wilt receive, 
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, 
Because Thy promise I believe, 
O Lamb of God, I come ! 

Just a=5 T am : — Thy Love unknown 
His broken every barrier dow. : — 
Now to be Thine, yea. Thine r.lone, 
O Lamb of God, I come ! Amen. 

General £)£mns- 

Hymn 391. 


j — i- 

-,!£-£ _ / ^;__^_ /5 ; ^ 

A - men. 

11 1 have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not. 

IN the hour of trial, 
J i Air ! plead for me, 
Lest, by base denial, 

1 depart from Thee ; 
Wh : »n Thou seest me waver, 

With a look recall, 
Nor. for fear or favour, 
Suffer me to fall. 

Wi f h forbidden pleasures 

Would this vain world charm, 
Or its sordid treasures 

Spread, to work me harm; 
Bring to my remembrance 

Sad G-ethsem ine. 
Or. in darker semblance, 

Cross-crowned Calvary. 

If with sore affliction, 

Thou in love chastise, 
Pour Thy benediction 

On the sacrifice ; 
Thim upon Thine altar. 

Freely offered up. 
Though the flesh may falter, 

Faith shall drink the cup. 

Whpn, in du~t and ashes, 

To the grave I sink, 
While Heaven's glory fl\6heB 

O'er the shelving brink: 
On Thy truth relyi ig, 

Through that mortal strife, 
Loan, receive me, dying, 

To eternal Life. Amen. 


General Opmns. 

Hymn 392 

-J 1 u 

%) I 

I ' I 

? S»— T-& ^ ^ ^> 


■ ^ — =^ =^ — r~^^ ~ ^y — *-> ^ . •-* 

J 1- 

___J j L 

g_d-g_H_ — ^_ ±- — p— < — p r "^ — ° 

^L ^L .ZL M ^ 


^ 1 







— :S>— 


— :- 


_^ z 


~ . 


—& — < 







— 1 

. o 








1 1 




1 1 

— ^ — 


\ - 




— 1 

~" ; :^3 " 

-J L 

r— I p <^- -<^- 


dmWr i f L p- >d J 



"Praise the Lord upon earth." 

Com, come ! in pious lays 
Bound we Gor> Almighty's praise 
Hither bring, in true consent, 
Heart, and voice, and instrument. 
To your voices tune the lure. 
Let not tongue nor string be mute, 
Not a creature dumb be found 
That hath either voice or sound. 

Let such things as do not live 
In still music praises give ; 
L^wly pipe, ye worms that creep 
On the earth' or in the deep. 
Birds, your warbling treble sing j 
Clouds, your peals of thunder ring ; 
8u:i and moon, exalted higher. 
And bright stars, augment the choir. 

Come, ye sons of human race, 
In this chorus take your place 
And amid this mortal throng 
B? ye masters of ri.e song. 
L 1 :, in praise of God. the sound 
Run a never-ending round : 
That our holy hymn may be 
Everlasting, as is He. 

So from hear^n on earth Tie shall 
Let His gracious blessings fall, 
All this husre wide orb we see 
Shall one choir, one temple be. 
Then our voices we will rear, 
Till we fill it everywhere. 
Come, O come, in pious lays, 
Souud we Goo Almighty" s praise. 


General JDpmns. 

Hymn 333. 

i ' i 'J ' i 1 1 ' i ' i i ( i 




I i J rM i i I i ' i I i I . r 

I 'I ' I ' I I ■ I I , 



'• r heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, 
and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia, for the Lord God Om- 
nipotent reigueth/' 

HARK ! the song of Juhilee ; 
Loud a ; mighty thunders roar, 
Or the fulness of the sea, 
When it breaks upon the shore ; 

Alleluia ! for the Lord 

God Omnipotent shall reign ; 
Alleluia ! let the word 

Echo round the earth and main. 

Alleluia ! — Hark ! the sound, 

From the centre to the skies, 
"Wakes above, beneath, around, ■ 

All creation's harmonies; 

See Jehovah's banner furled ; 

Sheathed His sword ; He speaks — 'tis done ; 
And the kingdoms of this world 

Are the kingdoms of His Sox. 

He shall reign from pole to pole 

With illimitable sway ; 
He shall reign, when like a scroll 

Yonder heavens have passed away ; 

Then the end ; beneath His rod 

Man's last enemy shall fall ; 
All luia! Chkist in Gon, 

God in (Jurist is all in all. Amen. 

Hymn 394.— (First Tune.) 


_ — L ^---^-L— -^_L^ ^_L U___L —&- 

-jo. -\ s£» M. *s> 

I I i i ' 





1 I i 


I ' I 

h f S r g ar, 


" ^ I I i i - <s> - I ill \-inpn 

i ' i 'i i j j ■ i j y i ■ j 


Hymn 334.— (Second Tune.) 





^Zj^^EB^z— =:if3 


i I 
— U 

^vr, 2 ^^^ 


— i — 

-s — ^- 

if 1 d i"J — ' j FH — "n - ^" 1 — n 

■ — ^ — ^2 

^7 ^ « I *» -£*■ • a - p* J l 

A - men. 

~ s — =f ^ 

K " I f^J lj I t ~— fy 

1 Ills compassions fail not, they are new every morning." 

MY Gor>! how endless is Thy Love I 
Thy gifts are everv evening new ; 
And mornins: mercies from above 
Gently distil like early dew. 

Thon spread' st the curtains of the night, 
Great Guardian of my sleeping hours! 

Thy sovereign Word restores the light. 
And strengthens all my wearied powers. 

I yieH tho c e powers to Thy command ; 

To Thee I consecrate my days : 
Perpetual blessings from Thy Hand 

Demand perpetual songs of praise, 

To Father. Soy. and Holt Gttost, 
The God who n earth a'id Heaven adore, 

From men and from the angel-host, 
Be praise and glory evermore. Amen. 


General ^pmns. 



—ri — & ~nr — ^zrg> — ^^— j n~3~i~ ^ — - ~ t "" — r — 



d. .J. _ci 

J rtf 

I 'I 

1 r 

41 If God -will be with ms, . . 

OGOP of B >thel ! by Whose Hand 
Thy people still are fed ; 
"Who through this weary pilgrimage 

Hast all our fathers led : 
Our vows, our prayers, wc now present 

Before Thy throne of grace : 
Gon of our fathers ! be the God 

Of their succeeding race. 
Through each perplexing path of life, 

Our waudering iooisteps guide ; 




then shall ths Loan be my God." 
Give us each day our daily bread, 

And raimeut fit provide. 
O spread Thy covering wings around, 

Till all our wanderings cease, 
And at our Fathbu's loved abode 

Onr souls arrive in peace. 
Such blessings from Thy gracious Hand, 

Our humble prayers implore ; 
And Thou shalt be our chosen God, 

And Portion evermore. Amen. 

Hymn 393. 





J J 

--=i — i-t- iqF i — !=f==i f: 



i ■ 
rr — I — . — r 

A- men. 





t4 Stand up, and bless the Lobd your God for ever and ever." 

STAND up, and bless the Lord 
Ye people of His choice ; 
Stand up. a id bless the Loan your God, 

With heart and soul and voice. 
Though high above all praise, 

Above ill blessings high, 
"Who would not fear His holy Name, 
And laud, and magnify t 

Oh! for the living flame, 
From His Own altar brought, 

To touch our lips, onr minds inspire, 
And wing to Heaven our thought! 

Gon is onr strength and song, 
And His Salvation ours; 

Then be His Love in CrntiST proclaimed, 
With all our ransomed powers. 

Stand up, and bless the Lonn; 

The Loud your God adore ; 
Stand up ami bless Hi* glorious Name, 

Henceforth for evermore. Amen. 

General J^mns, 

Hymn 337. 


pl I -^ I -v ' ' I 


— ^3 — H 



— | -- | l ^ 

' 'l- 



1 1 ^_ 


1 h 1 3 . 

F 2 ^ — H 

1— J— 

f= " 

•i . .. . 

, ..ri . 

.__— > 


'■-' ''-T 


1 I— &* 1 H ^ 7n — ■— £5 7-r> r^ — ■ — 7-tj u 



A - men. 


14 The Lord is my Shepherd.'* 

THE Loan my pasture shall prepare-, 
And feed me with a shepherd 1 1 care ; 
Hi3 presence shall my wants supply, 
And guard me with a w.ttchful eye ; 
My noon-day walks He shall attend, 
And all my midnight hours defeud. 

"When in the sultry glebe I faint, 
Or on the thirsty mountain pant. 
To fertile vales, and dewy meads, 
My weary wandering steps He leads : 
"Where peaceful riv -rs, soft and slow, 
Amidst the Verdant landscape flow. 

Though in the path of death I tread, 

With gloomy horrors overspread ; 

My stedfast heart shall fear no ill, 

For Thou, O LftftD, art with me still ; 

Thy rod and staff shall give me aid, 

And guide me through the dreadful shade. Amen. 


General !£>pmn& 

Hymn 393.— (First Tune.) 

.J_ r _J_^_ r ._J__ 










(Second Tune.) 

.-J I. 

■ 4-th be— n xzJ '=r-J— 


^^d B^ i i 


| 1 c i <s»- 

a-. J ^ d J J sJ - 


I I 

i — r 


1 Tbou shalt see the Land before thee.' 

THERE is a Land of pure delight, 
Where Saints immort :1 reign, 
Eterpal d iy excludes the night, 
And pleasures baJUh p.rin. 

Th<»re everlasting spring abides, 
And n.ver-witheri g flowers; 

Death, like a narrow sea, divides 
This heavenly land from ours. 

Swept fi 'ids beyond the swelling flood 
St ind dr.*sse1 in living greei : 

So ro the Jews old Canaan stood, 
While Jordan rolled between. 


O ! could we make our doubts remove, 
Those gloomy doubts that rise, 

And see the Canaan that we love, 
With unbeclouded eyes ; 

Coul 1 we but climb where Moses stood, 

And view the Ian Iscipe o'er; 
N >t Jordan's stream. n->t death's cold flood, 

Should fright us from the shore. 

O praise the Father, praise the Son t , 

The Lamb for sinners given, 
And Holy Ghost, through Whom alone 

Our hearts are raised to Heaven. 


Hymn 399. lt)oIp Communion. 

M* =E 1 =j L ^ ' — 1-1 B3J3=e±4 n r -' gj I 


' This do in remembrance of Me. 11 

A CCORDING to Thy gracious Word, 
^V I.i merit humilitv. 

This rill I do, my dyi i 

I will remember Tkei 


Thy Body, broken for my sak^, 

My Bread from Heaven shall be; 
Tbj tegumental Cup I take, 

And thus remember Thee, 
Gethsemnne can I forget ? 

Or there Thy conflict se<% 
Thin->a;o ly and blood/ i wjat, 

And not remember Thee ? 

When to the Cross I turn mine eyes, 

A 'id rest on Calvary, 
O Lamb of Goi», my Sacrifice 

I must remember Thee: 

Rjmember Thee, and all Thy pains, 

And all Thy Love to me ; 
Ye i, while a breath, a pulse remains, 

Will I remember Thee. 
And when these failing lips grow dumb, 

And mind and memory flee, 
When Thou shah in Thy Kingdom come, 

Jesu, remember me. Amen. 

Hymn 400. 



M This is that Breid which 

JBSU, Thou Jov of loving hearts ! 
Thou Fount of Lile! Thou Light of 
m -n ! 
From the best bliss that earth imparts, 
We turn infilled to Thee again. 
Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood; 
' 'hou savest those that on Th se call ; 
'.'o them that seek Thee, Thou art good, 
To them that find Thee, All in All ! 
W. ante The-, C Thou Livng bread. 
And long to teast upon Thee still ; 

came down from Heaven." 
We drink of Thee, the Fountain Hnad, 
And thirst our souls from Thee to fill. 
Our restless spirits yearn for Thee, 
Where'er our changeful lot is cast ; 
Glad, when Thy gracious smile we see, 
BLst. when our faith can hold Thee fast. 
O ev r with us stay ! 
Make all our moments calm and bright; 
Chase the dark night of sin away. 
Sneu o er tne world Thy Holy Light